Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To live a fearful life or find ways to overcome it for a better and happier life - the choice is yours. ( By Irene on 28/12/11)

Life is a like stage. Everyone wore a mask playing different role. At times, I am so tire of wearing the mask that I ask myself - what I want in my life? Am I living it for myself or am I living it for others. Do I have a choice. Definitely, I have all the rights.

Living these life, I would said that I always faced with lots of negatives.Thus,  it gives me a lot of stress that I have to cope. Most of the time, I am very fearful and worry with the uncertainties. I wish I can have the  magic wand to make it just disappear. But, no matter what, I have to face it all alone. Do not know how ! But, I guess I would have to do it better with an open and clear mind. Take a deep breath... and keep reminding myself - you can do it, you can do it without much hassle. Why worry and be fearful?
When I was in my mid 20's, I started my family - myself, Ck ( my late husband) and my son, Ivan. When CK got his first job, he always tell  me that he is fearful of loosing his job. Thus, we always try our utmost best to do our job well just to make our ends meet. With our prudence in money management and hard work over the years, we managed to have the little success and comfortable lifestyle. Living in KL 's city can indirectly gives us a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure. Lot of  things could  go out of hands if we did not manage it well. In reality, sometime it is not how hard you work that guarantee success in life. We need to have a bit of  lady luck or whatever you call it that make things easier. At times, I always challenge myself to push harder. Tell myself what I want to be in 10 years, 20 years or 30 or 40 years.... from now. These has indirectly created uncalled for “ fear” in myself. I fear of not able to have the achievement, not able to please others, not able to stand out, not able to have lots of money, not able to look get into my boss's , my parent's or parent in law or sister in law's good book, not able to have the confidence to do whatever things, fear of dying, getting old and not healthy ...... and the list just go on. I tell myself. What am I living for? To live with so much fear until  I can't sleep at nite. Sometime, my eyes just star at the ceiling. Why I have so much fear...
A few days ago, I went to the Home for the Handicap, retarded and overgrown kids with my sister and friends. I enjoyed and cherished the time spend there. Holding their hands, laugh , dance, eat, sing together with them. The word fear has never come into my mind.  It was just so wonderful and such a memorable Christmas that I had ever spend. Live with no fear. I guess this will be the luxury feeling from within. Something that you have to experience it.
From the trip, I learned to give more love and share it with the needy. Lead a simple and meaningful life without all the “ fear”  Start  charity by contributing  $$ ( if you can afford) and if not your spare time and effort would mean so much to them. Check it out at  Home of the handicap in Klang ( Mr. Morgan 012 3915893) or No. 4 Lrg Bunga Raya Kg. Raja Uda 42000 Port Klang Selangor. or  

Live without “fear” - I came across these in a Buddhism's book . Practice it - To lead you to the path of a peaceful and happy life.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

FLASHBACK and Resolution for 2012. (By Irene on 21/ 12/ 2011)

Time flies and it is just round the corner of 2011. Looking back, 2011 has been a good year for me. I managed to go through the difficult period mourning of CK for another year. But I was lucky to receive care , love and support from everyone. Loosing him and letting go is really a challenging period for me to walk through . When CK was around, we wow to grow old gracefully . I remembered the time that we held hands, walked in the park, enjoyed listening to the bird singing in the garden, having his cup of coffee kau kau after his nasi lemak for breakfast. We had so much to talk - from business, politics, family matters, his philosophy of life, his computer knowledge, his jokes and so on. In short, he is also my mentor apart from my dad. At times, I was snapped. I always reminded myself that whatever it is I have to accept that C. K. is no longer living in this world. He has left us for more than a year. All I can ask is to cherish the good memories that we both had for each other. Christmas is coming soon and it is also Ivan 's birthday. CK used to tell me that we must buy some gift for Ivan. The last Christmas, we did not celebrate Ivan's birthday due to ck's health. I told Ck that your love for him all these years is the greatest gift that he would ever ask for. Last nite, I asked Ivan to go to his dad's grave with me this coming Christmas. He just keep silence for a while. From his expression, I knew that deep down, Ivan still love his dad very very .....much. Sometime, I guess only people who knew how to give love would understand me better. If you don't , just don't bother.
For 2012 - My 1st resolution - To live a happy life and spend as much time with family members, relatives and friends. The unconditional love and support from my dad, mum, brothers, sister in laws, sisters, brothers in laws, nieces , nephews, friends and relatives after all these years and days has given me the strength to move on.
Resolution 2 for 2012. To seek God's help to grant me the opportunity to help the needy, poor, to spend time with them i(f possible) . Vivian, I wish and pray for miracle for Nathan. I have the above wish list for last year but still yet to achieve. I guess sometime it might not be just only the $$$$$ . Having the time and moral support would be something good to start with. God , let me be your children to fulfill the obligation.
Last but not least, a good start for 2012. I am here to wish everyone :
GOOD health, Harmony, love the earth for the next generation to live in a better world .
Peace Love and Happy 2012.
Aha aha aha aha..... have a peaceful feeling from within.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Track Record o f Gunung Lang Dev S/B- Developer of Lang Valley ( By Irene and edited by Tai Soh on 30/11/11)

Gunung Lang Development S/B ( GLDSB) was incorporated in July 2002.

The shareholders are Aun Huat & Bros S/B, Poh Chee Meng and Sons Holding S/B and Noble Bond S/B .

Mr. Poh Chee Meng and his business partner, the late Mr. Teh Siew Hooi ventured into the property industry during the 1970's. Together with Pak Yap Lim Sen, they founded Ipoh Garden Bhd with the objective of building affordable homes for Ipohites.
They started on a moderate scale building terrace houses which sold like hotcakes. When the economy took an upward trend in 1970 's due to the booming tin-mining industry, people could afford to buy better homes. The company bought more land to cater to the demand for better-designed houses in a well-planned township.

As part of the company's expansion plan, they invited two brothers namely, Datuk Tan Chin Nam and the late Dato Tan Kim Yeow to join them as directors and partners in Ipoh Garden Bhd. At that time, both brothers were involved in property development in K. L. and Penang. Under the new partnership, they bought more land and started with the township development of Ipoh Garden.

Pak Yap Lim Sen was the managing director of Ipoh Garden Berhad. He lead the team in property development not only in Ipoh but also K. L. and even spread its wings to Australia. Pak Yap is also the brainchild behind the prestigious Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney, Australia. Today we can see the success of this company in property development in the thriving townships like Ipoh Garden, Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh Garden East with amenities such as banks, post office, shopping malls like Jusco and Tesco, shops, schools, hospitals and good infra structure. Ipoh Garden Bhd has become a household name in Ipoh.

