Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teak ( 20 ' x 70' - 2s Linkhouse) in an Integrated township Lang Valley, Ipoh.( By Irene Poh).

Why buy a home in Lang Valley, Ipoh for Retirement and Investment ?

poh reminds me of good food and nice, friendly people. It,s the place for the best dim sim - in Foh Sun. Ipoh is also famous for Kei Si Hor Fun, Chee Cheong Fun, Ipoh White Coffee, Tau foo Fa, Yee Tan Fun, Yim Kok Kei, curry puff, egg tart, kaya puff, pau, Nasi Briyani, Mee Jawa and the list goes on. Wow, make me wallow my saliva.
Lang Valley, located at Ipoh North and to be exact, located in the intersection of Kuala Kangsar road and NSE, it gives the place the advantage of good accessibility to Ipoh city center and to other nearby smaller towns such as Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Kampar, Bidor , Tapah, Cameron Highlands etc. Ipoh, Grden City has good mode of transportation connects to bigger cities such as K. L. and Penang via the NSE, Ipoh airport, ETS .... which has drawn the cities or towns much closer now . Just like in Japan where the properties in Tokyo are so expensive that people cannot afford to buy any property there. So, with the improved mode of transportation, people would not mind commuting and stay a bit further to avoid traffic jam and the price hike of properties. Ya, we can still find some property at the fringe of K. L such as Kajang Town, Rawang, Sg. Buaya. But, the road system, amenities, neighborhood are still not as good as what we can find in Ipoh.
Take a look at the surroundings of Lang Valley. At the backdrop are the limestone hills, covering one side, it gives you the natural beauty of Ipoh. As you take a drive from the entrance into Lang Valley from Jalan Kuala Kangsar. You will be welcome by the beautiful views and the waterfalls of Gunung Lang Recreation Park. This is no ordinary park. It has a beautiful lake where you can have recreational activities. During the weekends, it will be crowded with people coming for picnics, boat rides, park walks and even resort chalets for those intending to stay-over. Gunung Lang Recreation Park managed by MBI seems to be a popular park among the locals as well as outstation visitors. If you are a nature lover, you can even go for cave visiting such as Gua Tempurung, Sam Poh Tong, Perak Tong etc. After a hard's day work, maybe you would like visit The Banjaran Hotspring, Hotspring, Tambun , Bayan Spa where you can relax. If you are a golf lover, take a short drive to Clearwater Sanctuary where you can relaxed and enjoy your golf game for the day. For those beach lovers, Pangkor Island will be a nice getaway place for some sun tanning, canoeing, swimming, etc. Lang Valley, being located next to NSE is easily accessible to all these places of interest without much hassle. For me, it will be worth considering to get a good home to retire in Ipoh. So much to do. To sum it all up, you have the "Best of Both world". The natural setting of limestone hills , 0.7 km of Backstreet Mall, Atrio, Lifestyle Mall, 5 million sq.ft. Shopping Mall, Colleges. in Lang Valley City. And yet just a 5 minutes drive away from Ipoh city center. If I want to look for happening, we can still can go to places like Overtime, St Patrick, Ipoh Garden East..etc. After all, there are still some decent and open night spots that young people like to hangout.
Teak's contemporary designs, with modern facade, follows the market trend that customer would not mind paying a slightly higher price. GLDSB main objective is to build a ready home - plaster ceiling, 2 ft by 2 ft ceramic floor tiles for ground floor living and dining halls, floorings for all the upstairs bedrooms, wall tiles up to ceiling for kitchen as well as all bathrooms, solid room doors and toilet doors, quality toilet fittings give purchasers the conveniences of not having to do much when they take over the property in middle of 2013. Furthermore, the purchasers might not have the time to do it. Another added features would be gated and guarded facilities with community living that people asked for. The homes come with intercom system, internet broadband, alarm system wiring....etc. Price from RM 268,000.00 up for a build up areas of approx. 1800 sq.ft.
Another bonus would be GLDSB also take care of the interest cost during construction, free legal fees, stamp duties. Purchasers just have to pay the earnest monies of 10% and take a 90% loan package offered by leading banks such as MBB and PBB at an attractive loan package.
If you have decided to buy a retirement home in Lang Valley. The minute you get your house keys, the Exclusive property agency , Nineten Properties ( Hp 013 3638327/ 012 5123345/ 0143442974) will assist you to rent out your property immediately asthe rent will take care of your installment to the bank.
It is a good idea, looking at the objective of buying a retirement home with the intention to rent it out first. With the same amount of money, I can't do much in buying any good property in K. L. and Penang too. If you want a good property of similar built up areas of 1400 sq. ft. with land size of 20 ' x 70' in USJ 3D near to USJ heights , the price would be close to RM500,000.00 and also have to pay for all the miscellaneous costs that might come up to be exorbitant from your own pocket.
Best is to take a drive down to Lang Valley for some Ipoh good food and visit Teak show house in Lang Valley. Limited units available.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Atrio , 3 & 4 storey Lifestyle Corporate Office in Lang Valley, Ipoh (By Irene Poh)

