Sunday, June 08, 2008

A paradox ?

"Hi, Parrot. How are you today ?"

"I am a Dog, not a Parrot ! Can't you see I know how to bark like a Dog ? Please be sensitive to my identity !"

Interesting. If a parrot can imitates the dog's barking. What do we call the next generation of the parrots. Do we call the parrots, parrots or dogs ?

Maybe I just recovered from bird flu, but I seemed to have the ability to understand bird's language. I was told, some of the parrots who can barked like dogs demanded to be called as dogs !

Eureka... a new species of dog has evolved ! These parrots look like parrots, but can bark like dogs. They are the new paradox ( sorry paraDOG) in the animal kingdom.

Boo, boo, Sit ! Good Dog.......

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