Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A spiritual hallucination ?

In the comfort
of my illusion,
In the little corner
of my concious mind,
sleep came.

You came.
humming melodious words,
with such serenity and calmness..
But the thunderous winds
in my troubled mind
blew it away.

Refused your wish I dare not.
Although the desires are strong,
but what made me pondered,
I don't know.
God, you are the almighty.
Let your kindness
be my reflections.
beyond that,
I am,
the master of my own destiny.
To stray, I shall not !

Leave me be.
Om Namo Amitha Buddha

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

World biggest breasts ?

Wow lou leh... ang ang tua tua liap.... see pek tua liap !

It's a basket ball ? It's a papaya ? It's a water melon ? NOOooooooo ! It's the biggest silicon breasts in Brazil. And, that Ooop & Wooooow breasts belonged to the 27 years old Brazilian model, Sheyla de Almeida. She is 1.6m in height, weights 56kg, and have a figure of 113cm - 54cm - 95cm.

The quest for perfect body made Sheyla de Almeida went through 14 plastic surgeries in various parts of her body. Her first 235ml silicon implant was carried out in 2002 in China. Today, 1200 ml of silicon are implant into each of her breast. She is actually considering enlarging her present size with additional 1300ml into each breast ! So, Dolly Parton, please step aside........

Women, women.... In the name of beauty, what will they think of next ? And God created women ?

International Holocaust Commemoration Day

January 27th 2007 was the 63rd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. In October 2005, United Nations adopted January 27th as the International Holocaust Commemoration Day in memory of the victims of holocaust. The 2007 observance of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust was held in the General Assembly Hall at United Nations Headquarters on 29 January from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

This sad chapter of modern civilizations glared the murderous natures of humanity - of one group of inferiority complex crazy bastards satanically attempt to exterminate another race to gain immoral existence. 63 years had passed, what have we learned from this sad chapter ? Looking around at the present happenings, there are indeed many parallel eerie resemblances leading to another possibility of holocaust. Do these international criminals have no mercy and compassion on the innocents, the elderly, the women, and the children ? Are we going to allow subspecies created in Satan's image murdering human beings created in God's image ? What sadistic satisfactions would these subspecies achieved with their senseless acts ?

The United nations "condemns without reservation any denial of the holocaust" so that human being with reasonable minds can learn from the history of this dark chapter of human barbarisms. Ban Ki-moon, the new Secretary General of United nations said "Denying historical facts, especially on such an important subject as the Holocaust, is just not acceptable. Nor is it acceptable to call for the elimination of any State or people. I would like to see this fundamental principle respected both in rhetoric and in practice by all the members of the international community." It is indeed very sad to note that there are desperate politicians out there, wanting to perpetuate their popularity and sustain their immoral stay, leading the mentally blinds to deny the existence of Holocausts with their politic of hatreds.

The mass slaughtering of Armenians was a holocaust. The 9/11 destruction of USA's World Trade centre was a Holocaust, The mass murdering of Iraqi Kurds was a holocaust. The Nanjing Massacres was a holocaust. Racial riots are holocaust. And the list goes on...... Why are we trying so desperately to deny the existence of these despicable events ? Why are we trying to rewrite history ?

To all the victims of the holocausts, may God bless your souls. Rest in peace.

May human beings have the courages to learn from history, and the pride to do the right things morally to preserve peace. Shame yourselves no more with your evil ideologies, intolerances, arrogances, decadences, and hatreds. Respect Human Rights and learn to appreciate diversities in cultures, creeds, races, and religions. Let not your hatreds and ignorances be passed to your next generations. Instigate not your next generation toward another holocaust ! NEVER AGAIN !

With tears in my eyes, I wish PEACE be upon you. Namo Amithaba Buddha....

Monday, January 29, 2007

He marries himself ?

Liu Ye (流野), a 39 years old Hakka man from China's Zhuhai city "marry" a life sized foam cut-out of himself in full traditional Chinese custom on the first day of 2007. The marriage took place in a traditional courtyard in Haizhu district in Guangzhou. The bride wore a a red cheongsam while the bridegroom wore a yellow suits. In traditional customs, the "couple" were accompanied by the best man and matron of honour. They offer respect to Heaven and Earth, the ancestors, and to the elders.

Liu admitted that he is a narcissistic, and said that he decided on traditional ceremony because he is a traditional and conservative man at heart. He planned to bring his "bride" to be registered in the civil registry.

The man married himself in full traditional customs ? And he claimed to be traditional and conservative man ? Lan par par lan ! Chui kong lan par song ! Kowtowing his ancestor in full traditional customs expecting blessing from beyond the hades ? This Hakka-chai probably had one nut loose. If Mao Zhetung is still alive, he probably will end up facing the firing squad.

And there are hundred people attending his marriage ceremony ? Siow Kia, sei kai siow liow ! zhi lang siow, gui kampong lang tui ye siow.... sai lin nia leh, ong gia tai ng qe diak qe !

What will it be ?

what will it be ?

The salmon,
born in fresh water,
migrate down the rivers
to the wide open arms of the sea.
That's where life would be !
With maturity,
came the natural instinct to be home !
Against all odd,
they swam upstream
against the flows of the river,
reached the peak,
then died in their original birth place.
A new generation takes over,
the cycle repeats itself.
Yes, Life ?
What will it be ?

This life,
am I living my purpose ?
or am I just a flow of seasonality ?
Of all the brave fronts I showcased,
of all the little deeds I accomplished,
I have live a life of no regrets.
there are
still too many things to be done,
and too little times left.
My purpose is not done yet,
and I am already on a reverse journey
like a salmon approaching its birth place.
Oh God, never before,
I am so afraid of dying........

This life, this life..
What will it be ?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

She eats soil to break world record ?

Wuqibalaqiqige, a young lady from China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is planning to set a new Guinness World Record in April 2007 by eating nothing but soil for more than 2 months. I wondered who is the current record holder. The young lady said that she felt no need to eat normal foods after discovering and acquiring new liking for eating soil. She has attracted much publicities for her unusual liking of eating soil.

With her new found fame, she will be launching a charity campaign to help people suffering from unusual sicknesses. This young lady do have a kind heart, but I do hope she is not suffering from certain degree of eating disorder that induce her to eat soil to relieve her anxiety

Hmm.. eating soil ? I know in certain country, eating soil is part of folk remedy for treating certain illness. For example, in certain part of Africa, clay ( kaolin) is used as an effective medication for treating stomach related illness. But to eat soil continuously for a long duration to break world record ? Me no comprehendo ! But sincerely, I do wish her success in setting a new world record for eating soil.

He reaped what he sowed....

Maulavi Mohammed Islam Mohammadi, the barbarian who supervised and oversaw the destruction of the 1500 years old Bamiyan twin Buddha statues in March 2001, was killed by a gunman on 26th January 2007.

While on his way to perform Friday prayer in Kabul, he was gunned down by the gunman with an AK47 assault rifle. One of his two bodyguard was also wounded in the incident.

I guess an "angel" was sent to prevent him from making any more insincere prayers. An unscrupulous scums who hijack good name of religion to achieve immoral political survival has been removed from the face of earth. The world now has one less scumbag. Like Buddha said, "good begets good, bad begets bad. There shall always be a right time for redemption". He can now go to hell to claimed his dozen of ugly virgins. This is the natural law of Karma and vipakka.

For those grievances and apologies seekers out there, please don't get me wrong here ! I am not directing my misguided hatreds to your religion. Made no mistake about it. I have no problem with, and respect all other religions. I am referring to the herds of arrogant subspecies who hijacked the good name of established religion to conduct misdeeds against another well established and peaceful religion. If you think I have deep hatreds against those people who destroyed the Buddha statues, YES, you are right. I am. You have problem with that ? Those who laughs last laughs best. The beautiful part is, I am still not having my last laugh yet.

Well, let me put it this way, I was deeply hurt, insulted, and infuriated by these idiots' senseless destruction of the symbol of my religion. I am not a revengeful person, but I do felt a great sense of justice. What a great feelings ! Only intolerance people with misguided beliefs are capable of raping civilizations and attempt to transgress and impose their misplaced religiosity on others. And, how do you deal with these misguided worshippers who are incapable to have reasonable minds to conduct themselves ? Of course, as a peace loving people, we can only pray to God to send them to hell. Well, I guess, our prayers has been answered. They are now begining to reap what they sowed.....

