Sunday, July 30, 2006

Most beautiful women ?

Beside being grumpy and intentionally long winded in making unqualified and biased commentaries, I do have a soft tendency - watching beautiful women ! It is not an obsession, but nevertheless, I do have my occasional fantasy for beautiful women. Which man don't ? After all, isn't that God's intention to create beautiful things for "man"kind to enjoy and appreciate. Labelled me or called me whatever you want, please do respect my rights for a little bit of harmless visual adventuring and diversion in all things beautiful. Here goes the 10 most beautiful women in the kwai-lan kwai loh's world according to :
  1. Laetitia Casta
  2. Pamela Anderson
  3. Heidi Klum
  4. Elle MacPherson
  5. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  6. Elsa Benitez
  7. Angie Everhart
  8. Maria Grazia Cucinotta
  9. Elizabeth Hurley
  10. Cindy Crawford
Funny, I don't find these women beautiful as in "real beautiful". Maybe age is catching-up, shortsightedness in eye sights, or I have bad tastes for beauties. Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I happened to be one of those unsophisticated beholders, I have my own yardstick for judging beauties. Want to know ? Perhaps not, you may end-up being lead into a long lesson of erotic fusing of western's and eastern's Karmal your Sutra and Master your Johnson, or vice versa, or whatever. However, I would rather accept pornstars such as Briana Banks, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Devon, Silvia Saint, Amber Michaels, Brittney Skye, Tawny Roberts, Krystal Steal, and Crissy Moran as the top 10 most beautiful women in the world ! No pretension and definitely unpretentious, what you is what you get ! And, what I see is, Wow............... Uummmmppp..... Ahhh......
Anyway, I have no intention to be a pornographer at this point of time. The point is, men do have occasional differences in quantifying and qualifying beautiful women. That is currently the most cultured disagreement among men, at least they don't go into war or conduct terrorism campaigns because some lunatics may think that we disrespect them by not classifying their women as beautiful. One man's meat is another man's erotic fantasy ?

Let me digress a bit into a not so beautiful silent rage. I read the local newspaper yesterday, my understanding is, the print media has been censored, the electronic media is about to be censored, now hopefully they won't tag a microchip into my brains to censored my mind in the future ? Looks like we are approaching the Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Erotic intimacy is one of the world most sought after subject, and it has been also one of the world most prohibitive subject. What a contradiction of needs and values. And there are actually unconsciously incapable perverts out there thinking that it is their moral rights to monitor and censor your thoughts and words in the name of protecting public interests and national security. I guess UNHCR and United Nations should formally request insecure governments to hands-off the Internet.

Now, back to the subject of beautiful women, I am definitely not an MCP out there to degrade women by treating them as "sex object". But truth of matter is, I do occasionally think of some women as "beautiful sexually desirable objects" ? The great oriental scholar and philosopher, Confucius, once made the famous statement " Food and Sex yeah ! " ( 食,色,性也 ! ). I guess it is okay for me to be "sexually motivated" after sinfully delicious meals. After all, who am I to dispute this time proven statement of Confucius ? At least, I am unpretentious about my hidden perversion for erotic desires.

You have problem with that ? Say whatever you want, I am going off for my meals..........

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hooligans, I shake my head.....

I read the news article ( “Thousands protest against Israeli aggression” NST, 29th Jul 2006. By Arman Ahmad) on the local newspaper today, sad to note that, increasingly, Malaysians has resorted to bringing to the streets their ill-mannered hooliganisms and mobbing mentalities. Disturbingly they are indeed very proud to show to the world their pea brains intelligence demonstrating on the street shouting naive slogans and waving fists in the air. Perhaps Biadabism is more appropriate terminology to relate to these demonstrators’ ignorances and shallow mindedness.

I sincerely doubt this demonstrator have the intellectual capabilities to understand the sophistication of the middle east problems. A small group of blinded Malaysians with limited understandings trying to show the world their stupidity in taking side that indirectly perpetuating violences in Middle East.

Without sugar, my coffee does indeed taste very bitter ! Who should I blame ?

The truth of the matter is, there are 26 millions Malaysians. A few hundreds ( maybe a few thousands ) of ill mannered hooligans leaded by political desperado demonstrating on the street with the intention of inciting hatreds is not a true reflections of Malaysians' feeling on the issues. The majority of silent Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, condemned these kurang ajar hooligans mobs' mentality. Malaysia of all races blamed this group of street hooligans for inciting and instigating further hatreds and violences around the world.

With regards to the middle east conflicts, I doubt these demonstrators have the moral standings and righteousness to showcase their disproportionately biased and inappropriate opinions ? Majority of Malaysians have refrained from taking side because we are in no position to understand the intricate issues involved in that land of the perpetual warfares. What we do not understand, we should not comment and be opinionated inappropriately. These hooligans' glaringly biased attempts to take side and instigating hatred of masses against another side purely on the basis of personal biases or misguided understandings is completely not appreciated by peace loving Malaysians. The violences in Middle East is not a conflicts of religion issues. It has been an issue of war mongering by unreasonable and perverted people using innocent people as human shields seeking to destroy each others.

I am indeed very surprised that, there are misguided souls in Malaysia, perhaps with immoral intentions, seeking to capitalize on this issue to seek greater personal publicities. I am also equally surprised that, there are actually stupidized and moronized pea-brains willing to be influenced into misplaced angers to cheer on the conflicting parties, thus indirectly encouraging and instigating more violences and genocide against humanity.

Majority of Malaysians condemned these pseudo-educated hooligans hijacking the true feelings of Malaysian to conduct despicable demonstrations on the streets of Malaysia and making inappropriate emotional statements of support. A cultured and civilized nation do not resort to street mobbing to sensationalize unacceptable and biased emotional expressions. Moreover, what happened in Middle East is none of our concerns. Please have the basic decency to let the people in Middle East to resolve their own family problems. What we should do in Malaysia is to manage our own conducts appropriately !

It has been more than a month that I am not even able to buy 1 Kg of sugar. It is getting very ridiculous to go on drinking my cup of coffee without sugar. Of course it is bitter ! Looking at the published pictures of these "nothing better to do" lunatics on the street makes me shake my head with sadness.

Put your palm on the right side of your chest, feel your heartbeats, and truthfully ask yourself the question "Who started the conflict first ?". " Is it morally right for instigator and aggressor of violences to cry wolf and unashamedly claimed to be a victim ?" Read all side of the news from various international sources, and understand it objectively rather be blinded by emotionality. Please do not be mislead by biased media and misguided politicians to influence you into irrationalities. Innocent lives are murdered in other part of the world because of your stupidity in taking sides and in propagating immoral publicities for evil doers.

Aren't we got better things to do than going around seeking worldwide attention of our ill manners by burning other countries' flag and shouting like a bunch of monkeys on the streets. What kind of self respect do we have as a nation ? Mobs rules ? hooliganism reigns supreme ? Malaysia bolih in Biadabism ? Political acceptance of moral gangsterisms and hooliganisms ?

