Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My business journey (1) . ..... Sail on. ( Prepare By Irene 0n 03/01/ 12).

Last nite, I could not sleep coz having to many things in my mind. I woke up and look at the time, it was 3am.  Am I been bother with heavy commitment? financial children.....   come to think of it- none of the above.
God has taken the best from me when Ck passed on. I was going through some difficult time to accept and trying to adjust to my new life. Come to think of it. God has also given me a lot .  Ivan, Jacy and  Dawn - all of them are very sang sun -  stand by me,  understanding and give me their support when I needed it. They are well behaved and have not given me much problem.  They are responsible in taking care of their finances and what not. At least one less problem for me so that I can concentrate in my business.
Business is a very interesing word and it means  "Change" .  I was told by one of my sisters that in business,  we will be bound to face with lots of buayas, politician, chak hai che, parasites, suckers., ........ Wow so so scarry isn't i?. But, I guess  in the olden days, business were made just  by word of mouth,  Nga Chi Tong Kam Sai  and just black and white.  People honour their word. Things get executed and moveon. Sad to said that all these practises are no longer exist in the present business environment. People are so blinded by money and power.  You can read in  the  newspaper  that so and so get sue or sue others. As a result, there are a lot of court cases  between father and son, husband and wife and so on. Money is so important to them ?  Can money buy love? Can they buy respect, patience, intelligent, health and so on. Yes and No. But one thing  for sure,  money is important  to fulfill our basic needs and in case of emergency.  My 2012 's resolution, I have make a commitment to give to the needy.   But, the real  purpose or use of money are being misguided or mislead.
 We ask ourself Why we want so much money? To lead a luxury lifestyle or spend on a lavish meal, wear branded clothing..... or what not. It is all depends on individual. It could be  right or wrong. To my opinion, more so to know the priority.  Money can be a double edge sword.
Lately, I come across a client's who is involve into a lot of business . Due to old age and health condition, he leave the running of the businesses to all his children. Some of the businesses making money during the challenging period. Some not making money and running into big losses. He pull me to his room and ask me to have a cup of tea.  During the conversation, he share with me his business journey-  how he started from the scratch to be where he is now.  Wow! Looked at him - his business empire is really big . He  expanded his business to other country and owned a few public listed company.  He is quite somebody with a success story.  But he looked disturbed and worry.  From his appearance and positive outlook in life,  he still look young and healthy for his age.  I guess I wish him long life for all his good deeds.
How I came into the picture.  It started when  I was handling some of his business and slowly we became friend. He told me that he saw something in me. I just puzzled.   I knew from his expression, he really wants me to help him. After walking out from his room,  I gave it a serious thought and decided to take on the challenge. I discuss wth him -  to find out what I am suppose to do. At the back of my mind, I just tell myself "chot chong yap si fatt" asking for trouble. I guess not the time for me to retire. Still a lot things that I have not done such as my wish to do charity. 
Back to business and action, I have to devote my time knowing the whole culture, how the operation, how the structure of his business.  Slowly  find  out what each staff's responsibility from top to bottom. I tell myself how come I land myself into such big hole. I guess it is too late to ask such question rite?   To me, business  is  learning process -  so many things to see,  people to meet, to be able to read between the lines, politics, to learn from others ... I would say let's  enjoy the " Show" and the show has just started.
To be continued. ..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To live a fearful life or find ways to overcome it for a better and happier life - the choice is yours. ( By Irene on 28/12/11)

Life is a like stage. Everyone wore a mask playing different role. At times, I am so tire of wearing the mask that I ask myself - what I want in my life? Am I living it for myself or am I living it for others. Do I have a choice. Definitely, I have all the rights.

