Wednesday, July 19, 2006

From malaysia with Love......

Over the past few months, I have received some comments on some of my postings in this blog. Sad to note that quite a number of comments are extreme racial slurs. One comment was about 4 pages long biasely criticizing a particular religion. Of course, I also received ignorant comments defending birth rights, special privileges, and supremacy of certain races. It has become very tedious to moderate and delete those comments that I sincerely believe is outright racist and inappropriate.

Honestly speaking, I have a sleeping disorder. Writing and posting personal opinions in this blog past mid-nights does help me to tire my mind easily and allow me to go to bed "early" to gain a few hours of "extra sleep". So writing on-line is indeed very therapeutic to me. At least, I can still go into sleep without having to worry about bombs being drop into my home by terrorists. Additionally, my personal objective of this web log is to document my personal observations, experiences, and my harmless musings, rantings, and raving of unqualified personal opinions. It is my sincere hope that if I can openly voice out my disagreements and my perceptions, the readers will be able to understand certain dilemmas face by Malaysians in a rational and objective manner. My sincere hope is that, at the end of day, we will able to transcend above the psychologically divisive lines of race, culture, and religion to forge better understandings and mutual respect. It is not my intention to breed hatreds and ill feelings in this web log. My apologies to those who has contributed comments in this web log but was intentionally deleted by me. BUT, I sincerely do want readers of this web log to continue to post comment on my postings. The only problem is, I do have a habit of judging "sensitivity" of others' comments. I do not want to sound arrogant, subjective, and be a hypocrite. but, I sincerely do appreciate occasional harmless insinuations for a good laugh but not abusive slurs against Malaysians of other ethnicity, culture, race, and religion. I also sincerely appreciate comments that can cool down my silent rages on certain issues. I am after all a human being with occasional biased tendencies.

Back to my intention of this posting. I do want to correct some misconceptions which some of my postings in this blog may generate. I am definitely not a racist or extremist. As a human being, I do have my occasional silent rages on some perceived injustices. I have my utmost respect for all established religions. However, I do have my occasional contempts for people using the good name of religion to carry out misdeeds. I do not hate politicians, but I have my disrespect for narrow minded politicians who resort to instigate racial sentiments to gain political popularity. I have high regards and mutual respect for Malaysian of other races, but I do sincerely have no respect for so called Communal Champions who go around instigating communal unrests. Putting these inappropriate personal prejudices aside, I positively love Malaysia and Malaysians. I appreciate the contentments I have being a Malaysian, and the opportunity to have the good feeling of a sense of achievements and patriotic belongings. I am well travelled and would like to claim that I am also highly educated. No matter where I am, there is always an emotional urge to come home. There is no place like home. And, Malaysia happens to be my home.

Malaysia, as we all know, is a Multi-racial country. The official religion is Islam. But, honestly speaking, we are all free to practice any religion we wish. Malaysia in general still practices secular administration and is definitely a moderate country. Although majority of the population are Muslim, but the rights of other religion are not intentionally suppressed. After all, we still have many beautiful churches, temples, and other places of worship in almost every corner of Malaysia. In recent times, there has been efforts by certain groups of people to declare Malaysia as an Islamic country. And I do sincerely hope that God with his almighty grace can grant these groups of people the wisdom to understand the emotional fears and discomforts of Non Muslim. Putting this fears aside, there are still freedom of religions in Malaysia. Of course, on and off, there are some misguided religious chauvinists trying to be very vocal and agitated attempting hardlined approach to promote the supremacy and extremism of their religion. But these are isolated incidents. It happened in anywhere in the world.

I believed, majority of Malaysians are God fearing people. We acknowledged there is a GOD, sometimes we are misguided, ill informed, and instigated. But, genuinely, we all know, deep in our hearts, we appreciate each other faiths and commitment to God. We are still learning how not to use HIS name to carryout misdeeds, good deeds, or whatever. There will come a time where diversity in faiths and religions shall become our most cherish commonality in nation building.

Malaysia is country where the compositions of its population are of very diverse ethnicities and racial origins from the Peninsular to the Borneo Island. We are still relatively a young nation trying very hard to be well cultured and civiled. We are still trying very hard to understand and respect each other needs and sensitivities. Of course, on and off, we still have narrow minded communal champions trying their misguided way to perpetuates their political power base and popularity. But again, this is also a common teething problem that can be found in almost every young nations in anywhere in the world. There will come a time, Malaysians will think out of the racial and geographic boundary to become a truly united nation standing proud in the arena of United Nations.

I am a Malaysian of Chinese origin, and a Buddhist practising Taoism. In Malaysia, I am readily accepted by other Malaysians of Hindu, Muslim, Christians, and other faiths with true sincereness and good faith. We are still able to enjoy each other company in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, and social events. We are still able to have occasional laugh at each other's idiocracy..... In short, the respect for each other are intense and mutual. The majority does not make life difficult for the minority. The minority does not demand excessively to erode the rights of the majority. We are still able to politically manage each other expectation very well. On and off, we may come to face with some unpleasant and real encounters of discriminations and racisms. But these are isolated incidences instigated by narrow minded mental retards. Like it or not, these isolated incidents can happen in anywhere of the world. The important thing is, the administration in Malaysia does not sanction discriminations and racisms. Of course, certain affirmative actions and social engineering may give rise to real and perceived injustices, but these are short term momentary actions in the torturous long developmental passage of nationhood. These are the unavoidable growing pains. However, there will come a time ALL Malaysians shall be accorded the same privileges and status in a prosperous and meritorious nation. But in the meantime, all of us will have to accept the current state of beings and work very hard to deliver this ultimate desires to our future generations.

I am a Malaysian by birth. I have come to term with the goods, the bads, and the excess baggages that tagged along to be a Malaysian. I have also accepted the fact that I will die as a proud Malaysian. With sincerelity and good intentions, I would like to share this poem with you :

You are not born a Racist

All human beings and places on earth are creations of God,
So, it doesn’t really matter what races you belong to,
or which country you originated from ?
We are all creations of God.
Does it really matter whether you are black, white, yellow, red, or brown ?
Does it really matter if you are a Hindu, Taoist, Christian, or Muslim ?
Does it really matter if you have different political beliefs ?
In this beautiful earthly garden of God,
as creations of God, we are all born equal.
Let us all not be blinded by prejudice, emotional preferences,
misinterpretations of God’s words,political beliefs, and ill intents.
Let us treat each other with respect and love.
If you believe in God,
You shall appreciate the diversities of races and places.
When you appreciate this intended diversities,
the earth shall be a wonderful world and a beautiful place.
Help your fellow human to nurture harmony in diversities.
When the world you live in is in harmony,
You shall prosper and you shall be at peace with yourself.
Deep down in you, you are a kind person.
God has a greater purpose for you,
God wants you to make this world a better place.
Put aside the misguided hatred and prejudice,
God still love you.
God wants you to repent.
Seek the guidance of God now,
Seek his forgiveness…..
Because you are not born a racist.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha

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Ex-Malayan said...

Such beautiful thoughts! I have no doubt they bring great comfort to you when you survey the rising discrimination against non-Malays (even against Chinese Muslims who want their own mosque). The truth is that it will not get better until the oil and gas runs out. A few days ago, Maybank wanted ALL panel lawyers to be at least 50% owned by Malays! Of course, that directive has been 'withdrawn' but we will wait and see how much work is dished out to those who don't comply.

I left because I could see this coming. I live in a developed country where I can also use my qualifications and earn a living in peace. Frankly, I predict that many more people will follow me when they realise there is a better way.