Monday, May 02, 2011

My beloved Mum 28/ 04/ 11 You are the Best. ( Ms Irene Poh)

My mum 's face just come suddenly into my mind this morning when I woke up. To me she still look as beautiful as ever although at this age. especially her laughter. This CNY, everyone went back for the reunion and we were sitting down talking about good old days. I was staring at her while everyone was talking, laughing and some watching TV. To me my mum, she is fantastic . Why?
Let me tell you why? She has never has much education but some how I do not know how she can raised us up. No kidding - 10 of the us and all are healthy. All her siblings are doing quite well in terms of work and business. Some of them are economist, finance director, engineer, registered real estate agent, businessman, office manager etc. . Sometime, I do wonder how fantastic she is . She is our tutor, a good cook, our banker for emergency, good home maker that take care of problems on behalf of my dad while he is out for his business trip and the list goes on.
My mother's role does not stop while all her children are out to school . She will utilize her quality time to do baking . She bakes orange cakes, biscuit to share it with friends. They just love her baking and what not. Slowly the orders for her cakes was good. But she knew that she can't make much money from baking and She did not want to bother my dad with all these money matter. You knowlah man will feel that you give them a lot of pressure. Come along my brother in law asking her to rear Labrador telling her it is a very good guard door. She toy around with the ideas for a while and later decided to go for it. Somehow the news travel around that her Labrador is of good quality . Some of these friends keep asking for it and slowly it become a business. Initially my dad was very much against the idea but slowly see that my mum is happy doing it and he just goes with it.
At times, we do tell my dad how lucky he is to have a wife like my mum that took care of everything . It is better that striking lottery. First of all, Mum is very sacrificing because she bear the 10 of us. Nowadays, the so called " modern ladies" after marriage did not even want to have any children because they tell me that their body will go out of shape. What kind of nonsense is this. Having children will complete your life journey. Moreover this is part of our Chinese tradition. It will pass on from generation to generation. Deep into my mum's heart I am sure she is very proud to raise us up. Likewise, we also feel the same way. The love that she gave to everyone of us is something that no one can replace her. She has given us too much and at times let us have the opportunity to love you, to hug you and and share her life experiences that we can learn from you. She is always unselfishly taught us to be honest, respectful to the elders, to be humble, to be kind and caring to the weak, to give love and so on. Sometime, I bump into my brother's children and all of them look forward to eat her cooking especially the special abolone soup that she boiled, steamed chicken, char siew, stir fry prawns, tau yew pak, tee yang koi, woo tow kuih, acar, some assam fish, curry chilken. My saliva is dripping out already. Must really make a trip back to taste her good food come with care and lots of love. Hahaha no ajinomoto... ah and you can hear everyone's laughter after a very satisfying meal prepared by her. Form the Poh's kitchen- the best in ipoh and Malaysia.
Mum we love you ....... and will always be......................... from the heart of all your 10 siblings, daughter in law, son -in-law, grand-daughters, grand-sons, great-granddaughters & ??....................
Long life for all your good deeds- Mum .

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