Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Blasphemous Teddy Bear

It probably seemed like the most innocent of ideas to the newly arrived teacher from England, still settling into life in the Sudanese capital Khartoum. She asked her class of six and seven-year-olds to dress up and name a teddy bear, and keep a diary of his outings. She hoped it would provide material for projects for the rest of the year. And it might have, except for the name the children chose for their bear: Xxxxxxxx.

Now Gillian Gibbons, 54, is spending her second night in a Sudanese prison, accused of insulting Xxxxx's Prophet. She faces a public lashing or up to six months in prison if found guilty on charges of blasphemy.

For further details, read HERE

Well, what else can I say ? I roll my eyes, hit my forehead, and I shake my head....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Perception of honour, honesty, and loyalty

I received a call from my one of my ex staff early this morning. When my hand phone's caller identification displayed his name, I was hesitating whether to answer his call, because I sincerely do not want to waste my time talking to people I do wish to have association with. Anyway, what the heck, let bygone be bygone. So, I answered the call.

To cut the story short, my ex staff enquired whether there is still any vacancy in my office, and he is interested to rejoin the company. He told me that he doesn't like his present working environment, felt discriminated, as well as not comfortable with the present management having too many hanky panky dealing with customers' purchasers. To convince me, he is also willing to bring over the company's customers' information to my company. Over the telephone conversation, which last more than 15 minutes, he was trying very hard to impress upon me his honesty, loyalty, and willingness to work hard, to contribute to the company.

I did remember, prior to this ex-staff leaving my company, he made a very unreasonable request asking me to terminate one of my existing staff because he find it uncomfortable working with personnel of a particular race and religion. I can accept and consider the reason of professional conduct and performance, but I will never tolerate racist demand. So, in no uncertain word, I asked him to apologize for his racially motivated intolerance and ignorance. At the same time, I do not know why, but I started to developed a disliking for him and monitor his performance in every minute details. Needless to say, after more than a month, he found alternative employment and submitted his resignation which I accepted and wished him well.

There is a Chinese saying that "A good horse will never turn back to eat the same patch of grass". And here, I have a scavenger almost begging with tail between his leg wanting to come back to the same spot to look for the same patch of grass he once despised. No way I am going to create a entry sign for him to come into my office again. Never. Call me revengeful or whatever you want. But honestly, I am not a revengeful person with negative energies. My basic principle in life is simple, I will not knowingly allow a person to contaminate the habitat which he is incapable to respect. My world would be much more productive and peaceful without all those scavengers littering nonsenses in my work space.

I cut short the telephone conversation by telling him that I will call him back when there is vacancy. Back in my mind, I was thinking, it would be indecent to let this disgusting scavenger coming back to my office again. How can I respect a person who is incapable to respect others ? How can a person be honorable and loyal when he is unable to honour the company, his colleagues, and profession conducts ? How can I trust a person when he is capable to solicit benefits by disclosing his present company's confidential information ? Call him back ? I don't think I will do that ? I think I have better things to do than inviting for troubles by "Chok chong yap see fatt ( stuffing worm into the rear orifice ) " ?

Well, this world is full of deceiveful people, but life is a funny wheel of conservation of energies - what goes around comes around. It is a sunny day today, life will find its balance and equilibrium, life goes on.......

World's biggest flag

"God spoke to me in thunder and lightning...... The Lord said, 'Make the flag of Israel, the standard of my people.' " With that, Grace Galindez Gupana, a Filipino, was motivated to make a giant Israeli flag. The flag took 2 years to complete, measured 2,165 feet long, 330 feet wide, and weighted 5.7 tons. It was was unfurled on November 26 2007 at Masada, Israel. Guinness Book of Records had certified the flag to be the largest flag in the world. Grace said the flag is to mark 50 years of diplomatic relationship between Philippines and Israel, a testament of her love for Israel and the Jewish people, and to celebrate the friendship between Jewish and Christian communities

A pinoyed Israeli flag ? Hmmm, in the name of God........

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blowing in the bittered winds..........

November 25th 2007 went down in the history as another black chapter in the nationhood of Malaysia. An estimated 20,000 Malaysian Indians rallied in downtown Kuala Lumpur to highlight the economic inequalities suffered by the community. Previously on November 3rd, 2007, a massive number of Malaysians also rallied in downtown Kuala Lumpur demanding the government to be more transparent in fighting corruptions and protecting the integrity of our judicial system. All major newspapers in the world published the event and the reputation of Malaysia as a fair and progressive nation was dented.

As usual, these massive outburst of public frustrations and anxieties, were, confronted with tear gas and chemically laced water canons. I do not believe it is appropriate to participate in street rallies. But there is a need to respect the people's choice of freedom of expressions, and if they chose to go to the street, their voices should not be drown with water canon and tear gas. It really pains me to see the Al Jajeera's video clip showing riot police raining water canon and tear gas on fellow Malaysians who merely want to voice out their frustrations in a peaceful manner. Perhaps it would be proper for the police to clear the street ahead to allow the rally to proceed peacefully. The voices of the people must be allowed to be expressed peacefully and in a orderly manner. Using hard approach to confront a peaceful rally will only result in emotional and confrontational retaliations.