Living these life, I would said that I always faced with lots of negatives.Thus,  it gives me a lot of stress that I have to cope. Most of the time, I am very fearful and worry with the uncertainties. I wish I can have the  magic wand to make it just disappear. But, no matter what, I have to face it all alone. Do not know how ! But, I guess I would have to do it better with an open and clear mind. Take a deep breath... and keep reminding myself - you can do it, you can do it without much hassle. Why worry and be fearful?
When I was in my mid 20's, I started my family - myself, Ck ( my late husband) and my son, Ivan. When CK got his first job, he always tell  me that he is fearful of loosing his job. Thus, we always try our utmost best to do our job well just to make our ends meet. With our prudence in money management and hard work over the years, we managed to have the little success and comfortable lifestyle. Living in KL 's city can indirectly gives us a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure. Lot of  things could  go out of hands if we did not manage it well. In reality, sometime it is not how hard you work that guarantee success in life. We need to have a bit of  lady luck or whatever you call it that make things easier. At times, I always challenge myself to push harder. Tell myself what I want to be in 10 years, 20 years or 30 or 40 years.... from now. These has indirectly created uncalled for “ fear” in myself. I fear of not able to have the achievement, not able to please others, not able to stand out, not able to have lots of money, not able to look get into my boss's , my parent's or parent in law or sister in law's good book, not able to have the confidence to do whatever things, fear of dying, getting old and not healthy ...... and the list just go on. I tell myself. What am I living for? To live with so much fear until  I can't sleep at nite. Sometime, my eyes just star at the ceiling. Why I have so much fear...
A few days ago, I went to the Home for the Handicap, retarded and overgrown kids with my sister and friends. I enjoyed and cherished the time spend there. Holding their hands, laugh , dance, eat, sing together with them. The word fear has never come into my mind.  It was just so wonderful and such a memorable Christmas that I had ever spend. Live with no fear. I guess this will be the luxury feeling from within. Something that you have to experience it.
From the trip, I learned to give more love and share it with the needy. Lead a simple and meaningful life without all the “ fear”  Start  charity by contributing  $$ ( if you can afford) and if not your spare time and effort would mean so much to them. Check it out at  Home of the handicap in Klang ( Mr. Morgan 012 3915893) or No. 4 Lrg Bunga Raya Kg. Raja Uda 42000 Port Klang Selangor. or  

Live without “fear” - I came across these in a Buddhism's book . Practice it - To lead you to the path of a peaceful and happy life.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

FLASHBACK and Resolution for 2012. (By Irene on 21/ 12/ 2011)

Time flies and it is just round the corner of 2011. Looking back, 2011 has been a good year for me. I managed to go through the difficult period mourning of CK for another year. But I was lucky to receive care , love and support from everyone. Loosing him and letting go is really a challenging period for me to walk through . When CK was around, we wow to grow old gracefully . I remembered the time that we held hands, walked in the park, enjoyed listening to the bird singing in the garden, having his cup of coffee kau kau after his nasi lemak for breakfast. We had so much to talk - from business, politics, family matters, his philosophy of life, his computer knowledge, his jokes and so on. In short, he is also my mentor apart from my dad. At times, I was snapped. I always reminded myself that whatever it is I have to accept that C. K. is no longer living in this world. He has left us for more than a year. All I can ask is to cherish the good memories that we both had for each other. Christmas is coming soon and it is also Ivan 's birthday. CK used to tell me that we must buy some gift for Ivan. The last Christmas, we did not celebrate Ivan's birthday due to ck's health. I told Ck that your love for him all these years is the greatest gift that he would ever ask for. Last nite, I asked Ivan to go to his dad's grave with me this coming Christmas. He just keep silence for a while. From his expression, I knew that deep down, Ivan still love his dad very very .....much. Sometime, I guess only people who knew how to give love would understand me better. If you don't , just don't bother.
For 2012 - My 1st resolution - To live a happy life and spend as much time with family members, relatives and friends. The unconditional love and support from my dad, mum, brothers, sister in laws, sisters, brothers in laws, nieces , nephews, friends and relatives after all these years and days has given me the strength to move on.
Resolution 2 for 2012. To seek God's help to grant me the opportunity to help the needy, poor, to spend time with them i(f possible) . Vivian, I wish and pray for miracle for Nathan. I have the above wish list for last year but still yet to achieve. I guess sometime it might not be just only the $$$$$ . Having the time and moral support would be something good to start with. God , let me be your children to fulfill the obligation.
Last but not least, a good start for 2012. I am here to wish everyone :
GOOD health, Harmony, love the earth for the next generation to live in a better world .
Peace Love and Happy 2012.
Aha aha aha aha..... have a peaceful feeling from within.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Track Record o f Gunung Lang Dev S/B- Developer of Lang Valley ( By Irene and edited by Tai Soh on 30/11/11)

Gunung Lang Development S/B ( GLDSB) was incorporated in July 2002.