If you are a cultured people. If you are a civilized nation. If you are sincere in wanting to promote peace. If you love humanity. If you believe in God. Please offer quiet prayers for blessing, peace, and love to generate more positive energies for world peace. Mobbing and demonstrating on the streets are basically part of barbaric cultures adopted by forked tongues pari that serve only to generate more negative energies that encourage violences.

Sincerely, in running in masses on the street, where is your impartialities ? What is your ulterior motives in demonstrating on the streets ? Seeking popularity ? Seeking publicities ? Seeking awareness of your stupidity ? Seeking more violences ? or perhaps seeking new avenues to conduct emotional acceptance ?

May my big fat laughing Buddha radiates grace, love, and compassion to Humanity. Om Mani padme hom. Om namo Amithaba Buddha.

A Prayer for you....

I am not at my usual self again tonight ( or is it morning ? ). Time and space is sometimes an absurb manifestation of realities, and is no longer a matter of great concern to me. What is seemingly is, is at times apparently isn't. The relativity of how I confront and adapt to this encounter of dimensional parsing is of significant to me. To be able feel and not able see, to be able to sense and not able to smell, and to be able to know and not able to help is indeed a difficult path to enlightenment of self realizations.

It is going to be a long night. Perhaps, a night of intentional lapsing into temporary awareness of unintended ignorances for escapism from unproductive sleeps. Or maybe an intended semi concious simulation of a night of hallucinated visions of dancing feet in Nirvana. Funny, I sincerely do not know what is troubling me at this particular moment that is causing me into this unconsciously awakened state.....<

Fact of the matter is, over the previous one month or so, I have been troubled by the worldwide genocidal insanity and racial animosity, the catastrophic destructions delivered by awesome power of nature, and most important to me, my circle of friends are being afflicted with emotional and spiritual confrontations on the not so positive side.

I am only an insignificant capsule of energy in human form trapped in this cosmic relativities of the universe. But I am also a creation of God with human values. It has become increasingly painful to even read the news on the atrocities committed by the Israelis, Palestinian, and Hzebollah in the middle East. It is even more painful to see the faces of despairs of the victims of Indonesia's Tsunami. It is also equally frustrating to see desperate politicians committing despicable somersaults to prolong their popularity. There is nothing much I can do except to continue my random prayers for world peace, improvement of human morality, and the easing of sufferings faced by victims of natural disasters.

But, my friends, some casual acquaintances, some childhood's friends, some I considered brothers and sisters, and some very closed friends. There are times I am awakened abruptly in the middle of the night and alerted by the "attracted sensations" of the trauma some of my friends has gone through or about to be afflicted. God, I must be approaching insanity or suffering from hallucinations. Perhaps due to too much work pressures or perhaps due to too much negative news from around the worlds. Or perhaps due to my inability to control the state of my being, or perhaps.......

Whatever it is, I can choose to ignore atrocities committed insane lunatics in other part of the world, I can also choose to ignore the nature's calamities. I do not wish to be selectively selfish, but, the well beings of my circle of friends is of great concerns to me. While I do not share their triumphs and tribulations, but I share their emotional pains and spiritual misfortunes.

For all my afflicted friends out there, we are here for a purpose. What you go through now is merely a temporary lapsing into a trial of space and time. Please have greater faith in God, He who sees shall restore happiness, prosperity, and health to you. Your greater faith in GOD shall create a receptive reservoir to receive the graceful energies in great abundance to free you from fear and sufferings, be happy, and filled your hearts with love and kindness.

As a Buddhist, I would like to chant this script of Buddhist blessing and healing on your behalf in devotion to the kindness of Buddha :

Just as the soft rains fill the streams,
pour into the rivers and join together in the oceans,
so may the power of every moment of your goodness
flow forth to awaken and heal all beings,
Those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.

By the power of every moment of your goodness.
May your heart's wishes be soon fulfilled,
as completely shining as the bright full moon,
as magically as by a wish-fulfilling gem.

By the power of every moment of your goodness.
May all dangers be averted and all disease be gone.
May no obstacle come across your way.
May you enjoy fulfillment and long life.

For all in whose heart dwells respect,
who follow the wisdom and compassion, of the Way,
May your life prosper in the four blessings
of old age, beauty, happiness and strength.

Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum,
Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum,
Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum.
Om Namo Amithaba Buddha

Do me this little favour, recite this prayer for your friends, pass this prayer to your friends, and praise to the jewel in the lotus, may humanity overcome insanity to be forever blessed with everlasting peace and harmony.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hungry Ghosts Festival

The traditional Chinese Taoist's Halloween (中元節 - Chung Yuan, 盂蘭- Yulan, or "Por Tor") rituals is conducted annually on the 7th lunar month of the Lunar Calender. The 7th Lunar month is also known as Ghost Month ( 鬼月 ). This year "Por Tor" rituals starts on 25 July 2006 and peaks at eve of 8th August 2006. On the 25th July 2006, the gate of hell is open, and the wandering spirits and ghosts are allowed to roam on earth to cerebrate, revelring, feastings or whatever you called it. On the eve of 8th August, 2006, all spirits and ghosts are recalled back to hades and the gate of hell is officially closed until the next year.

During this period of ghostly month, it is a custom for Taoist to conduct prayers and offerings of foods, luxuries, and Hell's money in front of the house, business venues, temples, and special common area set by the local Chinese community to appease the wandering spirits, souls, and ghosts. In certain Chinese community's designated area for prayers, outdoor concerts and performances ( Kor Tai ) ranging from modern music to traditional Chinese opera are held to keep the "hungry ghosts" happy and entertained. During this period, BE WARNED !! it is dangerous to stay out from home after sunset to prevent your humanly energies crossing paths with the yin energies of the hungry ghosts. Don't laugh at my superstitiousness.... I heard enough of spooooooooky tales of encounters during this period of ghostly month. What you can't see can destroy you ! And one thing for sure, you should never mess around with the underworld !!!

Having said that, a piece of advise, DO NOT shift house, relocate office, doing renovations, change job, or having any form of celebrations during the 7th Lunar month. Going against this advise may caused you to have significant bad lucks and ill health for the rest of your life...

For this year, in addition to offer prayers to the "hungry ghosts", I would like to suggest all Taoists also burn some "pak kum" and "hell's money" to all those shallow minded racists, inferiority complexed hooligans, cultural morons, instigator of violences, and one track mind religious fanatics ! To me, these pokais are all hungry ghosts, hantus, "siu yen", and wandering spirits that needed to be given one way ticket to hell and and hopefully, the gate of hade shall never be reopened again for their misguided souls to roam on earth again.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Human rights abusers enforcing human rights compliances ?

United Nations Human Rights Council

On May 9 2006, the United Nations elected 47 countries to be the council members of the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Council replaced the previous ineffective United nations Human Rights Commission.

The 47 council member countries are Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bahrain , Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Djibouti,, Ecuador, Finland, France, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Zambia.

As a layman ignorant of international politics, I am indeed very surprised to see some of the world's alleged human rights abusers and countries with questionable human rights records are voted into the UNHRC. I do wonder how these questionable countries can demonstrate moral standings to preach, enforce, and maintain an ethical standard and respect for human rights at home and abroad.

