Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My business journey (1) . ..... Sail on. ( Prepare By Irene 0n 03/01/ 12).

Last nite, I could not sleep coz having to many things in my mind. I woke up and look at the time, it was 3am.  Am I been bother with heavy commitment? financial children.....   come to think of it- none of the above.
God has taken the best from me when Ck passed on. I was going through some difficult time to accept and trying to adjust to my new life. Come to think of it. God has also given me a lot .  Ivan, Jacy and  Dawn - all of them are very sang sun -  stand by me,  understanding and give me their support when I needed it. They are well behaved and have not given me much problem.  They are responsible in taking care of their finances and what not. At least one less problem for me so that I can concentrate in my business.
Business is a very interesing word and it means  "Change" .  I was told by one of my sisters that in business,  we will be bound to face with lots of buayas, politician, chak hai che, parasites, suckers., ........ Wow so so scarry isn't i?. But, I guess  in the olden days, business were made just  by word of mouth,  Nga Chi Tong Kam Sai  and just black and white.  People honour their word. Things get executed and moveon. Sad to said that all these practises are no longer exist in the present business environment. People are so blinded by money and power.  You can read in  the  newspaper  that so and so get sue or sue others. As a result, there are a lot of court cases  between father and son, husband and wife and so on. Money is so important to them ?  Can money buy love? Can they buy respect, patience, intelligent, health and so on. Yes and No. But one thing  for sure,  money is important  to fulfill our basic needs and in case of emergency.  My 2012 's resolution, I have make a commitment to give to the needy.   But, the real  purpose or use of money are being misguided or mislead.
 We ask ourself Why we want so much money? To lead a luxury lifestyle or spend on a lavish meal, wear branded clothing..... or what not. It is all depends on individual. It could be  right or wrong. To my opinion, more so to know the priority.  Money can be a double edge sword.
Lately, I come across a client's who is involve into a lot of business . Due to old age and health condition, he leave the running of the businesses to all his children. Some of the businesses making money during the challenging period. Some not making money and running into big losses. He pull me to his room and ask me to have a cup of tea.  During the conversation, he share with me his business journey-  how he started from the scratch to be where he is now.  Wow! Looked at him - his business empire is really big . He  expanded his business to other country and owned a few public listed company.  He is quite somebody with a success story.  But he looked disturbed and worry.  From his appearance and positive outlook in life,  he still look young and healthy for his age.  I guess I wish him long life for all his good deeds.
How I came into the picture.  It started when  I was handling some of his business and slowly we became friend. He told me that he saw something in me. I just puzzled.   I knew from his expression, he really wants me to help him. After walking out from his room,  I gave it a serious thought and decided to take on the challenge. I discuss wth him -  to find out what I am suppose to do. At the back of my mind, I just tell myself "chot chong yap si fatt" asking for trouble. I guess not the time for me to retire. Still a lot things that I have not done such as my wish to do charity. 
Back to business and action, I have to devote my time knowing the whole culture, how the operation, how the structure of his business.  Slowly  find  out what each staff's responsibility from top to bottom. I tell myself how come I land myself into such big hole. I guess it is too late to ask such question rite?   To me, business  is  learning process -  so many things to see,  people to meet, to be able to read between the lines, politics, to learn from others ... I would say let's  enjoy the " Show" and the show has just started.
To be continued. ..