The company lives up to its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy developer that delivers on time without compromising on the quality of workmanship.

Dato Tan Chin Nam who has most of his business interests in K. L. decided to focus on the development of Midvalley KL in the early 80's. He diluted his shareholding in GLDSB by selling his stake to Aun Huat and Bros.

Prospective purchasers wonder if there will be any change with the new ownership of GLDSB during the recent launch of Teak in Lang Valley ?

Mr. Ronnie ( Chairman of GLDSB) assured buyers that the company has engaged Nineten Properties ( Exclusive Marketing Agent in K. L. ) to conceptualize, strategize and make LANG VALLEY one of the most livable townships. Lang Valley City also aims to be the most happening shopping place in Ipoh. It has always been a challenge to Mr. Ronnie Poh and his father Poh Chee Meng to make it another success story in Lang Valley, Ipoh. They believe that property in the right location and the unique planning of the township spells success. GLDSB has also engaged a reputable architect from K. L., Varitus to map out a well-planned integrated township divided into Lang Valley City ( about 70 acres of commercial land) and Lang Valley Homes ( approximately 180 acres for 2000 residential homes) next to Gunung Lang Recreation Park. This will be the ideal place to call HOME in Lang Valley.

Lang Valley is strategically located next to the NSE (North South Expressway) and promises homes close to nature with lots of lush greenery amidst breathtaking limestone hills, access to a lake at Gunung Lang Recreation Park, lots of open space and 2.3 km of jogging track to promote community living. Apart from security, there are top class amenities in Lang Valley City with 5 million sq. ft. of shopping Malls, Backstreet Walk ( latest outdoor shopping experience) , Atrio - Lifestyle Corporate Offices, a 4 to 5 star Hotel, Colleges, Medical Center all at your doorstep. Lang Valley aspires to be the most sought-after township to be completed in the year 2023.
At the end of the interview, I could see the smiles of the father ( Mr. Poh Chee Meng - business advisor of the group) and his son, Mr. Ronnie Poh. The smiles say it all : "To do and deliver the best is always their priority and never settle for 2nd best" .

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is there any affordable Homes in K. L. or P. J. for the young professionals with an earnings of RM5,000.00 ( the ave single income group in P. J ?

Interviewed Mr. Lee conducted on 15/ 12/11.
Mr. Lee 's profile - a young professional working in an IT firm for the last 5 years. Age : 26. Current drawing salary of RM 5,000.00 per month.
What kind of property can he buy in K. L., P. J. or Selangor . The following are some of the property prices in P. J and K. L. compiled recently :
2s link house ( less than 10 years ) in Bandar Utama 11: RM 450,000 - 500,000.00 (about 10 years ago) and current asking price at RM1,000,000.00 (with a bit of renovation) ;
SS2 2s link house (poor design and condition) : Asking price at RM300,000/= ( 2003/ 2004) and current asking price at RM600,00.00 . Buyer will have to fork out refurbish cost at around RM 200,000.00 depending on how extensive the owner want to spent for the renovation;
2s link house in Tmn Tun current asking price is around RM950,000 ( very old design). Price is expensive due to its location;
DESA Park City ( most sought after property in K. L. ) Price from 600,000 in 1995/ 96 to the current asking price of RM1,200,00.00;
How can Mr. Lee buy at RM1,2000.00 .00 To work out the installment based on 90% loan of RM1,200,000.00 is xxxxxxxxxxx Definitely, the bank will not extent the loan to him with the above income.
With his current income and if he still want to stay in K. L. what are his options ?

Should he just continue paying the rental of RM1500.00 in Bandar Utama for the rest of his life. Or should he wait until next year 2012 too see whether the property prices in Bandar Utama would come down to its original price 10 years ago at RM300,000.00 plus. With the rising cost of building material and land prices each year . The scenario will never happen. Definitely , Mr. Lee and a lot of other professionals will have to look elsewhere . What property can Mr. Lee afford to buy ? Based on 90% loan of RM300,000 .00 for 15 years, his monthly installment would be R1500.00. His income level would have to be RM4500.00 or so.
Why not consider Teak, Lang Valley Homes ( Next to Nature) as second home in Ipoh ?
Selling price : RM268,000.00 onwards for ( 20' x 70' ) with bigger built up areas of 1800 sq. ft. high ceiling, renovated double length car parks etc..
What else can Teak, Lang Valley Homes offers - contemporary design, gated and guarded, DIBS, Freehold, next to GUNUNG LANG RECREATION etc - . For better understanding , drop in and visit Teak , SHOWHOME or Lang Valley fan page. Seeing is believing.
Fact File of Lang Valley :
Located next to NSE , accessible to the major cities such as K. L. P. J. Penang and all the smaller towns. To be exact, in the intersection of Jalan Kuala kangsar with a driving time of about 10 minutes to Ipoh city center.

The current trend of the working class prefer to work in K. L. on the week days and stay in Ipoh on the weekends. They can take the ETS , relax or read some magazine in the train . The journey will take them around 2 hours to reach Ipoh Railway station .
Best of both world. To buy the property less than 1/4 the price ( compare to the 2s linkhouse in Bandar Utama with the asking price at RM1, 0000, 000.00 ) and enjoy the city lifestyle in Lang Valley Home. With the savings or access money , you can consider buying a better car or a holiday for the family. Everyone will get to enjoy a better quality of Life. These will be what most young generation's wants : Quality living lifestyle in a less stressful environment.
How the unique concept of Lang Valley of promoting nature community living next to LANG VALLEY CITY come about?
Chairman of Gunung Lang Development S/B, Pak Yap and Mr. Shin inspired the concept of Lang Valley. Subsequently, they have appointed Varitus, a well known and reputable architect in K. L. to map out the Master plan of LANG VALLEY - (70 over acres of land for LANG VALLEY CITY and the balance of about 180 acres of land for LANG VALLEY HOMES. When completed, it will provide 2000 homes within the next 10 years ( 2023) .
In 2012, we will have a number of interesting projects in the pipeline. For enquiry, please feel free to contact Nineten Properties ( Exclusive Marketing Agency) at 012 5123345( Jacy) / 014 344 2974 ( Chun Lee), 012 3087663 ( Mr. Nicky - the lang chai). We will have our dynamic and professional marketing team to talk and serve you better.
If you are buying it for rental investment, our team of negotiators will rent out your property. Grab this opportunity and be Mr. Lee's neighbor in Lang Valley Home. To be continue...

Monday, December 12, 2011

FILIAL - TO OUR BELOVED PARENTS ( By Ms Irene Poh 12/12/11.)

