Friday, June 30, 2006

Glass houses for "Yes" Men ?

I read a reader's letter to the NST's editor today, and find it quite interesting. Interesting because it clearly reflect Malaysian's inability to accept criticisms and our own ingrained narrow mindedness. We are after all living in the legacy of past administrations' censorship mentality. The environment has conditioned us to be submissive and accept what has been forced down our throats. We have been so narrow minded that, our first reaction is to silence those who criticized us with angers, and sometimes, threats of violences. And we arrogantly and unfairly denied other people the rights to express their opinions simply because these opnions are not soothing to our ears.

The former Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Anwar Ibrahim was subject to the same treatments. Now, the former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir are ask to shut-up simply because we are embarrassed by his criticisms and opinions. So what does that make us ? Live high with false moral standard and held our head low with tails between our legs ( yes, some of us do have long emotional tails because we are still entrapped with the intelligence of chimpanzee ), forever say YES, and forever live on Hand-outs. Isn't that some of us are told not to bite the hands that feed us ? As a result of this mental suppressions, we forever romanticized the American's freedom of speech. We go around the world to demand the rights to criticize others, but whenever we are criticized, we react irrationally.

So, people who live in the glass house should not throw stone ? Hello, are you a mental retards ? This is the 21st century. There are no more glass house out there. Glass house is only for little girls with moronic intelligent. Which glass houses you are refering to ? That one you build for yourself or the one you build to cage the person you intent to demonized ? However, I respect your rights to entrapped yourself to forever live in your mental glass house. But please, in your eagerness to silence others' right to expressions, please have the moral decency of not forcing people to live in your mental glass houses. We should move forward to accept a more open and tolerance society. We should not be guided by incompatible philosophy that move us closer to a future society that is intolerance and narrow minded.

Is it our cultural norm to demonize those who longer in power simple because they choose to voice differing opinions and criticisms ? Kacang should breakfree from its kulit, but kacang should never forget its kulit !

I am not an admirer of Tun Mahathir. He has his time. He no longer hold executive power in the Government. Of course, to some, it is counter productive to be seen to be at his side. Is this what politics are all about ? Real Politics ? But as long as he still has his last breath, he should be given all the rights to express his opinions and criticisms. He is merely discharging his duty to the country by voicing out what he felt is not rights. Again, he could be wrong. But isn't that what democracy is all about ? Isn't that what the present administration promised to all Malaysians in the previous general election - A transparent government that is gemilang, cermelang, and terbilang ?

I still have faith in the present Abdullah's administration. I know, he is eager to bring Malaysia to greater heights. He is eager to leave his legacy of social developments. But in his eagerness, he should also listen to differing opinions. Having said that, I am also beginning to acquire admirations for Tun Mahathir. At the age of 80+, he is still so passionate about the well beings of Malaysia, to the extend that, he is willing to subject himself to humiliations by standing up to what he believed should be righted.

To all those who are not comfortable with Tun Mahathir's criticisms and opinions, I like to say this to you, show your emotional maturity by giving him the rights to voice his opinions and criticisms, and most important of all, do not shut down his avenues for expressions. Who knows, Tun Mahathir may be right.

In the name of freedom of speech, I say, let Tun Mahathir talk, and let him present his facts and arguments......... If you silenced him because you felt that he is wrong, then what does that make you ?
Those who live in glass houses...
30 Jun 2006
A.M. NORAN, Subang Jaya
Dear Dr Mahathir,
TODAY, I would like to share a proverb with you as it seems to suit the present situation. Are you familiar with the saying "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"? Lately, I have been wondering whether you have lost your ability to discern, since even my older sister, who has always been a full-time home maker, understands the full explanations given by the present administration and others about the "crooked bridge" and the sale of MV Agusta plus all the other issues you raised.She was puzzled when she read of you saying your queries regarding these issues had not been answered and wondered aloud how much clearer an explanation was required. It is not that I question your intelligence, but I just hope that what others said — that only when the answers are what you want to hear would you accept them — is not true. That is saying that you are being biased or prejudiced and cannot accept the truth when it stares you in the face.Being a product of the science stream, and a medical doctor to boot, I am sure there must be some misunderstanding since scientists think logically and only accept clear, precise explanations — and the Government has done just that since even home makers understand the rationale behind the decisions made. Do you remember the story about the curious girl Pandora, who was told not to open the magic box? Of course, she did not listen and released all of mankind’s woes but fortunately "Hope" was also released. You have done the same but I am not certain you will emerge unscathed as now all kinds of charges about your administrative style are being bandied around by all and sundry.I just pray that there was a "Hope" somewhere in that box you opened to salvage the high esteem and respect that you used to command from the Malaysian public when the current brouhaha dies down. I used to be an admirer and regarded you as a national icon, but lately the petty things and personal attacks emerging from you are so unbecoming of an elder statesman.So just remember: "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones." Have a nice day!


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