Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reformasi Revisited ?

I spilled my coffee this morning ! What a shocking revelation. First, about a week ago, we have a Statutory Declaration filed by Raja Petra Kamaruddin claiming that the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister was directly involved in using C4 to murder a young Mongolian woman. Now, an accuser file a police report accusing Anwar Ibrahim of sodomizing him. Police said the accuser is now warded in an unknown hospital for treatment.

If I recalled it correctly, 10 years ago, Anwar Ibrahim was the Prime Minister-in-waiting, his rising political career was cut short, because he was accused, arrested, convicted, and jailed on sodomy charges. Today, Anwar Ibrahim was again accused of sodomy.

Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat is the government in waiting. Pakatan Rakyat has claimed that they can formed the next government by September 2008. But looks like Anwar Ibrahim fight to claim Premiership of Malaysia is jinxed again. Will his rebrned political career going to be cut short again by this new sodomy accusation ? As a layman, to me, this does sound like a desperate attempt by whoever that is out there to short circuit Anwar Ibrahim's political career. If indeed there is an attempt to sabotage Anwar Ibrahim, then, on our bended knee, let's all pray to God to bless Malaysia. The politics and politicking in Malaysia are getting very arrogantly decadence. The faked preacher man, the son of the man who engineered May 13 riots, and Mamak Mugabe are you there ? Indeed, Malaysia do have a class of Bangsat-wan lurking in all the dark corners. To all these Bangsatwan, Satu Bangsat, Satu Neraka. Clap, clap, clap...... Welcome to the HELL !

10 years ago, Internet accessibility is virtually none in Malaysia. The MSM impressed Malaysians with mattress with huge sperm marks being carried in and out of the court house. Malaysians have no choice but to rely on the MSM to print the gospel truth. But now, Internet is available to almost every office and household, as a result, independent and unbiased news and information are readily available. So, Malaysians will not be as gullible and as stupid compared to 10 years ago. I for one, find it difficult to believe in desperately cooked up pathetic plot. However, I do believed, it is always easier for old dogs to perform simple old tricks repeatedly for instant self gratifications. Boo boo, ssssssit. Good Dog...

They said, all road lead to Rome, but in this case, it seemed to me that all evidences seemed fabricated, and seemed to be from certain desperadoes trying desperately to extend their illegitimate hold on greed and craze for power to continue their shameless and immoral existences.... Well, politics made desperate morons do desperate things.

According to, the accuser is Saiful Bukhari Azlan ( see attached picture ). Oh My God, I do sincerely hope the police report filed by this young man is merely an act of deluded fantasy, and I also sincerely hope this young man is not paid or induced by desperate men to file false police report.

I was told that, on July 6th 2008, there will be a very massive demonstration of ONE MILION people in Petaling Jaya against the recent fuel price hike. I hope this event will not turned into a massive confrontation between DSAI supporters and the police forces. Let us hope that no blood are shed on the streets, and the event will not be hijacked by desperate idiots and morons to stage political maneuvering that causes further hardships to Malaysians.

In the land of the incompetent, corrupt, shameless, and immoral souls, politics is indeed very interesting, guttering, and entertaining. I do hope, when the curtain is finally drawn, hell awaits those sinful bastards and mother fuckers. Yeah, go ahead, put up a loud speaker to shout your insincere prayers to your God for salvation.

Al Gore once said in Malaysia “The brave people of reformasi... we hear you..... !”

Friday, June 27, 2008

Who Am I ?

I had my burning idealism and motivation guided by a common principle that nobody owed me a living. I worked hard, not out of necessity, but to ensure I do not have to depend on others to care for my financial wellbeing, and also to ensure that people around me can depend on me to have basic comforts if the needs arise. Personally, I also believe in doing good to people without asking for returns. I want to live a simple life with genuine friends, seek not wealth, recognition, status, and not to unduly worried about the future.

I have gave up my career to be with my family. I know, job comes and goes. If I lost a job today, I can always find a new job tomorrow. If my office lost me as an employee, the company can always find a better replacement to take over my functions and responsibilities. But if I lost my loved one, I would never be able to find a replacement. Likewise, if my loved one lost me, it would be a permanent emotional scar on their hearts.

Perhaps, these were simple aspirations from a deluded man man who selfishly intend to remain status quo without major disruptions in his life. But, those were aspirations when I was young. Time has changed, the surrounding has changed, and people around me have also changed. I am also not what I used to be – I have changed ! Looking forward and reminiscing the past, I guess the only thing that will always remain CONSTANT is CHANGE.

In the past, I denounced racism and discrimination, I hate religious intolerances, I despised cultural imposition, I had my hatreds toward insincere and dishonest people, and many negativities which are unacceptable in my reality. In life, if you preoccupied yourself with negativities, negativities will consumed you in the end. In my eagerness to right the wrongs, I became what I tried to right. The fact is, I became an oxymoron exists in the Grey area of a two dimensional black and white reality. I had unknowingly charted my stupidity of making life uninteresting for myself !

I guess, the collections of life's experiences enriched me with the wisdom to have a philosophical approach to adapt to life. Now that I am a salmon on a reverse journey, my perceptions and responses to life have also change. I will let adaptive instinct to lead me to whatever direction it dictate, I will not be burdened by my conscious efforts to decide the eventualities. For better or worst, I will let the future surprise me. Am I making the right decision or right effort ? I do not know. Times will tell, and times will right all wrongs.

One thing for sure, I lived a very blessed life. The good angels has been overly kind to me, they graced me with the blessings to live life as it is.