Do we have the maturity and decency to expect, respect, and manage freedom of expressions and legitimate rights of all Malaysians ?

As a Malaysian, I do felt very sad to see so many Malaysians resorting to go the street to voice their grievances and attempt to demonstrate the people's power. Are there no other channels where these people can seek redress for their grievances ? It breaks our hearts to see demands of legitimate rights being arrogantly and quickly racialized, communalized, and sensitized with threats of racial riots and violences. Are Malaysians really that immature, immoral, and indecent to have satiations and tendencies for violences ? The way things are, it does seemed to me that, more and more unhappy Malaysians are now resorting to go to the street to seek global attention because the existing system is no longer perceived to be conducive to basic democratic fair play.

No right minded people will resorted to street demonstration if they are happy with the current status. We have been in euphoric state of self denial moods for too long. We projected the nation as a progressive, fair, and moderate nation in the world. But, if Malaysia is such a claimed model of envious state, why are there still so many people resorting to massive outbursts of grievances ? Sure, we can always go on the record to claim that these people who participate in the rallies are trouble makers with ulterior motives. But, are there really so many trouble makers out there with nothing better to do but to seek global bad publicities for Malaysia ? We can't go on perpetually hearing without listening and conveniently blamed people with grievances as trouble makers.

Malaysians as whole, must now dig deep into our conscience and morality, to de-skin and criminalize unjust rent seeking attitudes based on religion, race, and culture. Malaysians must not decadently and immorally intruding into and deprive the rights and privileges of others.

No insensitivity intended, but I once heard a joke that goes like this "If it is a Malay problem, then it is a National problem. If it is a Chinese problem, then it is a Racial problem. If it is an Indian problem, then there is No problem...." This blessed land belongs to all Malaysians, and every Malaysian must be accorded the same rights and privileges irregardless of race, religion, and culture. As it is, I do honestly believed that our present system is suffering from fatigue in over indulgence in the politicking of racializing rights and privileges without due regards to the nation's economic productivity and competitiveness. Let us all not be so narrow minded wanting to be communal champions but end up as a sinful soul in the eyes of God, and pariahs in the eyes of the world. Let's not parasiting the future of our children and let them inherit a bankrupt nation.

Sad to note that, whatever domestic problems we had, it always conveniently boiled down to the issues of race, religion, and racial rights. We seemed to be very good at articulating our grievances against others and conveniently blamed other for our own shortcomings. We can fool some people all the times, all people some of the times, but will we be able to fool all the people all the times ? For a start, it is about time now, we place our palms on the left side of our chests to feel the beats of our hearts pumping in unison longing for decency, and open our eyes wide to see humanity with fair eyes.

Let's not be a unconsciously incompetent jaguh kampung waving the sword at each other, the world is our stage. Wake up Malaysia ! Wake up Malaysians !

Friday, November 23, 2007

It is a crime to be raped…

Just because this woman was forcibly overpowered and raped by six men does not relieve her of responsibility for her failure to maintain her obligation of chastity…..” “Ninety lashes would be sufficient for a simple case of immorality, but this woman allowed not one, but six men to have sex with her. An offense of such gross magnitude cries out for the severest of sanctions allowed by law.

A brutally gang raped victim was initially ordered by Saudi Arabia court to undergo 90 lashes. She appealed the sentence, but instead, a tougher sentence was handed down to her with 200 lashes and six months jail. Her lawyer who defended her also had his law license revoked.

Spontaneously, I felt outraged and astonished to read this sad news. My initial reaction is, it is not right to punish the victim. What kind of camel justice is this ! No insensitivity intended, but my personal perception is, that country look so uncivilized and backward, it makes Haiti looks very modern and progressive. But I guess, different cultures have different perceptions and imlementations of "words of God". We should not be shocked by how justice is being interpreted and imposed by others. After all, most of us do have incompatible values of morality and decency. What is morally righteous in one country maybe outrageous to another ! We need to respect that country’s way of life, culture, religion, values, morality, and decency. As long as they keep their “righteousness” within the physical border of their country and practiced it on their own people, it is their rights. As much as we want to move forward into the future in civilized manner respectful of human rights and fairness, we also seriously need to respect the rights of cultures that glorified times past. On this score, it would be conducive to my mental health that I indulge in selective amnesia and phony righteousness in order not to be perceived as insensitive to other people cultures and religions.

Some cultures glorify death, and some cultures glorify life. Some cultures see death as a mean to enter spiritual eternity of paradize. Some cultures over celebrated life to derive hedonistic and sadistic pleasures of earthly paradize. Between divinity and secularism, there are limitless combinations and permutations of posibilities. Who are we to judge what is right and wrong ? We are basically a product of our own biased lamentatations. We just have to awake to this universal conciousness and adapt to this diverse perceptional habitats.

Other people can believe in whatever they want and adopt whatever lifestyle appropriate to them. As long as they don’t impose and intrude into our path, it is best we mind our own business and be at peace with ourselves irregardless of what other people’s dispositions.

Hmmmmm….. Am i walking the middle path ? What the F@ck !

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why don't you shut up ?

Maybe God does exist !!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another “peaceful” tsunami coming ?

I received two SMS today.

