Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Father's Day originated from United States of America. It was first celebrated by Mrs Sonora Dodd on June 19th 1910 to honour her father, Mr William Smart. Smart was a civil war veteran, he was a single parent raising six children by himself on a rural farm in eastern Washington. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the 3rd Sunday of June as Father's day. In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a law to make Father's Day permanent.

Father's Day is not a religious celebration. To those religious fools, if you feel that this american's tradition of celebrating father's day can weaken your faith, please don't celebrate. You are not oblige to honour your father, it is your rights. But please refrain from sabotaging this honourable and traditional celebration. Not everything originated from the US of A is bad.

Coming back to Father's Day. Every year on this beautiful Sunday morning, I will wake up early in the morning, burn 2 joss sticks, and offer prayers to my late father. This is the man, who cycle to work 7 days a week, 365 days a year to work. The only rest day he has is the first day of Chinese New year. He worked pratically 18 hours a day. He spoke few words and he was uneducated. I saw him literally bleed from his rough palm, and he just use a piece of worn out clothes to bandage it, and carry-on with his work. Not a single words of complaints escaped his mouth. He has no time for pains nor complaints. Because, he knows, he is the pillar of the family, and he has to adapt to the harsh reality to bring foods home. Through his weary eyes, I saw in him the unselfish love and commitment he has for his family.

He never dictated and influenced me how I should live my life, he lived his life. As I grow older, the memories of him made me appreciate his shining eloquence in dealing with faith and hard work in his life. I am proud to be his son. In my eyes, he is a good father. Faultless, determined, and unselfish sacrifices to bring material comforts and security to the family. I shall follw his footsteps and I shall never be discouraged to face life's uncertainties. I am growing old. But the truth is, I still miss my Daddy !

I know, Life is tough. It was a difficult and hard journey to get to where I am now. But, for my father, I know it is even more difficult for him to put me to where I started. And I shall valued this opportunity given to me by him. He was a poor man, but he has given me a rich inheritance of shining life experiences through his sacrifices.

Now that I am also a father, I am beginning to understand what my father went through to bring up the children. The fear, anxiety, hapiness, sadness, jubilations, etc. A life of emotional roller coaster with no exit. O' father I understand your every wishes. I shall deliver all my promises to you....

Om mani padme hung, Om mani padme hung, Om mani padme hung, Om mani padme hung, Om mani padme hung. My great Buddha of love, wisdom, and compassion, from my humble heart, I offer my most sincere prayer to you. I seek your kind compassion to bless the soul of my father. Please shine your radiant light to guide him in heaven and the elightenment to your beautiful garden of eternity. Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

To my father, Happy Father's Day.

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