From now to “eternity”, what do I want from life ? Well, I will take more time out to smell the flowers. I will definitely hope to be able to have more times to sip my coffee, enjoy whatever foods that are presented to me, feel the liveliness of the fresh air, see more sun rises, and be awed by the beauty of sunsets. It will be a bonus if the good angels can also grant me the opportunity to carry the children of my children on my lap, and the time to tell my grandfather stories.

Who am I in this life ? The question is, who wants to know and who bothers ? Whatever it is, we are not what we used to be, we are not what we want to be, and we are not what others want us to be. So, be fair to yourself, and be fair to others. Live life as it is, what ever will be, will be.

Namo Amithaba Buddha.........

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Disgusting atrocities against women around the world

It is sad to read about terrible atrocities being committed against so many women and young girls in various parts of the world. These women and young girls suffered in silence and in fear because these barbaric crimes are justified using the name of religions and local cultures. The vctims will never have fair justice on their sides because the rules are set and dictate by the men cultured in barbarism with disgusting satanic mentality. The following is a list of common atrocities suffered by women in various part of the world :

  • Honor Killing
  • Bride burning
  • Acid attacks
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Ritual servitude

Read further at The List Universe.

Well, what can I say, some retarded mothers do have retarded men walking among us to seek recognition for their stupid and barbaric rights to commit barbaric crimes. In this times of modernity, we still have barbarians enjoying the perverted pleasure of inflicting pains and sufferings on defenseless women. In the name of stupid and over glorified religions and cultures, what stupidity and insanity are men incapable of ?

To all those morons who demand sensitivity and respect for their religious and cultural rights to practice these forms of satanic cruelty, please go live in the caves and co-habitate with wild animals of their choices.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It pays to be a smoker......

To help smokers kick the habit, a pilot initiative between public health organizations, municipal authorities and the Scottish government offering 12.50 pounds per week to smokers to quit will be rolled out in Dundee, north of Edinburgh. Read further at Scottish smokers to be paid to quit.

I guess, 12.5 pounds is approximately RM 70. Wow, if this scheme is introduce in Malaysia, I will probably be richer by RM300 per month. And one thing for sure, being Malaysians, there will be a lot of people registering themselves as smokers to qualify for the scheme.

How come our super duper carpet beggars never thought of this initiative to help Malaysians kick the habit and in the process save billions of ringgits in health care costs for the government, and also enrich themselves with millions of ringgits ?

This is another opportunity for the BN government to rid Malaysians of subsidies mentality, maybe the Ministry of Health should cook up some fairy believable reasons for raising health care costs for the smokers. And, In return, offer monthly “rebates” or “allowances” to all those “registered” smokers. Maybe the government can also rope in our super efficient Pos Malaysia to do the disbursement nationwide. Of course to compensate POS Malaysia for the transaction and administrative expenses, similar to the recent Petrol Rebates, the government can always pay POS Malaysia RM 60 per smoker per year. Assuming 20% of the populations are smokers, there will be approximately 5.2 millions smokers in the country. That will probably work out to RM 312 millions revenues annually for POS Malaysia. So, to all those well connected people, do you smell the opportunities yet ? There are lots of money to be made, you know.

The funny thing is, I am not surprise at all, if the shareholders of POS Malaysia and the Ministry Of Health are probably already working on scheming a scheme. In Malaysia, what else is not possible ? Not wanting to be sarcastic, but honestly, I do think Malaysia is a land of opportunities if you have the technical know-who.

Paying smokers to quit smoking ? How about paying drug addicts to quit drugs ? How about paying alcoholics to quit drinkings ? How about paying prostitutes quit prostitution ? How about............ I shake my head.

Preacher Man, you there ?

The plot thickened, but where are the murderers ?

Asia Sentinel reported that “...An influential Malaysian Web journalist alleges that Najib Tun Razak's wife was present when the Mongolian translator was murdered in 2006. In an explosive statutory declaration to a Malaysian court, one of Malaysia’s most prominent web journalists has alleged that the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as well as a Malaysian Army officer and the officer’s wife were directly involved in the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu on October 19, 2006, and that people at the very top of the Malaysian government are aware of the fact.....” Read further at Malaysian Deputy Premier's Wife Allegedly Linked to Murder

The Deputy Prime Minister's wife was physically involved in the murder of a Mongolian citizen ? This week indeed starts with an explosive C4 bang ! I do wonder, how come none of the Malaysia's MSM gave prominent coverage on this explosive revelation ? The question is, is the Statutory Declaration filed by Raja Petra the truth nothing but the whole truth ? In his Statutory Declaration, Raja Petra also alleges that the Prime Minister and few other high profile people have information on the involvement of the Deputy Prime Minister's wife in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Sharibun. The murder trial has been going for more than a year now, but how come this “evidence” was not brought up in the on-going trial ?

This news report by Asia Sentinel does made Malaysia looks like a despotic, lawless, and mugabed nation in the eyes of civilized nations. I do sincerely hope that the Statutory Declaration made by Raja Petra is merely a fragment of his journalistic imagination. But whatever it is, to a layman like me, it seemed real. I do hope the Prime Minister can view this news report seriously and immediately initiate investigation to restore the good name of Malaysia. After all, this crime involved the murdering of foreigner with two bullets in her head, than blown up her body using military explosive to destroy evidence. How barbaric can it be ? Malaysians have the rights to know whether there is a cover up of high profiles people's involvement in this barbaric crime. In extreme situation like this, elegant silent is not an appreciated option. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister must come out in the open to clear their names. Otherwise, Malaysians will forever be made a laughing stocks and accorded disrespects by the international community.

