Saturday, June 21, 2008

The kettle is speechless.....

Both of them have their grandfather came from India. Both of them are now Malaysians. Because their grandfathers pursued different religious path, one of them is a Malay, the other is an Indian. There is nothing wrong associating with one's ethnicity and race. The only different is, one remembered his roots, but the other, I think, selectively forgot his roots.

In your eagerness to be racial champions to gain relevancy and acceptance, Mr Samy and Mr Mahathir, tell us honestly what is your roots. Are you a Malaysian, An Indian, or a Malay. At least Mr Samy remembers and acknowledges his roots, but Mr Mahathir, may I remind you to remember your own roots ?

If my memories served me right, I remembered, many many years ago, when UMNO was deregistered by the court, Mr Samy invited Mahathir to join MIC. What if, in an unlikely scenario, if MIC is deregistered by the court, would Mr Samy be invited to join UMNO ?

After the March 8th, 2008 General Elections, Mr Samy called on the government to release the Hindraf's members who were detained in Hotel Kamunting without trial. For highlighting the plights of Hindraf members, Mr Mahathir called Samy a racist. When Mahathir highlight the plights of Malay, can Mr Samy also called Mahathir a racist ? Is it okay for the pot to call the kettle black, but when the kettle called the pot black, the kettle is being insensitive ?

Somehow, I got a funny feeling that, out there, there is a senile old man, looking at himself in the mirror to describe what his inner self. Old man, when you retire, please lah retire gracefully and wait for your judgment time to arrive, stop making all those unnecessary racial rhetorics to incite racial hatreds among Malaysians. Although not all Malaysians are stupid, but some maybe stupid enough to be incited by your irresponsible hate speech to run amok. Don't you think it is about time you be honest with yourself and not blinded by your selfish personal agenda to cause national disunity ?

I am, and as well as a lot of other Malaysians, are sympathetic towards the Hindraf issues. Are all of us also racists ? Are we being insensitive to Mahathir's special racial rights because we showed concerns to the plights of Hindraf ?

By the way, and for heaven sake, stop equating the Malaysians of Indian origin to the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka ! Because, if the Tamil Tigers land on the shores of Malaysia, you would have nowhere to run and shit in your pants with trembling legs! The Indians in Malaysia are peace loving Malaysians who are more patriotic than a lot of parasitic rent seekers. So be fair with your uncouth statements.

To all those racial pariahs. Please refrained from inciting racial hatreds to satiate your selfish agenda. Before you open your mouth to make another uncouth racial statement, please remember where your grandfather come from. For a start, maybe all of us should make a sentimental journey back to the land where our grandfather come from. At the same time, while we are there, we should also conduct a big puja to seek forgiveness from the souls of our departed ancestors for our insensitivity and stupidity to our fellow country men and women.

Whatever it is, and may be, I am sicked of all those farting noises generated by all those racial pariahs seeking narrow minded relevancy. I have only this to say to them “When your dick is long enough to reach your asshole, maybe it is about time you learn to fuck yourself with your own dick......”

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