What about the rest who directly or indirectly involved in the destruction of the Buddha statues and other places of worships ? Well, May hell be on earth for them until they breath their last smelly breaths. Oh God, I am begining to behave like them. Well, don't blame me, the environment has nurtured me to be like them. I am, after all, merely harmlessly reciprocating their actions.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The dogs, the cats, and the Malaysians.....

Malaysians are, at times, a very inconsiderate lot.

Take for example, the dog owners, I really appreciate the fact that most of the dog owners are super caring pet lovers. But what I find it difficult to accept is, most dog owners who took their dogs for an evening or morning walks in the parks or residential roads, lacked sense of social responsibilities. On many instances, the dog owners just let the dog dropped their feces on the parks or residential roads without having the courteousy to scope up the feces and properly disposing it off. Some dog owners, mistakenly thinking that their 22' x 75' terrace houses are huge palaces, keep big size dog or multiple dogs in a small compound, making the uncomfortable dogs howlings and barkings all day long without giving due considerations to the neighbours' peace of minds.

Talk about cat owners. I am equally frustrated with their pea brain mentality. Every morning, without failed, I have the honour to scope the cat droppings in my garden for disposal, otherwise, my small garden stinked. Come to think of it, I recalled in the villages, the cats usually have the sanitary manner of digging a hole, drop the feces in the hole, then cover it up with the sands. But the city cats is another breed altogether, probably having the same mentality as their owners. They just jump into your small garden, shit on whatever spot they like, shake their fat ass and meowed off just like that ! The city cat are real Kurang ajar and uncultured cats ! Would the cat owners have the basic decency to keep their cats in the cage, make sure they drop their bombs inside the cages, before they are let out to romp the neighbourhoods' gardens ?

On many instances, my sleeps are disturbed. Simply because there are bunch of cats on heats near the vicinities of my house. The male cats will meowed "Mau..... Maaaaaauuuuuuu", and female cats will meowed "Tak mau.... taaaak maaaaaauuuuuuuu...." And, all the non stop snatching and scratching sounds of the cats meowing in orgasms..... Does the sounds made me horny ? NO ! It really made me REALLY PISSED OFF with the cats.

Would the local town council do something about the dog and cat owners ? Don't just go after the dog owners. Please also go after the strayed cats and educate the uncultured cat owners to be more responsible pet owners.

Well, what else can I say ? I need a cup of coffee to ........ forget it. Better go to sleep now......

Of Pubic Hair and Personality......

I found an article in the Internet which I just read VERY ENLIGHTENING ! A Japanese professor, Asaki Geino, published a thesis in 2004, where he asserted that, the shape and type of woman's pubic hair determined her personality and affect her sexuality.

He generalized women's pubic hair into 5 types. He observed that, in general, a woman pubic hair has the shape of an "upside down triangle", and some women also have "oblong" or "elliptical" shapes pubic hair. According to him, the most unfaithful type resembled the "mouth of a river". And, women with "oblong" shape pubic hair are not the homely type and would most likely to be passionate and have the tendencies to fall in love at first sight.

He gave good marks for eastern women ! According to him, majority of eastern women have "inverted triangle" pubic hair. "This type is characterized by faithfulness and fitness for family life. Women of this type are good mothers, faithful wives and caring daughters. I don't think I'm wrong when I say that precisely this type of woman helped Japan become the glorious country it is," Geino said triumphantly.

By the way, please tell me exactly how does the shape of "mouth of river" look like ? Sorry lah, I am not very good at geographical topology.

Ha ha ha..... Finally, Freud reincarnated in the land of rising sun ! This little Japanese man is very funny ! You mean there are actually universities out there willing to give research grants for professors to look at women's private parts ? For a Chinese, it is VERY PANTANG to look at women's pubic hair ! This funny fella must have helluva of job looking at women pubic hairs day in and day out and trying to correlate the women's personality and sexuality with the shape of pubicness. Anyway, just for curiosity, what if the woman shaves the pubic hair to match her sexy bikini or G-string ? What if the woman is a "Pak Cham Kai" ? That is, she shaved everything off ? One thing for sure, I will never let my son marry that woman !

Hmmmm..... My perverted mind is beginning to .............. ! I am tempted to take a torch lights to steal a look at my soul mate's pubic hairs tonight ! Kaaaaanasaiiiii... Siow kia ! Chiak Par Boh Su Chor ?

Friday, January 26, 2007

In the name of God....

According to a news report filed by Reuters from Beijing, Chinese police arrested three men for alledgely murdered two young women, then sold the women's corpses to families of deceased unmaried men. The corpses are then buried together with the dead men in a dark rituals of marrying the "ghost brides" so that the dead men can have wives in their after life.

A 35 years old famer from China Shanxi province, Yang Donhai, confessed to buying the young woman from poor family for 12000 yuan, killed her, and later sold the corpse for 16000 yuan. Yang and his two accomplices also killed a prostitute and sold her corpse for 8000 yuan. The corpses are sold to an undertaker, Li Longsheng, who specialized in trading dead women's corpses for "ghost weddings". According to Yang, he did it for the money and would have killed more women for the quick bucks if he is not caught by the police.

Human beings, despite the so claimed thousands of years of civilizations, they are still barbarians at hearts with ignorant religious beliefs. The God they believed in must be one bloody screwed up satan. A religious belief that glorifies death rather life ! Making quick bucks at the expense of another life, and taking life away to ensure a better after life ? These barbarians make me sick !

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mobile Phone Causing Cancer ?

Mobile phone's users beware !!!

UK's Telegraph reported that, "A large-scale study found that those who had regularly used mobiles for longer than 10 years were almost 40 per cent more likely to develop nervous system tumours called gliomas near to where they hold their phones." "The new research, to be published later this year in the International Journal of Cancer, is the second study to suggest increased risks of specific types of brain tumours in regions close to where mobile phone emissions enter the head." "However when they looked only at people who had used a mobile for 10 years or more, they found that they were 39 per cent more likely than average to get a glioma on the side of their head where they held their handset."

My personal experience is, if I leave my hand phone next to my bedside, I tend to encounter disturbed sleep or wake up the next morning a very tired man. Nowadays, in order not to challenge the law of possibilities, I leave my hand phone in another room and surprisingly, I actually have good sleep.

Talking on mobile phone can cause brain cancer ? I swear I will never talk to another person again !!!

Going by the logic of the research result, If I leave my hand phone on in my shirt's pocket, would I run a risk of developing a new form "breast" cancer 10 years down the road ? If I keep my hand phone in my trouser's pocket, would I also run the risk of developing cancer in my penis and testicles ? I guess it is about time now to shut off my hand phone and keep it a safe distant away from me. Better safe than be sorry later.

Come to think of it, in our over indulgence in modern lifestyles, there are already too many Radio Frequencies and Microwave frequencies zigzagging around us, and hunting us down like precision laser guided missiles. Looking at the DiGi's recent advertisement campaign of "I'll folloooooooww youuuuuuuu........", it gave me the impression that, there are simply just Nowhere to Run from these poisonous frequencies. We are cooked !

A life without hand phone ? God, grants me the courage to throw away my hand phone ! I shake my head, I shake my head........ Namo Amithaba Buddha ?

Bloggers United !!!

In this increasingly mind congested and constipated Bolihland, the New Straits Times Press, instituted Malaysia's first defamation law suit against two bloggers - Screenshots and Rock's Bru. Big media organization with huge financial resources suing 2 bloggers ? Because NSTP felt defamed by the postings in these two blogs ?

A blog by definition is a web log. That is, a storage space in the Internet for individual to express their opinions. Morally, its contents should never be judged by any court of laws except its readers who can counter the opinions in the form of comments. In this regard, it is socially irresponsible to use defamation suits to silence the bloggers as this may have long term negative imlications on our future's freedom of expressions.

My personal opinion is, if NSTP felt that it has been defamed or wrongly insinuated, the right thing for NSTP to do is to exercise its rights to reply by posting comments in the blogs. Or better still, use its huge media machinery to publish her replies, facts, or opinions in all the media under her stable.

{----- DELETED -----}

Personally, I would like to view these two defamation suits as an attempt to curtailed "freedom of expressions" and to strike fears onto other bloggers to prevent them from expressing opinions. As it is, the suits has rained fears in the blogsphere. I sincerely hope this socially irresponsible actions of unnecessary defamation suits will not cause the long term damage of muzzling freedom of expressions and inhibiting the free flow of information.