Somehow, " filial" the word has always been in my mind. When I was young, we were taught during our early school days the important moral value is to pay respect and to take care of our parents when they are old and handicapped.
During my early childhood, I can always remember how my mum take care of my dad, our brothers and sisters , grandmothers and granfathers and the list goes on. When she woke up early in the am, she will have a long list of responsibility such as making breakfast for everyone. After that, she has to see to the house chores, cook for my dad's workers in the rice wholesale business. At the same time, she also prepare afternoon meal and dinners for all of us. Woo! by the time she called it a day would be very late at nite. Where she can find time to go shopping for herself or go spa... holidays like what the modern family do nowadays. The kind of sacrifices and hardship that she go through is really a rough journey . Does she has a choice? If she is lucky then she would not get scolding from her in laws. During my mother's time, we heard a lot of scary story about mother in law. To play the role of a daughter in law is very very challenging. Things goes wrong when her mother in law listen to all the pat poh . But whatever it is, she really need the support of her husband. If not, she has to swallow everything and no one defend her. She has no say and work like a slave to everyone. I am sure although my mum did not complained much but I knew she has done so much for the family . I must say that everyone in the family including my dad - we are really lucky and proud of her. Sometime when I went back to see her, she used to tell me that " to tai poh food or whatever to bring to K. L. . Although we told her no but still..... At the back of my mind, I just want to tell you mum - you have been doing so much for us all these years. It is our time as children to share and give. We will take care of you no matter whatever situation coz ..... the love that you have given to everyone one of us. Let us take care of you, comfort you .... and live your life happily would be our main responsibility as your beloved children. .....
My dad- Looking at the picture with the smile ........ it tells a story of him. He has been our father for ages. I guess at times, he is very tire and has no choice but to go on. I would say he is a very giving, generous , kind and also very strict to everyone in the family. He has ruled 10 of us as a commander in chief, hahaha. Better you bulk up otherwise ....He has taught me about discipline, to respect, to give in order to take, He has play the role as a provider to his immediate family, his brother, sisters and of course his parents. The heavy burden that he took on is really stressful and at times he told me that he cannot sleep. The business battlefield that he is facing is really risky, competitive and challenging too. That's why he looked worried. It sharply point out that parents are getting older and older each day. The life journey is just like a flower in the garden . It looks beautiful when it is full bloom. Before the flower is withers or before it is too late we as children will have to take action and start to appreciate the parents that has raise us up in the best possible way.
The most important message brought up is to be FILIAL to our beloved parents.
Mum and Dad - Let us hug and say "We all love you very very much and we want you to live happy and healthy for the rest of your days" - Thank you .

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Lang Valley ( Next to nature) - Along North South Expressway and in the intersection of Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh.

Lang Valley Homes & Lang Valley City.

Lang Valley Homes - Home next to nature with conveniences of proposed 5 million sq. ft. Shopping Mall, An outdoor shopping experiences of Backstreet Walk, Atrio ( 70 units of 3 and 4 stry Lifestyle Shop-offices), Proposed Hotel, Proposed Perodua 3S Center facing NSE, Proposed Fast Food Drive In, Proposed colleges, Medical Center within your doorstep.... community living with 2.3 km of Jogging track next to hillside... Gunung Lang Recreation park ( managed by MBI), .. longest stretch of limestone hills in Ipoh city.

Lang Valley City - A complete Cities - next to Nature.

For more enquiry and pictures , please check out at Lang Valley facebook.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teak ( 20 ' x 70' - 2s Linkhouse) in an Integrated township Lang Valley, Ipoh.( By Irene Poh).

Why buy a home in Lang Valley, Ipoh for Retirement and Investment ?

poh reminds me of good food and nice, friendly people. It,s the place for the best dim sim - in Foh Sun. Ipoh is also famous for Kei Si Hor Fun, Chee Cheong Fun, Ipoh White Coffee, Tau foo Fa, Yee Tan Fun, Yim Kok Kei, curry puff, egg tart, kaya puff, pau, Nasi Briyani, Mee Jawa and the list goes on. Wow, make me wallow my saliva.
Lang Valley, located at Ipoh North and to be exact, located in the intersection of Kuala Kangsar road and NSE, it gives the place the advantage of good accessibility to Ipoh city center and to other nearby smaller towns such as Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Kampar, Bidor , Tapah, Cameron Highlands etc. Ipoh, Grden City has good mode of transportation connects to bigger cities such as K. L. and Penang via the NSE, Ipoh airport, ETS .... which has drawn the cities or towns much closer now . Just like in Japan where the properties in Tokyo are so expensive that people cannot afford to buy any property there. So, with the improved mode of transportation, people would not mind commuting and stay a bit further to avoid traffic jam and the price hike of properties. Ya, we can still find some property at the fringe of K. L such as Kajang Town, Rawang, Sg. Buaya. But, the road system, amenities, neighborhood are still not as good as what we can find in Ipoh.
Take a look at the surroundings of Lang Valley. At the backdrop are the limestone hills, covering one side, it gives you the natural beauty of Ipoh. As you take a drive from the entrance into Lang Valley from Jalan Kuala Kangsar. You will be welcome by the beautiful views and the waterfalls of Gunung Lang Recreation Park. This is no ordinary park. It has a beautiful lake where you can have recreational activities. During the weekends, it will be crowded with people coming for picnics, boat rides, park walks and even resort chalets for those intending to stay-over. Gunung Lang Recreation Park managed by MBI seems to be a popular park among the locals as well as outstation visitors. If you are a nature lover, you can even go for cave visiting such as Gua Tempurung, Sam Poh Tong, Perak Tong etc. After a hard's day work, maybe you would like visit The Banjaran Hotspring, Hotspring, Tambun , Bayan Spa where you can relax. If you are a golf lover, take a short drive to Clearwater Sanctuary where you can relaxed and enjoy your golf game for the day. For those beach lovers, Pangkor Island will be a nice getaway place for some sun tanning, canoeing, swimming, etc. Lang Valley, being located next to NSE is easily accessible to all these places of interest without much hassle. For me, it will be worth considering to get a good home to retire in Ipoh. So much to do. To sum it all up, you have the "Best of Both world". The natural setting of limestone hills , 0.7 km of Backstreet Mall, Atrio, Lifestyle Mall, 5 million sq.ft. Shopping Mall, Colleges. in Lang Valley City. And yet just a 5 minutes drive away from Ipoh city center. If I want to look for happening, we can still can go to places like Overtime, St Patrick, Ipoh Garden East..etc. After all, there are still some decent and open night spots that young people like to hangout.
Teak's contemporary designs, with modern facade, follows the market trend that customer would not mind paying a slightly higher price. GLDSB main objective is to build a ready home - plaster ceiling, 2 ft by 2 ft ceramic floor tiles for ground floor living and dining halls, floorings for all the upstairs bedrooms, wall tiles up to ceiling for kitchen as well as all bathrooms, solid room doors and toilet doors, quality toilet fittings give purchasers the conveniences of not having to do much when they take over the property in middle of 2013. Furthermore, the purchasers might not have the time to do it. Another added features would be gated and guarded facilities with community living that people asked for. The homes come with intercom system, internet broadband, alarm system wiring....etc. Price from RM 268,000.00 up for a build up areas of approx. 1800 sq.ft.
Another bonus would be GLDSB also take care of the interest cost during construction, free legal fees, stamp duties. Purchasers just have to pay the earnest monies of 10% and take a 90% loan package offered by leading banks such as MBB and PBB at an attractive loan package.
If you have decided to buy a retirement home in Lang Valley. The minute you get your house keys, the Exclusive property agency , Nineten Properties ( Hp 013 3638327/ 012 5123345/ 0143442974) will assist you to rent out your property immediately asthe rent will take care of your installment to the bank.
It is a good idea, looking at the objective of buying a retirement home with the intention to rent it out first. With the same amount of money, I can't do much in buying any good property in K. L. and Penang too. If you want a good property of similar built up areas of 1400 sq. ft. with land size of 20 ' x 70' in USJ 3D near to USJ heights , the price would be close to RM500,000.00 and also have to pay for all the miscellaneous costs that might come up to be exorbitant from your own pocket.
Best is to take a drive down to Lang Valley for some Ipoh good food and visit Teak show house in Lang Valley. Limited units available.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Atrio , 3 & 4 storey Lifestyle Corporate Office in Lang Valley, Ipoh (By Irene Poh)