SMS #1
Vanakkam. If Ghandi felt comfortable with his lifestyle as a lawyer, India wouldn't enjoy its INDEPENDENT today. If we don't bother about our community, we will be SLAVE forever ! So, be brave to attend our gathering on 25th Nov at British embassy. At least one person from a family. Don't bother police road blocks, political threats, or rumors ! Your participation will bring a new revolution to our community. Please attend. Thank you.

Malaysian Indians, pls gather on 25th Nov at British High Comm, Jln Ampag, KL. As early as 9am.... International news reporters & Queen Elizabeth's representative are coming. Pls wear ORANGE colour clothes or jeepas & manila card with any slogan... Police permit had been given so not to worry & bring along friends & family member because it's a peaceful gathering. Hindu samuthayum valga... See u all there.... It's a historic event not to be missed...

So, look like we are going to have another peaceful rally this coming weekend. The previous “Gelombang Kuning ( Yellow Wave )” on November 3rd 2007 saw thousands of people peacefully converging into downtown Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur was crippled due to massive police road blocks. Come this weekend, are we going to have a “Yellow Wave” of thousand of people converging into Kuala Lumpur ?

The two SMSes did not mentioned what is the objective of the rally. From recent events, I presumed the event organized by the Hindu Action Front is probably to highlight the plights of Malaysians of Indian origin with regards to marginalization, demolishment of Hindu temples, etc.

Sad to note that some segments of the Indian community had to resort to the street to seek attention for alleged unfair treatments by the political establishment. Do Malaysians of Indian origin have the rightful grievances to go to the street to voice their plights ad frustrations ? I would like to assume that no right minded people will resort to street demonstration if they are well treated and accorded with equal rights. I do sincerely hope that, as Malaysians, we can one day discard our immoral mentality of dividing ourselves along racial lines. Malaysians had been going around championing human rights and equality in other parts of the world, but look like we are not even able to listen to our own hearts to accord fair treatments to our own country men and women.

To be fair to the Indian community, they had unselfishly contributed substantially to the positive development of Malaysia. Without the Indian, we would not have our plantation industry. Without the Indian, we would not even have the railway and roads that serve the foundation of our modern transportation infrastructure. And similarly, the Indians had also contributed substantially to engineering, modern medicines, commerce, and various sectors of our economy. Without doubts, the Indians are the most patriotic and loyal Malaysians. Let's all take note of their contributions, have noble hearts to feel their frustrations, and fair eyes to see their hardships. Without any biased chauvinistic interests, let us listen to their grievances and accord them the fair remedies.

We are all Malaysians born in this blessed land, why do some of us still want to make ourselves looking like institutionalized pariahs in the eyes of the world by degrading ourselves along the lines of religion, race, and culture. We should all stand united as Malaysian to defend the integrity and sovereignty of our nation. Similarly, when comes to distribution of wealth and privileges, why do we need to go below the level of indecency and immorality to divide ourselves to satiate our self serving greeds and indecencies ?

Do not do unto unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. Let us all have the determination to have a good sleep tonight, and wake up tomorrow morning enlightened with fair eyes for humanity. May the Almighty bless all of us with the grace and righteousness to treat each other fairly, to respect and be respected, and, to love and be loved.

From my bleeding heart, I would like to offer this Buddhist refuge prayer for all :

At the foot of the Bodhi tree,
beautifully seated, peaceful and smiling,
the living source of understanding and compassion,
to the Buddha I go for refuge.

The path of mindful living,
leading to healing, joy and enlightenment,
the way of peace,
to the Dharma I go for refuge.

The loving and supporting community of practice,
realizing harmony, awareness, and liberation,
to the Sangha I go for refuge.

I am aware that the three gems are within my heart.
I vow to realize them.
I vow to practice mindful breathing and smiling,
looking deeply into things.
I vow to understand living beings and their suffering,
to cultivate compassion and loving kindness,
and to practice joy and equanimity.

I vow to offer joy to one person in the morning
and to help relieve the grief of one person in the afternoon.
I vow to live simply and sanely, content with just a few possessions,
and to keep my body healthy.
I vow to let go of all worries and anxiety
in order to be light and free.

I am aware that I owe much to my parents,
teachers, friends and all beings.
I vow to be worthy of their trust,
to practice wholeheartedly,
so that understanding and compassion will flower,
and i can help living beings be free from their suffering.
May the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha
support my efforts.

The politic of senility

I read with great amusement that, the President of Zimbabwe, alleged that the British government planned to invade his fatherland. He claimed that he had deployed troops to combat the British troops. The invasion was averted because the British feared the fire power of the Zimbabwe's troop. Read HERE.

Maybe I had been reading too many biased news from western sources. My understanding is, Zimbabwe is a failed state, where its government is incapable to manage the country's economy. Inflation are above thousand percentage points, and the government is preoccupying themselves with confiscating productive farm lands in the name of social justice. At one time, the cronies of the president even go to extend of seeking donations from Zimbabweans to cerebrate the president's birthday. While the rest of the Zimbabweans are worrying about putting basic staple foods on the tables and finding meaningful employment, the government of Zimbabwe seemed to think that the best way to resolved its economic problems is by drumming up emotional rhetorics and fantasized invasion from foreign countries to stir patriotism in the hope of sustaining their political survival.