Perhaps the UNHRC should prove to the world its sincere objective by first investigating the council member countries first. I do sincerely hope UNHRC would not be resorting into political compromises by redefining the definition of human rights standards to appease the council members who commit human rights abuses at home. A good reference point for righting human rights abuses is the document published by United Nations in December 10 1948 titled "Universal Declaration of Human Rights". This document is located HERE.

All the original 30 articles expressed in the Universal Declaration must be complied by all council members first. The UNHRC should demonstrate its political commitment and sincerity by delivering a committed time table to conduct impartial and independent investigatiosn of all council member countries. Any member country of the council who commit direct or indirect breaches of the 30 articles should be shamed, reprimanded, and evicted from the UNHRC. It is indeed sickening for some countries to unashamely and immorally commit blatant human rights abuses at home but yet felt that it is their rights to condemn other countries. Failures by the UNHRC to implement remedial actions of righting rights abuses by council members first may result in the further violations of human rights worldwide. Otherwise, the UNHRC will just end-up as another immoral political body for human rights violating countries to seek and lobby for membership into the council to appease each other and solicit immoral international support to further erode human rights standards at home.

As it is, the United Nations is already an ineffective organization lacking the moral and political power to enforce global peace. I sincerely do hope the new UNHRC have the moral and ethical standings, and the means, to eliminate human rights abuses in various part of the world. As a global citizen, I sincerely pray that forked tongues countries repenting their deliberate sinful inconsistencies to participate sincerely to raise the standards of human rights in their home countries and in the world.

May God bless the UNHRC with the moral convictions and sincerity to be the champion to carry the enlightened torch of hope to guide humanity out of the tunnel of despairs. Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Time to go to bed... Good NiteZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Let there be Peace......

In Middle East, talk is cheap, life is worthless, cowards are waging wars through their misguided proxies, but the sufferings of the innocents are real. Sadly, we still have a bunch of sadists and satanists around the world justifying their stand and taking sides to perpetuate human sufferings...... I was moved to tears when I saw the picture of a Lebanese father holding his dead infant son. And yet, despite the graphic details of sufferings, we have morally bankrupt politicians arguing about who is right, who is wrong, who should take the blame, and deciding which side they should support to gain further political popularity. Scums and maggots !

To those who sympathized with Israel actions and to those who sympathized with Hzebollah rights to launch attacks and kidnaps, I would like to say this to you. Stop being an asshole to world peace ! Stop whoring around with your faked and forked tongues righteousness !

From what I read in the Internet news, the Israelis complained that Hezbollah militants repeatedly launched series of rocket attacks into the territory of Israel, and went inside the territory of Israel to kidnapped two of its citizens. In the name of self defense, Israel retaliated by discharging its arsenal of modern weaponry into territory of southern Lebanon. Is this right ? Where is the civility of humanity ? The sovereignty of Lebanon has been instigated by Hezbollah to be abused by the mighty Israelis' armies. The Lebanese people suffered properties loses, lost of lives, and injuries. But the warring parties backed by rogued countries continued trading their destructive blows on the soils of Lebanon while the rest of the world watch in horror and in silent pains.

It is absurd that the Lebanese government has, in the first place, allowed itself to surrender the sovereignty of southern Lebanon to the a bunch of demented clerics and militants to operate criminal activities to launch attacks into Israel for years. When Israel attacked southern Lebanon to carve out a buffer security zone in defense, the Lebanese government now claimed that its sovereignty is disproportionately breached by Israel. By allowing the Hzebaollah militants to romp in Lebanon to launch indiscriminate attacks into neighbouring countries is in itself an indirect sponsorship of terrorisms by the Lebanese government. The Lebanese government must now send its army to southern Lebanon to engage, disarm, and evict the Hzebollah militants to show its sincereness to Lebanese people and the world that it want peace with her neighbours. The Lebanese government is responsible for bringing the current disproportionate sufferings to the Lebanese people. The sponsor of violences now cried wolf claiming that they are victims of aggressions ? Ridiculous ! A government that choose not to exercise its responsibility for sovereignty over its territory to maintain law and order in the first place is by itself an irresponsible government and not fit to govern.

The Israelis government may have a mighty army with arsenal of technologically advanced weapons. A country must behave with certain statehood's elegance and demostrate great restraints. It is wrong to discharge that fire powers into Lebanon using the slightest excuses. There is a United Nations, Israel should bring her grievances to United Nations before unilaterally interprets and executes international law. Yes, the process of righting the wrongs may take a long time, but once it is righted, peace shall prevail for even longer period. The Israelis' actions so far has not brought justices to any parties, but the innocent human beings are made to suffer through no faults of theirs. The Israelis tit-for-tat hard line engagements of fame and attention seeking lunatics is creating window of opportunities for terrors sponsoring states to legitimize their stay in powers and making this world a very dangerous place.

It is about time, the United Nations exercise its absolute authority by immediately deploying its peace keeping forces to Middle East to stop this insane carnages. The terrorists leaders, the head of state of the invading countries, and the head of state of the scummed supporting countries must be captured by the force to be send to the international war crimes tribunal to stand trials for crime against humanity and put them out of circulations.

The United Nations must not resort to kowtowing the super powers. The united Nations must not be afraid of the insane threats of religious groups and terrorists. The United Nations must banned and embargoed those countries hiding behind religions and false righteousness to justify their immoral actions that perpetuate wars and violences in the Middle East and other parts of the world. The United Nations must exert its authority as the international administrator nations.

The United Nations must take over the administration of Lebanese government to disarm and evict the Hezbollah militants from using Lebanon as launching pad to conduct military attacks on other countries. The United Nations must also reprimands and expels countries that provide financial and material supports to Hzebollah to conduct threatening activities. The United Nations definitely must punish Israel for taking inhumane unilateral actions that caused suffering to the Lebanese people.

The United Nations must immediately set-up a mechanism to hear complaints from member nations and take immediate step to punish rouged nations directly or indirect involved in disturbing the peace of the world. It is WRONG for Palestine to allow its militants to enter into Israel to capture its citizen as bargaining chip. It is wrong for Lebanon to allow its territory to be used by Hzebollah to launch rockets into the territory of Israel to initiate acts of wars. It is wrong for Lebanon to allow Hzebollah to use its soils as transit to enter into Israel to capture its citizen as political pawn. It is Equally wrong for Israel to take International Law into its own hand to launch barbaric attacks to cause human sufferings for innocent people.

Whether we like it or not, peace can never be negotiated or mediated in the Middle East. The only way to enforce peace in the Middle East is through vigorous deployment of large contingent of United Nations peace keeping force to conduct policing activities and to take over the administration of the governments there.