I have got a call from the developer's office asking me to meet up with his director, Mr. Kelvin to market their commercial corporate offices. At this moment, I was very tide up with the marketing and sales of the residential property called "Teak " in Lang Valley. Initially, I was a bit pull back. But, I told myself- Why not? I drove to the developer's office located in Greentown, the commercial hub of Ipoh. Mr. Kevin personally came out from his office and greeted us. To my surprise he was such a young and friendly person.
He showed me the brochure of his project and coincidentally the project is located in Lang Valley that I have been working on Developer of Lang Valley has told me that they have sold part of the land in the town-center (70 acres) to Mr Kelvin 's company. Mr. kelvin and his partner saw the potential of development of lifestyle corporate shop office ( first of its kind) in Ipoh city.
From my market survey corporate offices in Ipoh are:
a) located in Greentown area, Ipoh old town center, Bandar Sunway, Bandar Botanic , Ipoh Garden Main Road , Bercham Area. etc. All these places are located away from North South Highway.
b) majority of the shop units are with the standard length of 75' ;
c) design of the above shop units are rather flat;
Atrio Lang Valley , a unique development located right next to the North South Expressway wth the slip road going directly into the site. The good accessibility and exposure gives the business a lot of potentials. Mr. Kelvin explained to me the special features as follows :
a) a longer length of 85' for the intermediate units will gives the spaciousness,.
b) The glass shopfront gives a modern touch . The shopfront in the first and second floor can be used for showcase ;
c) comes with broadband connection;
d) 40 ft of atrium (reserve by Mr. Kelvin's company for rental only) come with high ceiling and good ventilation ideally for alfresco dining , starbuck, coffee bean wondermilk, san francisco cafe. fine dining restaurants, lavendar bread shop , retail, meeting and eating place for the white collar;
Atrio Lang Valley is appealing to the conveniences of the travelers coming from the North and South of Malaysia without going into the city and get caught in the traffic jam. The town center of Lang Valley with the concept of creating a city complete with the following amenities
a) proposed hotel;
b) Proposed Shopping mall with around 5million sq. ft;
c) proposed of the longest "backstreet" walk;
d) instituition, healthcare etc.
With the above, the residence will having the conveniences of everything at their doorstep.
Atrio Lang Valley located in the intersection of North South Highway and Jalan Kuala Kangsar or to be exact in the mid point of the highly populated middle and middle high income group of people from Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh Garden, Bercham, Tambun areas and the housing areas in Jalan Kuala Kangsar.
In view of the above , some of the sales or branch offices in K. L. or Penang consider to relocate/ locate their offices in Atrio . Why? Mr. Kelvin pause for a while as I get a bit excited wanting to know more about the prices. He explained that the minimum price start from RM878,800.00 after discount, DIBS, Free Legal Fees etc. . Take advantage of these opportunity, please feel free to call Ms Wendy Chen ( 016332677) or Irene Poh ( 0133638327), Jacy ( 012 5123345) for viewing of the site.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Respect to others and make the wolrd a better place. ( 03/ 07/ 2011 by Irene Poh