Perhaps, the Zimbabwe government had taken a page from a latino book. A few months back, the president of a latino country ordered hundreds of snipers to be deployed in various buildings in the capital city because he claimed that the American troops are on their way to invade the city ! I got this funny feeling that, fantasized invasion by foreign enemies, is still the number one political propaganda used by some rogue politicians to stir blind emotional support for their failed policies and incompetency. I really pity the citizens of these failed countries.

Dictators and tyrants of third world countries seemed to have unlimited self-serving abilities to divert attention on domestic fiasco and sufferings to focus on outside “enemies”. Defending the sovereignty of the country, defending the honour of religion, defending the racial rights, etc. Without doubts, these criminally stupid rhetorics seemed to be the favorite and proven irrational tools to rally the narrow-minded idiots and parasites! How low can these pariahs go to hoodwink their country's men and women to sustain their parasitic and immoral stays in office ? History tends to repeats itself. These madness has gone too far and is already becoming a menace to humanity. But idiots and farkers don't seemed to learn at all !

This world is full of narrow-minded people with hypocrisies and misplaced priorities. The elites will continue to enjoy freedom of information, while the rest must toe the line of freedom from information. In some countries, it is insensitive and politically incorrect to demand respect for human rights and equality ! Senility is always part and parcel of the sad state of humanity.

"He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." and “Tyranny is always better organized than freedom” ( Charles Peguy )

Good NiteZzzzzz...................

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Of beers and stupidities

Recently, I decided to have a quick dinner at a nearby open air coffee shop. Not long after I took a table and placed my order, a group of Chinese men and women came in and occupied two tables. There are probably 6 men with age ranging from 45 to 55, and 4 women with thick make-up of cheap cosmetic and irritating smell of cheap perfume. These women look like cheap prostitute pick up from somewhere to join the men for some cheap beer drinking session.

To cut the story short, these men and women looked like a group of old buddies trying to have a casual gathering, they ordered beers and started their rowdy drinking and cheering each other on. After a few glasses, some of them started to challenge each other to see who can drink more, but their annoying laughters still lingering around. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, there are breaking noises of glasses and bottles, the men start challenging each other to fist fights and throwing verbal abuses at each others, a violent fist fights was started. The rest of the customers in the coffee shop quickly abandoned their tables and stay away at a safe distant. The coffee shop owner and workers moved in to separate these drunkards, but the shouting of verbal profanity at each other continued.

These ugly incidences resulting from excessive alcohol consumptions are not unusual in Malaysia. There has been too many similar incident of pub brawls and fist fights resulting in unneccesary deaths and injuries. People just don't seemed to have the ability to learn from these painful and uncivilized behaviors. A bunch of inconsiderate adults trying their level best to established acceptance of their abnormal social behaviors in public ! I shake my head...

Sometimes, I guess we have to accept the fact that, there are always life's rejects in our society. With too much ego, stupid pride, and their unwillingness to face real life problems, these rejects probably have no success in life to boast to their friends. They actually think that they can gain respect and recognition by showing others how much their pot bellies can take the alcohol. I guess, they are basically a bunch of primates in perpetual self denial of their inferiority complex, alcohol seemed to be the only mean to acquire the misplaced confidence to glorify their ability for excessive consumption of cheap alcohols.

Sorry for my insensitivity to drunkards. But, the fact of the matter is, these drunkards are basically a bunch of parasites incapable of taking responsibility and unwilling to face problems in their life. If they can waste so much money getting themselves intoxicated, why can't they use the money to buy foods home ? If they can spend so much time whoring themselves with intoxicated people, why can't they spend the time with their family members to improve the quality of their relationships ?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Vision for 2057

I had a dream..... I woke up, and I was told to go back to sleep to dream on....

In this bolihland, we are all living in a land of many fantasies of great visions and missions of the future. Sadly, for the present, we are of no substance, but only capable of generating loud farting noises from beating empty drums to achieve euphoric shiokism. Our political leaders are a bunch of fantastic dream merchants. In the past, we danced to the beats of bolihism. Now, in search of never ending dreams, we are beginning to learn to rock with the hip hop music of kiasuism. Many years ago, we were promised perfect vision by year 2020, then came another dream merchant, who promised great social developments and prosperity by extending another 50 years to the 2020 to 2057. What had done to prepare ourselves to achieved this great mission of 2057 ? One thing for sure, we are pretty good at drumming and strumming the music of race and religion to seek to sustain our unconscious incompetency and a pride that is lesser in size than the balls hanging between our legs. Well, we can go on lying on the bed masturbating in dreamy state, and I doubt we can ever achieve that momentary pleasurable orgasms. Dream on baby.....

Perhaps, maybe by the year 2057, with the aids of Multimedia Super Corridor, we will become a digital society. By that time, we are either a citizens or a digizen in a digitally divided nation. Each and everyone of us will be assigned an Avatar to conduct our daily affairs in virtual reality.

By that time, maybe we can give all those unconsciously incompetence politicians a digital login name for Facebook, Second Life, Ragnarouk, etc. Let them be the digizens of virtual reality to conduct their racial rhetorics, religious intolerances, warfares and aggressions, etc. in a confined space of cyber lunacy.