{ ---- DELETED ----}

Bloggers United ! Let the Goliath knows there are lots of Davids out there appreciating freedom of expressions, and are willing speak the truth, nothing but the whole truth.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tongkat Ali Coffee Banned in Taiwan

Taiwan's authorities announced on Jan 22 2007 that six brands of coffee mixed with Tongkat Ali extracts have been banned. According to the Taiwan's Department of Health, there are insufficient information to evaluate the side effects of Tongkat Ali on humans. Stores selling Tongkat Ali Coffee have been instructed to destroy their stocks, and pay fines ranging from NT$30,000 to NT$150,000.

Tongkat Ali ( Eurycoma longifolia) is a plant native to Malaysia and Indonesia. Its roots are widely claimed to have aphrodisiac properties for improving male's sexual performances. But does it really work ? I guess it is just an over glorified myth perpetuated by continued misinformation. For all I know, habitual wrongful consumptions may even caused you to degrade your immune system and developing the dreaded cancer.

I have seen numerous product advertisements claiming the wholesome goodness of Tongkat Ali Instant Coffee in Malaysia. Somehow, my instinct prevented me from indulging in drinking these tainted instant coffee. Perhaps, the Ministry of Health should now conduct a scientific study and publish a report on tongkat ali and these variants of instant coffee. For a little bit more information on the herbal benefits of Tongkat Ali, maybe you shuld visit HERE. Tongkat Ali, like Ginseng, is just a traditional Asian herb. It should be consume separately under the advise of experience herbalist. These two herbs should not be misrepresented to what they are not. Coffee with Ginseng or Tongkat Ali ? Come on, don't spoilt the taste of my coffee !

I still can not understand why would people willingly allowed their favourite instant coffee to be spiked with questionable additives. If you are looking for improving sexual performances, why not sprinkle your cup of coffee with the medically proven Viagra ? Can coffee tainted with tongkat ali extracts improves sexual performances ? Why be sucker for this unscientific stupidity of mambo jumbo.... Well, what else can I say, every minute, an impotence sucker is born into this world !

Ignorantly yours !!!!

As a young boy born into a migrant family, my father told me this country is a beautiful country and land of opportunities compared to his "motherland". He took up jobs that no other Malaysians wanted to do. He worked hard to earn wages to support his family, law abiding, and donated generously when there are calls that touched his heart.

He joined the home guard to defend the security of the country, and joined local political party to promote interest of his community. In his little way, he contributed to the economic progress and nation building of Malaysia. He teaches us to respect the national flag and inculcate loyalty to the country. At the end of his life, he died a proud Malaysian but in his tired eyes, I see a sense of deep regret. A deep regret that, he has not been fairly treated by his adoptive country simply because there are too many racial pariahs and religion fanatics running around like rabbied dogs.

Now, I am the second generation Malaysian. I am born a Malaysian. My "motherland" is Malaysia. I have my ups and downs living in this "blessed" land. Honestly, I can "run" to other countries like my father before me, but I now, it doesn't matter which land I landed, at the end of the day breathing my last breaths, I do not want my children to see my eyes of regrets. Idiots and bastards can hurl whatever racial slurs such as "China ah pek", "go back to China", etc. Idiots and bastards can also demand rights and privileges along racial and religion line to perpetuate recognition of their inferiority complex. But I am born a Malaysian, I have no intention to run to anywhere, I shall make my last stand HERE. Good begets good, and bad begets bad. I shall reciprocate the treatments I received.

So go ahead, be an international pariah going around the world farting faked righteousness, justice, and religiosity. You honestly think it is religiously correct and morally acceptable for you to impose unfair biases to your own countrymen in your own country ? Honestly, we are what we said of others. The world is a stage, and I am enjoying watching the clowns farting their misguided moralities and justices.

I was told not to believe the news sources from foreign media and newspapers because they are biased. But looking at the local newspapers and media, would I want to subject myself to their propagandized stupidities ? I am an educated man, don't you think I am a better judge than all those unconsciously incompetence and decadence rent seekers ? What makes you think I should subject myself to be intellectually and mentally abused by the immoral half truths or intentional non reporting of truths ? Truth and morality is indeed has became a a rare commodity. I resorted to reliance on news sources from other countries, and I stop buying local newspapers or watching local TV programmes for many years already. But does that made me an ignorant man ? I don't think so ! I am now a better informed man capable of differentiating truths, half truths, and lies.

I see faces of agonies on the victims of the recent floods in southern Malaysia. I do not even bother to blink my eyes or show any emotion or sympathy. Have I become an uncompassionate man ? Truth of the matter is, I don't care any more. After all, why should I ? Aren't these the job of righteous politicians ? Why should I bother ? Let those hotshots in the power hallways demonstrate their competency in managing the plights of suffering Malaysians, otherwise they will end up having too much time indulging in unproductive communal politics and arrogant demands. Between communal politics and human miseries, which is more important ?

If I have became an uncompassionate man by your definition, then don't blame me ! Blame it on the system of 50 years of social engineering. I am merely an educated man trying his best to adapt to the system. I have learned, the world is not my stage..... In the mean, say or condemn whatever you want about me, I have adapted and become one of "them". I am loving every moment of sipping my black aromatic coffee while watching the clouds move and listening to the swirling winds.

There are seasons for everything, everything happens with reasons, and the seasons go round and round....... I submit my fate to the wheel of kama and vipakkaI, and I leave it to my God to judge me

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Head you Win, "Toll" I Pay ?

I have to drive down to downtown Kuala Lumpur the other day to attend to some personal matter. Guess what, we do have beautiful highways but the costs of using the highway is nothing but disgraceful and immoral ! Imagine, travelling from Subang Jaya to Kuala Lumpur, I need to pass through 3 tolls, costing an average of RM 13.20 for a round trip. Coupled with the high costs of Petrol, probably cost about RM 25 for a round trip, these high charges are politically sinful and socially immoral!!!!

Of course, I can always use the alternative route and keep my mouth of the grumpy complaints. But again, despite all the personal taxes, petroleum taxes, and road taxes collected, did the government made an effort to upgrade the existing alternative routes and made it comfortable for low income road users like me ? Your guess is as good as mine ! Why am I paying all these taxes for ? Feeding the rent seekers and parasites ?

Besides, all these toll concessionaires are given soft loans by the government to built and managed the toll roads, the government even guaranteed these toll concessionaires revenues and profitability. So, it is legitimate to raise the toll charges to ensure profitability for the toll concessionaires, otherwise, the government may have to "compensate" the concessionaires! I am sicked and tired of all these unconsciously incompetent people running around negotiating loop sided commercial contracts to socially irresponsible commercial enterprises. The said, these are prices of progress. BUT, have we progress ? If I protest, I will be perceived as trouble maker and unpatriotic !

Despite the promise of transparency, it is equally sickening to note that these infrastructure agreements between the government and the concessionaires are veiled in secrecy. Did the government made an efforts to disclose the agreements and its rationale for public scrutiny? What justification does the toll concessionaires have to increase the toll charges ? Why can't the government seek the toll concessionaires to transparently disclose their accounting books.

I do wonder, how much it costs to built the toll roads ? how much soft loans the government extend to the concessionaires, what revenue guaranteed and profit assurances are given by the government to the concessionaires ? Are we being force to pay exorbitant toll charges due to unfair practices and operational inefficiencies of the toll operators ? Does it make moral sense for the government to compensate the toll operators where the amount of compensations is significant compared to the cost of constructions ? Does it make sense for the government to guarantee the toll operators profitability and revenues ? What if the losses of toll operators are due to inefficiencies and questionable management practices ? Why are tax payers being subject to these immoral financial abuses ?

Poor wage earners (like me) are working our butts off to pay high assessment rate to the local town councils, high income taxes to the federal government, high "subsidized" prices for every litre of petrol, occasional summonses issued by the town council for parking tickets, and all sorts of direct and indirect taxes, etc... Now, I am also subject to pay high toll charges for using the "tolled" roads. In short, I and many generations of Malaysians are dubiously subjected to the mercy of the contractual agreements between the government and the concessionaires.

