Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ck's b'day - Reminiscing ( by Irene Poh on 19/05/11)

Just about 2 weeks ago, we visited CK's grave for his one year death anniversary together with my family members, brothers, sisters, sister in law and nephew. Today, comes his birthday. In the past, I will remind my son and god daughters to buy him a nice dinner . He prefers sze chuan food at' Tai Yan Chai Tank' ( Esquire's Kitchen) in Subang Parade . CK loves the souppy long noodle called "Cheong Sau Mee" brings longetivity. Looking back, CK is an easily contented, simple, giving and a philosopher . He always write during his free time and maybe it is therapeutic for him. During his writing, he always has his cup of coffee by his side while doing his blog "taipingcoffee.blogspot.com" . That's the uniqueness in him and why he is being loved. He told me and the children as well that we do not have to be very rich to be happy. At times, I do ask myslef, will I be happy if I am rich? Maybe, to a sudden extent. Why ? I can buy what I want, go for an enjoyable trip with my family , to be able to spend my family a nice dinner in a famous restaurants, to buy myself branded bags and so on. I ask yourself, without all these will I still be happy. I can tell you yes. Come to think of it he is quite right. To lead a happy life is after all not that difficult . More of what we want in life.
Everyone are too busy eating except CK . He and his favorite cup of black coffee kaw kaw. At the same time, he will share his favorite jokes that everyone can't stop laughing but him . I always puzzle how he can be so cool. He saw Ivan went to pay for the dinner and whisper to me saying that your son has grown up. I stared at him when he said that. My son and not his. hahaha.
After the meal, he will thank the children for their effort and taking their busy schedue from work. I whispered to him telling him that he doesn't have to say anything. I am sure he deserve to be treated a good meal after giving his love, attention, sacrifices, care, wisdom, patience all these years. What more can the children ask?
I have missed doing nothing for him on his last birthday and today too. Last night, Ivan asked me whether I have any plans for the celebration of his dad's b'day . Told him that I am ok. I just wanted my heart to be filled with good memories of his dad. Jacy told me that she dreamed of CK just 2 to 3 nights ago. Ck, our great mentor, please watch over the children and lead them to live a happy and positve life. Still remember CK's usual saying " Life is always imperfectly learn" so just keep learning and also keep going.... The day that we stop learning will be our last day on earth. For sure, CK has left behind a lot of good memories that I still shared with the children these days.
I can smell of the nice coffee aroma coming from the kitchen. Don't worry it is not CK but my maid brewed the coffee for him just in case he is back. Do enjoy the cofffee . Let me sing you a song titled " Moon Represent my Heart" in Chinese " Yet Liang Tai Piew Woh Ti Sin" . Enjoy it together. .. Your love will be forever remembered. I wish I can whispered that into your ears again.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dad -My mentor ( By Irene Poh - 10/ 05/ 11)

