Saturday, July 01, 2006

When men behaved like animals.....

Today is sad day for Animal Lovers. 13 defenseless dogs were cruelly massacred.

I read with sadness the insane and inhumane barbarisms adopted by the Seremban Municipal Council in their attempt to kill 25 dogs belonging to Eng Her Sun ( 66 years old ). 13 innocent dogs were indiscriminately shot to death. Eng has claimed that the enforcement officers from the council trespassed into his house to commit the barbaric acts. According to Eng, "My house became a killing field. There was blood everywhere. I not only lost my dogs but I also had to spend hours cleaning the blood. This is so inhumane. Those dogs were like my children."

According to the Seremban Council president, Abdul Halim Abdul Latif, the council has received numerous complaints about Eng and his dogs over the years, and all the council want is for Eng “to be more considerate towards his neighbours. They can’t tolerate the bad smell and incessant barking anymore," However, Abdul Halim's allegations are refuted by Eng's neighbours. None of Eng's neighbours had complained about the dogs. The dogs are well kept and were not noisy but only barked when there are people standing outside the house or provoked.

Dogs are men best friends, and are known to be very loyal to humans as companions, in search and rescue operations, and crime preventions operations. I known, in certain religion, dogs are not well liked. But that does not give these idiots the rights to storms into the house, indiscriminately shooting the frightened and innocent dogs.

Yes, to keep 25 dogs in house is not acceptable. The council should have just obtain the court order to arrest and charge the owner in court if there are any breached of the town council by-laws. What kind of perverted pleasures these people derived in killing innocent dogs ? Aren't all living things also have rights of existence ?

In some civil countries, this kind of barbaric acts would received the highest level of condemnations. In Malaysia, we are talking about “masyarakat penyayang” ( a caring society ) by the government, but on the other hand, no actions are taken against the government machineries that commit cruelty. Talk is cheap ! Actions are always inconsistent with words ! Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Why adopt all these barbaric mentalities against defenseless dogs. Yes. I am outraged ! Please learn to respect the sensitivity of animal lovers.

All animals are beautiful living creatures created by God. Of course, animals are of lower intelligence compared to men. Animals need the protections of men. But when men's behaviors are worst than animals. No wonder this world is full of violences and barbarians. And this world is full of pissfull MF's.........

May all MF's be forever live in HELL ! Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.


Anonymous said...

Owner of 25 dogs tries to save pets from death
The Star June 30 2006

SEREMBAN: In an attempt to save his 25 dogs from Seremban Municipal Council enforcement officers, a dog owner packed 10 of them into his car and tried to drive off.  
While reversing his car, he allegedly hit the motorcycle of one of the officers who had gone to his terrace house in Taman Desa Rasah early yesterday to nab the animals. 
Eng Her Sun, 66, said he was just trying to save his dogs when he drove out with the animals. 
However, he was unable to save 13 of his other pets from the dog shooters.  
“They (the dogs) are my best friends. Is it wrong for me to keep them in my own house? Now, I have lost all my happiness,” said Eng, who was near tears.  

He claimed the officers had trespassed into his home and was contemplating legal action against them. 
Council president Abdul Halim Abdul Latif, however, said his officers were acting on a court order. They were accompanied by four dog shooters from the state Veterinary Services Department and two police officers. 
The situation, he added, became chaotic when the dog owner turned aggressive. 
He said yesterday’s operation was carried out after the owner defied a six-month grace period given to him to move the animals to another area. The council had received a court order on Dec 20 last year to cull all 25 canines in the house. 
Abdul Halim said the council had no choice but to act in view of the mounting complaints received from nearby residents on the disturbance caused by, and foul stench from, the canines.  

Anonymous said...

Owner distraught over cruel killing of 13 dogs
NST, 01 Jul 2006 Arni Abdul Razak

SEREMBAN: As animal lovers howled with outrage over the killing of 13 dogs by the municipal council at a house here, questions arose as to whether the dogs were indeed a nuisance. The Seremban Municipal Council (MPS) maintains that exasperated neighbours complained about the dogs, but a neighbour said they had got used to the dogs and no one complained. And the owner of the dogs, Eng Her Sun, grieved over his lost "children" at his Taman Rasah Jaya terrace house yesterday. Eng said: "My house became a killing field. There was blood everywhere. I not only lost my dogs but I also had to spend hours cleaning the blood. This is so inhumane. Those dogs were like my children." Eng plans to write to the Prime Minister to complain about the manner in which Seremban Municipal Council (MPS) officers entered his house and killed 13 of his 26 dogs on Thursday. A team of enforcement officers from the MPS entered Eng’s house, and shot 13 of his dogs. Eng, who lived with his sister and 26 dogs, managed to rescue nine of them. The other four were unhurt because they hid under the cupboard during the shooting. The odd-job worker, who currently has four dogs staying with him, said he took the other nine to his rented house in Kuala Sawah, near Mambau, located about two km from Taman Rasah Jaya. "When the authorities told me to keep my dogs elsewhere, I rented a wooden house for RM140 a month. For six months, I lived with three or four dogs at the terrace house. The others were left in Kuala Sawah. "However, about three weeks ago, a neighbour there told me that MPS officers had been watching the house, and had even threatened to shoot them. "That was why I brought them to stay with me. I never expected it to end this way," said a distraught Eng. The MPS, however, had another story. Council president Abdul Halim Abdul Latif said the officers had been watching the house in Kuala Sawah, and found it to be empty. "Eng didn’t leave the dogs at the wooden house. All 26 of them were staying with him and his sister at the terrace house," he said.
He added that the council had received numerous complaints about Eng and his dogs over the years.