Let the United nations make the decisive decisions and take aggressive remedial peace keeping actions to end this carnages. And the decision must be made NOW. For the rest of the world, stop perpetuating more violences by your stupidity of showing sympathies and giving indirect support for the warring parties. Stop taking sides. Stop using religion to rally support for Hzebollah or Israel. Stop reporting loop sided news. It is a war between two criminal parties indirectly supported by some barbaric nations, it has nothing to do with religions. it is immoral and despicable to use religion as a political tool to justify for atrocities. Let the United Nations unmasked the peddlers of crimes and terrors against humanity.

Humanity is about compassionate acceptance and respect for each other to eliminate sufferings and perpetuating co-prosperities. Humanity is about cerebration of Life. Humanity is not about using wars and religions to establish supremacy of race, religion, and country over others. Humanity is not about destroying life or make life difficult for others. Humanity is not about filling the hearts of frustrated young people with hatreds. Humanity is not about brainwashing unemployed young men to become suicidal freedom fighters. Humanity is not about propagating the love for deaths........ I shake my head in disbelieve of the demented reality of those despicable maggots.......

We have hooligans and fame seeking lunatics living in comforts and luxuries urging their stupid and misguided followers to go around conducting warfares and terror acts on their behalf to support their comfortable lifestyles. Stupidity and insanity knows no limits ! United Nations, Where are you ? Don't subject yourself to become a forum for a bunch of insincere and revengeful mental retards to propagate hatreds and seeking support for their narrow minded political and religious adventurisms. Do the right things and do it NOW ! Sweep those demented clerics, bastards, and predators out from the hallway of United Nations and put them into the hall of shames. Send the Peace Keeping Force to enforce peace and enforce it seriously and vigorously.

On my bended knees, I would like to recite this Buddhist Prayer For Peace :

May all beings everywhere plagued
with sufferings of body and mind
quickly be freed from their illnesses.
May those frightened cease to be afraid,
and may those bound be free.
May the powerless find power,
and may people think of befriending one another.
May those who find themselves in trackless,
fearful wilderness ~
the children, the age, the unprotected ~
be guarded by beneficial celestials,
and may they swiftly attain Buddhahood

Sincerely, may there be lasting peace on earth.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

From malaysia with Love......

Over the past few months, I have received some comments on some of my postings in this blog. Sad to note that quite a number of comments are extreme racial slurs. One comment was about 4 pages long biasely criticizing a particular religion. Of course, I also received ignorant comments defending birth rights, special privileges, and supremacy of certain races. It has become very tedious to moderate and delete those comments that I sincerely believe is outright racist and inappropriate.

Honestly speaking, I have a sleeping disorder. Writing and posting personal opinions in this blog past mid-nights does help me to tire my mind easily and allow me to go to bed "early" to gain a few hours of "extra sleep". So writing on-line is indeed very therapeutic to me. At least, I can still go into sleep without having to worry about bombs being drop into my home by terrorists. Additionally, my personal objective of this web log is to document my personal observations, experiences, and my harmless musings, rantings, and raving of unqualified personal opinions. It is my sincere hope that if I can openly voice out my disagreements and my perceptions, the readers will be able to understand certain dilemmas face by Malaysians in a rational and objective manner. My sincere hope is that, at the end of day, we will able to transcend above the psychologically divisive lines of race, culture, and religion to forge better understandings and mutual respect. It is not my intention to breed hatreds and ill feelings in this web log. My apologies to those who has contributed comments in this web log but was intentionally deleted by me. BUT, I sincerely do want readers of this web log to continue to post comment on my postings. The only problem is, I do have a habit of judging "sensitivity" of others' comments. I do not want to sound arrogant, subjective, and be a hypocrite. but, I sincerely do appreciate occasional harmless insinuations for a good laugh but not abusive slurs against Malaysians of other ethnicity, culture, race, and religion. I also sincerely appreciate comments that can cool down my silent rages on certain issues. I am after all a human being with occasional biased tendencies.

Back to my intention of this posting. I do want to correct some misconceptions which some of my postings in this blog may generate. I am definitely not a racist or extremist. As a human being, I do have my occasional silent rages on some perceived injustices. I have my utmost respect for all established religions. However, I do have my occasional contempts for people using the good name of religion to carry out misdeeds. I do not hate politicians, but I have my disrespect for narrow minded politicians who resort to instigate racial sentiments to gain political popularity. I have high regards and mutual respect for Malaysian of other races, but I do sincerely have no respect for so called Communal Champions who go around instigating communal unrests. Putting these inappropriate personal prejudices aside, I positively love Malaysia and Malaysians. I appreciate the contentments I have being a Malaysian, and the opportunity to have the good feeling of a sense of achievements and patriotic belongings. I am well travelled and would like to claim that I am also highly educated. No matter where I am, there is always an emotional urge to come home. There is no place like home. And, Malaysia happens to be my home.

Malaysia, as we all know, is a Multi-racial country. The official religion is Islam. But, honestly speaking, we are all free to practice any religion we wish. Malaysia in general still practices secular administration and is definitely a moderate country. Although majority of the population are Muslim, but the rights of other religion are not intentionally suppressed. After all, we still have many beautiful churches, temples, and other places of worship in almost every corner of Malaysia. In recent times, there has been efforts by certain groups of people to declare Malaysia as an Islamic country. And I do sincerely hope that God with his almighty grace can grant these groups of people the wisdom to understand the emotional fears and discomforts of Non Muslim. Putting this fears aside, there are still freedom of religions in Malaysia. Of course, on and off, there are some misguided religious chauvinists trying to be very vocal and agitated attempting hardlined approach to promote the supremacy and extremism of their religion. But these are isolated incidents. It happened in anywhere in the world.

I believed, majority of Malaysians are God fearing people. We acknowledged there is a GOD, sometimes we are misguided, ill informed, and instigated. But, genuinely, we all know, deep in our hearts, we appreciate each other faiths and commitment to God. We are still learning how not to use HIS name to carryout misdeeds, good deeds, or whatever. There will come a time where diversity in faiths and religions shall become our most cherish commonality in nation building.

Malaysia is country where the compositions of its population are of very diverse ethnicities and racial origins from the Peninsular to the Borneo Island. We are still relatively a young nation trying very hard to be well cultured and civiled. We are still trying very hard to understand and respect each other needs and sensitivities. Of course, on and off, we still have narrow minded communal champions trying their misguided way to perpetuates their political power base and popularity. But again, this is also a common teething problem that can be found in almost every young nations in anywhere in the world. There will come a time, Malaysians will think out of the racial and geographic boundary to become a truly united nation standing proud in the arena of United Nations.

I am a Malaysian of Chinese origin, and a Buddhist practising Taoism. In Malaysia, I am readily accepted by other Malaysians of Hindu, Muslim, Christians, and other faiths with true sincereness and good faith. We are still able to enjoy each other company in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, and social events. We are still able to have occasional laugh at each other's idiocracy..... In short, the respect for each other are intense and mutual. The majority does not make life difficult for the minority. The minority does not demand excessively to erode the rights of the majority. We are still able to politically manage each other expectation very well. On and off, we may come to face with some unpleasant and real encounters of discriminations and racisms. But these are isolated incidences instigated by narrow minded mental retards. Like it or not, these isolated incidents can happen in anywhere of the world. The important thing is, the administration in Malaysia does not sanction discriminations and racisms. Of course, certain affirmative actions and social engineering may give rise to real and perceived injustices, but these are short term momentary actions in the torturous long developmental passage of nationhood. These are the unavoidable growing pains. However, there will come a time ALL Malaysians shall be accorded the same privileges and status in a prosperous and meritorious nation. But in the meantime, all of us will have to accept the current state of beings and work very hard to deliver this ultimate desires to our future generations.