Perhaps by the year 2057, with all those people practicing the world's second oldest profession contained in the virtual reality of the cyber world, the world will be a much more safer, peaceful, friendly, and prosperous place.

From now to 2057, I sincerely hope all those politicians who practised racial politics to seek popularity and perpetuate their corrupted life styles can be enlightened by their righteous Gods to discard their despicable acts. Asking me to keep on dreaming to year 2020, then 2057 ? Forget it ! Why not for the time being, all of us learn how to respect human rights and live an honorable and ethical life. A small righteous step forward is a big leap into prosperous and meritorious Malaysia.

By the year 2057, I presumed all those faked religious and racist fagots were already dead and rotted in hell ! I will probably residing in heaven looking down on this beautiful blue marble. Hopefully, issues of race, religion, and culture will no longer be exploited by racial pariahs to sustain selfish and immoral agenda. With the maturity of times, Malaysians will become true Malaysians living in prosperity, harmony, equality, and unity. Sincerely, this is my hope and prayer for Malaysia and future Malaysians – A united and secular nation of righteous people with integrity and morality.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stupid is as stupid does...

At the closing session of the Ibero-American summit held in Santiago, Chile, despite having his microphone being turned off, Venezuelean's President Hugo Chavez repeatedly tried to interrupt the session. Spain's King Juan Carlos affirmatively told Venezuelean President Hugo Chavez to “WHY DON't YOU SHUT UP ?

Never in the history of any international forum, the host had to resort to turn off the microphone of the presedent of any country. And it is equally unprecedented to have a president of any country to be disgraced and told to shut-up. I just wonder, how come some politicians are so thick skinned and shameless to parade themselves like monkeys to the world. Honestly, I think the King of Spain is right and appropriate to tell Hugo Chavez to Shut Up. Yah, why can't he shut up ? I think the whole world is nauseated with all those forked tongues mental retards going around the world to champion human rights in other countries. Why can't these idiots practice what they preached in their own countries first ?

But again, this world is full of weasel words, forked tongues, and two faces people That's what make them “so popular” in the land of the blinds where the one eye get persecuted and the “oppositions” are all in jails. Ahh... no wonder some of these people can become a “democratically” elected president for life.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The road less travelled

When I first graduated in the 80's with an undergraduate degree, I though I would be having a easy and relax career. With my basic paper qualifications, I have no problem getting a job in the local IT industry. During those early years, the IT industry is a “glamorous” industry. People tends to gave you a nice perception of your super qualifications and your perceived ability to handle the miracle machine called computer. But, behind all those nice perceptions, it is hardwork all the way..... I started work at 9:00am and finished work way past 12:00 mid night, almost 6 days a week, with Sunday worrying about how to resolve problems for coming weeks. They said, this is part of professional commitment to the work. Somehow, many years down the road, I began to realize that I need to break this monotonous cycle of work habits, otherwise I would end up dying young. True enough, I suffered from major work related stress at the age of 32. By that time, I already started a family with a young son.

I resigned from my job, took a few months break to ponder my next course of direction. During those short break, I was head hunted and received many job offers of senior managerial position. Sad to acknowledge that, as much as I enjoy working for people, although my mind is willing, but my heart is not there to take on another challenge. I realized that, as much as I want to have a successful career, it is equally important that I keep myself holistic for my family.

I took the road less travelled, I invested all my savings to start a business on my own. It was not easy to start and maintain the business, but I have the privilege and comfort to decide the pace of workflow. I have a simple philosophy of maintaining an ethical margin and not to overload ourselves with unnecessary sales quota. I decided that, by 5:30PM everyday, everybody must go home to be with the family. I prohibit unhealthy entertainment such as entertaining the customers at night clubs or pubs. I honestly believe in right living, and that only incompetent people resort to get themselves and others influenced by alcohol to secure business. To me, business secured in this manner is an unacceptable form of livelihood. I even closed down a profitable associate company when I realized that the business practices infringed my basic principle of morality. As far as I am concern, I do not need to subject myself to unethical practices to secure short term benefits. Over the past 15 years, although we did had our fair share of ups and downs, but overall speaking, we had sufficient business to keep the business going, and gain respectable recognitions from our customers. Looking back, putting aside some bad experiences and betrayals from some dishonest people, life for us, have been good. I am looking forward to my early retirement in 2 years times. Hopefully, the good angels can grant me a healthy body for the rest of my life to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

In life, I do sincerely believe that everything happened for a reason. It is our purpose of life to live through those reasons. Good or bad, this are all part and parcel of the reflections of karma from our previous life. What matter most is, we have to adapt to this life as practical and as ethical as possible to the resulting vipakka to generate good karma for our next life.

There will come a time in our journey called life where the single road shall diverge into multiple directions, but, as a traveller of life, we can only pick one route. The roads we took may be less travelled by others, but all roads lead to the truth of our being. Whether we like it or not, consciously or unconsciously, we are basically living our daily life in search of truth and our purpose of life. I do honestly believed, when confronted with the need to make a choice, one should never hesitates to make a decision. By courageously and ethically accepting and embracing our own decision, the truth is out there for us to confront uncertainties. And we, by our own doing, shall be able to stamp our mark and made the difference for others to follow.