Dad -My mentor ( By Irene Poh - 10/ 05/ 11)
My dad- somehow these chinese saying comes to my mind. " Yam Suin Chi Yoon" which means the water that we drank and enjoyed, we need to know where the origins of the water come from . I guess nowadays , children tend not to realise that this is a very important principle in our daily life. We have to teach our children to be grateful to their parents. First of all, we will have to start from ourselve . We must be grateful to those who has pull us through out of difficulties. We have to reciprocate by not forgetting about those who have help us. Some are so arrogant that they will hurt you in whatever way they can. I really do not have any respect for these people no matter how rich they are. When I look at them, I really want to give them a kick in their ass. Learn to respect others and be respected. Ya. I can tell you that somehow my dad is the person that always been look up to by a lot of his friends, relatives and so on. It is not because of his look. I guess it is the substance in him and you may understand what I mean. If not, just don't bother. hahaha.
My dad- He is well known for his generosity towards the young , old , poor, needy people and etc . One of my sisters called him as the Chinese "Santa Claus ". I believe God has given him the gift of giving and never ask for anything in return. Being a father, he will provide every meal on the table without my mum worrying whether the next meal will come or not. At times, when he is better off, he will give money to mum to cook for us a good and enjoyable meal. So far, the problem of not having enough food or rice has never occured . When business is good, he extends his help to take care of his brothers and sisters's familly either by providing money or good food for everyone. The kids are always happy to see him. Some of his grandchildren or great grandchildren will ask their parents about him. Just like Santa Claus giving them big ang pow. The kids will compare the money they have and jump up and down. You can hear lots of joy and laughter. I believe the happiness from the children's face is what my dad would ask for! Just like "Santa Claus" hohoho..
Apart his generousity towards his family, he also extend his help to others in solving their financial difficulties, family problems and etc whenever is needed. He has problem solving and analytical skills. He always advice us "Look at things on both sides to to see the clearer picture in order to make better desision". That is the reason why everyone seek his advice because of his wisdom. Dad's education is up to primary level because his family is very poor. However, God has blessed him with intelligence to take him where he is now today. It takes a lot of obstacles and wisdom to become a successful businessman, am I right? I can tell you that he is always very determined to carry out his plan , to weigh the pros and cons in a very rational manner, to have good foundation in managing his finances and his staff's well being. He looks into employee's interest and not taking them for a ride. He believes that his staff is part of his team and asset. Hence, he gains loyality among his staff.
In my early age, he brought me to his construction site to look at his contractor's work . He is very passionate about his business. He will show me what his team has done - the drainage work, mortar, stairways, building superstructure , piles and etc. That is when I begin to understand what my father's business is all about. He and his few partners are the founder of a reputable property developer that build homes in the early seventies in Ipoh. While doing IGB business, he sees a lot of potential in the property market. He has also started his own small property development which is taken care by my sister, brothers, uncle, cousin and etc. I know it is not easy for him to have the responsibilities of taking care so many people. I was quite young at that time and not knowing that he has made a lot of sacrifices for everyone. There are times, he has sleepless nights. I guess his love for his family and everyone else who are close to him is unmeasurable. Let us take the opportunity to do our bes to take care of you and your business. Now that your age is catching up, enjoy your life.
I remember when I face with any problems, I will always seek your advice and direction. You have anchored my career path into real estate business. You told me that teaching industry is not my cup of tea. With your concrete direction, I am able to secure a job in a well known property developer firm in the city. With your piece of advice, CK and I are able to send my son, Ivan to university and also to accumulate some good properties investment.
My dad is a visionary man, he is able to view things in long term. I wish I have his capabilities in order to lead my life comfortably. His expectations toward his 10 children and all his grandchildren or greatgrandchildren is, to lead a happy life. You have done it dad! From now onwards, we will do our best to walk together with you through thick and thin, for the rest of your journey. All your 10 children, mum, daughter in law, son-in law, cousins, relatives, friends are very proud of you. Our mentor - inspiring us to lead a more positive life.
Dad - You are indeed our mentor and well done.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Visiting Of Ck's Grave on 1st of May 2011 ( 01/ 05/ 11 by Irene Poh)

I know it is not easy for me and my family members to face the fact we have to go visiting my late husband CK 's grave. It's only been one year that he has left us and just seemed like yesterday. Its so strange. Yesterday, I came back from my groceries and saw a beautiful butterfly resting and feeding on nectar from flowers in the garden . I have not seen such a beautiful butterfly in my garden since a while ago. So I just sit quietly and watched it from far. The Chinese believed that the butterfly could be CK coming back to see us.

I did not had a good sleep for almost a week due to my flu. The virus is so strong and still weakening my whole body system . But whatever it is I still have to pull myself into one and do whatever that I need to do. Tell my mind to " Just do what you need to do- Go to ck 's Grave". Otherwise no one can do it except you. Lucky thing is that I am still in one piece.

I quickly wake up early in the am and go to the market to pick up some fresh and beautiful flower to bring to CK 's grave so that he can smell the freshness of his favorite Koke Fa ( Chrysanthemum) . After picking up the breakfast, I quickly rush home to wake Ivan and Jacy up. Took the flowers and water and put it into the car. My phone rang and my sisters Lye yong told me that they are already on the way to Klang. Still I did not hear from Michael. Peep from my main door and saw Michael waited outside. Jacy rushed down while we waited for her in the car.