I am a Malaysian by birth. I have come to term with the goods, the bads, and the excess baggages that tagged along to be a Malaysian. I have also accepted the fact that I will die as a proud Malaysian. With sincerelity and good intentions, I would like to share this poem with you :

You are not born a Racist

All human beings and places on earth are creations of God,
So, it doesn’t really matter what races you belong to,
or which country you originated from ?
We are all creations of God.
Does it really matter whether you are black, white, yellow, red, or brown ?
Does it really matter if you are a Hindu, Taoist, Christian, or Muslim ?
Does it really matter if you have different political beliefs ?
In this beautiful earthly garden of God,
as creations of God, we are all born equal.
Let us all not be blinded by prejudice, emotional preferences,
misinterpretations of God’s words,political beliefs, and ill intents.
Let us treat each other with respect and love.
If you believe in God,
You shall appreciate the diversities of races and places.
When you appreciate this intended diversities,
the earth shall be a wonderful world and a beautiful place.
Help your fellow human to nurture harmony in diversities.
When the world you live in is in harmony,
You shall prosper and you shall be at peace with yourself.
Deep down in you, you are a kind person.
God has a greater purpose for you,
God wants you to make this world a better place.
Put aside the misguided hatred and prejudice,
God still love you.
God wants you to repent.
Seek the guidance of God now,
Seek his forgiveness…..
Because you are not born a racist.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Positive Living or To Live ?

Life is a predictable short journey,
there is a beginning and definitely there is an end.
How long is this journey of life ?
40 years : 60 years ? 80 years ? 100 years ?
or does it really matter how long we live ?
At times, I do wonder what is the purpose of life ?
No matter how hard we learn, and how well we travelled,
life is always a lesson imperfectly learned.
no matter how hard we keep ourself healthy,
death is always a certainty.

This game of life,
is it a game of mind over matter ?
if you don't mind, then it really doesn't matter ?
Truth is, life is a finite game.
There are always no winners,
at the end of the game, we always end of dead !

I can't change this certainty of death.
I was told, there is life after death.
Am I sure ? I do not really know.
But why worried about the unknown ?

While I am still alive,
I might as well make life easier for me.

If I suffer defeat today,
I shall held my head high, and set my eyes straight.
I shall accept defeat and look forward to tomorrow.
because I know, failure will not last forever.......

If I achieve success today,
I shall take life at a slower pace,
relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour at leisure pace.
because I know, success will not last forever......

If I have difficulty in making payment to the bank,
why should I carry unnecessary worries ?
let the banks do the worry of recovering their debts!

If I am wronged,
Why should I carry the burden of hatreds ?
It is the responsibility of the wrongdoer to carry the burden of their guilts.
I shall decide the timing of my reciprocal actions.

In living,
why should I worry about death ?
Isn't that God's domain ?

As long as my candle still kindles in the winds,
I will make an effort to see more sunrises,
I will definitely love to see more sunsets.
I will pick more flowers for my wife.
I will definitely enjoy the company of my children.

With my friends,
I shall enjoy our sentimental recollections of the past,
and take time to appreciate the sincere warm feelings of the present.

In solitude,
I shall enjoy sipping my favorite black coffee.
I shall enjoy puffing my favorite cigarette.
I shall take time to read to enrich my wisdom.
I shall take time to pray to devote my commitment to the Almighty.

Because, when life is over,
I know for sure,
I will not have the opportunity to re-live life again.
But I have a choice to live a meaningful life.
If i can not add additional years in my remaining life,
I might as well add more life in my remaining years.
I might as well enjoy every step and every leap in this journey of life.

life does goes on..........

Friday, July 14, 2006

Afterthoughts of Terror Attcaks on Mumbai Railway Network

What is terrorism ? A.P. Schmid, a terrorism expert, defines "Terrorism is an anxiety-inspiring method of repeated violent action, employed by clandestine individual, group or state actors, for idiosyncratic, criminal or political reasons, whereby the direct targets of violence are not the main targets. The immediate human victims of violence are generally chosen randomly or selectively from a target population, and serve as message generators. Threat- and violence-based communication processes between terrorist, victims, and main targets are used to manipulate the main target, turning it into a target of terror, a target of demands, or a target of attention, depending on whether intimidation, coercion, or propaganda is primarily sought,”

To some, terrorism is their birth rights. From young they are influnced and indoctrinated to pursue the path of terrorisms, to them there is nothing wrong to kill the innocents because they are fighting for the "bigger picture" of avenging the 'injustice done to their people" in past based on distorted history that has been subjected manipulative distortions. To some, when they can not find employment in their own countries, they repackaged themselves as "freedom fighters", illegally entered into other countries to cause human suffering and properties damages. Typically, the terrorists and their sympathizers will go around seeking attention that they were being ill treated, victimized, persecuted, not respected, or whatever, so it is justified for them to carry out terror acts to seek world attention. Equally sickening is, there are actually misguided and forked tongues people giving indirect moral and political support to the terrorists, advocating that there is a need to understand the root causes of terrorisms, and address the root causes. What causes and what issues ? My foot, are we going to subject ourselves to a bunch of narrow minded, selfish, insecure, intolerance, and arrogant hooligans ? Should we change our lifestyle simply because these hooligans dislike it ?

When a robber robbed and murdered his victims, do we mitigate on their behalf and seek for sympathy because he used to be poor, lacked educational opportunity, and have no employment ? Should we give leniency to a rapist simply because he is sexually deprived or the victim is at the wrong place and time ? Is it okay to kidnapped and demand for ransom simply because the victim is "filthy rich" ?

The fact is, terrorism is a cowardized crime against humanity and a degrading act against respectable religion. Terrorisms flourishes not because the hooligans are successful in carrying out their terror campaigns of destructive acts. Terrorism flourishes because there are guiltless, clueless, and blinded idiots cheering them on simply because the terrorists are of the same religion and race. The international enforcement agencies, such as United Nation, must take immediate censure and banned these high profile idiots. Some of this so call high profile idiots are masking behind international agencies and local government agencies to launch indirect support for these chauvinistic hooligans and criminals. It is indeed very sad that, the United Nation has allowed itself to be manipulated and incapacitated into a toothless tiger by rouged nations with vested and biased interests. For example, the "Veto powering" in the United Nation's decision process is itself an indirect form of encouraging political terrorisms. The membership composition of the Human rights commission of the United Nation is another big joke !