This murder case has gone on for far too long, and it is an injustice to the victim's family as well. Let's have the political will and moral commitment to throw all resources available to bring the real perpetrator(s) of this barbaric and heinous crime to justice. Maybe, to established credibility and professional handling, the authority should also request the help of Scotland Yard and American FBI to help out. Let's apprehend and send all those barbaric criminals to the gallows to restore the good name of Malaysia.

I pray for the soul of the murdered victim. May the almighty lift her soul to enlightenment. May the family members of the murdered victim be blessed with the grace and courage to accept their precious lost and move on with their life. May the murderers be forever have sleepless nights, live in hell, and eventually bought to the gallows.

Namo Amithaba Buddha.............

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The kettle is speechless.....

Both of them have their grandfather came from India. Both of them are now Malaysians. Because their grandfathers pursued different religious path, one of them is a Malay, the other is an Indian. There is nothing wrong associating with one's ethnicity and race. The only different is, one remembered his roots, but the other, I think, selectively forgot his roots.

In your eagerness to be racial champions to gain relevancy and acceptance, Mr Samy and Mr Mahathir, tell us honestly what is your roots. Are you a Malaysian, An Indian, or a Malay. At least Mr Samy remembers and acknowledges his roots, but Mr Mahathir, may I remind you to remember your own roots ?

If my memories served me right, I remembered, many many years ago, when UMNO was deregistered by the court, Mr Samy invited Mahathir to join MIC. What if, in an unlikely scenario, if MIC is deregistered by the court, would Mr Samy be invited to join UMNO ?

After the March 8th, 2008 General Elections, Mr Samy called on the government to release the Hindraf's members who were detained in Hotel Kamunting without trial. For highlighting the plights of Hindraf members, Mr Mahathir called Samy a racist. When Mahathir highlight the plights of Malay, can Mr Samy also called Mahathir a racist ? Is it okay for the pot to call the kettle black, but when the kettle called the pot black, the kettle is being insensitive ?

Somehow, I got a funny feeling that, out there, there is a senile old man, looking at himself in the mirror to describe what his inner self. Old man, when you retire, please lah retire gracefully and wait for your judgment time to arrive, stop making all those unnecessary racial rhetorics to incite racial hatreds among Malaysians. Although not all Malaysians are stupid, but some maybe stupid enough to be incited by your irresponsible hate speech to run amok. Don't you think it is about time you be honest with yourself and not blinded by your selfish personal agenda to cause national disunity ?

I am, and as well as a lot of other Malaysians, are sympathetic towards the Hindraf issues. Are all of us also racists ? Are we being insensitive to Mahathir's special racial rights because we showed concerns to the plights of Hindraf ?

By the way, and for heaven sake, stop equating the Malaysians of Indian origin to the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka ! Because, if the Tamil Tigers land on the shores of Malaysia, you would have nowhere to run and shit in your pants with trembling legs! The Indians in Malaysia are peace loving Malaysians who are more patriotic than a lot of parasitic rent seekers. So be fair with your uncouth statements.

To all those racial pariahs. Please refrained from inciting racial hatreds to satiate your selfish agenda. Before you open your mouth to make another uncouth racial statement, please remember where your grandfather come from. For a start, maybe all of us should make a sentimental journey back to the land where our grandfather come from. At the same time, while we are there, we should also conduct a big puja to seek forgiveness from the souls of our departed ancestors for our insensitivity and stupidity to our fellow country men and women.

Whatever it is, and may be, I am sicked of all those farting noises generated by all those racial pariahs seeking narrow minded relevancy. I have only this to say to them “When your dick is long enough to reach your asshole, maybe it is about time you learn to fuck yourself with your own dick......”

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beautiful women.......

According to, the cities with the most beautiful women are all located in “Christian” Countries. The top ten cities are listed below. Mind you, the beautiful women in these cities are not only beautiful, but also super friendly, and extremely educated. Beauties with brains ! Wow, what a nirvana. Heaven is indeed on earth with all those bouncing, curvacious, and long legged temptress roaming on the streets. All they need to do is to wet their lips and blowing sweet flying kisses, the world will come tumbling down at their mercy.

To die for ? I guess my last words will be “Oh my God, oh nooooo.... oh yessssssss...... OOOoooooo.... o Godddddddd.......” ! A soul sexually liberated is an enlightened soul ! Nirvana, here I cum....

Here goes the world top ten cities with the most beautiful women :

  1. Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  4. Varna, Bulgaria
  5. Los Angeles, California
  6. Moscow , Russia
  7. Caracas, Venezuela
  8. Montreal, Canada
  9. Tel Aviv, Israel
  10. Amsterdam, Holland

Please visit HERE for descriptives of why these cities are chosen as TOP TEN.

Indeed, from the streets of Stockholm to the shores of Holland, this world is full of beautiful women in so many beautiful cities. Sometimes, I do wonder why there are still people out there wanting to commit suicides and mass murders in the name of their God with the hope of getting virgins in heaven. Why are these religiously inclined people so hard-up for virgins ? What makes these sexually disillusioned people think that born losers and sexual rejects on earth can become holy Casanova after they are dead ?