Somehow, I am getting the discomforts and ill feelings of being cheated by the government who intentionally leave out road users' welfares in the equation of balancing the rights of the concessionaires and the consumers like me. The scale is unfairly tilted to the side of the concessionaires. Lands are allocated to the concessionaires, taxes collected are being extended as soft loans to them by the government. Why can't the government use the money to be loaned out to construct new roads or to maintain and upgrade existing roads ? Is the government already arrogantly out of touch with the realities and plights of average Malaysians ?

Please don't get me wrong, I am all for economic progress and agreeable that, there is a price to pay for progress. But, at what price ? Are we building highways to foster economic progress, or, are we, in the name of economic progress, building highways to cause unnecessary financial burdens to all Malaysians ?

Higher toll ? Again and again ? I guess I am already very fed-up with these never ending demands for higher toll charges. I simply don't care anymore ! For that matter, the toll operators can even raised the prices by 1000% ! Anyway, 2008 general election is coming soon.... I have already made up my mind ! Happy Retirements to all those unconsciously incompetence, decadence, arrogance, ignorance, and rent seeking politicians.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Irish Joke of the Year 2006

John O'Reilly hoisted his beer and said, "Here's to spending the rest of me life, between the legs of me wife".

That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night!

He went home and told his wife, Mary, "I won the prize for the Best toast of the night"

She said, "Aye, did ye now. And what was your toast?" John said, "Here's to spending the rest of me life, sitting in church beside me wife."

"Oh, that is very nice indeed, John!" Mary said.

The next day, Mary ran into one of John's drinking buddies on the street corner. The man chuckled leeringly and said, "John won the prize the other night at the pub with a toast about you, Mary."

She said, "Aye, he told me, and I was a bit surprised myself. You know, he's only been there twice in the last four years. Once he fell asleep, and the other time I had to pull him by the ears to make him come."

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hatred be thy name, and God luciferizing.....

I read a news article in the Herald Sun today, and was quite disturbed by misguided and narrow minded views of a cleric. The news article claimed that an influential cleric from SYDNEY has been caught on film calling others pigs and urging children to die for his GOD.

In the video lecture, the cleric said “Today many parents, they prevent their children from attending lessons, Why? They fear that they might create a place in their hearts, the love, just a bit of the love, of sacrificing their lives for God. We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending the religion. Teach them this: There is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a holy warrior. Put in their soft, tender hearts the zeal of jihad and a love of martyrdom.”

He also denounce non-Muslims as kaffirs. According to him "(Kaffir) is the worst word ever written, a sign of infidelity, disbelief, filth, a sign of dirt,”

Well, who is the brainless moronized PIG and cockfirs ? Probably he is looking at the mirror and describing his own image. What else can I say ? In this world, there are always people born out of hatreds, live in hatreds, and eventually die in hatreds.

I am a non Muslim, and in the name of DOG and Mother of all PIGS, would it be too much of a asking for mother fuckers and bastards to stop calling non Muslims kaffirs ? All religion glorifies life not death, not hatreds, not revenges, not ignorances, not filths, not arrogances, and not Stupidity. So, please keep your hatreds and pissful values to yourself.....

According to Chinese astrology, the year 2007 is YEAR OF THE PIG. And, PIG happens to be ONE of the TWELVE most important celestial animals blessed by the Almighty. Dear preacher man, in case you don't know, there are five types of PIGS according to the Chinese astrology that dates back more than 5000 years - the metal PIG, fire PIGS, earth PIGS, water PIGS, and wood PIGS. It doesn't really matter what type of PIG, a PIG is still a PIG, and they are all good PIGS. It is an honour to call another person a PIG. So, you farting PIG, are you calling me a PIG ? Oh yeah, I am such a lovely and cute pig ! Thank you so much ! The compliments are mutual.

Boycott Indonesian Coffee ?

According to the WWF, Indonesians are illegally clearing land in the national park located in Bukit Barisan Selatan to grow Coffee. Bukit Barisan Selatan, located in Sumatra island, is the habitat for endangered species such as tigers, elephants, and rhinos. Annually, Indonesians illegally planted and harvested around 20 thousand tons of coffee beans. These tainted beans are then mixed with legally grown beans by local traders for export. If this uncivilized clearing of lands persists, the protected species of rhinos, elephants, and tigers will become extincts and wipe off the face of earth forever.

Bukit Barisan Selatan is one of the last few protected habitats in the world for the critically endangered species. Indonesia is the world's largest exporter of robusta coffee. Most of the instant coffee we buy from the shelves of supermarkets in Malaysia are made from Robusta coffee.

My dear beloved religiously righteous in Indonesian, firstly, without fails, every year you persist on your rights to pollute the environment of neighbouring countries by "slashed and burned" of jungles for cultivations of crops. Now, you are also slowly killing off endangered species for the sake of few extra beans. What is wrong with your narrowly congested and retarded minds ?

Kanlinlowboo, I am a habitual coffee drinker. I did not know, my innocent drinking habits are actually choking endangered species into extinction ! God forgive me for my unintentional sinful act. From now on, I will boycott buying coffee originated from Indonesia.

Bikini or Burrrrrrrrrkini ?

Finally, the kwai-lan kwai-por's Bikini meets its match with the religiously correct swimsuit - Burqakini, or Burkini for short. Its designer and inventor, Aheda Zanetti, now thinks that the Burkini will take the world by storm. With Burkini, Muslim women can now have the freedom to hangout at the beach and be seen. There is now no excuse for religious men to forbid women from hanging out at the beach and ride the waves.

With Burkini, the face, hand, feet, and infact every inch of the body is covered and concealed. Religiously inclined women can now participate publicly in aquatic sports such as swimming and God knows what, and what, and what......

The torpedo like bathing costume is designed by Australian designer, Aheda Zanetti. She claimed it is a cross between a burqa and a bikini. A cross ? It looks more like a Burka over a Bikini! The polyester suit is made up of pants and a long-sleeved thigh or knee-length A-line top with head covering. It is water-repellent, UV-resistant and comes with middle eastern designs.

Funny, I have no intention to show any disrespect to any religion, but I still like thing the way it is. A beach is supposed to be blessed with wonderful sights of beautiful women lustily clad with skimpy bikini. That's what made the women desirables. That's what made my urge boils. That's what made me women lover. That's what motivated me to work harder for sinful material gains. Parading "Banana in Pyjamas" to pollute my sights at the beach ? Come on, give me a break !!!! I hit my forehead, I rolled my eyes, I shaked my head..... I shaked my head.......

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pornography Helps prevent sex crimes ?

A research conducted by Antony D’Amato concluded that sharp rise in access to pornography accounts for decline in rape in USA. His published research titled ‘Porn Up, Rape down’ revealed that incidence of rape in the United States has declined 85% in the past 25 years due to easy availability of pornographic materials to teenagers and adults. His research revealed that incidence of rape has declined from 2.7 rapes for every 1,000 people in 1980; by 2004 to ,0.4 per 1000 people, a decline of 85%.

Antony D’Amato is a lawyer and a professor of law at the Northwestern Law School in Chicago, USA,

Further research by Anthony D'Amato also revealed that in places with there are lowest Internet access (to porn sites) were also those with the highest incidence of crime against women. Antony D'Amato reasoned that the substantial decrease in sexual crimes against women in areas where pornography are easily accessible are due to (1) watching pornography eliminate sexual desires. And, (2) Sex has been de-mystified by pornographic films and by the Internet.

Hmm,,,, foods for thoughts. Back to Malaysia, we pride ourselves with highest level of moral and religious values. Holding hands is a crime. Dressing too sexily is also crime. We even raided tourists in the hotel room and demanded to see their married certificate, otherwise, it is a case of "close proximity" crime ! Despite all these holier than thou morality, I wonder why there are so many incest and sexual crimes in Malaysia ? Could it be due to our Censorship Board's over jealous snipping of movies and reading materials to the extend that we are breeding a new generation of sexually ignorance perverts ? Could it be too much faked religiosity being preached ? Or, could it a case of ignorant denials and deprivations of sexuality....... Well, it simply just doesn't make sense anymore... Too many Jackals and Hydes running, walking, and snooping around the corners.....

Put a BIRD and a BEE together, what will you get ? A BABI ?

Please, Please drop the petrol price !!!

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China, announced on January 13th 2007 that it would cut the wholesale price of gasoline (petrol) by 220 yuan (28.21 U.S. dollars) per ton and the price of kerosene by 90 yuan (11.54 U.S. dollars) per ton. "The local price cut that took effect (on Sunday) was necessary and well-founded because crude prices have declined......" NDRC told China Daily yesterday.