"All we want is for him to keep his dogs elsewhere and to be more considerate towards his neighbours. They can’t tolerate the bad smell and incessant barking anymore," he said.

Commenting on the killing, Abdul Halim said the officers had no choice but to shoot the dogs because they (the officers) were being attacked.

"Eng wouldn’t co-operate, so we had to break into the house. When the dogs realised our presence, they began attacking us. We initially wanted to tranquillise the dogs, but had to resort to shooting them," he said.

The story changed again where Eng’s neighbours were concerned.

Neighbour Yusnita Mohd Yusof, 35, said none of her neighbours had complained about the dogs.

"The dogs never made much noise, and usually barked when someone was standing outside the house or provoked," she said.

Yusnita, who has been living here for five years, said children sometimes threw firecrackers at the dogs during festive occasions just to see how the dogs reacted.

"Even when the owner took the dogs out for walks, he would clean after them," she said.

Meanwhile, Sherrina Krishnan of Independent Pet Rescuers said the dogs should not have been killed so mercilessly, especially not in the home of its owner.

"Were they shot because they were dogs? What if the neighbours complained about a man with many cats? Would the authorities storm into the house and kill the cats too?

"We will be visiting Eng on Sunday. We also want to take him to a ‘safe place’ where he can live with his dogs without fear," said Sherrina, who rescues abandoned cats and dogs and helps find proper homes for them.

Malaysian Animal Welfare Foundation education officer Sabrina Yeap said there were plans to take Eng and his dogs to the Animal Paradise farm in Pekan Nanas, Johor soon. The farm is a haven for more than 1,000 animals.

Patches said...

What did those dogs do to get death?
ONCE again, the issue of cruelty towards dogs in this country rears its ugly head, “Owner of 25 dogs tries to save pets from death” (The Star, June 30).  
My sympathies go out to Eng Her Sun on the loss of his beloved “family”. To lose one dog is heart-breaking enough, but to see 13 of them shot before your eyes is traumatic. 
Sadly enough, to many out there, this is no big deal. But to every dog lover, this is another case of biased cruelty by the authorities towards dogs.  
There are many among us animal lovers who adopt strays and take them under our shelter.  
Like us, they are also God's creations, but they cannot speak for themselves, so they rely on us humans to speak for them. 
What wrong did these animals do to be given the “death penalty”? Their only “crime” was to give solace and comfort to a wonderful man who gave them shelter.  

LYC said...

Better to tackle dog issue gently
I AM not a dog lover but I read with sadness your report “Owner of 25 dogs tries to save pets from death” (The Star, June 30). 
Without questioning the legality of the action of the Seremban Municipal Council enforcement officers, I am just wondering if the whole situation could be handled in a more humane manner. 
I understand there were mounting complaints but the sensitivity of the issue will also need to be addressed. 
It is totally understandable that dog owner Eng Her Sun, who is apparently a great pet lover, turned “aggressive”, as it could be just the mother instinct in him to protect his “children”. 
With four dog shooters, two police officers, and other enforcement officers storming into the privacy of his home to take away the lives of his little “babies”, one could imagine the trauma he had to go through. 
In the first place, is it justifiable to resort to such high-handedness in handling the matter? 
Here, we were not dealing with a gang leader harbouring some criminals but a 66-year old pet lover.  
Sometimes, it is just a matter of choosing between “doing the right thing” and “doing things right” and an issue could be more amicably resolved. 
The irony is, while dogs are universally accepted as loyal and useful creatures to mankind, the canines are sometimes unfairly discriminated against.  
Petaling Jaya.

Anonymous said...

The Electric New Paper :
These dead dogs are my darlings
# 13 dogs shot one by one with these bullets
# Owner refuses to rehouse them despite warnings from council
# Woman locks door to protect dogs but officers break it down
BULLETS were sprayed at them, and with frantic howls, the 13 dogs went down one by one.
02 July 2006

BULLETS were sprayed at them, and with frantic howls, the 13 dogs went down one by one.

Spurting blood stained the floors and walls of the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and backyard of the single-storey terrace house in Seremban, Malaysia.

Empty bullet shells littered the house after the carnage, Malaysian newspapers reported.