We are what we are because we are destined to take the road less travelled and to lead a life less ordinary. In the process of living life, let us all enjoy the experiences and live life to he best of our abilities. Life is a many splendoured thing, now, dare yourself to go out there to love and be loved, to change and be changed, to make a difference, and let the party begins........

Monday, November 12, 2007

Those Crazy Chinese

I read the following in ChinaDaily Online Community :


Man, you gotta love those crazy Chinese. My air conditioner broke the other day. The guy turns up to fix it.

We're on the 19th floor so he looks out the window at the unit perched outside on 2 foot wide concrete shelf that sits in mid air.

Big smile, reaches into his bag and pulls out a piece of rope and ties it around his waste. Hmm, what to do with the other end?

Ohhh, he hooks it over the top of the flimsy bathroom window which could carry the body weight of a large rat at best.

That's it, in a second he's out their, through the small bathroom window, slings himself up 4 feet to the 2 foot wide concrete block, and he's out there working.

He is perched 19 floors up on a 2 foot wide slab and it's been raining. There is no safety at all.

How does he handle such hardship every day?

He starts singing his favourite Chinese song. He's still humming to himself now and I still feel dizzy watching him from the safety of my own window. Later I quiz him about the safety. He says he's been doing this job for 7 years and no problem with a big grin.

So, when I hear those dribbling foreigners that are spoiled and fat and condescending as they prattle about their democracy and other general bullsh&t…….. I often think to myself.... You %$#@# idiot, you really have no conception of what it is like to be a Chinese person living in China today

You are so spoiled and babied by your family and society that you have no idea how most of the world lives as you sprout you condescending cr@p about freedom of speech and your second rate democracy.

I say to you, get a life and leave the Chinese people to live theirs. Right now they are interested in improving there everyday life and maybe sending money back to their family in the village. Your probably trying to charge your parents to mow their lawn. ...."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rob Bin Hood

General Elections is coming... so here come a bunch of parasites trying to champion the poor with various political engineering. It was suggested at a political gathering that the “Rich” must pay More, and the “poor” pay Less for petrol. Now the government machineries are looking into ways of making this political scheming realized. The question is, are these politicians seriously and honestly interested to help the poors ?

Malaysia is not a socialist country, neither it is a communist country. We are a democratic country based on free enterprise spirit. Naturally, when you work harder, willing to take risks, and creative in getting things done, you will make more money if you made it. But because you worked hard and made more money, the politicians seemed to think it is okay to do some price discrimination on you. What if you failed in your business ventures ? Is it then acceptable to force Mercedez, BMW, and Volvo vehicle owners to pay higher petrol price compared to Proton car owners ? Is it okay to allow the “Mat Rempits” to enjoy cheaper petrol and encourage more hell ridings on the streets ? Or perhaps, maybe by extending the social contract to imitate the housing prices where non bumiputra pay higher prices for petrol ?

We seemed to think that it is okay to rob the rights of others under the guise of whatever agenda we think it is justifiable to extend our political popularity. It is this kind of entitlement mentality that give rise to indiscriminate breeding of rent seekers. I just sincerely hope that this proposal for price discrimination on petrol will not eventually turned into a racial based pricing policy. We are not a communist country, so let us not be deluded to think that it is okay to discriminate the perceived rich under the pretext of helping the poor. We respect human rights, so let us not be so despicable to think that it is okay to discriminate others based on religion, race, and culture.

The issues the politicians should indulged themselves are to formulate policies and infrastructure to lower the cost of living, lower the cost of doing business, and reduce the bureaucratic procedure to make the economic environment more business friendly. Stones stepping on emotional issues of blaming the rich for the politicians mismanagement of economy is totally unacceptable and despicable. And, I think it is equally immoral and despicable for racial pariahs to perpetually harping on racial and religious issues to perpetuate their stay in power. Please wake up and be accountable for your actions.

Helping the poor ? The question is, who are the poors in Malaysia ? Over the previous 20 years, what had been done to help the poor ? It is sad to note that thousand of legal professionals marched into Palace of Justice to demand Judicial accountability. It is extremely sad to also note that 100,000 Malaysians from all walks of life resorted to go into street in peaceful rally to express their suppressed dissatisfactions and demanded accountabilities from the government on November 10, 2007. Perhaps, the elites and rich politicians has been out of touch with realities and spending too much times hiding in their coconut shelves decadently dividing the racial cakes among themselves. It break my heart to see police firing tear gas and chemically laced water canon into the peaceful rally to disperse the crowd and drown the voices of people. And yet, our pariahs seemed to think that Malaysia now has the moral rights to criticize the tyrannical affairs of Burma and Pakistan.

“Saya pantang dicabar” or in English “It is a taboo to challenge me” ? May I humbly request the politicians not too be so arrogant to challenge the rights of the people, because “Rakyat pantang dicabar” !

Hear, Hear, hear, Daulat Tuanku, Hidup Rakyat Malaysia !!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's a dog day today.....

Every dog has his day. And the day is the Second day of Deepavali. In Nepal, on the second day of the restival of Tihar, special honours (Kukur Pooja) is bestowed on dogs. Even the street dogs are worshipped and garlanded. Dogs are not only men's best friends, in Hindu beliefs, dogs are the only designated holy animal to accompany Dharmaraj Yudhisthir on his journey to heaven. Dogs are also assigned the heavy responsibility to guard the underworld (Yama).