There are lots of beautiful virgins and non virgins already on earth in all those beautiful cities. If virgins are what those deluded people fantasized, probably it is easier to just make a reservations with the travel agents for necessary travel arrangement to fly to these beautiful cities. It is safe, civilized, no lives are killed, and definitely no unnecessary collateral damages. If luck is on their sides and the chemistry is right, they can even have earthly sex with these beautiful women. Believe me, it is not sinful to have sex. Let's not have double standard of morality between heaven and earth. If sex is a sin on earth, what makes them think that it is not a sin to have sex in heaven with all those promised virgins ? Forget about all those unattainable righteous religious teachings. Rest assure that we are all products of sexual conjugations. Therefore, living a sexually decadent life is not sinful. So, go ahead to shoot your wild seeds and propagate.......... it is better than perverted self denials and indiscriminate killings of innocent people.

Ahhhhh... my Buddhist teaching is, attachment to desires is sufferings. Likewise, the attachment to non-attachment to desires is also another form of suffering. Forgive me Buddha, for this weekend, I will let my basic instinct rule my head. I am going on a hunting trip for beautiful women. Wow ! Si pek tor liap..... Si pek song..... Yet Yat fool Chei Pak yee mun.... Lai lar, lai lar........ O mi tor hoot !!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Speechless in bolihland.........

Celcom has to abort its recent “Celcom 100 Hari 100 Kereta” SMS contest because the Islamic Development Department Malaysia (Jakim) said it is a form of gambling. Gambling is Haram in Islam. Personally, I do not support gambling activities, and I do not wish to comment on Jakim enforcing its moral authority on others. As an open minded person, I do wonder whether it is the right thing for JAKIM to meddle in commercial activities of business entities. Increasingly, religious fanatics are trying to use scare tactics to meddle with the secular administration of the government, now we are also beginning to see religion being used to influence business activities. What next ? Would our daily lives will also be dictated by the incompatible religious values of others ?

As far as I am concern, whether a business operations are in accordance to a particular religion's teaching is really none of our blardy business. If gambling is so immoral to these religiously righteous people, why are they practice double standards ? I can't understand why some religions are encouraging its followers to practise double standards and selective enforcement. Why are gamings, betting, and gambling companies such as Magnum, Pan Sweeps, Sport Toto, and Genting allowed to operate ?

Hypocrites are all the same in all the wrong places - shamelessly idiotics. Should we forever need to be sensitive to all these insensitive people ?

In the first place, all religious authorities, be it Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, or others should stay out of commercial activities and other people's lifestyles. Religious views should only be propagated and contained in places of worship. Out of self respect, religious authorities should know ehere they stand and leave the monitoring and enforcement of regulatory compliances of commercial activities to the relevant secular ministries.

Recently, the Selangor's PAS Youth ( PAS is an Islamic political party) submitted a memorandum to the Selangor Mentri Besar’s office and threatened to protest in the Selangor Cup football match between Selangor and Singapore. I guess PAS Youth has unilaterally interpret the decision by the organizer to have popular rock singer Ella and Mas Idayu perform before the start of the match as unIslamic. For heaven sake, these people should keep their religious interpretations to themselves and stay out of the entertainment and sports businesses.

In the March 2008 general elections, PAS together with other opposition parties has made tremendous success to deny the BN government two third majority. But I guess, PAS has carried their balls to far to think that all other multi-racial Malaysians must now kow-tow to their brand of religious interpretations. Sometimes, I do wonder, whether Malaysians have made a mistake to vote for stronger opposition in the parliament. It seemed to me now that, the BN government is more moderate as compared to all those desperadoes trying their level best to impose their own religious values on others. Can these people have some self respect and basic decency to respect the wishes and lifestyles of others ? Malaysia is a multi-racial country. Let us leave it at that and not attempt to change the status quo.

I intend no religious insensitivity to any group of people. I myself, is also a very religious person. However, my religion also indoctrinate me to be a rational person, and keep my religious belief private. To me, believing in the existence of God is also a form of gambling. After all, can anybody tell me how does God look like ? And, can anybody also tell me whether there is an existence of eternal paradise after one's earthly shelf life expired ? Sure, a lot of religions can promote a lot of wonderful stories of after – life that can not be verified. But one thing for sure, dead men and women tell no stories. Most of the religions never failed to preached the over glorified stories of God's promises. We were told, most likely we will only be able to redeem this sugar coated promises after we are dead. Amazingly unbelievable ? Well, some people believe in fact, some believe in methodology, and some believe in fantasies......

As much as I am a religious person, but I also have the civility and cultural upbringing not to impose my belief on others. As long as I keep my religious belief to myself, do not transgress on other, never resort to indoctrinate others, and refrained from discriminate others, I know I am on the right track of living on paradise on this earth. In life, educated, learned, and cultured people balance their daily lives between secular living and religious commitments. Only barbarians with pea brains resort to go around glorifying and imposing their narrow minded stupidity on others with the hope of scoring credit points from their Gods.

Again, my basic belief is, religious views and practices should be contained in places of worships and homes. Beyond these two places, any attempt to disseminate and to impose own religious values on others should be viewed as a form of pervertism and uncultured extremism. I have this to say to all these misguided people – yah, yah,.... please mind your own business.

I do sincerely hope all those people who claimed to have high moral and religious values can practise what they preached, and refrained from farting their religious righteousness in all the wrong places. The world will be a very peaceful and harmonious place if all these idiots can go home or to the places of worships to preach their religious values to their own kinds.

Namo Amithaba Buddha ( or my late mom used to recite it as Oh-me-tor-hoot......)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boycott Petronas ?

It seemed to me that, maybe, it is part of our our culture to call for boycott this or that.