Is terrorism justified ? To those who are advocating that we need to understand the root causes. I have this to say to you. You are unwittingly idiotizing sanity to prepare fertile ground that propagate more violences. Why don't you convey your righteousness and terrorists' rights to the innocent young wives whose husbands are just murdered by godless scums in the Mumbai blasts. Tell it to the grieving mothers and fathers whose sons and daughters lives are violently terminated in the Bali Bombings. Tell it to the innocent children whose fathers and mothers are murdered in the the 9/11 World Trade Towers. Please have the gut to tell it to the family members of the victims that you are indirectly supporting the despicable causes of these gory crimes against humanity. Please bear in mind that, today terrorisms may inflict in far away places. Tomorrows, there will always be another group of terrorists supported by other sympathizer to inflicted pain and suffering to your love ones at your door steps.

I felt nauseated by the disregard for human lives. To the terrorists, what ever your causes are. Please learn to accept other people ways of life. Please learn to accept other people's freedom of expression. Please learn to accept other people religions and faiths. Please learn to accept other people's political believes. Please learn to respect other people rights to exist. Please do not commit despicable crimes to force other people to accept your way of life, religion, culture, narrow mindedness, and intolerances.

I used to be very sympathetic towards the Palestinian cause. I used to be very angry against the Americans for their "interference into the domestic affairs of other countries". But after a series of despicable and unjustified terror crimes in various parts of the world, and the last straw was the terrorism act on the Mumbai Railway network. I have come to realized that, terrorists do not want peace, they simply just love to perpetuate hates and violences to sustain their selfish individualistic existence. They hijacked the good name of their religions and they capitalized on the plights of their people to cause irreversible damages to others. It is their profession ! I can now empathized with the Americans' actions. Come to think of you, I am begining to admire the Americans' courage, determinations, and firmness in dealings with these cowardized and bastardized scums of the earths. I am sure I am not alone in changing my support for the Americans. I believe there are now millions of people worldwide now seeing the wisdom of the American's unilateral initiatives to deal firmly with the terrorists and their direct or indirect supporters. The world is now slightly safer becuase there are young Americans out there willing to risk their life to enggage and contain the spread of terrorisms at its roots. While the rest world sticking their fingers in their ass to prevent farting sounds !

Terrorism must be dealt with firmly. I just want my children to have the secured opportunity to prosper in a peaceful world. I definitely do not wish to see my children live in a world where they have to install a loud speaker in the roof top and everyday shouting to God for mercy. I definitely do not wish to see them living in the fears of senseless and unprovoked violence retaliations. To the Americans, please release the power and the wraths of the ferocious and righteous eager to clean this world of sickening diseases carrying rats.

To the victims of the Mumbai Railway Blasts, I sincerely join you in your hour of bereavements. May time heals your wounds. I strongly believed in fiery determination of the people of India. The terrorists will never succeed in disrupting your way of life. You shall overcome and you shall emerge stronger to deliver firm justice to the hooligans that terrorized you. May peace and prosperity be with your beautiful nation.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cowards attacked Indian Railway

On Tuesday ( 12 July 2006 Around 6:00pm local time ), a series of 7 powerful bomb blasts within 15 minutes along the Indian railway network killed 190 people and injured more than 600 people in India's Financial capital, Mumbai. This sad epsiode of cowardly act by terrorists from the bastardized satanic religion inflicted and caused unneccessary deaths and pains to innocent people. The blasts also littered body parts along the railway tracks and crippled the local mobile phone network.

Oh God, Not again ! God, why you allow these barbarians to run loose again ? Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Cowards and Bastards are all over the place. The cowards responsible for this inhumane and satanic acts has not come forward to claim responsibilities. The Indian officials claimed that this cowardiced attacks are linked to terrorist groups.

There are also unprecedented worldwide support for India and condemnations against these cowardice acts of terrorism :
  • "The appalling news of a series of attacks in your country with many dead and injured greatly affected me, the Federal Government of Germany emphatically condemns these terrorist acts." - German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • "It is with emotion and indignation that I learned of the terrible toll of the terrorist attacks which struck several Indian rail installations, France condemns these acts, which nothing can justify, with the greatest firmness." - French President Jacques Chirac
  • "I am shocked by today's bomb attacks in the city of Mumbai andI condemn in the strongest possible terms these despicable acts of terrorism, which have caused death and injuries to scores of innocent people," - EU foreign policy and security chief Javier Solana.
  • "In this regard we express our confidence that the Indian authorities will ensure that those responsible will face the consequences of their own actions. During this difficult moment we join the people of India in their hour of bereavement while reaching out to those who lost their loved ones and wishing those wounded a speedy recovery," - South African President Thabo Mbeki
  • "Terrorism is a bane of our times and it must be condemned, rejected and countered effectively and comprehensively," - Pakistan President
  • "We condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones and friends in these attacks. These are senseless acts of violence designed to strike at those innocent people who were just going about their daily lives, people who were commuting home on a train. It is a terrible tragedy for the people of India," - McCormack USA State Department
  • "New Zealand joins with the rest of the international community in utterly condemning this deplorable act of terrorism. No grievance can justify such a cowardly attack. The blasts were clearly coordinated in order to cause as many deaths and injuries as possible to innocent people. We can only hope that the Indian authorities will be able to quickly identify those responsible and hold them to account." - Winston Peters New Zealand Foreign Minister.
  • "This senseless slaughter of innocent civilians reinforces the continuing importance of strong international resolve to confront the threat posed by terrorism wherever it threatens our communities." - Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer
  • "Wanton killing and maiming of innocent people. We pledge to work hand in hand with India and other countries in fighting this scourge of terrorism. At this difficult time, our hearts go out to the families of the bereaved, to the injured and to all the people of India " - George Yeo, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
To the people of India. Sincerely, our deepest condolences. May you emerged from this tragedy stronger. May God with his almighty grace bless this great nation of yours with Peace and Prosperity.

Cowards, Satans are calling you... May all cowards who causes human miseries be forever live in piss holes begging for world sympathies.......

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grumpy Coffee Talk.......

I spilled my coffee ! I accidentally spilled a cup of hot aromatic coffee. It was not intentional. Ahh... look at this mess ! A few ants are killed, and a few ants struggling to get out from the spilled muddles. What a waste ! And usually, there must be somethings troubling me to cause this kind of accidental wastages, and this kind of wastages set me into irrational grumpiness. And today is no different from other days.........

So what is troubling me ?

Petrol price gone up, electricity tariff goes up, local town council assessment rates gone-up, toll charges for roads are probably going to go up also, and co-incidentally, some Government linked companies making huge loses years after years are left standing tall with misguided pride, and their loses are inadvertently also going to pass down to the common men and women as unavoidable necessities. Are these inflationary evils unavoidable necessities ? Or, simple put, the consequences from the acts of unchecked inefficiencies ? So what does these tell you ? I am not an authority in economics or public administration, but as a lay man, like it or not, Malaysians in general suffer eventually !

And I understand, it is honorable for the government to make make rhetoric political statements claiming to be acting for the interests of the poor in mind ! But these statements must be translated into positive actions that directly benefit the people. Unless we are all very dumb with our brain between our legs, I simply can not rationalized how these spiralling costs of living measures are going to help the poor. When prices of essentials are raised, it is always the poor who suffers at the predictable end of the multiplier chains.