World crude oil prices has been steadily on a downward trend from the height of USD 75 a barrel in June 2006 to USD 50+ per barrel. The current oil price is the lowest since the previous 19 months. I am not an economist, but looking at the trends and moving averages, most likely, in the longer run of next 2 - 3 years, the world oil price will continue to slide to mid - USD 40s. In the mean time, our Malaysian Ringgit has also strengthened against the USD. Since the world oil price is pegged using UD dollars, the petrol price should now be even cheaper for Malaysians.

Since the retail prices of petroleum based products are controlled, when are average Malaysians going to enjoy the decency of lower petrol and derivatives' prices. I hope, since Malaysia is a net exporter of oil, the government would not resort to the reason of declining income as a result of declining oil prices to justify for the stay of current prices.

Head you win, tail I lose ? What's yours is yours, what's mine is up for grabs ? Arroganomics 101 ?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Chinese Bowl

I was having a small gatherings at a friend's place yesterday evening. This friend of mine came from the same home town as me. She does have certain degree of artistic inclinations. At her house, there is a collections of mixed old and new items that caught my attention. At the dinner table, a small Chinese bowl caught my attention.

Maybe age is catching up with me. Nowadays, I tend to be easily lapsed into sentimental recollection of past memories. The Chinese bowl at my friend's place reminded me of some past events associated with my mother. In my late parents' home in Taiping, we used to have many such type small Chinese bowls which we kept neatly in the old wooden cabinet which also being used as a storage area for foods and dried food stuffs. My mother used to serve the family porridge using the small Chinese bowls. Occasionally, my mother also used the Chinese bowl to offer foods to beggars who came knocking at the doors.

When we are sick, my mother also used the Chinese bowl to serve as hot and bitter Chinese herbal soup. I can vividly visualized how my mother took the pains and troubles to boil the the Chinese medicinal soup over charcoal stove, squatting and fanning the stove, checking the concoction at regular intervals over many hours. For a moment, my mind was brought back to my childhood years in my old house in Taiping......

I must admit, in addition to this sudden involuntary recollections of memories, there are not many days I have not thought of my mother. In her unassuming way, she lead life with dedication, humble, patient, and yet generous toward others. My mother, in her "uneducated" way, used to remind me, that life is like an empty bowl. A bowl is only useful if it is filled with appropriate foods to serve others. In life, we are all born equal in terms of material possessions - like an empty bowl. It is up to us to fill our life with generosity, dedications, and humility to achieve meaningful purpose. She also said , the bowl is like our body, a defective and dirty bow will not be able to serve its functions. Likewise, we need to have healthy body and mind to lead life of purpose.

Mother, thank you very much for giving me life, and teaching me how to lead my life. I know, your life has ended long time ago, but you still live in me, and mine is still not over yet. And, in memory of you, I shall live a purposeful and responsible life.

May the Almighty bless your soul. Namo amithaba Buddha....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Private Security Services anyone ?

I read a recent letter by a reader, "Living in Fear", to The Star voicing his concerns and fears of private security company conducting door to door collections of "security fees".( Dubious guards doing the rounds - The Star 10th January 2007). Subsequently, his concerns was refuted by "The chairman of the resident association" (Residents themselves wanted security patrols - The Star, 12th January 2007).

The housing estate involved in this case is Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

In his letter, "Living in Fear" claimed that he has been indirectly "intimidated" to pay subscription fees for the unauthorized security services. He also claimed that, his and his neighbour rubbish chute doors has been stolen. He take it as warning from the private security for his refusal to pay "protection money" to the private security company. His opinion is, the resident is more comfortable working with and extending cooperation to the local police to fight crimes and ensure safety of the community.

The Chairman of the Resident Association replied in his letter that, in his capacity as Chairman, he appointed the private security company because "majority of the residents wanted private security services". He also indicated that the private security scheme is voluntary. He "encouraged" the residents to enroll with the private security company so as to "keep the housing estate safe, clean, and green".

My frank opinion is, most resident associations in Malaysia are basically social clubs formed by a few active residents. These self appointed Resident Committee members are not representatives of the majority of the residents in the various housing estates. The question is, is the "Chairman of the Resident Association" mandated by the majority of the residents to appoint Private Security Company to conduct security patrolling in the housing estate ? Is it the charter of the resident association to provide security service ? I would like to believe that, most likely, the so called Resident Association acted in a haste and self righteous manner. The second question is, has the private security firm been vetted by the local police department and the Domestic Affairs Ministry ? When the Chairman of the Resident Association claimed that majority of the residents wanted the private security services, can he substantiate it transparently with a list of the residents who wanted the service ?

Personally speaking, when the Chairman of the particular resident association said that residents are "encouraged" to subscribe to the private security services, I have problem with the semantic of the word. moreover, I also find it illogical for the Chairman to claim that "Private Security Service" can help to keep the housing estate "clean and green". Aren't these assessment related services supposed to be provided by the local municipal council ?

The right thing to do is to let the professional police force handle peace and security of the housing estate. As a social club, the resident association should confined its role to only organizing the dialogs between the police department and the local resident on how to work hand-in-hand to promote peace and security.

Let me relate my own experiences with "Private Security Services" in my housing estate about a year ago. I was approached by a group of Indian youths wearing uniform and riding cubchai ( small motorcycles) to pay monthly security fee. They also claimed that they have been appointed by the Chairman of the resident association in my housing estate. In no uncertain term, they told me that, the only way to ensure the safety of my family members is to pay up the monthly subscription fees. They also told that they are licensed to carry weapons. When I refused to pay, for a few nights in a row, the Indian youths passed by my house and intentional create loud engine noises in the middle of the nights to indirectly harassed me. For the first time, all my shoes were also stolen. After I threatened to report them to the local Police, the "harassments" stopped. All these sounds like a bunch of gangster legitimizing themselves to collect protection money by wearing uniforms and using the name of local resident association.

I also like to highlight my personal awareness of "safety and security" in one small housing estate. There is a small segment of a housing estate in USJ where a few residents are very active. They formed the USJxx Resident Association, and start implementing private security services and as well as vigilante patrol. Sad to note that, the security is that area actually degrade. A friend of mine who live in that segment of the housing estate told me his personal horror story about security and safety in his neighbourhood. In his own word, "Every resident here have a tale to tell !"

The point here is, all Resident Associations, are by themselves not necessarily mandated by majority of the local residents. Most likely, each resident association consists of probably less than 50 members who gathered together to form a "club" for social and welfare activities. Therefore, the Chairman or Committee Members, should not take liberty to decide on the welfare of the majority of the residents. What is good for Ah Kow, may not be good for Ahmad, or Sammy ! The local resident association should confined its activities as a social club. In their extended roles, maybe they should also organize gathering or dialogue with the police department or professional security consultants. The peace and security of the housing estate should be left to the local police to manage.

To me, this sounds like a typical case of a group of moral minority imposing themselves to dictate how the silent majority should conformed to their misguided honest intentions. I called on the local police to take control of the street of housing estates and flush out all "dubious" private security companies. I also called on the Housing and Local Government Ministry to provide a standard charter and guideline in the constitution of all local resident associations to ensure their office bearers do not misbehave or over step their roles and responsibilities.

The Chairman of the local netizen association appointed me to conduct daily rantings and musings, however, it is a voluntary choice of yours to listen to my nonsense. But, to keep your peace of mind, the Chairman encouraged you to listen to my daily rants.

Self Cleaning underwears ?

Scientists working for the US Air Force have already produced T-shirts and underwear that can be worn for weeks at a time without washing, and the technology has now been licensed to a London company, Alexium, to develop for civilian applications. The "self-cleaning" process makes fabrics repel water, resist stains and even kill off the bacteria that grow in sweat and make clothes smell.....

I find this article which appeared on UK Telegraph interesting. For further information, please read HERE .

Hmmm.... not that I am a spermaphobia or fanatical about cleanliness, but would you make love to a woman who does not change underwears for weeks ? Would you let your daughter marry a man who are too lazy to change his underwears daily ? Amazing, in the name of science and technology, what will they think of next? Reuseable condom and edible panties ? Nope ! Whatever it is, I still prefer my underwears to be washed the old fashioned way - with soap and lots of water.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A life less ordinary ?