The dogs had scuttled throughout the house to escape the gunfire, their flights of terror marked by a trail of faeces.

As their barking ceased and the last whimper faded away, the officers and dog shooters from the Seremban Municipal Town Council started loading the dead dogs onto a lorry.

It was only then that the female enforcement officers released their hold on Ms Eng Choon Mei, 56, and allowed her to enter her home.

She broke down in tears at the sight of the dogs lying in puddles of blood.

'I'm not married and the dogs are my darlings. When I heard their pitiful barking, words could not describe the pain I felt in my heart,' she told China Press and Sin Chew Daily. As the officers drove off, Ms Eng's brother, the dogs' owner, returned home.

Mr Eng Her Sun, 66, had earlier left with 10 of his dogs as he suspected a raid. (See report on page 4.)

She did not dare to tell him what had happened as she was worried that he would not be able to take the shock.

She said: 'It was only when he stepped into the house and saw the dogs' blood everywhere that I told him everything from the beginning.'

Shortly after her brother had driven off, around 9am on Thursday, a group of 50 officers and dog shooters had arrived at their house in vans, lorries and on motorcycles.

Ms Eng said she was doing laundry outside the house at the time.

One of the officers had shown her a court order and demanded to be let into the house.

He told her that they were there to enforce the court order forbidding her brother to keep his dogs at home.


Ms Eng immediately turned around and walked into the house. She padlocked the metal gate and locked the wooden front door.

With the door slammed in their faces, the officers brought out lock cutters to remove the padlock.

They then broke a hole in the door and entered the house.

Ms Eng said she had tried her best to protect the dogs, but several female officers managed to drag her out of the house.

'Two dog shooters then went in to kill the dogs. At the same time, 10 officers assisted them by herding the dogs to be shot,' she said.

The whole operation took half an hour.

The team of enforcement officers from the Seremban Municipal Council had been sent to cull the 25 dogs kept in the Engs' home.

Council president Abdul Halim Abdul Latif said Mr Eng's neighbours had been complaining about the stench and incessant barking from the dogs.

Earlier attempts to get Mr Eng to move his dogs from the terrace house had failed.

So a court order was obtained in December, giving the officers the authority to cull the dogs.

However, Mr Abdul Halim said the council gave Mr Eng a grace period of six months to move the dogs out.

When no action was taken after the grace period ended, council officers held several rounds of talks with Mr Eng, but to no avail.

Council officers had brought along several veterinary department officers as the initial plan was to tranquilise the dogs first.

But the dogs became violent and tried to attack the officers.

Mr Abdul Halim said: 'The veterinary officers warned against going ahead with our plan. We were forced to shoot the dogs.'

Mr Eng claimed the officers had trespassed his home and is contemplating legal action against them.

He panics and escapes with 10 dogs in car

WHEN Mr Eng Her Sun, 66, suspected that his 25 beloved dogs were in danger, he took matters into his own hands.

Before the authorities could enter his house and get the doomed pooches, he packed 10 of them into his car and drove off.

While making his getaway, Mr Eng crashed his car into a motorcycle belonging to one of the officers there to cull the animals.

He managed to save the 10 dogs, but while he was gone, the 13 that remained in his house were all shot dead.

Another two are unaccounted for.

Mr Eng said, almost in tears: 'These dogs are just some strays with no one to look after them. I took them in because I pitied them.

'Did I do anything wrong? Did the dogs do anything wrong? Why did the authorities have to be so cruel?'

Mr Eng's sister, Ms Eng Choon Mei, 56, said her brother loved the dogs very much.

She told the China Press that her brother spent all day looking after the animals, sometimes staying up past 2am.

She said: 'He paid for their care out of his own savings. I didn't contribute at all.'

Ms Eng added that the dogs were fed chicken every day, even though she and her brother could barely afford it.

Mr Eng said he had tried to get permits for the dogs, but only managed to get approval for two of them.

He claimed that he had also tried moving some of the dogs to an empty house nearby, but council officers trailed him. He decided to move them back home again.

But his efforts came to naught when the dogs were killed on Thursday morning.

Mr Eng said, almost in tears: 'They (the dogs) are my best friends. Is it wrong for me to keep them in my own house? Now, I have lost all my happiness.'

Veganology said...

Cruel Killing of 13 Dogs, Shot to Death by the Malaysian (Seremban) Municipal Council!

Please click or go to the link provided below to sign the petition. Once done, please forward to as many people as possible, and tell them to do the same:

Thank you,

dawnypoh said...

There is no animal rights in this country. What have the dogs done to get killed in this way? Being a dog lover, i can imagine how ugly the situation can be. There is no justice here! My neighbour has 9 cats but why is there no action on them? Is this u call fair? To hell with this act. I am really sad for Mr Eng. "Be strong. At least you managed to save your '10 babies'".

The Wise Man From Heaven said...


Reditributions await those who commit cruelty..... Your redemption time shall come...

You shall be reborn as stray dogs in your next life..