Today, a local newspaper carried a news report of Petronas urging Malaysians not to join email campaign to boycott Petronas service station. Interesting. I guess the email campaign had, in one way or another, did affect pump sales at Petronas stations nationwide.

About 2 weeks ago, I received an email titled “Pesanan dari pekerja petronas”. The email was purportedly issued by a “Muhamad Adib Mahadi” of Petronas to the “Kakitangan HQ”. The contents of the email basically seeked every one help to spread the message among Malaysians to boycott 1) ESSO/MOBIL, 2) SHELL, and 3) PROJET. The email claimed that, if everyone boycotted these three petroleum companies, the price of petroleum at the pumps will drop. Anyway, I doubt the email was originated from Petronas, and I don't think such a profitable and huge corporation like Petronas would resort to such despicable marketing tactic to gain market share.

The interesting thing is, there is a reversal of karma. Early last week, I received another email titled “Let s do it, That's people power”. The content of the email is quite similar to the email I received 2 weeks ago, with the exception that, this time, the email is asking all Malaysians to spread the message and to boycott Petronas. To quote the email “Here's the idea: For the rest of this year, DON'T purchase ANY petrol from Petronas - the biggest price-up driver company. If they are not selling any petrol, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of Petronas petrol buyers. It's SO simple! “

Did the three major oil companies joined hand to counter attack Petronas ? Well, when the wheel of karma is set in motion. Vipakka is always assured for those wrong doers. They shall reaped what they sowed – that has always been the law of nature.

Now, if I follow the calling of these two emails, I would probably have to park my cars in the garage and walk to work daily. I have worked hard to afford this little luxury, why should I ill treat myself to suffer by walking to work ? Whatever it is, I will not let all these emails influence my preference of where to pump petrol into my car. I have been using Shell throughout my adult life, so there is really no incentive for me to boycott Shell to switch to Petronas. As far as I am concerned, Shell is a more Malaysian and multi-racial company than Petronas. So, come what may, and as a open minded person, my customer loyalty remained with Shell.

The high price of petrol is a fact and certainty. As a consumer, there is nothing much we can do except to consume petrol with care and to limit unnecessary wastages. However, I do sincerely hope that, with the high prices of petrol, the creative minds of the West can came up with alternatively cheaper and environmentally friendly substitute to send all those immoral and greedy oil producing countries and oil brokers crumbling to their knees. I will prayer to that. I hope in my life time, this black blood of the earth can be do away with to cause less hardships and economic uncertainties.

Ahh.... I digressed ! Now coming back to the boycotts, I did a casual surveys of the petrol stations in my neighborhood over the past few evenings, I noticed, the petronas station is almost deserted, while the other non Petronas stations are still enjoying the usual crowd of customers. Maybe the email campaign calling for boycott has began to negatively impact Petronas service stations. Perhaps, Petronas should now seriously consider dropping its price to attract back the customers to its pumps. Makka Sakti ? Minyak Sakti ? Whatever it is, I will pray to that also................

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good news....

After weeks on the receiving end of all those depressing news, finally there are some good news coming in......

First good news, the NST's Jalur Gemilang on Middle Rocks. Finally, a group of patriotic Malaysians finally landed on the Middle Rocks ( aka Batu Batu Tengah, batuan Tengah, or whatever ) to hoist the Malaysia Flag. The heroic deed was led by the Secretary of the National Security Council, Datuk Muhammad Hatta Abdul Aziz. This is the first time the Jalur Gemilang has been raised there. Hmmm... for their braveries and sacrifices, maybe we should bestow some titles and awards to member of the team.

Second Good news, The Star's Vehicle owners get their rebates. The government that care and that are forever sensitive to the needs of its citizens handed out RM 600+ per vehicle to offset the rising fuel prices suffered by the mtorists. Thousands of motorists lined up as early as 7:00am on Saturday ( 15/06/2008) at the post offices to get their hard earned cash back. A total of 683 post offices were involved. On the first day of pay-out, more than 239,414 vehicle owners received RM116.734 million. In total 1.6 million vehicle owners are expected to recived estimated RM 800 million annually. Why involved such massive logistics and asked these poor Malaysians to lined up in the long queue to get their money back ? In the first place, wouldn't it be more efficient and caring to just post the cheques to their last known registered address ?

Say NO to Subsidies, and YES, YES, YES to rebates....... whatever it is, RM600 can buy me many weekends of Bak-Kut-Teh – the haram and sinfully delicious pork stewed in herbs....

Madu di tangan kiri mu, racun di tangan kanan mu, yang manakah akan kau beri pada ku ? So, anymore good news to make my day ?

Friday, June 13, 2008

A subsidized mentality......

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. According to news report, there will be a mass protest in downtown Kuala Lumpur. The protest is organized by GERAMM, a coalition of people who are against the recent petroleum price hike. GERAMM said, it will be a peaceful protest. In this regard, I do hope the Police and the Federal Reserve Unit can exercise extreme care not to irritate the protesters. Maybe the police and FRU should refrain from confronting the protesters head-on, but conduct a very discipline crowd control to ensure the protesters the passage of way to conduct the protest peacefully as originally intended by the protesters. After all, we are a civilized country having great respect for freedom of assembly and expression. Aren't we ?

Friday the 13th is also a very superstitious day for a lot of people. So, let us pray that no untowards or negatively extraordinary things happen tomorrow. The recent petroleum price hike of 41% is extreme high, and a lot of people are caught unprepared to face this man made stupidity. Naturally, people are extremely frustrated because they are unprepared to deal with this higher costs of living and and its subsequent after shocks. I do hope the authority show some compassion on these protesters, give them the avenue and free passage of way to express their frustrations and anxieties peacefully.