When I was young, my mum and dad used to tell me to show respect to the elders, relatives, friends and so on. Whether we like it or not, we have to live with this principle of life. The importance of showing respect to parents, elder, friends, employer, employee... etc in regardless of their status. We will have to nurture our children with these values when they are still young. By doing so, the world would be a better to live on.
Is it fair for us to give respect to people judging from their outlook rather than their behavior? One of my business's friend used to complain to me that people judge him based on this outlook. He had this problem of being looked down when he went to the bank to open an account. For comfort purposes, he just wore something simple . Came along another lady dressed luxuriously and wore a diamond ring that catches the attention of the bank clerk . The minute the clerk saw the "rich" lady, she quickly stood up and treated the " rich" lady like a" VIP" . Knowing the fact that my friend came in earlier. What's wrong with her? Come on, her judgement is 101% wrong. My friend could have looked very simple but in fact he is rich. After seeing what had happened, my friend just shook his head and walked away. What a pity? The bank clerk did not even know that she has just lost a valuable customer. So, better not to be misguided and not show the slightest respect to simple people like my friend. Live to respect others in order to gain the respect. In this realistic world, the society is full of people that only give respect to the rich - Is this the norm? What kind of non sense?
Please bear in mind that majority of us also take things for granted by not showing respect to their family members. friends, their husband and vice versa, business partners etc. Children in this digital age complained that their parent do not understand them and yet demand respect . We ask ourself, do we deserve the respect from our parent if we can't show the same respect to them in the very first place?
Gosh... I guess nowadays people just do not bother with giving " respect" to others anymore. I was just sharing it with my sister in law the other day, she told me that she is engaged in a normal conversation with one of her friend's son that turned into embarassment and disappointment. The boy suddenly screamed and sweared at her. She did nothing wrong and could not understand why? To her surprise, she just stared at the boy and not knowing what to say to him? Is it something wrong with the boy's family's upbringing or too much of western influences from the media. Why is he behaving like this? Was he drunk when he said this. Nope. Nowadays, majority of the so called "educated new generation" talk like this ? To them, this is cool . I was disappointed and yet they can tell me to chill . How ? You mean to say that the parents spend some much money produce whole bunch of barbaric / misbehaved kids to the society. I felf sad for them as well as their parents.
Likewise, respect is someting not only one sided and expect being respected. I believe respect has to be earned. One of my friend used to complain that her children are being rude and not giving respect to her. I got a shock. Her children are so highly educated and earning a good salary. Why ? I find that in this competitive world, parents seemed to priotise on the wrong values. They feel that children's academic excellency are the key success in their children's life . As such, they have neglected the most important principle to teach their children 's moral values. The children could not be bothered showing respect to others as long as they obtained flying colors in their exams. After all, these is what their parent' wants. Showing off to everyone how smart their children. Come on. In reality, this bunch of so called " educated generation without knowing the real meaning of "respect" going into the employment market. They would definitely face problem in communicating with others because they do not know how to respect others. People will slowly dis associate from him/ her due to his/ her behavioral problem. Better wake up, start showing respect to others and you will automatically gain the respect. Isn't this a wonderful feeling. To learn to respect others in regardless who they are?
My son, Ivan used to ask me " mum, Is dad being respected ? " . Yes of course he is. People from all walks of life- the old or young ones , the poor or the rich, the academics or even the little ones appreciate and look up to him . Take him as a learned person with great respect, good personalities, manners and the list goes on. I guess we as parent will have to do our part to instill good values to our children, Reap what we sow. With that, the world would be a better place.
That's goes the saying " respect is to earn and not demanded".
Everyone put their heart and soul to shape and change the attitude of the new generation. The choice is in our hand and let's start the ball rolling . Put together everyone's effort - " learn to respect each other to lead a happy life" . Isn't that what we want? Having the mutual respect and live harmoniously with each other. The world would be a better place.
If we can't respect these basic fundamental into our daily life then we will have to bear whatever to come . Do not blame others or trying to shortchange the innocent ones. Let's wake up and do something.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lang Valley (Next to Nature). A 250 acres of Mixed Development in Ipoh North ( next to North South Highway). ( Irene Poh 09/07/2011)

Looking back for the past two years, I tried my best to find time visiting my mum, dad , brothers, sister and relatives in Ipoh. At times, I guess spending time with your love ones always mean alot to me.
I have left home after my secondary education and did my Bachelor of Arts degree in University of Guelph, Canada. But somehow, no matter where I go, my heart is always in Ipoh. Is it because of its natural landscape and food is so fantastic and tasty that I thought I am living in paradise.
As you take a slow drive along NS highway approaching Ipoh, you will see on the left and right side of the roads covered with mountain and limestone hills comes in different forms. The one from the top of the cave called the stalactite and the one that come from bottom is called stalagmite.
Lang Valley, located in Ipoh North has its natural beauty. The first access from Ipoh Garden Tasik into North South Highway. After a short distance, You will see a railway track on the left hand side of the highway before passing Gunung Mahsurat . Travel for another 300m, you will see a slip road in-construction ( alternative access) goes directly into the Lang Valley Commercial Hub.
The third access from Ipoh Oldtown Center travel along Jalan Kuala Kangsar into Lang Valley. The drive takes about 10 minutes.
Gosh! Lang Valley is like what we see in the Chinese paiting( San Sui Hua) . The backdrop of the beautiful hills with the lake next to it. As I travelled along North South Highway, I was welcome by Gunung Lang Recreation Park. To get into the lake, we have to buy ticket for the boat ride. During the weekends , the entrance is crowded with people waiting eagerly and patiencely at the queue . The minute I saw the lake, I thought I am in James Bond Island, Thailand. Later I realised that I am not . As I drove further in , there is a huge park with matured grown bamboo trees , some huge trees and challet too. Suddenly I can feel the cool breeze of air and I just sit and relax. The serenity of the view, the bird singing and the squirel running really inspired me . How nice if I can have my chinese brush to do some paintings now . But, too bad. I am not an artist. hahaha.
Lang Valley, a land blessed with lush of greenery , the terrain of the land is rather flat with a closed proximity to the network of highways ( North South) and jalan Kuala Kangsar. The North South Highway lead us to the most happening places such as The garden, Jusco in Tasik, Ipoh Garden East where the night life begins . On the other hand, along Jalan Kuala Kangsar, it will brings us to the industrial sites such as Honda, Toyota 3S centre , Volvo, etc. If you continue on the journey , you will get to KTM station (Fast track to KL) , most of the major banks, St. Michael Schools, ACS school , Majistrate courts, corporate offices etc.
Lang Valley , strategically located in the mid point of two vibrant business centers mentioned above. Gunung Lang S/B (developer of Lang Valley) 's Chariman Mr. Ronnie Poh reiterated to incorporate more Greens in Lang Valley. His dream is to let buyers enjoy the last peice of well planned township with amenities and good accessibitlies . To find out more, do not hesitate to visit our website at
Gunung Lang S/B has the people's interest at heart. The entire development consist of approximately 250 acres of land. They have cut out 70 acres of commercial land to be developed and managed by a reputable and experienced retailer. A place where people can live, play and eat. Chairman has not said much but they are finalising the negotiation with a few parties. We just have to wait anxiously for the good news .
For the next launched of Teak, a 20' x 70' of 2S linkhouse sometime in October 2011 , Gunung Lang S/B has engaged KL architect come up with the guarded/ gated community living concept. Something new in Ipoh. They have also engaged landscape designer to beautify the jogging track. I was told " solar panels.... and environmental friendly features". Why wait? Only limited units available.
Talk to our marketing consultant Ms Jacy Wong / Ms Irene Poh at 012 5123345/ 0133638327 , the appointed marketing agency , Nineten Properties ( E1654) to show you the perspective plans, location maps, specifications. and price from RM 258,000/= onwards for Teak .. It is our pleasure to serve you and make your investment worthwhile.
Seeing is believe and take an easy drive to Lang Valley( Next to Nature). To get away from the hustle and bustle lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur. Relax, shops,eat and have fun living in Lang Valley. Lead a healthy Lifestyle- that's where you want to come home to.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A challenging and enjoyable experience in Mt. Kinabalu on 16/ 06/11.( By Irene Poh)