The rich will always remained the rich. And it is not a crime to be rich. And definitely, it is glorious to be rich. Sorry for being insensitive, but I must admit that, the rich became rich, because they are hardworking and adaptable to environment.

The poor are basically consist of 2 group of people : the genuinely poor people, and the greedy unproductive parasites expecting more hand-outs and privileges. Implementing social and economic policies to encourage the rich pay higher premiums is merely diverting attention from the root causes of the fundamental management problems. The rich with their resources of expertise will always have the abilities to adapt to hostile environment to turn threats into opportunities. They will always end-up stronger and richer. So at the end of the day, the poor will end up poorer queueing themselves to make the poverty line longer. And the greedy parasites will end-up gaining short term wealths and long term debts, and in the process becoming the stumbling blocks to the nation's progress. And the country, in general, end-ups less productive and less competitive taking care of all these crying babies.

I have the eerie feeling that, in the name of political popularity, we may end-up accepting window dressings to minimize potential political liabilities of not succumbing to the demands of greedy parasites, or gaining political popularity to reward the wrong sectors. Perhaps, somewhere along the line real politics breed its ugly objective of justifying and cultivating social irresponsibilities.

The words “level playing fields” has been used too often to justify for implementational preferences. Blinded implementation of enforcing “level playing fields” will only result in economic wastages and inefficiencies. I sincerely doubt we understanding the economic responsibilities associated with implementing level playing fields. Sad to say, to some, level playing field means the indiscriminate digging of holes on other people's plots so that theirs look levelled. It is good to have level playing fields, but let us not be too obsessed into creating artificial playing fields by retarding other healthy fields. Otherwise, we may end up immorally legitimizing unjust attempts to rob the hardworking people and denying their right of access so that the existing bunch of lazy parasites can have it even more easier. If this situations are created and perpetuated, we may also end-up nurturing a bunch of irresponsible, incompetent, and intellectually inadequated citizens that are out of touch with global reality, trying to terrorize the nation into accepting selfish demands without shames and morality.

They said, "Don't ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country ?" let me say this to you. We are not Americans of Kennedy's clans. So don't ask me this stupid question. My foot ! I have been struggling harder and harder to make enough money to put enough foods on the table, enough money to put my children through college, and enough money for future medical cares. And everything that I need, I have to work my heart out for it ! I do not sit around "kau pek kau boo" demanding from the government for hand-outs or privileges. By not being a parasite and more critical f government policies, am I less patriotic ? So before you judge me on my patriotism, please take a mirror and look at your own reflection first.

With no criminal intend, if I lost my Identity Card, it was reported in the local newspapper that I may be fined up to RM300 to replace a new one. It must be bloody inefficient to cost that much money to replace a simple plastic card. If I leave home without my identity card, I also run the risk of being fined me up to RM 20000 per incident. The authorities must be bloody uncaring to resort to making this kind of sinful revenues. With rising petrol prices, I have problem filling up my car petrol tank to keep it going, but on the other hand, there are politicians out there complaining they are not given enough privileges to buy cheap Mercedes Benz.... the grumpy complaints can go on and on....

A country without shames and moral is a country of insignificant that deserve no respect. And luckily, Malaysia has not reach this world class certification yet from UN's World Health Organization. Perhaps with more shames and immoral demands, we may reach there sooner than expected. Malaysia Bolih ?

Thank you Buddha for accepting my grumpiness.... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha........

Monday, July 10, 2006

Qixi Jie - Chinese Valentine's Day

Qixi Jie - The 7th Evening


The 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar Calender ( corresponding to July 31st 2006) is known as QiXi ( the 7th evening ) , the Chinese verrsion of Valentine Day. This cerebration of love originated from the Han Dynasty ( 206 BC) based on beautiful epic love story between ZhiNu ( Weaving Lady ) and NiuLang ( Cowheard Boy) passed down from generation to generation. Astronimcally speaking, there will be 2 bright stars separated by a milkyway on the sky at night. And, usually it rains on this day.

For some brief introduction of Qixi, Please read Here and Here.
In Malaysia, some older generation of Taoists may still be observing this traditional event. As a young boy, I do remembered my mother offer prayer with certain offerings such as fresh flowers, groundnuts, Chinese cosmetic, fresh fruits, etc. and certain ritualistic sequences such as throwing the bundle of fresh flowers to roof top after the prayer.

Chinese has two Valentine's day – One is on the 15th days of the First Lunar month of Chinese lunar calender ( Chap Goh Meh – the 15th Night ), the other is cerebrate on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month ( Qixi ). In malaysia, Chap Goh Meh is still actively cerebrated by most Chinese youth due to its commercialization and cultural awareness. However, for Qixi, it is lesser known and most Malaysian Chinese are not even aware of this Qixi. It is sad that this cultural event is not properly propageted to create more avenue for expression of love. Perhaps, the western's version of Valentine's Day in February are more popular with Chinese youth nowaday due to its successful commercializations and awareness.

To all lovers out there, July 31st 2006 is an auspicious day and another golden opportunity for you to express your love. Observe and cerebrate this day to help to preserve this slowly forgotten Asian's tradition.

World most Beautiful Ang Mor Kow......

Britain's Eve Magazine has published the list of the world top ten most beautiful women in their latest issue. How come the the Ang Mor Kow from the KwaiLan Kwailoh's land only voted for the Ang Mor Poh ? Very Biased, insensitive, and discriminatory !

Out of political correctness, in the name of managed meritocracy, and to respect religion sensitivity, maybe a quota should be set to include 2 from North America, 2 from Europe, 2 from Africa, 2 from South America, and 2 from Asia.

Putting racial preferences aside, these wo-men are actually “very beautiful” and worth the prizes to die for.... Kun nah tau lai ?

Beh Tar han.... Got to go to see the French and Italian kicking balls.... Funny thing is, most wo-men predict Italy will win. And most men think that French can win. How come Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer team is not invited to play even in the preliminary round ? Another clear cut case of discrimination in football's politics ?

Back to beautiful wo-men, here goes the list of Britain's Eve Magazine World Top Ten Most Beautiful Women :

Kristin Davis
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Halle Berry
Nicole Kidman
Charlize Theron
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Winslet
Eva Longoria
Jennifer Aniston
Angelina Jolie

Saturday, July 08, 2006



Yes, you have the guns.
we have the determinations.
Yesterday, we launched a rocket into your garden.
Today, you send your battalion of armies.
Tomorrow, we teach our children to hate each other.
The vicious cycles continues........

Our God is on our side,
Your God is on your side.
We fought for our motherland,
you fought for your fatherland.
What are we fighting for ?
A holy war ?

In the name of our respective God,
We shall fight each other till our last drop of blood.
Our young men shall died a martyr !
Your young men shall died a national hero.

This killings fields,
so many lives has been lost.
Will we ever have beautiful sun shines ?
Will we ever have soothing breeze ?
Will we ever sit on the same bench,
watching the rainbow of hope ?