Have you hug your dog today ? So, for today, show some respect, affection, and prepare a good meal for your dog.

I am going to home now to buy some favorite foods for my poodles..... Namo Amithaba Buddha

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ooop, honey I farted.......

But again, it is my rights to fart ! Please respect my rights to fart, and be sensitive to my needs to fart....

It is indeed amusing to be entertained by wannabe politicians waving short swords in the air to seek support and to portray themselves as communal champions. As far as I am concerned, waving of any weapon in front of a group of unarmed audiences is not only offensive, but it also demonstrate ill mannerism and backwardness. Am I supposed to feel proud and not be offended by this initmidating uncultured act ? In this modern age, civilized people do not carry weapon such as knife, short sword, or gun to intimidate others. Only hooligans, gangsters, and uncultured barbarians resort to carry weapons to intimidate others. And those who draw sword will eventually die by the sword. Therefore, a civilized and cultured man will never raise a short sword above his head, wave it, and shouting emotional rhetorics in public.

Do I feel threatened by this uncultured act of public waving of short sword by communal pariahs ? No. It is their rights to moronized their regressive stupidity in public. Let them be, eventually they will burp foul breaths through their mouth, smelly farting through their real orifices, and be the first one to breath in their own contaminated air.

Traditionally, a short sword symbolizes phallic masculinity. The Latin word for sword is "gladius" or in English, “Penis”. Therefore, only a person with inferiority complex resort to kiss, then attempt to wave his little penis to glorify his little manhood. Would you respect a mentally derailed exhibitionist ? Am I being insensitive if I started to laugh at the exhibitionist's symbolic glorification of his lack of manhood and inferiority complex ?

In ancient Japan, the warrior carried a hidden wakizashi ( short sword ), and only draw it to commit seppuku ( suicide, harakiri, etc ) when he is defeated.. In ancient China, when an army general dreamed of waving a short sword in the air, It usually meant defeat is imminent, and there shall be death in the “family”. Symbolically, when a man point his short sword skyward, it basically symbolized a desperate man seeking to challenge heaven ( God ) because he has lost faith in his religion.

It is uncultured and childish trying to intimidate others with foolish act of glorified stupidity. But if these idiots felt that it is their rights to draw and wave their little short swords, by all means, please draw it, and masturbated with it in the privacy of their own home. By the way, the Auditor General did mentioned that we bought expensive screw drivers, may be they should used it also to screw themselves into perverted orgasms. Would they feel offended if others raised and waved their glorious and mythical GuanGong's long sword of justice, righteousness, and equality at them ?

We go around demanding others to respect our sensitivities, how about we keep our part of the bargain first by not being insensitive to others ? For a start, how about everybody put aside all those uncivilized and barbaric weapons, talk civilized language, act ethically, learn how to shake each other hand, and hug each other ?

Wah Sala Boh Ai lang Kong.... Boh Lang kong wau sala ?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Life's Journey ?

to be alive for years,
yet when finality descends,
would we be able to depart,
with purpose accomplished ?

We live the days,
as if death were nowhere.
We immortalized selfish agenda,
relentlessly pursuit wealth and power,
and seeking recognition of accomplishments.
there shall come a time,
we shall travel long and far,
to seek that distance glorious lights,
finding our way home to Almighty's eternal paradise.

With a tired body in eternal rest,
and soul set free from this realm,
would we be able to bid farewell,
to all the people we once loved ?
Would we be able to seek forgiveness
to all the people we once wronged ?

The musicians fiddle the riddles.
Friends and loved one
whisper silent prayer.
Down into the darkness of grave.
Can we hear ?
Can we feel ?
Can we realize ?
What fool we once were ?

Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Most beautiful bottom of the world

What's that ? A pair of capati, pancakes, twin peaks of mount Sinai ? No, that's an ass ! Not just any ass. An award winning ass. That piece of ass belongs to Kristina Dimitrova of Bulgaria. She beat 42 finalists from 26 countries to win the “most beautiful bottom of the world” in a contest held in Munich Germany on October 31, 2007.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A bracelet that improves blood flow and strength ?

I had personally being invited by well intended friends over the previous few years to tried out and buy “magical bracelet”. The bracelet is supposed to improve my strength when I wear it. To convince me, they asked me to hold my thumb and first finger into an “O” shape, then they will to show me how easy for them to break the “o” Shape. They will then asked me to put on the bracelet, and repeat the demonstration again to show me how difficult it is for them to break the “o” shape after I put on the bracelet.

Well, it does impressed me initially how this little bracelet can do wonder to improve my strength. But as a logical man, I just don't buy the idea of a little piece of bracelet can improve my overall physical wellbeing. Moreover, these bracelets don't come cheap. Sometimes, I do wonder why some people are so gullible to believe in this unscientific hocus pocus.

It is interesting to read an article in Mainichi news where a company president and six others of Sankyo Corporation were arrested by Chiba Prefecture Police on suspicion of selling expensive bracelets with the claim that the bracelet can improve blood flow.