On 15th June 2011, our plane touched down in KKIA around 10 in the morning to meet our local tour guide where he took fourteen of us to Mesilau which is located at the foot of Mt. Kinabalu (approx. 6000 ft above sea level). Along the journey, I stay awake to enjoy every bit of the beautiful scenery. To my surprise, the view is just like the chinese saying " Yan Chian Sun Keng" - the sight of a fairy land. We are very lucky as we are able to see the mountain top because most of the time it is covered by clouds. The weather is slightly warm but overall it quite cooling. We wind down our windows to get some fresh air. The journey took us around 2 hours to reach Mesilau Resort Centre around 12 noon and the view is simply breathtaking! We quickly put down our luggages and check into the hotel rooms. The room is rather spacious - each unit comes with three bedrooms, one heater, an attached bathroom, a common living hall complete with tv and a tea set. Although it is not very luxurious, it is well equipped with basic amenities and it is clean too.
The tour guide gave us a quick briefing on list of things to bring, the expectation, emergency aids, toilets and resting spots availability in every 1 km of the hiking route, to take care of other team members and etc. Counting down .... we are finally here to climb Mt. Kinabalu.
We walked around 10 mins to the lobby area for lunch . While walking, I looked at the resort building architecture - very English inspired designed with high ceiling top similar to those ski resort in overseas. I was told Mesilau is only reserved for resort homes and not for other developments. That is why the air is fresh and good. Most of the building structure are made out of wood and the flooring is made from timber to encapsulate a cozy atmosphere.
At night, we had our dinner in a different restaurant. They served very nice grilled lamb. The minute the lamb is on the pot, everyone is rushing for it. I guess the meat keep our body warm and very filling too. I just love the taste of it. After dinner, we sat outside to enjoy my cup of hot coffee along with the cold breeze. Some of the them are having their puff of cigarettes. One of them told me that the first puff is just like heaven especially after a satisfying meal. I was puzzled??
I really had a good sleep after the flight from KL because we were up as early as 4 in the morning. I went to the lobby to have my early morning breakfast teo chew porridge menu such as salted eggs, pickled vegetables, choy poh eggs , american breakfast menu such as milk, cereals,omelette, coco crunch ... malaysian menu such as nasi lemak, fried mee hoon...and much more. Quite a good varieties and the foods are not too bad. While having my breakfast, the tour guide came in and gave everyone a white lunch box with bananas, apples, sandwhiches, eggs in it. That will be our lunch for the day. Do not expect to bring char koay teow because it will be frozen by the time we are at the top. The porter taking us up waited for us at the meeting point . He went through the list of items that they are suppose to carry up. The charges for every 1 kg is around RM10/= for the whole trip. One of the porter by the name of Tony, he is young and lang chai too. I was told that he is the most popular one among the young girls.
We started our jouney at around 830am. The 1st 1 to 2 hour of the walk is kind of relax because part of the journey are downhill. After that, we passed through the waterfalls where the water splashing from the top, you can really feel the mist and the feeling is good. We took some nice pictures of the waterfall and its surroundings. My tour partner, Jason loves to take pictures of birds, squirrels, leaves, flowers, trees.... After a while, we reached the suspension bridge. My biggest challenge has come - to cross the bridge.whoa, it is not easy. I waited for a while and thinking how to do it. Just took a deep breath and with the encouragement from Jason. The very next minute, I am already on the other side of the bridge. I guess only those like me would be able to understand how scared I am before I cross the bridge. Ooh... sweating only. No matter what I tell myself " if you think you can do it then you would definitely do it" . It is only mind over matter. Like what ck always tell me : " Why worry unnecessarily ?" . To face whatever challenges when it comes. By doing so, it will automatically gives me the comfort or confidence to overcome any fears .
The weather is getting cooler around 12 noon and the journey up is getting more and more difficult. The wind cheater with the hood comes very handy. I just put on the hood when the weather is windy just to keep my body warm. Around 2pm, we only reached the midpoint of Lapan Ratar. I rushed to grab a seat to rest my tiring legs. Everyone is almost half dead. We don't have any appetite. At this moment, we only think of resting rather than eating . But, come to think of it we still have a long way to go . So I just gobble whatever food in the lunch box . One of the porter reminded me that road ahead is even much tougher as we go higher due to the thin air . I was snapped by negative thoughts again. Suddently I was inspired of what Jacy and Ivan always tell me during my training in Gasing Hills " kai ma just do it ... just do it. These words really lift up my spirit again. Take a deep breath and go on to the battlefield for another round.
Re-energize after the good rest and also taking some food at the midpoint of Lapan Rata. I realised that I have travelled about 5km, still another 3.5 km to go. Pulling my heavy legs walking step by step uphill. I can hear the wind still blowing and feel the cold breeze. Some part of the journey are so rocky that my legs got stuck in between the gaps of the rocks making it very very painful. Some of the steps are just planks of strip wood at a steep gradient and you just have to walk carefully. Otherwise, you might just fall. After another 1.5 km you will come to a stretch with big rocks. It really test you scale for rock climbing. I quickly grabbed the rope tightly with both of my hands, I kept going without turning back. The cold wind blew so strongly until part of my body tilted to the left hand side closed to a ravine. The height is at 9000 ft to 10000 feet above sea level. You cannot afford to take the wrong steps. Very chi cake ( dangerous). I was so thrilled after completing the rock climbing. I did not realised that my teeth trembled due to the cold weather. I just grit my teeth . No kidding. I nearly cried but just tell myself to be strong. Keep walking until the last 2 km and looked at the time. It is around 530pm and the sky is getting dark. Rested for another few seconds and knew that time wait for no man. The journey for the last 2 km is only uphill with very big steps. I have to use one hand to pull one of the legs up and the other hands holding the stick . Asking myself - Why am I here to suffer??? One of the team members, his leg suddenly cramped. I saw him put on some muscle relaxant cream and sit for while. After that, he is on the move again. Some of these porters carrying heavy loads of bags have never complained a word. They just do it happily. Another porter took up heavy gas tank, cartons of eggs and they walked so fast that we met them on the way up and the very next minute saw them going downhill. We still have have yet to reach our destination. Some of these porters are as young as 10 years old. I asked the porter that took care of me and was told that his monthly earning is around RM1200 excluding the tips. Yet he can still take care a family of seven children . He is only 45 years old but doesn't look like one. All the exercise, fresh air and being happy could be the secret behind it.
The cold air at the hilltop is like the fresh air conditioner. The last 100 steps to Lapan Rata ( around 11,000 plus feet above sea level) was so difficult and my body is so exhausted. . I heard some noices and saw the light from the buidling. The joy for my achievement is unbelieveblle. I feel like the happiest person in the world. Finally reached the despination. When I get into the building, I heard some hand claps and whistling ... I just laughed to myslef and dropped my whole body onto the seat. The time is around 6.30pm. The journey took me exactly 10 hours including all the resting hours. I still did not see the other members in my team. Around half an hour later, I saw Jacy slowly coming in and told me that she worried that I took another route to go downhill. I told her " if there is a will, there is a way" . She noded her head and agrees with me.
Another good news is Jacy has gone up to the summit ( 13,000 plus ft above sea level) with determination, hardwork and the fighting spirit in her. Well done Jacy and everyone is proud of you. Both of us would not have done it without the help and encouragement of everyone. I take this opportunity to thank my team mate, Mr.Jason, my team leader, Mr. Ivan Wong ( Mr. Positive man), my kai lui Jacy, Kent ( Mr. St. John Ambulance ) and the rest for making this a wonderful trip. Mt. Kinabalu has the spectacular world class natural landscape and fresh air. What a blessed land and hope that you could make your trip there too.
Mount Kinabalu has given me a certificate record for my visit to Lapan Rata. Jacy and balance of the 8 members including Jason, Ivan, Kent, Ah Wah, Big Foot, Mark, Christine's husband and Peggy's husband received the certificate for reaching the highest mountain in Malaysia.
Bravo. brothers and sisters. Well done.
Shared with you our group pictures taken in Mt. Kinabalu. Hope that you would like it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ck's b'day - Reminiscing ( by Irene Poh on 19/05/11)

