Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grumpy Coffee Talk.......

I spilled my coffee ! I accidentally spilled a cup of hot aromatic coffee. It was not intentional. Ahh... look at this mess ! A few ants are killed, and a few ants struggling to get out from the spilled muddles. What a waste ! And usually, there must be somethings troubling me to cause this kind of accidental wastages, and this kind of wastages set me into irrational grumpiness. And today is no different from other days.........

So what is troubling me ?

Petrol price gone up, electricity tariff goes up, local town council assessment rates gone-up, toll charges for roads are probably going to go up also, and co-incidentally, some Government linked companies making huge loses years after years are left standing tall with misguided pride, and their loses are inadvertently also going to pass down to the common men and women as unavoidable necessities. Are these inflationary evils unavoidable necessities ? Or, simple put, the consequences from the acts of unchecked inefficiencies ? So what does these tell you ? I am not an authority in economics or public administration, but as a lay man, like it or not, Malaysians in general suffer eventually !

And I understand, it is honorable for the government to make make rhetoric political statements claiming to be acting for the interests of the poor in mind ! But these statements must be translated into positive actions that directly benefit the people. Unless we are all very dumb with our brain between our legs, I simply can not rationalized how these spiralling costs of living measures are going to help the poor. When prices of essentials are raised, it is always the poor who suffers at the predictable end of the multiplier chains.

The rich will always remained the rich. And it is not a crime to be rich. And definitely, it is glorious to be rich. Sorry for being insensitive, but I must admit that, the rich became rich, because they are hardworking and adaptable to environment.

The poor are basically consist of 2 group of people : the genuinely poor people, and the greedy unproductive parasites expecting more hand-outs and privileges. Implementing social and economic policies to encourage the rich pay higher premiums is merely diverting attention from the root causes of the fundamental management problems. The rich with their resources of expertise will always have the abilities to adapt to hostile environment to turn threats into opportunities. They will always end-up stronger and richer. So at the end of the day, the poor will end up poorer queueing themselves to make the poverty line longer. And the greedy parasites will end-up gaining short term wealths and long term debts, and in the process becoming the stumbling blocks to the nation's progress. And the country, in general, end-ups less productive and less competitive taking care of all these crying babies.

I have the eerie feeling that, in the name of political popularity, we may end-up accepting window dressings to minimize potential political liabilities of not succumbing to the demands of greedy parasites, or gaining political popularity to reward the wrong sectors. Perhaps, somewhere along the line real politics breed its ugly objective of justifying and cultivating social irresponsibilities.

The words “level playing fields” has been used too often to justify for implementational preferences. Blinded implementation of enforcing “level playing fields” will only result in economic wastages and inefficiencies. I sincerely doubt we understanding the economic responsibilities associated with implementing level playing fields. Sad to say, to some, level playing field means the indiscriminate digging of holes on other people's plots so that theirs look levelled. It is good to have level playing fields, but let us not be too obsessed into creating artificial playing fields by retarding other healthy fields. Otherwise, we may end up immorally legitimizing unjust attempts to rob the hardworking people and denying their right of access so that the existing bunch of lazy parasites can have it even more easier. If this situations are created and perpetuated, we may also end-up nurturing a bunch of irresponsible, incompetent, and intellectually inadequated citizens that are out of touch with global reality, trying to terrorize the nation into accepting selfish demands without shames and morality.

They said, "Don't ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country ?" let me say this to you. We are not Americans of Kennedy's clans. So don't ask me this stupid question. My foot ! I have been struggling harder and harder to make enough money to put enough foods on the table, enough money to put my children through college, and enough money for future medical cares. And everything that I need, I have to work my heart out for it ! I do not sit around "kau pek kau boo" demanding from the government for hand-outs or privileges. By not being a parasite and more critical f government policies, am I less patriotic ? So before you judge me on my patriotism, please take a mirror and look at your own reflection first.

With no criminal intend, if I lost my Identity Card, it was reported in the local newspapper that I may be fined up to RM300 to replace a new one. It must be bloody inefficient to cost that much money to replace a simple plastic card. If I leave home without my identity card, I also run the risk of being fined me up to RM 20000 per incident. The authorities must be bloody uncaring to resort to making this kind of sinful revenues. With rising petrol prices, I have problem filling up my car petrol tank to keep it going, but on the other hand, there are politicians out there complaining they are not given enough privileges to buy cheap Mercedes Benz.... the grumpy complaints can go on and on....

A country without shames and moral is a country of insignificant that deserve no respect. And luckily, Malaysia has not reach this world class certification yet from UN's World Health Organization. Perhaps with more shames and immoral demands, we may reach there sooner than expected. Malaysia Bolih ?

Thank you Buddha for accepting my grumpiness.... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha........

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