This bright night skies,
serene, commanding, and encompassing.
Beyond the twinkling and sparkling stars,
is there a Heaven ?

In this dark corner of my mind,
of continuous howling dogs,
piercing illuminated eyes of black cats,
and slithering snakes.
Beyond this delusions,
is there a Hell ?

These beautiful places of worship.
Majestic symbols of different faiths.
Housing reasonable minds,
with unconditional devotions and faiths.
Beyond these reasonable minds,
is there a one that causes to be ?

There is.

This reasonable man of logical minds,
acknowledged your beingness and ascendancy.
But how do I accommodate your authority ?
These devil grants totem,
but they will barter my soul.
You want me to be your preacher,
to give testimonials and serve your commands,
but how can I disregard
my mortal responsibilities?

This trinity. Decide, I shall not.
In actionless passiveness,
Satori shall be my temporal state of mind.

My heart shall be my temple.
My mind shall dictate my path.
The path I walked shall lead me to my purpose.
When my purpose is done,
my time shall come.
Leave me alone,
and let me be.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A connected home.

LAN, WAN, and WLAN, etc has been part and parcel of corporate networking connectivity. These islands of topologies will eventually merged into a seamless entity driven by higher Internet bandwidth and lower costs of access. In the previous few years, we have seen furious and fast paced innovations and development that lead to the convergent of Computers and Communications as a single cohesive technology that drive business reengineering, work habits, and value added deliverables. A personal computer will no longer be a simple word processing machine or spreadsheet emulator. A personal computer will evolved into a much more powerful information and communication device that can handle simultaneous parallel applications at high speed. The personal computer, in certain business sense, will be a window to the world for data and voice messaging, client server transaction applications, remote workstation, etc.

The next booming frontier will be the integration of Computers, communications, and Consumer Electronics (CCC) in the minds of home users. Ultimately, in the not so distant future, the homes will be driven by PC and broadband Internet access. At the moment, the Internet bandwidth of the Malaysians' homes centred around 1 M bits - still not fast enough to carry the payloads of the future. As a result, we are still relying on the unstable Astro's satellite TV programs for entertainment, separate phone line for voice communications, and separate line and equipments for data and applications transactions.

In 1993, the bandwidth of Internet is probably around 33.6Kbps. Now, the average bandwidth has reached 1Mbps. That is approximately 3000% increase in performance over the last 10 years ! For the next 10 years, most likely the Internet bandwidth will reach 1Gigabits speed for home or personal users.

What will happened when the Internet access bandwidth hits 1 Gigabits ? One thing for sure, people will be well connected electronically. A lot of the traditional "high tech" companies such as Astro, Telekom Malaysia, Maxis, Redtone, etc. will have problems surviving based on its existing products and services. For example, for as low as RM100 one time charge, home user can install a small piece of software and start receiving TV programs from all over the world free of charge. Would it make economic sense then for you pay Astro RM 100 a month for TV entertainments ? For telephony services, we will end up having small pocket size computer with wireless access, be able to make voice & video calls to and from anywhere of the world without being encumbered by the existing telephone charges and cross border protocols. I believed, Apple Inc. is quietly doing R&D in this area. They just launched their iPhone! So, for those who are thinking of investing in technology company as long term investment, think twice, you may end up having pieces of useless papers or electronic accounts.

In the home front, the PC will be become a very powerful media centre integrating phone, video, audio, games, and a whole host of intelligence features. In fact, all electrical and electronic equipments will be linked into the PC to provide comfort, security, computing, and entertainment to the home users. Already, Microsoft has announced at the recent Consumer Electronics show that Windows Home Server software will be available during the second half of 2007. The new backbone software will function as the center of a home's computer network, from photo and video storage to television to accessing computer files when away from home.

So, what will it be, between now and the next 10 years ? Personally, I would think the homes will be very well connected, and the home will be driven by media computing technology. Maybe, sitting in the comfort of our living room, we will even be able to have satellite view of the garden party held by friends and relatives in another part of the world. For a price, we may even indulge in real life virtual sexual fantasy without incurring the risks of sexual diseases ! etc. etc.

Well, what else can I say ? Like Nokia ads' "I believe in miracles, you sexy sassy things......." Welcome to the shiok new world of media connectivity !

Monday, January 08, 2007

Anti Toll Hike Protest at Sunway Pyramid.

I drove back from Ipoh to Subang Jaya on Sunday. As I approach the exit into Bandar Sunway, I saw an unusual large presence of policemen. Strange, I thought maybe there are some VIP visiting the area, and the policemen are there to beef up security arrangement. I never gave any further thoughts to this unusual sight and carry on with my drive. However, at the turning into Sunway Pyramid, I saw a large number, probably a few thousands of protesters carrying banners, large number of FRU ( anti protesters armed personnel ), and massive traffic jams in front of the shopping complex. Thinking that there maybe riots, and I am worry for the safety of my family members in the car, I make a U-turn to take a longer route home.

After reaching home safely, I made a few calls to my friends in the Bandar Sunway area, primarily out of concern for their safety and well beings. I was told that, there was a huge anti toll hike protest and demonstration in the area organized by PAS, Keadilan, and DAP. What a relief ! At least it is not a racial riot. Demonstration by opposition political parties are usually very peaceful. They ave done a great job in serving as a platform for Malaysians to voice out their frustrations on the never ending spiralling of costs of living.

Welcome to Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Please visit HERE to register your protest on TOLL HIKE.

Come to think of it, the toll charges are getting ridiculous unaffordable nowadays. For example, the rate at the Kesas highway was hike up by almost 50% and the rate at LDP was hiked up by almost 60%. This increased toll charges coupled with the recent hiked in petrol prices, and many spiralling costs of essential items, are causing hardships to average Malaysians.

In case you are not aware. Effective January 1st 2007, the government has increased toll charges up to 60%. Is average Malaysian affected by this toll hike ? You can safely bet your smelly ass that it is !Take the case of my teenage son who has to travel to college passing through the Kesas toll everyday, a return trip will cost him RM 110 a month, petrol costs RM 250, parking fee costs RM 75 per month, and installment of his second hand car costs RM 500. Bearing in mind that the the non subsidized tuition fees is RM 1,200 per month. That works out to be RM 2,135 per month minimum excluding other living allowances. Here I am talking about average Malaysians who can not afford to send their children oversea to study. And I happened to be one of them. Kan-lin-low-boo, What farking government is this ? A caring government that work with the people or more interested to ensure sinful profitability for large corporations ? Robbing the poor to enrich the already filthied rich ? Robbing Hoods or Hooded Robber ? Either way, we are screwed !

Surprisingly, none of the local newspapers reported the incident on today edition. Was there an intentional "blackout" of people voicing their grievances ? Most of the local papers are indirectly own by political parties and their printing licenses are subject to annual renewal. I guess the local paper are playing safe not to print anything that is not music to the ears of the government.

Hey, Mr Yang Berhormat, please come out from your ivory tower and power hallway, put your right palm on your left chest and feel your heart beats, can you feel the hardships of average Malaysians ? Can you smell the burning frustrations of average Malaysians ? Can you hear the voices of economic desperations of average Malaysians ? In your congested self denial minds, do you understand the plights of Malaysians.

Frankly, if you ask me whether the anti toll hike demonstrations is going to have any influence on the government, well, I can safely tell you that it won't ! They are quite capable of seeing without visualizing, hearing without listening, and touching without feeling. I do have my doubt whether they understand the sufferings of average Malaysians. I am beginning to wonder whether they are already out of touch with reality, politically too decadence, engaging in too much in racial politics, or too busy conducting rent seeking demands. However, I have already made up my mind on my electoral rights. Come 2008, they can raise whatever emotional racial issues they like to desperately justify their stay, and I shall vote accordingly to retire them.

Donations for Malaysia Floods' Victims ?

When there are human tragedies outside Malaysia, Malaysians as a whole became very generous and morally motivated to donate to the victims. But when it come to donating to victims within Malaysia, the spirits of charity became waned and elusive.

With regards to the recent flood disasters in Johor, Malacca, Negri Sembilan and several other states, the floods maybe gone or receded, but there are still thousands of people misplaced or homeless, and are living in deplorable conditions and miseries.

The Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said "What Malaysians can do is to make life more bearable for the victims. They were poor to begin with and now, with what little they had washed away, they are close to becoming destitute." "I have seen poverty but never like this. When I come back after visiting the flood victims, I cannot sleep at night. Just think how much worse it is for those working to help them and how much more worse it is for the victims themselves, especially the children." This sounds like an urgent appeal from a Minister in the government to all Malaysians. I guess it would be more appropriate if this appeal is directed to the government of Malaysia and the elected representatives.

Why, when there is a disaster outside Malaysia, Malaysian spontaneously rushed to offer donations to help the unfortunates ? I would like to believe that, one of the main reason is, Malaysians are more comfortable giving donations via international aids agencies. Because, Malaysians know, the donations will be fairly distributed to the victims irregardless of race, religion, or creed.

The other reasons could be due to the fact that (1) Malaysians are economically not that well off as compared to the previous occasions. And, (2) Due to the recent racially divisive comments and statements made by the local politicians in other unrelated functions and events, and as well as the general perception of abused of power and corruptions, Malaysians are basically uncomfortable in donating to charitable causes that may end up being distributed along racial lines or portion of the donations being corruptly siphoned off by immoral middlemen.

With regards to collecting donations for the Malaysian victims, perhaps, the government agencies and local newspapers can publish a list of associations or charitable organizations located within or closed to the vicinity of the tragedies so that Malaysians can donate direct to these associations or organizations to cut down the number of "middle men" and to minimized the potential of improprieties.

The government of Malaysia still has the financial resources to reallocate funds to help Malaysian victims without having to seek generosities of unaffected Malaysians. For example, recently, the Prime Minister announced the extra allocations of RM 3 millions for each of Barisan Nasional's political parties' division, that works out to be approximately RM 600 millions. This RM 600 millions should be reallocated to help the floods victims. The government has also recently agreed to raised the toll charges and subsidized a few billion ringgits to toll concessionaires. The government of Malaysia has also committed to send 2 Malaysian "cosmonauts" to space to taste "roti canai". And the list goes on and on..... The question is, are these expenses more important than the sufferings and miseries of other unfortunate Malaysians ? I think not. Morally, the government has to do a rethink of all these "unnecessary" resources misallocations. It is the responsibility of the government to eliminate the sufferings of unfortunate Malaysians. Average Malaysians should not be abused into blindly donating for the sake of donating while the government funds are unnecessarily allocated. All it needs now is for the Prime Minister to make an executive instruction to make the reallocations. On moral grounds and on the basis of the proclaimed "caring government", I see no reason why this reallocations of economic resources can not be initiated to help and lessen the miseries of other unfortunate Malaysians.

There is no point for politicians to visit the affected areas, crying rhetorics, then calling for Malaysians to make donations. The right thing to do is for the politicians to visit the affected areas and make immediate disbursement of funds from their political machineries. Charity does begin at home. But in this case, the home is at the executive offices of the Government of Malaysia. Malaysians as a whole, look up to the government to effect immediate financial aids to help the unfortunate flood victims in Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, and other affected states.

Same as the honourable Minister, Datuk Seri Shahrizat, there are a lot of caring Malaysians out there, also can not sleep, knowing that there are so many victims of tragedies living in miseries, while the government spend unneccesarily. Where is the priority ?

In the mean time, while awaiting the government to reassess her priority and morality, I urged all able Malaysians to donate directly to the victims to offer immediate reliefs to the miseries of the victims. May God lessen the emotional and financial losses of the victims.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Women or WO-men

Women are funny animals. In the early 70's and 80's ( not very sure of which decade, but the time frames are irrelevant for argument sake ), they go "bra-less" to announce to the world of their "liberations" from men. On the other hand, they spend awful lot of money to buy Victoria Secrets' lingeries and some sexually naughty add-ons to express their purringly sexuality to their men. Oh my God ! Oooh... Yes, Oooh... No. And, the men, sadly, are left blowing in the winds.........

They want equality or rather same status with men, but again, are they sure of what they want ? Since when are women enjoying less equality and status then men ? They always get what they want, don't they ? You think you are on top of them, but do you realize they are draining all your energies to inflict final assault on you ?

I guess the problem with women are, they are emotionally illogical animals. Traditionally, the women "work" at homes, at the end of the day, they are perhaps mentally exhausted. The men, traditionally work outside the home, at the end of the day, they are physically exhausted. A home's relationship would be harmonious, if the physically exhausted and mentally exhausted can complement and comfort each other's exhaustions. But they problem is, the women envied the men's world, and want to venture into the men's domain to exert authority but expect the men to shoulder responsibilities. They want the physically exhausted men to be mentally exhausted also ! Isn't that what women's libs are all about ?

The men worked hard for the money, but the women work hard to spend the money. They spend unnecessary to remove their natural eyebrows and replace with tattooed eyebrows. Change their single eyelids to double eyelids, surgically increase the breast size so that a nice cleavage or bust shown to the world with their low cuts shirts. They visit spa and weight loss clinics in order to have sculptured body. At the end of the day, the men are left with merge sum to buy a packet of cigarettes, cheap beers, and worst stills, sometimes, a half Kg bag of Coffee mixtures to brew in solitude.

When the women work outside home to earn income, do you honestly think they allowed their men to spend a cent of money ? Mind you, it is over their dead bodies to even touch a single cent. By the way, women are pretty good at selfishly hiding their money without any trace. But when come to men's money, women are pretty good at making men account for every cents of his expenditure. No wonder, I am always left with less than 50 dollars in my pocket. Nothing more !

By the way, if a woman is "Spermophobia", it has nothing to do with the fear for your sperm. It simply means that, the woman is squeaky clean and fear for germs. A man will never enjoy the status of "easy rider". Easy rider does not mean a macho man riding super bike njoying outdoor life, but a pimp living with a whore because he has an "easy ride". Come to think of it, a man is like a male honey bee, after finished sex, its penis is lodged inside the queen, the rest of his body explodes, while the queen enjoy the lingering sensation of orgasms....... Sad, but it is true in this ANIMAL (aka insect) KINGDOM.

In the war of sexes. Who ultimately wins the war. As a peace loving man, in order not to inflict further casualty on myself, I am raising my WHITE FLAG now. Have mercy on me........

Am I a Male Chauvinistic Pig ? Oh, I am so confuseeeeeeed !

Well, what else can I say ? Bonne nuit...ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Much ado about pork soup

I read an interesting news article from France just now. According to the news article, the French police raided a charity soup kitchen run by Solidarity of the French (SDF) and shut down its operations. According to the French police, the ( pork ) soup handouts is racist and discriminated against Jews and Muslim. For religious reasons, Jews and Muslim do not eat pork.

However, the French court rejected the Police claim and ruled in favour of the charitable organization, allowing its soup kitchens to continue to offer pork soup to the homeless, and anybody who asked for help. The Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, was outraged by the court's decision and urged the French police to appeal the ruling. He said "Faced by this initiative which stinks of xenophobia, I want once again to express city hall's desire to fight all forms of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism."

Come to think of it. I really love the French people. Their poetic politicians are religiously sensitive, historically romantic, and sentimentally patriotic. I do not know much about the French men. And I for one, happened to have very high regards for French women. Due to my previous limited exposure in Quebec, Canada, I would like to consider French women are the most beautiful and sexy women on earth. I love the phonetics of French tongues savouring their sexy lips. I am not an MCP, but credit must be given if it is worth the mention.

Coming to anti discrimination on religious ground. I just wonder, whether the mayor of Paris would also consider banning any beef soup ? Because the Hindu are forbidden to eat beef on religious grounds. For chicken soup, can the mayor take measures to ensure that the slaughtering of the chicken go through the Islamic's "HALAL" process ? If the chickens are "halalled", we may have another problem, because some fanatical non-Muslims are forbiddened to eat HALALized chickens because it is against their religious belief ! By the way, wines and liquors are also forbidden to certain religions. Please remove wines and liquors from all your official functions. Animal (horse, dog, etc.) racing is a form of gambling, and gambling activities are also forbiddened in some religions. etc. etc... So here you go, and the list goes on..... Thank you so much for your righteousness and sensitivity.

Bonjour Monsieur Bertrand Delanoe, after you removed "discriminatory" practices in food preparations and servings, can you also look into another issue that is also equally discriminatory and righteous ? Maybe, perhaps, maybe you can also championed the French people to banned import from and export to racist or human rights abusing countries ?