On the other hand, our mentality and addiction for subsidies know no limits. Where else in the world you can find petrol subsidy, rice subsidy, sugar subsidy, cooking oils subsidy, flour subsidy, housing subsidy, education subsidy, and so on. To enable our locally manufactured lesser quality car to sell well, we imposed heavy duty on imported cars, another form of subsidy in disguise. At the end of the day, we may also need subsidy to raise our children. Who knows, eventually, even our faith in God also need to be subsidized. The government was not elected to only manage prices of goods or play preferential treatments. We elect them to managed today resources to achieve tomorrow results with strategies and action plans. The manipulations of prices should be left to the morons who think they are smarter than the market forces.

Come to think of it, sooner or later, we all have to shed our reliance on subsidies. We simply can't go on living like parasites depending on this subsidy or that subsidy. But having said that, we are also living in a managed economy where the prices of essential items are controlled by the government. And petroleum happened to be a basic necessity and essential items for all Malaysians. Therefore, the right thing to do is, the government should refrained from enforcing selective subsidy schemes. Either we implement complete subsidies, or remove all form of subsidies completely.

When a person can afford to buy a house costing hundred of thousands of ringgits, why the rest are obliged to subsidize him with a 10% discount ? Robbing the poor to enrich the rich ? Why academically less competent scholars are allowed places and scholarships at the expense of more competent scholars ? Our best brain are drained to other countries at young age, while the not so talented are left behind to be the jaguh kampung. How can the country survive in the long run with no pool of best talents ? I can go on and on with my biased perception of what I think is inappropriate. But I am not going to waste my breaths harping and spewing negativities. I know, what ever condition or situation I am in, I will play by the rules, adapt, and contribute positively to the financial well being of the country. Because I am so used to live my life in Malaysia without any subsidy, hand-outs, or preferential treatment. Lacked of opportunity and scarcity made me a stronger man. I am a patriot, not a parasite.

We have been depending on subsidies and preferential treatments in all sort of excuses for too long to the extend that we are no longer competitive and productive. In fact, some of us even think that parasitic and rent seeking demands at the expense of other hardworking and law abiding Malaysians are our birth rights.

Removing petrol subsidies is painful to a lot of Malaysians. But we have to start some where to remove all form of subsidies, price control, and preferential treatments. For healthy and sustainable growth, we should practice a free, fair, and open economy to encourage productivity, competitiveness, and meritocracy. Let the market establish its equilibrium, where supply meets demands, and where meritocracy sustain competitiveness and productivities.

The economic reality is, we are all now in a sinking boat with shrinking cake. We must all come together, and work together to find our strategic posture to survive as a united nation. Let us not be blinded by short term comfort at the expense of long term extinction. As much as I am angered with the recent petrol price hike. I know, the sooner I adapt to this new reality, the stronger I will become. I stand on my two feet with pride without any hand-outs and subsidies from the government. While I play my part to adapt and contribute to the well being of Malaysia, I sincerely hope the government is also guided by moral and ethical values to play fair by eventually removing all form of subsidies, be it in the form of preferential treatments or unfair allocation of resources. let's us treat all Malaysians fairy irregardless of race, religion, class, creed, or whatsoever.

Yes, I am an oxymoron. On one hand, I am angry with the price increase of petrol and electricity. But I am also a rational man knowing very well that continued reliance on subsidies will eventually turn the nation into a fertile bed breeding bunch of shameless parasites. So, bring it on, and face the reality now. Why waste your time and breaths behaving like cry babies and participating in mass protests kow-pek kow-booing our grievances.

Life is short. NO BODY OWES US A LIVING. Get real, get a life, work harder to overcome obstacles........

Latest from various sources

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Map, News) - More than 1,000 opposition supporters marched through Malaysia's largest city Friday in the biggest public show of anger over the government's decision to dramatically raise fuel prices.... Read Malaysians march to protest fuel hike.

KUALA LUMPUR: Some 2,000 protesters marched through the Malaysian capital Friday in the largest of a series of demonstrations against last week's steep fuel price hike. Read Thousands protest fuel price hike in Malaysia

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of con man and charity............

I received a call this morning from a man who identified himself as Datuk Steven Kong. He told me that he is representing the Kesatuan Pegawai Kebajikan Masyarakat ( Association for Social Welfare Officers ) to collect donation to buy diapers for old folks. He asked me to donate 300 diapers at a costs of RM 38 each.

During the course of our short telephone conversation, he tried to impress upon me that, I should feel honour to me selected to donate to the charitable association represented by him. He mentioned that this association is participated by many VIP and high net worth people. Nice sales pitch indeed !

Without wanting to waste my time talking to people which I can not verify over the phone, I asked him to fax over his charity program to my office. The surprising thing is, he has all my hand phone, office phone, and my email address. Scary isn't it. ?

One hour later, a fax came through my personal fax machine ( see the following attached picture). The fax is in Malay language, I read the fax, it basically states that, the “charity association” is seeking advertisements to print their souvenir program. But the fax doesn't mention anything about donating diapers for senior citizens !

I immediately Google “Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat” to obtain the telephone number, and called the department to seek clarifications. I was told by department that there is no such charity organization and they have no knowledge of such charity event.

Sad. Another con man posing as charity officer to collect donation to enrich himself ! Malaysian do indeed have a lot of shameless and immoral people living like vultures and parasites in the name of charity.