Just about 2 weeks ago, we visited CK's grave for his one year death anniversary together with my family members, brothers, sisters, sister in law and nephew. Today, comes his birthday. In the past, I will remind my son and god daughters to buy him a nice dinner . He prefers sze chuan food at' Tai Yan Chai Tank' ( Esquire's Kitchen) in Subang Parade . CK loves the souppy long noodle called "Cheong Sau Mee" brings longetivity. Looking back, CK is an easily contented, simple, giving and a philosopher . He always write during his free time and maybe it is therapeutic for him. During his writing, he always has his cup of coffee by his side while doing his blog "" . That's the uniqueness in him and why he is being loved. He told me and the children as well that we do not have to be very rich to be happy. At times, I do ask myslef, will I be happy if I am rich? Maybe, to a sudden extent. Why ? I can buy what I want, go for an enjoyable trip with my family , to be able to spend my family a nice dinner in a famous restaurants, to buy myself branded bags and so on. I ask yourself, without all these will I still be happy. I can tell you yes. Come to think of it he is quite right. To lead a happy life is after all not that difficult . More of what we want in life.
Everyone are too busy eating except CK . He and his favorite cup of black coffee kaw kaw. At the same time, he will share his favorite jokes that everyone can't stop laughing but him . I always puzzle how he can be so cool. He saw Ivan went to pay for the dinner and whisper to me saying that your son has grown up. I stared at him when he said that. My son and not his. hahaha.
After the meal, he will thank the children for their effort and taking their busy schedue from work. I whispered to him telling him that he doesn't have to say anything. I am sure he deserve to be treated a good meal after giving his love, attention, sacrifices, care, wisdom, patience all these years. What more can the children ask?
I have missed doing nothing for him on his last birthday and today too. Last night, Ivan asked me whether I have any plans for the celebration of his dad's b'day . Told him that I am ok. I just wanted my heart to be filled with good memories of his dad. Jacy told me that she dreamed of CK just 2 to 3 nights ago. Ck, our great mentor, please watch over the children and lead them to live a happy and positve life. Still remember CK's usual saying " Life is always imperfectly learn" so just keep learning and also keep going.... The day that we stop learning will be our last day on earth. For sure, CK has left behind a lot of good memories that I still shared with the children these days.
I can smell of the nice coffee aroma coming from the kitchen. Don't worry it is not CK but my maid brewed the coffee for him just in case he is back. Do enjoy the cofffee . Let me sing you a song titled " Moon Represent my Heart" in Chinese " Yet Liang Tai Piew Woh Ti Sin" . Enjoy it together. .. Your love will be forever remembered. I wish I can whispered that into your ears again.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dad -My mentor ( By Irene Poh - 10/ 05/ 11)

Dad -My mentor ( By Irene Poh - 10/ 05/ 11)
My dad- somehow these chinese saying comes to my mind. " Yam Suin Chi Yoon" which means the water that we drank and enjoyed, we need to know where the origins of the water come from . I guess nowadays , children tend not to realise that this is a very important principle in our daily life. We have to teach our children to be grateful to their parents. First of all, we will have to start from ourselve . We must be grateful to those who has pull us through out of difficulties. We have to reciprocate by not forgetting about those who have help us. Some are so arrogant that they will hurt you in whatever way they can. I really do not have any respect for these people no matter how rich they are. When I look at them, I really want to give them a kick in their ass. Learn to respect others and be respected. Ya. I can tell you that somehow my dad is the person that always been look up to by a lot of his friends, relatives and so on. It is not because of his look. I guess it is the substance in him and you may understand what I mean. If not, just don't bother. hahaha.
My dad- He is well known for his generosity towards the young , old , poor, needy people and etc . One of my sisters called him as the Chinese "Santa Claus ". I believe God has given him the gift of giving and never ask for anything in return. Being a father, he will provide every meal on the table without my mum worrying whether the next meal will come or not. At times, when he is better off, he will give money to mum to cook for us a good and enjoyable meal. So far, the problem of not having enough food or rice has never occured . When business is good, he extends his help to take care of his brothers and sisters's familly either by providing money or good food for everyone. The kids are always happy to see him. Some of his grandchildren or great grandchildren will ask their parents about him. Just like Santa Claus giving them big ang pow. The kids will compare the money they have and jump up and down. You can hear lots of joy and laughter. I believe the happiness from the children's face is what my dad would ask for! Just like "Santa Claus" hohoho..
Apart his generousity towards his family, he also extend his help to others in solving their financial difficulties, family problems and etc whenever is needed. He has problem solving and analytical skills. He always advice us "Look at things on both sides to to see the clearer picture in order to make better desision". That is the reason why everyone seek his advice because of his wisdom. Dad's education is up to primary level because his family is very poor. However, God has blessed him with intelligence to take him where he is now today. It takes a lot of obstacles and wisdom to become a successful businessman, am I right? I can tell you that he is always very determined to carry out his plan , to weigh the pros and cons in a very rational manner, to have good foundation in managing his finances and his staff's well being. He looks into employee's interest and not taking them for a ride. He believes that his staff is part of his team and asset. Hence, he gains loyality among his staff.
In my early age, he brought me to his construction site to look at his contractor's work . He is very passionate about his business. He will show me what his team has done - the drainage work, mortar, stairways, building superstructure , piles and etc. That is when I begin to understand what my father's business is all about. He and his few partners are the founder of a reputable property developer that build homes in the early seventies in Ipoh. While doing IGB business, he sees a lot of potential in the property market. He has also started his own small property development which is taken care by my sister, brothers, uncle, cousin and etc. I know it is not easy for him to have the responsibilities of taking care so many people. I was quite young at that time and not knowing that he has made a lot of sacrifices for everyone. There are times, he has sleepless nights. I guess his love for his family and everyone else who are close to him is unmeasurable. Let us take the opportunity to do our bes to take care of you and your business. Now that your age is catching up, enjoy your life.
I remember when I face with any problems, I will always seek your advice and direction. You have anchored my career path into real estate business. You told me that teaching industry is not my cup of tea. With your concrete direction, I am able to secure a job in a well known property developer firm in the city. With your piece of advice, CK and I are able to send my son, Ivan to university and also to accumulate some good properties investment.
My dad is a visionary man, he is able to view things in long term. I wish I have his capabilities in order to lead my life comfortably. His expectations toward his 10 children and all his grandchildren or greatgrandchildren is, to lead a happy life. You have done it dad! From now onwards, we will do our best to walk together with you through thick and thin, for the rest of your journey. All your 10 children, mum, daughter in law, son-in law, cousins, relatives, friends are very proud of you. Our mentor - inspiring us to lead a more positive life.
Dad - You are indeed our mentor and well done.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Visiting Of Ck's Grave on 1st of May 2011 ( 01/ 05/ 11 by Irene Poh)