The shareholders are Aun Huat & Bros S/B, Poh Chee Meng and Sons Holding S/B and Noble Bond S/B .

Mr. Poh Chee Meng and his business partner, the late Mr. Teh Siew Hooi ventured into the property industry during the 1970's. Together with Pak Yap Lim Sen, they founded Ipoh Garden Bhd with the objective of building affordable homes for Ipohites.
They started on a moderate scale building terrace houses which sold like hotcakes. When the economy took an upward trend in 1970 's due to the booming tin-mining industry, people could afford to buy better homes. The company bought more land to cater to the demand for better-designed houses in a well-planned township.

As part of the company's expansion plan, they invited two brothers namely, Datuk Tan Chin Nam and the late Dato Tan Kim Yeow to join them as directors and partners in Ipoh Garden Bhd. At that time, both brothers were involved in property development in K. L. and Penang. Under the new partnership, they bought more land and started with the township development of Ipoh Garden.

Pak Yap Lim Sen was the managing director of Ipoh Garden Berhad. He lead the team in property development not only in Ipoh but also K. L. and even spread its wings to Australia. Pak Yap is also the brainchild behind the prestigious Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Australia. Today we can see the success of this company in property development in the thriving townships like Ipoh Garden, Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh Garden East with amenities such as banks, post office, shopping malls like Jusco and Tesco, shops, schools, hospitals and good infra structure. Ipoh Garden Bhd has become a household name in Ipoh.

The company lives up to its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy developer that delivers on time without compromising on the quality of workmanship.

Dato Tan Chin Nam who has most of his business interests in K. L. decided to focus on the development of Midvalley KL in the early 80's. He diluted his shareholding in GLDSB by selling his stake to Aun Huat and Bros.

Prospective purchasers wonder if there will be any change with the new ownership of GLDSB during the recent launch of Teak in Lang Valley ?

Mr. Ronnie ( Chairman of GLDSB) assured buyers that the company has engaged Nineten Properties ( Exclusive Marketing Agent in K. L. ) to conceptualize, strategize and make LANG VALLEY one of the most livable townships. Lang Valley City also aims to be the most happening shopping place in Ipoh. It has always been a challenge to Mr. Ronnie Poh and his father Poh Chee Meng to make it another success story in Lang Valley, Ipoh. They believe that property in the right location and the unique planning of the township spells success. GLDSB has also engaged a reputable architect from K. L., Varitus to map out a well-planned integrated township divided into Lang Valley City ( about 70 acres of commercial land) and Lang Valley Homes ( approximately 180 acres for 2000 residential homes) next to Gunung Lang Recreation Park. This will be the ideal place to call HOME in Lang Valley.

Lang Valley is strategically located next to the NSE (North South Expressway) and promises homes close to nature with lots of lush greenery amidst breathtaking limestone hills, access to a lake at Gunung Lang Recreation Park, lots of open space and 2.3 km of jogging track to promote community living. Apart from security, there are top class amenities in Lang Valley City with 5 million sq. ft. of shopping Malls, Backstreet Walk ( latest outdoor shopping experience) , Atrio - Lifestyle Corporate Offices, a 4 to 5 star Hotel, Colleges, Medical Center all at your doorstep. Lang Valley aspires to be the most sought-after township to be completed in the year 2023.
At the end of the interview, I could see the smiles of the father ( Mr. Poh Chee Meng - business advisor of the group) and his son, Mr. Ronnie Poh. The smiles say it all : "To do and deliver the best is always their priority and never settle for 2nd best" .

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is there any affordable Homes in K. L. or P. J. for the young professionals with an earnings of RM5,000.00 ( the ave single income group in P. J ?