I have got a call from the developer's office asking me to meet up with his director, Mr. Kelvin to market their commercial corporate offices. At this moment, I was very tide up with the marketing and sales of the residential property called "Teak " in Lang Valley. Initially, I was a bit pull back. But, I told myself- Why not? I drove to the developer's office located in Greentown, the commercial hub of Ipoh. Mr. Kevin personally came out from his office and greeted us. To my surprise he was such a young and friendly person.
He showed me the brochure of his project and coincidentally the project is located in Lang Valley that I have been working on Developer of Lang Valley has told me that they have sold part of the land in the town-center (70 acres) to Mr Kelvin 's company. Mr. kelvin and his partner saw the potential of development of lifestyle corporate shop office ( first of its kind) in Ipoh city.
From my market survey corporate offices in Ipoh are:
a) located in Greentown area, Ipoh old town center, Bandar Sunway, Bandar Botanic , Ipoh Garden Main Road , Bercham Area. etc. All these places are located away from North South Highway.
b) majority of the shop units are with the standard length of 75' ;
c) design of the above shop units are rather flat;
Atrio Lang Valley , a unique development located right next to the North South Expressway wth the slip road going directly into the site. The good accessibility and exposure gives the business a lot of potentials. Mr. Kelvin explained to me the special features as follows :
a) a longer length of 85' for the intermediate units will gives the spaciousness,.
b) The glass shopfront gives a modern touch . The shopfront in the first and second floor can be used for showcase ;
c) comes with broadband connection;
d) 40 ft of atrium (reserve by Mr. Kelvin's company for rental only) come with high ceiling and good ventilation ideally for alfresco dining , starbuck, coffee bean wondermilk, san francisco cafe. fine dining restaurants, lavendar bread shop , retail, meeting and eating place for the white collar;
Atrio Lang Valley is appealing to the conveniences of the travelers coming from the North and South of Malaysia without going into the city and get caught in the traffic jam. The town center of Lang Valley with the concept of creating a city complete with the following amenities
a) proposed hotel;
b) Proposed Shopping mall with around 5million sq. ft;
c) proposed of the longest "backstreet" walk;
d) instituition, healthcare etc.
With the above, the residence will having the conveniences of everything at their doorstep.
Atrio Lang Valley located in the intersection of North South Highway and Jalan Kuala Kangsar or to be exact in the mid point of the highly populated middle and middle high income group of people from Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh Garden, Bercham, Tambun areas and the housing areas in Jalan Kuala Kangsar.
In view of the above , some of the sales or branch offices in K. L. or Penang consider to relocate/ locate their offices in Atrio . Why? Mr. Kelvin pause for a while as I get a bit excited wanting to know more about the prices. He explained that the minimum price start from RM878,800.00 after discount, DIBS, Free Legal Fees etc. . Take advantage of these opportunity, please feel free to call Ms Wendy Chen ( 016332677) or Irene Poh ( 0133638327), Jacy ( 012 5123345) for viewing of the site.