They funny thing is, the so called Datuk call me again, saying that he has to attend an EXCO meeting and need my pledge for donation now. I don't know what EXCO he is referring to. Maybe I hear it wrongly, perhaps he is referring to ASSHOLES meeting.

I politely told him that “The winds is east coasts is quite strong, maybe you should go there...” He asked me “What has this donation got to do with strong winds in east coast ?” I told him “Well, you can go there to FLY KITES !” and put down the phone. Niahmah.....

I guess, no matter how charitable we are, we have to be always vigilant and verify the identity of strangers asking for money in the name of charity. Otherwise, these idiots will find their ways to wormed themselves into the our kind hears. We may end up financing the despicable lifestyle of half-maggot half-man low life who prays on the generosity of charitable people.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Naked riders take to city streets

Hundreds of environmental protesters have pedalled naked on bikes through Brighton to promote the joys of cycling and protest about fuel prices. The cyclists were campaigning against the use of vehicles and their damage to the environment. Click HERE to read more.

Hmmmm... what a creative way to hold protests. Maybe, Malaysians should also hold a similar protest in downtown Kuala Lumpur to protest about the recent excessive increase in petroleum prices.

A paradox ?

"Hi, Parrot. How are you today ?"

"I am a Dog, not a Parrot ! Can't you see I know how to bark like a Dog ? Please be sensitive to my identity !"

Interesting. If a parrot can imitates the dog's barking. What do we call the next generation of the parrots. Do we call the parrots, parrots or dogs ?

Maybe I just recovered from bird flu, but I seemed to have the ability to understand bird's language. I was told, some of the parrots who can barked like dogs demanded to be called as dogs !

Eureka... a new species of dog has evolved ! These parrots look like parrots, but can bark like dogs. They are the new paradox ( sorry paraDOG) in the animal kingdom.

Boo, boo, Sit ! Good Dog.......

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rob Bin Hood

It pains me to read about so many cases of snatch thieves employing rob and run tactics on defenseless pedestrians in Malaysia. Mind you, these snatch thieves are a bunch of barbaric bastardized animals roaming around the streets preying and violently attacking their victims. My wife was snatched and robbed twice. In both instances, she lost her hand bags but escaped unhurt, but in a lot of cases, most of the victims are not so lucky. Some died, some suffered serious injuries, and some are permanently disabled ! Few days ago, I was really saddened to hear another serious injury caused by snatch thieves. This time, the misfortune fell on a family member of my close friend.

When we read about snatch thieves in the newspaper, to many of us, they are merely statistics in our ever increasing crime index. But when it happened to ourselves, our loved ones, and friends, these incidences became painful experiences that drained us emotionally and physically. Are our police so incompetent and impotent to deal with this despicable social menaces ? Sometimes, watching the short video clips aired in the Astro channel where the police officer advising the audiences to be alert for crimes does give me an impression that the streets in Malaysia are no longer safe !

Perhaps, it is about time the authorities empowered themselves with the political will to introduce death penalty for snatch thieves. Let us clinically put these scourges, bastards, and mother farkers to sleep and send them hell. Of course, as a religious man, I do believe that life is sacred, and nobody except God has the power to take life. But, how do you deal with these despicable satanic followers who show no regard for the law, no conscience, have not respect for the sacredness of the lives of others, and blatantly getting more daring ? Judging from the rampant cases of snatch and rob cases, I believe, our police force have become ineffective to deal with these menaces. The situation has already gone out of control ! Let us face the fact, our streets are no longer safe for pedestrians !

Let us not plunged our heads in the sands and blindly point our finders to foreigners. Most of the foreigners in Malaysia are hardworking people and law abiding. I believed, most of the snatch thieves are our local youths. My dear preacher man, rather than spending your times looking for reasons not to subsidize petroleum prices in Malaysia, please get your priority right and also help the police department to get their priority right also, to make the streets in Malaysia safer. Do we need another death before we take drastic action ? Remember, the next victim could be you or your family members !

Snatch thieves, they rob, they injure, and they murder innocent and defenseless people. Their mothers must be very proud of them ! Their mothers must be very proud of them ! Adakah ini Budaya Kita ?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Of farting sheeps and goats....

At the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) in Paris , Phil Goff, New Zealand's Minister of Trade said "Our agricultural research organization just last week was able to map the genome that causes methane in ruminant animals and we believe we can vaccinate against flatulent emissions..."

In New Zealand, 90% of the country's methane emissions are produced through belching and flatulence by the population of 45 million sheeps and 10 million cattles, causing environmental pollution and greenhouse gas effects.

Hmmm.... interesting ! New Zealand scientists have developed a "flatulence inoculation" to cut down unwelcome discharge of methane gas ( farting ) by sheeps and cows ?

Animal also can farts ? But can Pig also farts ? I am not sure about the four legged pigs, but of late, I do see a lot of two legged pig look alike creatures farting here and there, demanding respect for their rights to impose on and abuse the rights of others. Occasionally I also come across many two legged goat look alike creatures farting their demands wanting others to be sensitive to their insensitivities.

Well, with the anticipated yearly savings of RM 48 Billions from fuel subsidies, maybe we should allocate some of this money to fund our local scientists (if there is any) to further research and develop a new version of flatulence inoculation vaccines for human consumptions. The developed vaccines should be distribute free of charge to all those shameless racists, uncouth barbarians, religion zealots, and communal pariahs. Malaysians should be spared from a lot of those politically correct or incorrect noisy and smelly fartings.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tank you very much.......