Show the world the French's way of sensitivity, tolerances, righteousness, and morality ! Let the world learns from France. Maybe the United Nations Headquarters should be relocated to Paris !

In the name of religion sensitivities, I do really wish some sensitive souls out there can observed my religious sensitivities and minority rights !!!! Crying baby always gets the milk ? Can somebody out there teach me how to cry with big droplets of crocodile tears...... ?

Life goes on ?

We bid farewell to the OLD year,
and welcome the NEW year.

Every new year,
we look forward to a good year ahead.
Good wishes are delivered
to our hand phones and PC's
and occasionally greeting cards from sentimental friends.
It feel good to have friends still acknowledging our presence.
We begin the year with optimisms and resolutions.
Come next new year, the cycle repeats itself.

Year end come..
We held gathering to welcome the new year.
How was it different from the previous year end ?
Perhaps, we are ONE year older,
gained some wealths and friends,
and maybe some bitter sweet
memories and experiences.
Our eyes are a bit saggy,
there maybe wrinkles,
and maybe a bit more wiser.

But, beyond that,
how is this new year different from last year ?
Did the sun rises from the west ?
Did the moon traject off its orbit ?
When the party is over.
Life goes back to its recursive loop.
We are all beating around the circle
looking for an exit to eternity !

We are driven by numericals in the calender.
And life goes on, and on, and on....
and finally we breathed our last breaths.
How many more new years can we welcome ?
How many more old years can we bid farewell ?

And, Life goes on ?
Who care !
Let me have my COFFEE now.
Tomorrow will take care of itself !

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Life ain't Rosy ?

My name is Gong Kow
have a house in TAIPING TOWN.
Finished my secondary education
in a school started by ANG MOH KOW.

Obtained a Grade One in MCE
But as a minority, LIFE is not ROSY
My Grade One is not good enough
compared to Grade Three of a BUMI.
So, no Form Six for me !

But I am very LUCKY
"You go Canada to STUDY"
That what my father told me.
After three years of undergraduate STUDIES
I came back with a DEGREE and my HONEY

Life ahead is very ROSY ?

After one year working for some lousy MONEY
Daddy found out I already have a STEADY
Everyday he asked me to MARRY
Or else he won't talk to ME
No choice, but to propose to my HONEY

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY !

The Marriage ceremony depleted all MY MONEY.
To survive, everyday I eat CHAPFUN or CHAPATY.
For entertainment, everyday I watch TV or pirated VCD.
While other drive Mercedes, I drove a 3rd hand Datsun SUNNY
Married life ain't that ROSY
In less than 12 months I have a BABY
Suddenly I became a DADDY.

Yeh, Life Ain't ROSY !

After many years of working for lousy CRONY
When I worked HARD, he said it is my DUTY
When I submit MC, he said I am LAZY
Paying me peanut
and yet expect me not to behave like MONKEY
When I am short of MONEY,
he asked me to "Chiak Kar Key"
I am almost gone CRAZY.

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY !

Now, I have to support my HONEY
and I have to feed my BABY
Have to pay installment for my old Datsun Sunny
Every week have to buy Dutch Baby
Everyday my petrol tank is EMPTY
Have to go work JALAN KAKI
ATM told me my account got no MONEY

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY

Seek HELP from government,
but they said I ain't BUMI.
Seek HELP from MCA,
but was told Life ain't CHARITY
and I am not their LIABILITY.
Sometimes, I really want to CARI MATI
But who is gonna feed my HONEY and BABY
Susah nak HIDUP, susah nak MATI.

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY !

Nevermind, every dog has his DAY.
Now, I made my own MONEY.
Life has become a bit ROSY.
Sipping my favorite Coffee in LUXURY,
Should I show SYMPATHY
to those who rejected ME ?

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY ?
Believe me, when you are in troubles,
the rest will conveniently
suffered from Avian's Flu.
They are all quite capable
of talking cock's languages to you !
Get a life !
When the going gets tough,
the tough gets going.
Go hit the road and make your day.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Visit Thailand 2007 ?

Despite the military government's assurances, it looks like all is not well in Thailand, and turbulent times are ahead for Thailand in 2007.

Four people inside a mosque in Thailand's Chiang Mai province were injured when a grenade was lobbed into the mosque on 1st Jan 2007. Prior to that, during the new year eve and shortly after midnight, a series of bombs hit Bangkok city killing 3 persons and injuring more than 40 others. Several schools in Thailand's northern and northeastern provinces were also burned.

The Australian embassy has previously advised Australians against unnecessary travel to Yala, Narathiwat, pattani, and Songkla due to ongoing violences in the southern region. Subsequent to the new year eve bombings, several countries have also issued travel advisory to their nationals to exercise high degree of caution when travelling in Thailand and overland into Malaysia as terrorists maybe planning more attacks against a range of targets including places frequented by foreigners.

Thailand's Army Chief, Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, who conducted a coup in September 19 2006 to depose the democratically elected Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, cut short his Mecca's Haj trip to return to Thailand on Monday afternoon. So far no one has claimed responsibilities for the attacks and the Thai government are unable to establish the culprits.

It is speculated that the terror attacks could be linked to the supporters of Thailand's former Prime Minister who was toppled in a September military coup, or the insurgencies in the predominantly Muslim southern provinces which has claimed thousands of lives since 2004. Or, could it be the bombings are orchestrated by the military government to discredit the former Prime Minister from returning to Thailand ?

It doesn't really matter who is responsible for the terror attacks in the land of perpetual smiles ? Beware, beneath those smiles, there is a possibility of violence storms brewing and waiting to be tsunamized to inflict more casualties. Let's not stay in the line of fires between conflicting parties in Thailand. For the time being, and as a safety precaution, I guess it is better not to visit or invest in Thailand until such time when there is a democratically elected government to replace the present military government.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Good Morning 2007 !

This year I have decided to welcome 2007 in the comforts of my home with family members. It is past 3:00 A.M. now, I am still quite awake and my mind is still very alert. Did I have too much coffee and cigars just now ? I think I know what is troubling me. But whatever it is, 2007 is already here. Looking at the political and economic situations in the world of the previous few months, it looks like it is going to be another troubled 2007 ahead.

Making a wish list or resolutions for 2007 ? Forget it. I reviewed my 2006's list of resolutions, sigh, sigh, I have only achieved one or probably 2 items. So, for 2007, I am not going to belittle myself by making new resolutions. Let's just continue with the left over of the 2006's list.

Looking back the previous 12 months, one of the saddest event that completely drained my emotional energy is, the content of an email I received from an unknown sender in January 2006. The email came with a video clip as attachment. I opened the video clip and the visuals shocked me beyond descriptives of words. It changed my whole perceptions of the Palestinian, Lebanese, and the Iraqi in particulars and the Middle Eastern people in general. My past assumptions and perceptions of them are completely off tangent!

In the video clip, a group of Nepalese were blindfolded and forced to lying face down on the ground. At the background, religious music or verses are played. Suddenly, the hooded militants hold down the Nepalese, slit his throat, and beheaded the blindfolded Nepalese. The rest of the Nepalese were shot in the heads by the militants. There are shouts of loud noises of religious verses through out the clip. I must admit, in my whole life, this is the most shocking carnage and barbaric acts I ever seen. I deleted the email and its attachment, took the whole day off and went back home to pray for the souls of the murdered Nepalese.

Since that day, my perception of the Middle Eastern people changed drastically. I began to understand and empathize with the tough actions of Israel, America, Britain, and the rest of the civilized world towards some of these middle eastern countries. In a way, maybe this is how God serve justices on them on a daily basis.

The Nepalese are some of the poorest people on earth, they travelled thousands of miles to another country to earn a living and to feed their family, but end up being barbarically murdered. Until these days, those horrible graphic visuals of murders still haunt me. My mind is still tormented by the violent deaths of the poor Nepalese at the hand of the barbarians.

Come to think of it, 2006 is pretty much a year where religions are being used to justify political and criminal violences. Race issues are also being sensitized to justify for immoral rights to abuse human rights. What a freaking year ! And it look like 2007 will suffer the same fate. I know, most religions preached mercy, love, and forgiveness. But for a change, let's pray for damnations to these barbaric criminals and human rights abusers. Humanity has lunatically and animalistically lost all of its decencies. Will the world be a safer place in 2007 ? God (?, which one ) helps us !