Thursday, June 08, 2006

Que Sera Sera ( Kau Salah Salah )

Que sera sera
( aka Kau salah salah )

Not too long ago,
a narrow minded soul with misplaced angers told me,
that his father was a dedicated arm force personnel,
that his father risked his life to fight and defend the country.
So we must not forget history, and as a son,
he must be given more privileges in this country.

Silently and under hot toiling sun
my father, a vegetable seller,
worked day and night,
to make enough money,
to contribute to the bullets,
uniforms, and wages for the uniformed personnel.

They said, bullet does not discriminate.
But so is sweats, determinations, and hard earned money....

So, ungrateful arrogant sons,
please remember the many sacrifices
of all the silent patriotic men.

Forget we must not.
But this country is not founded
by fathers of the ungrateful and arrogant sons only.
This country is evolved and constituted
by people from all walks of life,
with their sweats, tears, and hardworks.
In their own unselfish way,
they had silently and willingly contributed
to the success and sovereignty of this country.

So, please do not be misguided by selfish desires
to conveniently rob the rights of others.

So, am I supposed to claimed more privileges,
because my father contributed to the feedings
of the uniformed personnel,
who in turn defend the country ?

The question you should ask yourself is,
What are your contributions thus far,
that has contributed to the betterments of future generations ?

Do we want to forever
live like parasites begging for special privileges ?
Is that how you want your children to emulate ?
my friends,what happened, happened.
What ever will be is not que sera sera.
The future is for us to determine.

Let us has the self respect of not having
to live on other people past.
our fathers has sacrifices and contributed a lot,
and, praise the heaven,
we are all now enjoying
the fruits of their hard labours.
But let us not overstep our limits
to conduct unfair demands,
Let us not resorting
to live under the shadows of the past,
Let us not live like parasite now, and
let us not
build another generation of parasites.

Negara ku,
tanah tumpah nya darah ku.......
I sincerely do not wish to see my future generations
shed even a single drop of bloods.....

Teach our children
to respect other religion, race, and culture,
to accept equality, fairness, and tolerances,
to have the pride of not depending on charities of others,
to not blaming others for our own failures,
to not having to depend on hand-outs,
to not be a parasite and a communcal pariah.

Teach our children to be
a hardworking and responsible Malaysian.
And, together, let us all now work hand–in–hand,
to create mutual respect, and better understanding
of our cultural diversities and differences.
Let us acknowledge and defend each other's rights.
Together, standing tall and side by side,
we shall claim our equal places
in this blessed land of perpetual sunshines.

I can see the beautiful rainbow now on the eastern sky...........
Namo Amithaba Buddha

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