According to the police, the suspects sold more than 2.45 billion yen of bracelets to more than 8000 people since 2004. “....They allegedly took blood samples from customers before and after they wore the bracelets and showed them the results of "tests" through a microscope. By pushing down on a glass plate that held the "after" sample, they made it appear as if there was more space between blood cells, to give the impression that the person's blood was flowing more smoothly...

What next ? A magnetized ring that allow you to have longer erections ? A carbonized shoes that makes you run faster ? A wonder bra that prevent breasts sagging ? Well, human minds have thousand and one ingenuities and new products to make you part with your hard earned money.

So, next time, when some well intended people approach you to buy a magical bracelet, a mattress charged with negative ions, a water dispenser that remove “all impurities” from the water, or some funny mythical gadget, please hold tight to your money.

The best way to have a healthy body is to eat a balance diet and adopt a healthy life style.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

In the name of development.....

SAD !!! Another Hindu temple has been demolished ! To whoever it may concerned, show some self respect to your own religion, please stop destroying other people's places of worships.

On Tuesday, November 1st 2007, the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple located in Kampung Karuppiah, Padang Jawa, Shah Alam, was demolished by the local town council. I understand that Hinduism is a minority religion in Malaysians. But, there is a need to respect the rights of others to practise other religions. It is clearly an insensitive and uncultured act by the local town council to destroy the Hindu temple without consulting the local residents. During the demolition, many resident protested the action of the local town council, several people were injured and arrested.

When we said we respect freedom of religion, are we unashamedly showcasing our talent in forked tongues immoralities and indecencies ? To what extend are we willing to defend the rights of other Malaysians to practise their religions in Malaysia ? It made me puke to see some Malaysians going around the world wanting to be perceived as champions of international human rights, but are incapable to respect human rights in their own country. I think I am getting a bit fed up of all these crying babies going the world demanding sensitivity to their religion, but on the other hand, they themselves demonstrate blatant disrespect and insensitivity to other religions. Perhaps, pariahisms is the ingrained religious values for some oxymorons.

Destroying a temple under any circumstances or reasons is by itself an immoral act. Sad to note that a sacred place for worship has been destroyed without due consideration to the spiritual needs of local residents. My frank opinion is, people who show no respect for places of worships are basically uncultured barbarians.

I joined millions of Hindu brothers and sisters to pray to the good angels that enough donations will pour in and an alternative site allocated to built a NEW, BIGGER, and MORE IMPRESSIVE Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. I am not a Hindu, but I do love the see the unique architecture of Hindu temples. Hindu temples are the most beautiful and cultured places in the world. I do sincerely hope the Malaysia Indian Congress can initiate more political and social actions to built more Hindu temples in Malaysia.

May the almighty forgive those who destroys places of worship. Om Mani Pedm Hum......

Friday, November 02, 2007

A moment to reflect

Age must be catching up on me. Of late, my mind has been involuntarily and unconsciously drifted into the past trying to connect present events to past happenings. These has happened too often. My wife called it day dreaming, and as a positive person, I called it reflections of life. Or am I slowly drifting into senility ? Could this be part and parcel of human's journey, where, when you grow older, you tend to make sense of the growing urges of spiritual belongings ? In search of truth in life ?

Somehow, strangely, I am beginning to have a liking to listen to FM radio. And equally surprising, I am also beginning to like the late Teresa Teng's song and all those so called golden oldies. And habitually, I had acquired the liking for flipping through those those old photographs, allowing them to flicker my memories. Those old photographs remind me of the various stages of my journey in Life; graduation from the university, my marriage, birth of my children, birthday celebrations, and holidays.

When I was young, my dad used to tell me, to be successful in life, I must have dreams, and lots of dreams. But on the practical side, in order to have a dream, I must go to sleep first. So, as a result, I end up having many good night sleeps. Well, I guess as I grow older, time is also running short. There are no point having too many dreams and ending up accomplishing nothing significant. I will have to stay awake now to make do with what I have, and live life to the fullest. In the mean time, I always believe, whatever I am destined to be, this journey of life will lead me there. If something is meant to be, it will be.

All those years of overjealously protecting my children's growing up and the desires to see them becoming independent has bear results. My children are now fiercely independent, but I am now living like a commander with no soldiers to take my instructions. A commander who overcame most of life challenges and pitfalls, now must graciously adapt into a new role and the transition into another phase of life as an observer rather than the driver.

Whether I like it or not, at the end of the day, life will always be a lesson imperfectly learned. Life by itself, is not intended to be a journey of gliding safely to the grave in a pristine and well-preserved body. It is a roller coaster ride ! I would love to be able to shout out “ Wow, what a ride !” before I let go off my last breath.

Ah... another lunch time's incoherent ranting ! Whatever it is, I do wish all of you a good day ahead.........

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Life is good !!

I received this joke in my mail box today. Enjoy !!!!

An old lady was standing at the railing of the cruise ship holding her hat tight so that it would not blow away in the wind. A gentleman approached her and said, "Pardon me, madam. I do not intend to be forward but did you know that your dress is blowing up in this high wind?"

"Yes, I know," said the lady. "I need both my hands to hold onto this hat."

"But madam, you must know that you are not wearing any panties and your privates are exposed!" said the gentleman in earnest.

The woman looked down, then back up at the man and replied, "Sir, anything you see down there is 85 years old. I just bought this hat yesterday!"