Interviewed Mr. Lee conducted on 15/ 12/11.
Mr. Lee 's profile - a young professional working in an IT firm for the last 5 years. Age : 26. Current drawing salary of RM 5,000.00 per month.
What kind of property can he buy in K. L., P. J. or Selangor . The following are some of the property prices in P. J and K. L. compiled recently :
2s link house ( less than 10 years ) in Bandar Utama 11: RM 450,000 - 500,000.00 (about 10 years ago) and current asking price at RM1,000,000.00 (with a bit of renovation) ;
SS2 2s link house (poor design and condition) : Asking price at RM300,000/= ( 2003/ 2004) and current asking price at RM600,00.00 . Buyer will have to fork out refurbish cost at around RM 200,000.00 depending on how extensive the owner want to spent for the renovation;
2s link house in Tmn Tun current asking price is around RM950,000 ( very old design). Price is expensive due to its location;
DESA Park City ( most sought after property in K. L. ) Price from 600,000 in 1995/ 96 to the current asking price of RM1,200,00.00;
How can Mr. Lee buy at RM1,2000.00 .00 To work out the installment based on 90% loan of RM1,200,000.00 is xxxxxxxxxxx Definitely, the bank will not extent the loan to him with the above income.
With his current income and if he still want to stay in K. L. what are his options ?

Should he just continue paying the rental of RM1500.00 in Bandar Utama for the rest of his life. Or should he wait until next year 2012 too see whether the property prices in Bandar Utama would come down to its original price 10 years ago at RM300,000.00 plus. With the rising cost of building material and land prices each year . The scenario will never happen. Definitely , Mr. Lee and a lot of other professionals will have to look elsewhere . What property can Mr. Lee afford to buy ? Based on 90% loan of RM300,000 .00 for 15 years, his monthly installment would be R1500.00. His income level would have to be RM4500.00 or so.
Why not consider Teak, Lang Valley Homes ( Next to Nature) as second home in Ipoh ?
Selling price : RM268,000.00 onwards for ( 20' x 70' ) with bigger built up areas of 1800 sq. ft. high ceiling, renovated double length car parks etc..
What else can Teak, Lang Valley Homes offers - contemporary design, gated and guarded, DIBS, Freehold, next to GUNUNG LANG RECREATION etc - . For better understanding , drop in and visit Teak , SHOWHOME or Lang Valley fan page. Seeing is believing.
Fact File of Lang Valley :
Located next to NSE , accessible to the major cities such as K. L. P. J. Penang and all the smaller towns. To be exact, in the intersection of Jalan Kuala kangsar with a driving time of about 10 minutes to Ipoh city center.

The current trend of the working class prefer to work in K. L. on the week days and stay in Ipoh on the weekends. They can take the ETS , relax or read some magazine in the train . The journey will take them around 2 hours to reach Ipoh Railway station .
Best of both world. To buy the property less than 1/4 the price ( compare to the 2s linkhouse in Bandar Utama with the asking price at RM1, 0000, 000.00 ) and enjoy the city lifestyle in Lang Valley Home. With the savings or access money , you can consider buying a better car or a holiday for the family. Everyone will get to enjoy a better quality of Life. These will be what most young generation's wants : Quality living lifestyle in a less stressful environment.
How the unique concept of Lang Valley of promoting nature community living next to LANG VALLEY CITY come about?
Chairman of Gunung Lang Development S/B, Pak Yap and Mr. Shin inspired the concept of Lang Valley. Subsequently, they have appointed Varitus, a well known and reputable architect in K. L. to map out the Master plan of LANG VALLEY - (70 over acres of land for LANG VALLEY CITY and the balance of about 180 acres of land for LANG VALLEY HOMES. When completed, it will provide 2000 homes within the next 10 years ( 2023) .
In 2012, we will have a number of interesting projects in the pipeline. For enquiry, please feel free to contact Nineten Properties ( Exclusive Marketing Agency) at 012 5123345( Jacy) / 014 344 2974 ( Chun Lee), 012 3087663 ( Mr. Nicky - the lang chai). We will have our dynamic and professional marketing team to talk and serve you better.
If you are buying it for rental investment, our team of negotiators will rent out your property. Grab this opportunity and be Mr. Lee's neighbor in Lang Valley Home. To be continue...