I understand, the MSM and the government that cares has been telling us, the petrol in Malaysia at RM 1.92 per litre is one of the cheapest in the world, so the Prime Minister announced today that, the government will not fund the “subsidies” for petrol, so effective tomorrow, the price per litre will be revised to RM 2.70 per litre. Comparing the prices of petrol in the following countries, aren't we Malaysians has been very lucky to enjoy such low prices ?

Norway USD6.82 per Gallon, Hong Kong USD6.25 per Gallon, Belgium USD6.16 per Gallon, UK USD5.96 per Gallon, Italy USD5.80 per Gallon, Japan USD5.25 per Gallon, Brazil USD4.42 per Gallon, India USD3.71 per Gallon, Australia USD3.42 per Gallon, South Africa USD3.39 per Gallon

The above countries are not petroleum producing countries. How about those countries who are net exporter of petroleum ? How much does the people in the so called petroleum countries paid for per litre or per gallon of petrol ? Now let us take a look : Saudi Arabia, USD0.09 per Gallon, Kuwait USD$0.08 per Gallon, and Venezuela USD 0.12 per Gallon.

Now, where do Malaysia stand compared to all those petroleum producing countries ? Are we managing our natural resources well to take care of the well being of Malaysians ? Whatever it is, not wanting to sound “ungrateful” for all the “cheap” petrol prices I enjoyed all these years, sincerely, from the bottom of ass, I like to say this to our “Dear Leaders”, “Tank you so much”.

honestly, I still don't quite comprehend the mechanism of petroleum pricing. Malaysia is an exporter of petroleum. For domestic consumption, why do we have to follow international prices, and why does the government claims that, if we do not follow international prices, the government will have to fund the differences between domestic price and international price as subsidy ?

Anyway, petrol is our basic necessity. Like it or, the government has decided to raise petrol price by a whopping 30%. The certainty is, the spiral effects of this drastic price increase will result in rising costs of living and cost of doing business. For sure, there will be hardships. I guess, as a ordinary citizen, it is pointless for me to complaint about this and that. I will just have to managed to cut down my costs of living, costs of doing business, and increase by revenues.

Well, drastic change in environment calls for drastic action. I have decided, tomorrow, the immediate things I am going to do are :

  • Reducing my office head counts. Maybe get rid of one or two personnel to cut down operation costs.
  • Terminate all unnecessary subscriptions such as astro, terminate extra phone line, magazine subscription, etc.
  • Inform my tenant that starting next month, the rental will be increased by 30%
  • Inform the customers that there will be additional “fuel surcharge” for delivery and customer service.

I hope these actions will compensate for the rising costs of living and doing business. Anyway, this is an opportunity for me to scale down my business to do things at a more relax and casual manners. Now, don't call me an opportunist or whatever derogatory terms. I am entitled to my rights to survive.

Yah... go ahead, they can even raise the petrol price to RM10 per litre ! Bring it on, who cares ? I am sicked and tired of a bunch of bloody inefficient people misallocating and mismanaging resources to mess up the economy. From now on, I am going to spend more time to sip my favorite cup of coffee, smell its aroma, and smilingly watching the clouds move in the sky...... Life is too short to be burdened by actions of morons and idiots.

Whatever will be, will be. Que sera sera.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The road to heaven is too dark

I received this poem in my email today. This poem is in relation to the recent earthquakes in Sichuan. I do not know who is the author of this poem. As a father, looking at the visuals, and reading about the sufferings of the victims reduced me to tears.......

May God lift the souls of those who perished, and may God bless the survivors with the grace, courage, and determination to shoulder on.

( The road to heaven is too Dark)

孩子 (My child)
快 (Hurry up)
抓紧妈妈的手(hold tightly to your mom's hand)

去天堂的路 (The road to heaven)
太黑了 (is too dark)

妈妈怕你 (Mom is afraid that)
碰了头 (you may hit your head)

快 (Hurry up)
hold tightly to your mom's hand)
让妈妈陪你走 (Let Mom keep you company)

妈妈 (Mom)
怕 (is afraid)
天堂的路 (that the road to heaven)
太黑 (is too dark)

我看不见你的手(I cannot see your hand)
自从 (since)
倒塌的墙 (the collapsed wall)
把阳光夺走(took the sun lights away)

我再也看不见 (I cannot see )
你柔情的眸 (your lovely eyes again)

孩子 (My child)
你走吧 (please go)
前面的路 (the road ahead of you)
再也没有忧愁(has no sorrow any more)
没有读不完的课本(there are no books that you cannot finish reading)
和爸爸的拳头 (and your father’s fist)

你要记住 (you must remember)
我和爸爸的摸样 (my face and your father’s face)
来生还要一起走(let’s finish walking this road together in our next life)

妈妈 (Mom)
别担忧 (do not worry)
天堂的路有些挤 (the road to heaven is a bit crowded)
有很多同学朋友 (I have a lot classmates and friends)
我们说 (we all say)
不哭 (don’t cry)

哪一个人的妈妈都是是我们的妈妈(anyone’s Mom is our Mom)
哪一个孩子都是妈妈的孩子(any child is Mom’s child)
没有我的日子 (the days without me)
你把爱给活的孩子吧(give your love to the children alive)

妈妈 (Mom)
你别哭(don’t cry)
泪光照亮不了 (tears cannot brighten up)
我们的路(our road ahead)
让我们自己(let us)
慢慢的走 (walk slowly)

妈妈 (Mom)
我会记住你和爸爸的模样(I will remember your face and father’s face)
记住我们的约定(remember our appointment)
来生一起走 (of walking together in our next life)