Told Jacy to take the Glenmarie way and the journey went on smooth sailing. My brother Chee Kwan arrived there earlier and waited for us. When we arrived, everyone get down from the car and walk towards Ck's tomb. Jacy just took out her Iphone and start playing the song " Amazing Grace" . Everyone sang together and suddenly I felt CK 's presence.. He told me that I have to be strong and be there for everyone. I whispered to him telling him that at times I am really really tired . Really needed some rest to re charged. Come to think of it. I better take some rest before I collapse.

I really appreciate the support given by my brother Chee Kwan, Sisters Lye Yong and Lay Mui, sister in law Angie and her son Yong Yee, brother Michael and of course Jacy. Without their support this morning , I guess things would be different. I feel very lucky to have them there and the love that they have given to CK. What more can I ask? No matter what I will try my very best to be there for them in time to come. I really really mean it. That goes the Chinese saying " Lan Heng Lan Tie" - Close bro and sisterhood. What a feeling!. ...

From today's trip I learn something very interesting.

I learned that no matter what we do please bear in mind that we are not alone to face whatever difficulties in life. Please share whatever with others and let them have the opportunity to give us a helping hand to face it together. It will definitely make a difference.

Form today onwards, give yourself a chance - " let others help you" .

Thanks again to everyone and the well wishes from Kevin, Nicky Poh , Marvin Yoong and the rest of the family members.

My beloved Mum 28/ 04/ 11 You are the Best. ( Ms Irene Poh)

My mum 's face just come suddenly into my mind this morning when I woke up. To me she still look as beautiful as ever although at this age. especially her laughter. This CNY, everyone went back for the reunion and we were sitting down talking about good old days. I was staring at her while everyone was talking, laughing and some watching TV. To me my mum, she is fantastic . Why?
Let me tell you why? She has never has much education but some how I do not know how she can raised us up. No kidding - 10 of the us and all are healthy. All her siblings are doing quite well in terms of work and business. Some of them are economist, finance director, engineer, registered real estate agent, businessman, office manager etc. . Sometime, I do wonder how fantastic she is . She is our tutor, a good cook, our banker for emergency, good home maker that take care of problems on behalf of my dad while he is out for his business trip and the list goes on.
My mother's role does not stop while all her children are out to school . She will utilize her quality time to do baking . She bakes orange cakes, biscuit to share it with friends. They just love her baking and what not. Slowly the orders for her cakes was good. But she knew that she can't make much money from baking and She did not want to bother my dad with all these money matter. You knowlah man will feel that you give them a lot of pressure. Come along my brother in law asking her to rear Labrador telling her it is a very good guard door. She toy around with the ideas for a while and later decided to go for it. Somehow the news travel around that her Labrador is of good quality . Some of these friends keep asking for it and slowly it become a business. Initially my dad was very much against the idea but slowly see that my mum is happy doing it and he just goes with it.
At times, we do tell my dad how lucky he is to have a wife like my mum that took care of everything . It is better that striking lottery. First of all, Mum is very sacrificing because she bear the 10 of us. Nowadays, the so called " modern ladies" after marriage did not even want to have any children because they tell me that their body will go out of shape. What kind of nonsense is this. Having children will complete your life journey. Moreover this is part of our Chinese tradition. It will pass on from generation to generation. Deep into my mum's heart I am sure she is very proud to raise us up. Likewise, we also feel the same way. The love that she gave to everyone of us is something that no one can replace her. She has given us too much and at times let us have the opportunity to love you, to hug you and and share her life experiences that we can learn from you. She is always unselfishly taught us to be honest, respectful to the elders, to be humble, to be kind and caring to the weak, to give love and so on. Sometime, I bump into my brother's children and all of them look forward to eat her cooking especially the special abolone soup that she boiled, steamed chicken, char siew, stir fry prawns, tau yew pak, tee yang koi, woo tow kuih, acar, some assam fish, curry chilken. My saliva is dripping out already. Must really make a trip back to taste her good food come with care and lots of love. Hahaha no ajinomoto... ah and you can hear everyone's laughter after a very satisfying meal prepared by her. Form the Poh's kitchen- the best in ipoh and Malaysia.
Mum we love you ....... and will always be......................... from the heart of all your 10 siblings, daughter in law, son -in-law, grand-daughters, grand-sons, great-granddaughters & ??....................
Long life for all your good deeds- Mum .