Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tank you very much.......

I understand, the MSM and the government that cares has been telling us, the petrol in Malaysia at RM 1.92 per litre is one of the cheapest in the world, so the Prime Minister announced today that, the government will not fund the “subsidies” for petrol, so effective tomorrow, the price per litre will be revised to RM 2.70 per litre. Comparing the prices of petrol in the following countries, aren't we Malaysians has been very lucky to enjoy such low prices ?

Norway USD6.82 per Gallon, Hong Kong USD6.25 per Gallon, Belgium USD6.16 per Gallon, UK USD5.96 per Gallon, Italy USD5.80 per Gallon, Japan USD5.25 per Gallon, Brazil USD4.42 per Gallon, India USD3.71 per Gallon, Australia USD3.42 per Gallon, South Africa USD3.39 per Gallon

The above countries are not petroleum producing countries. How about those countries who are net exporter of petroleum ? How much does the people in the so called petroleum countries paid for per litre or per gallon of petrol ? Now let us take a look : Saudi Arabia, USD0.09 per Gallon, Kuwait USD$0.08 per Gallon, and Venezuela USD 0.12 per Gallon.

Now, where do Malaysia stand compared to all those petroleum producing countries ? Are we managing our natural resources well to take care of the well being of Malaysians ? Whatever it is, not wanting to sound “ungrateful” for all the “cheap” petrol prices I enjoyed all these years, sincerely, from the bottom of ass, I like to say this to our “Dear Leaders”, “Tank you so much”.

honestly, I still don't quite comprehend the mechanism of petroleum pricing. Malaysia is an exporter of petroleum. For domestic consumption, why do we have to follow international prices, and why does the government claims that, if we do not follow international prices, the government will have to fund the differences between domestic price and international price as subsidy ?

Anyway, petrol is our basic necessity. Like it or, the government has decided to raise petrol price by a whopping 30%. The certainty is, the spiral effects of this drastic price increase will result in rising costs of living and cost of doing business. For sure, there will be hardships. I guess, as a ordinary citizen, it is pointless for me to complaint about this and that. I will just have to managed to cut down my costs of living, costs of doing business, and increase by revenues.

Well, drastic change in environment calls for drastic action. I have decided, tomorrow, the immediate things I am going to do are :

  • Reducing my office head counts. Maybe get rid of one or two personnel to cut down operation costs.
  • Terminate all unnecessary subscriptions such as astro, terminate extra phone line, magazine subscription, etc.
  • Inform my tenant that starting next month, the rental will be increased by 30%
  • Inform the customers that there will be additional “fuel surcharge” for delivery and customer service.

I hope these actions will compensate for the rising costs of living and doing business. Anyway, this is an opportunity for me to scale down my business to do things at a more relax and casual manners. Now, don't call me an opportunist or whatever derogatory terms. I am entitled to my rights to survive.

Yah... go ahead, they can even raise the petrol price to RM10 per litre ! Bring it on, who cares ? I am sicked and tired of a bunch of bloody inefficient people misallocating and mismanaging resources to mess up the economy. From now on, I am going to spend more time to sip my favorite cup of coffee, smell its aroma, and smilingly watching the clouds move in the sky...... Life is too short to be burdened by actions of morons and idiots.

Whatever will be, will be. Que sera sera.

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