Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am sicked and tired.........

Why ? Because I was born a Malaysian, and I am a Malaysian.

I am sicked and tired that there are actually a small group of noisy minority wanting to transform Malaysia into a religious country when our constitution clearly state that Malaysia is a secular state. Our constitution is being treated as if it is being written using Microsoft Word where words and meanings can be interchanged and reprinted without due regards to the founding principles and out of political convenient to gain short term communal popularity.

I am sicked and tired that academic meritocracy means political acceptance of social irresponsibilities. Good students are sometimes denied opportunity for better education. Undeserving Student are sometimes given but wasting the opportunity for better education. After more than 45 years of independent, we are still not able to identified ourself as Malaysian, educational policies and opportunities are still modelled along proportional ratios. How can our universities produce quality talents when fundamentals of qualities are systematically ignored and politically accepted ? In the name of level playing fields, don't expect good universities to turn balacans into pretty shrimps. When our local universities score low ratings by international agencies, we beat our chests, shouting stupidities to condemn the rating agencies !

I am sicked and tired that we are still not able to agreed to disagreed. We are still invoking the false premise of racial harmony and sensitivity to disrupt intelligent discussions. Misplaced emotions reigned supreme to mask selfish and greedy interests. When comes to things that mattered, our skin colours are always the final determinants. This great country is slowly regressing into a racially divide third word country syndrome incapable of putting the best foot forward. Racial inequalities are still being perpetuated by irresponsible and incompetence politicians seeking niche acceptance.

I am sicked and tired that, although we pride ourselves that, freedom of religions is guaranteed in this country, but we continuously distrust each other. We want the rest to respect and observe sensitivity to our own religions, but we are unable to show tolerance and acceptance of other religions. Are we developing a culture of freedom to intolerate other religions ?

I am sicked and tired that we seemed to take pride that other countries are more racist than us! Although Malaysia did not invent racisms, but we seem to think that it is our racial rights to indiscriminately perpetuating discriminations in the name of championing communal rights.

I am sicked and tired that we allowed a few rogue policemen to shake our confidence in our police force to maintain law and order with impartiality and integrity despite the fact that our police force are the most selfless and disciplined uniformed unit in the world. Our appointed legislators suddenly have no political guts to implement the necessary changes to restore our confident in the Police so that our Police personnel can held their heads high when carry out their risky responsibilities to the nation.

I am sicked and tired that despite our constitutional guaranteed of freedom of speech, but we seemed to think that people who criticized the government are ungrateful and less patriotic. We seemed to think that only the ruling legislators are entitled to freedom to speak all kinds of absurdities and irrationalities. We are still afraid to speak-up against wrongs. Some seemed to think that it is okay to force their narrow and misguided views and opinions on others simply because they have the means to silence the rest.

I am sicked and tired that there are actually morons who thinks that, going to places of worships regularly made them a leaned religious people and entitled them to force their religious values on others. So does that make me a cow if I eat beef every day ?

I am sicked and tired that some political elitists seemed to think that their duties to the country are by being visible in Putrajaya, attending corporate functions, and annual dinners. Unimportant and average people are being treated like servants to these elitists. Have they forgotten that the unimportant and average Malaysians are the one who continuously paying for their comfortable lifestyles ?

I am sicked and tired that it seemed so easy for us to cry injustices and want other people to respect our sensitivity, and yet we have no shame to show disrespect, accord unfair treatments, and insensitive to others. We are in fact forked tongues deceitful hypocrites.

I am sicked and tired that we continuously promoting patriotisms and nationalisms even when we are surrounded by friendly countries who has no intention to have wars with us. How much more money we need to spend to satisfy our animal behaviors ? Why can't we emphasized more priority and focus our financial resources in social development, academic excellence, and business competitiveness ?

I am sicked and tired that our people go around the world preaching equality, anti-discriminations, anti-racism, and human rights. And yet at the home front, we are not able to shake off our obsessiveness and greediness to demand and denied other people of their rights along racial lines.

I am sicked and tired to accept the realizations that not many our members of parliament or state assemblies hold Master degree, Doctorage degree, or are professionally qualified to enggage in constructive and strategic discussions of national issues. It is always the emotional rhetorics..... why can't the parliament raise the minimum requirement of academic and professional qualifications needed before a politician is allowed to contest in an election.

I am sicked. I am tired. But despite all these negative sentiments. I still love my country, Malaysia. My friends, let me say this to you, being more critical does not made me a lesser Malaysian. I am exercising my rights to criticize and at the same time accept criticisms. Now that you get my message of how sicked and how tired I am, it is about time you do some soul searching to rid yourselves of ......................

God bless you all. Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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Malaysia Mari said...

Wow! wow! we are in an animal farm Would you risk all for a new administration. I am ready