I know it is not easy for me and my family members to face the fact we have to go visiting my late husband CK 's grave. It's only been one year that he has left us and just seemed like yesterday. Its so strange. Yesterday, I came back from my groceries and saw a beautiful butterfly resting and feeding on nectar from flowers in the garden . I have not seen such a beautiful butterfly in my garden since a while ago. So I just sit quietly and watched it from far. The Chinese believed that the butterfly could be CK coming back to see us.

I did not had a good sleep for almost a week due to my flu. The virus is so strong and still weakening my whole body system . But whatever it is I still have to pull myself into one and do whatever that I need to do. Tell my mind to " Just do what you need to do- Go to ck 's Grave". Otherwise no one can do it except you. Lucky thing is that I am still in one piece.

I quickly wake up early in the am and go to the market to pick up some fresh and beautiful flower to bring to CK 's grave so that he can smell the freshness of his favorite Koke Fa ( Chrysanthemum) . After picking up the breakfast, I quickly rush home to wake Ivan and Jacy up. Took the flowers and water and put it into the car. My phone rang and my sisters Lye yong told me that they are already on the way to Klang. Still I did not hear from Michael. Peep from my main door and saw Michael waited outside. Jacy rushed down while we waited for her in the car.

Told Jacy to take the Glenmarie way and the journey went on smooth sailing. My brother Chee Kwan arrived there earlier and waited for us. When we arrived, everyone get down from the car and walk towards Ck's tomb. Jacy just took out her Iphone and start playing the song " Amazing Grace" . Everyone sang together and suddenly I felt CK 's presence.. He told me that I have to be strong and be there for everyone. I whispered to him telling him that at times I am really really tired . Really needed some rest to re charged. Come to think of it. I better take some rest before I collapse.

I really appreciate the support given by my brother Chee Kwan, Sisters Lye Yong and Lay Mui, sister in law Angie and her son Yong Yee, brother Michael and of course Jacy. Without their support this morning , I guess things would be different. I feel very lucky to have them there and the love that they have given to CK. What more can I ask? No matter what I will try my very best to be there for them in time to come. I really really mean it. That goes the Chinese saying " Lan Heng Lan Tie" - Close bro and sisterhood. What a feeling!. ...

From today's trip I learn something very interesting.

I learned that no matter what we do please bear in mind that we are not alone to face whatever difficulties in life. Please share whatever with others and let them have the opportunity to give us a helping hand to face it together. It will definitely make a difference.

Form today onwards, give yourself a chance - " let others help you" .

Thanks again to everyone and the well wishes from Kevin, Nicky Poh , Marvin Yoong and the rest of the family members.

My beloved Mum 28/ 04/ 11 You are the Best. ( Ms Irene Poh)

My mum 's face just come suddenly into my mind this morning when I woke up. To me she still look as beautiful as ever although at this age. especially her laughter. This CNY, everyone went back for the reunion and we were sitting down talking about good old days. I was staring at her while everyone was talking, laughing and some watching TV. To me my mum, she is fantastic . Why?
Let me tell you why? She has never has much education but some how I do not know how she can raised us up. No kidding - 10 of the us and all are healthy. All her siblings are doing quite well in terms of work and business. Some of them are economist, finance director, engineer, registered real estate agent, businessman, office manager etc. . Sometime, I do wonder how fantastic she is . She is our tutor, a good cook, our banker for emergency, good home maker that take care of problems on behalf of my dad while he is out for his business trip and the list goes on.
My mother's role does not stop while all her children are out to school . She will utilize her quality time to do baking . She bakes orange cakes, biscuit to share it with friends. They just love her baking and what not. Slowly the orders for her cakes was good. But she knew that she can't make much money from baking and She did not want to bother my dad with all these money matter. You knowlah man will feel that you give them a lot of pressure. Come along my brother in law asking her to rear Labrador telling her it is a very good guard door. She toy around with the ideas for a while and later decided to go for it. Somehow the news travel around that her Labrador is of good quality . Some of these friends keep asking for it and slowly it become a business. Initially my dad was very much against the idea but slowly see that my mum is happy doing it and he just goes with it.
At times, we do tell my dad how lucky he is to have a wife like my mum that took care of everything . It is better that striking lottery. First of all, Mum is very sacrificing because she bear the 10 of us. Nowadays, the so called " modern ladies" after marriage did not even want to have any children because they tell me that their body will go out of shape. What kind of nonsense is this. Having children will complete your life journey. Moreover this is part of our Chinese tradition. It will pass on from generation to generation. Deep into my mum's heart I am sure she is very proud to raise us up. Likewise, we also feel the same way. The love that she gave to everyone of us is something that no one can replace her. She has given us too much and at times let us have the opportunity to love you, to hug you and and share her life experiences that we can learn from you. She is always unselfishly taught us to be honest, respectful to the elders, to be humble, to be kind and caring to the weak, to give love and so on. Sometime, I bump into my brother's children and all of them look forward to eat her cooking especially the special abolone soup that she boiled, steamed chicken, char siew, stir fry prawns, tau yew pak, tee yang koi, woo tow kuih, acar, some assam fish, curry chilken. My saliva is dripping out already. Must really make a trip back to taste her good food come with care and lots of love. Hahaha no ajinomoto... ah and you can hear everyone's laughter after a very satisfying meal prepared by her. Form the Poh's kitchen- the best in ipoh and Malaysia.
Mum we love you ....... and will always be......................... from the heart of all your 10 siblings, daughter in law, son -in-law, grand-daughters, grand-sons, great-granddaughters & ??....................
Long life for all your good deeds- Mum .