Dear leaders of Palestinians,
dear leaders of Israelis,
stop the misplaced angers,
stop the animosity,
stop the killing now !

In the name of humanity.
Please, please,
I beg you on my bended knees,
do not invoked the name of your God and patriotisms,
to carryout more misdeeds.

Can't you see your people are suffering ?
Can't you see your people are living in fear ?
Can't you see the hopelessness and despairs in your people ?
How many more lives must be lost,
before sanity prevails ?

Let go your hatreds, Let it go. Let it go.
Set your mind free of angers and revenges.
Let not your people suffered from your insanities.
Value the life of your people as what God intended.
Now, now, cast away your violenced past,
stop the hostilities, stop the kidnappings,
stop the revenges, stop the terror acts.
Speak the language of peace, compassion, and reconciliations.

Give peace a chance.
Give your people a chance to have a peaceful life.......

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

He wants to be a Malaysian.......

15 years ago, an Australian came to Malaysia to work. He fell in love with the country and apply for a Permanent Resident status 9 years ago. But our immigration department did not even bother to reply him. I guess this is part of the syllabus of our government courteousy campaign. Since then, he has to apply for visa renewal on monthly basis or travels a few hundred KM to the Thai border town and re-enter Malaysia to get a Three month visitor visa.

The man is Sir Norman Frank Sisson. And he is 75 years old now.

With his wealth of life experiences, he can definitely add to the cultural diversity and contribute to the overall well being of Malaysia. He is wiling, patient, and hopeful to get the official recognition to be acknowledge as Permanent Residence of Malaysia. Why and on what grounds are we ignoring his application ? Is it because of his country of origin ?

I believed, there are many foreigners who are less qualified than Sir Norman, are give PR status. Otherwise, how come there are so many Indonesians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis petty traders ( with blue identity cards ?) in ChowKit street ? Why are these lesser qualified foreigners are accorded better priority ?

The least the immigration Department can do, is to acknowledge Sir Norman's application, and officially write to him the qualifying criteria for acceptance as Permanent Resident. Perhaps, it is high time now, our “caring government” published the criteria to all PR status applicants. If their applications are rejected, highlight to them which of the criteria are not met, and gave them the opportunity and time frame to meet the criteria. Hello, there is this little decency called transparency. We have been talking about it, we even go around the world telling other countries to practice it. For a start, why not we start practicing it here in Malaysia ?

Why subject an old man who genuinely love Malaysia to unnecessary mental anguish ? Please remember, 15 years ago, he did rendered his management expertise to help run a factory and indirectly contributed to the economic well-beings of Malaysia. It is indeed a shame that we now forget his little budi and jasa. Maybe we come from a culture of memang pandai melupa. Saya Napoleon, you siapa ?

We have been talking about brain drain in Malaysia. The government has been hanging out carrots all over the place to seduce “successful” but unpatriotic Malaysians to come back. Here, we have a brain with wealth of experiences applied to become a Malaysian, and we conveniently ignore him to let the brain drain out. Sir Norman, I sincerely hope and pray that, your application for PR status will be successful. In the time, please do not forget to enjoy Ipoh's famous white coffee and bean sprouts chickens. May God with his amazing grace bless you with good health and happiness.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Still hopeful he will get PR

NST04 Jul 2006
M. Husairy Othman

IPOH: Sir Norman Frank Sisson was hoping against hope for the "best birthday present ever" — permanent residence in Malaysia — but his birthday came and went on June 28 with no word from the authorities. The 75-year-old Australian held back tears of disappointment at a small celebration organised by Malaysian friends over the weekend. "Guess I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer for my present eh," the retired marble factory manager said after making a birthday wish. Sir Norman said he received two letters after his plight was highlighted by the New Straits Times in early May, both from NST readers. "I was pleasantly surprised as they were simply addressed to ‘Sir Norman Frank Sisson, Canning Garden, Ipoh’," he said. Both senders wished him well in his quest for PR. He applied to the Home Affairs Ministry and the Perak Immigration Department in 1998 for PR but did not receive a reply. He has written to the authorities regularly, the last time was in January, but to no avail. Sir Norman first came to Malaysia in 1989 on a work permit to manage a joint-venture marble factory, which closed in 1996. By then he had fallen in love with the country and its people and decided to remain here and apply for PR. His wife died in 1984 and his three children have families of their own. To remain here legally, he either has to renew his visa on a monthly basis at RM100 a time or take a RM30 bus ride to Betong, a Thai border town, and re-enter Malaysia for a three-month stay. "I think I can survive a few more trips to Betong by bus," he said to cheers from those at the party. Contacted for comment, State Immigration Department director Badaruddin Chek said he would look into the status of Sir Norman’s application today.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Saturday, July 01, 2006

For those born under the PIG animal sign

When men behaved like animals.....

Today is sad day for Animal Lovers. 13 defenseless dogs were cruelly massacred.

I read with sadness the insane and inhumane barbarisms adopted by the Seremban Municipal Council in their attempt to kill 25 dogs belonging to Eng Her Sun ( 66 years old ). 13 innocent dogs were indiscriminately shot to death. Eng has claimed that the enforcement officers from the council trespassed into his house to commit the barbaric acts. According to Eng, "My house became a killing field. There was blood everywhere. I not only lost my dogs but I also had to spend hours cleaning the blood. This is so inhumane. Those dogs were like my children."

According to the Seremban Council president, Abdul Halim Abdul Latif, the council has received numerous complaints about Eng and his dogs over the years, and all the council want is for Eng “to be more considerate towards his neighbours. They can’t tolerate the bad smell and incessant barking anymore," However, Abdul Halim's allegations are refuted by Eng's neighbours. None of Eng's neighbours had complained about the dogs. The dogs are well kept and were not noisy but only barked when there are people standing outside the house or provoked.

Dogs are men best friends, and are known to be very loyal to humans as companions, in search and rescue operations, and crime preventions operations. I known, in certain religion, dogs are not well liked. But that does not give these idiots the rights to storms into the house, indiscriminately shooting the frightened and innocent dogs.

Yes, to keep 25 dogs in house is not acceptable. The council should have just obtain the court order to arrest and charge the owner in court if there are any breached of the town council by-laws. What kind of perverted pleasures these people derived in killing innocent dogs ? Aren't all living things also have rights of existence ?

In some civil countries, this kind of barbaric acts would received the highest level of condemnations. In Malaysia, we are talking about “masyarakat penyayang” ( a caring society ) by the government, but on the other hand, no actions are taken against the government machineries that commit cruelty. Talk is cheap ! Actions are always inconsistent with words ! Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Why adopt all these barbaric mentalities against defenseless dogs. Yes. I am outraged ! Please learn to respect the sensitivity of animal lovers.

All animals are beautiful living creatures created by God. Of course, animals are of lower intelligence compared to men. Animals need the protections of men. But when men's behaviors are worst than animals. No wonder this world is full of violences and barbarians. And this world is full of pissfull MF's.........

May all MF's be forever live in HELL ! Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.