Sunday, July 24, 2011

Respect to others and make the wolrd a better place. ( 03/ 07/ 2011 by Irene Poh

When I was young, my mum and dad used to tell me to show respect to the elders, relatives, friends and so on. Whether we like it or not, we have to live with this principle of life. The importance of showing respect to parents, elder, friends, employer, employee... etc in regardless of their status. We will have to nurture our children with these values when they are still young. By doing so, the world would be a better to live on.
Is it fair for us to give respect to people judging from their outlook rather than their behavior? One of my business's friend used to complain to me that people judge him based on this outlook. He had this problem of being looked down when he went to the bank to open an account. For comfort purposes, he just wore something simple . Came along another lady dressed luxuriously and wore a diamond ring that catches the attention of the bank clerk . The minute the clerk saw the "rich" lady, she quickly stood up and treated the " rich" lady like a" VIP" . Knowing the fact that my friend came in earlier. What's wrong with her? Come on, her judgement is 101% wrong. My friend could have looked very simple but in fact he is rich. After seeing what had happened, my friend just shook his head and walked away. What a pity? The bank clerk did not even know that she has just lost a valuable customer. So, better not to be misguided and not show the slightest respect to simple people like my friend. Live to respect others in order to gain the respect. In this realistic world, the society is full of people that only give respect to the rich - Is this the norm? What kind of non sense?
Please bear in mind that majority of us also take things for granted by not showing respect to their family members. friends, their husband and vice versa, business partners etc. Children in this digital age complained that their parent do not understand them and yet demand respect . We ask ourself, do we deserve the respect from our parent if we can't show the same respect to them in the very first place?
Gosh... I guess nowadays people just do not bother with giving " respect" to others anymore. I was just sharing it with my sister in law the other day, she told me that she is engaged in a normal conversation with one of her friend's son that turned into embarassment and disappointment. The boy suddenly screamed and sweared at her. She did nothing wrong and could not understand why? To her surprise, she just stared at the boy and not knowing what to say to him? Is it something wrong with the boy's family's upbringing or too much of western influences from the media. Why is he behaving like this? Was he drunk when he said this. Nope. Nowadays, majority of the so called "educated new generation" talk like this ? To them, this is cool . I was disappointed and yet they can tell me to chill . How ? You mean to say that the parents spend some much money produce whole bunch of barbaric / misbehaved kids to the society. I felf sad for them as well as their parents.
Likewise, respect is someting not only one sided and expect being respected. I believe respect has to be earned. One of my friend used to complain that her children are being rude and not giving respect to her. I got a shock. Her children are so highly educated and earning a good salary. Why ? I find that in this competitive world, parents seemed to priotise on the wrong values. They feel that children's academic excellency are the key success in their children's life . As such, they have neglected the most important principle to teach their children 's moral values. The children could not be bothered showing respect to others as long as they obtained flying colors in their exams. After all, these is what their parent' wants. Showing off to everyone how smart their children. Come on. In reality, this bunch of so called " educated generation without knowing the real meaning of "respect" going into the employment market. They would definitely face problem in communicating with others because they do not know how to respect others. People will slowly dis associate from him/ her due to his/ her behavioral problem. Better wake up, start showing respect to others and you will automatically gain the respect. Isn't this a wonderful feeling. To learn to respect others in regardless who they are?
My son, Ivan used to ask me " mum, Is dad being respected ? " . Yes of course he is. People from all walks of life- the old or young ones , the poor or the rich, the academics or even the little ones appreciate and look up to him . Take him as a learned person with great respect, good personalities, manners and the list goes on. I guess we as parent will have to do our part to instill good values to our children, Reap what we sow. With that, the world would be a better place.
That's goes the saying " respect is to earn and not demanded".
Everyone put their heart and soul to shape and change the attitude of the new generation. The choice is in our hand and let's start the ball rolling . Put together everyone's effort - " learn to respect each other to lead a happy life" . Isn't that what we want? Having the mutual respect and live harmoniously with each other. The world would be a better place.
If we can't respect these basic fundamental into our daily life then we will have to bear whatever to come . Do not blame others or trying to shortchange the innocent ones. Let's wake up and do something.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lang Valley (Next to Nature). A 250 acres of Mixed Development in Ipoh North ( next to North South Highway). ( Irene Poh 09/07/2011)

Looking back for the past two years, I tried my best to find time visiting my mum, dad , brothers, sister and relatives in Ipoh. At times, I guess spending time with your love ones always mean alot to me.
I have left home after my secondary education and did my Bachelor of Arts degree in University of Guelph, Canada. But somehow, no matter where I go, my heart is always in Ipoh. Is it because of its natural landscape and food is so fantastic and tasty that I thought I am living in paradise.
As you take a slow drive along NS highway approaching Ipoh, you will see on the left and right side of the roads covered with mountain and limestone hills comes in different forms. The one from the top of the cave called the stalactite and the one that come from bottom is called stalagmite.
Lang Valley, located in Ipoh North has its natural beauty. The first access from Ipoh Garden Tasik into North South Highway. After a short distance, You will see a railway track on the left hand side of the highway before passing Gunung Mahsurat . Travel for another 300m, you will see a slip road in-construction ( alternative access) goes directly into the Lang Valley Commercial Hub.
The third access from Ipoh Oldtown Center travel along Jalan Kuala Kangsar into Lang Valley. The drive takes about 10 minutes.
Gosh! Lang Valley is like what we see in the Chinese paiting( San Sui Hua) . The backdrop of the beautiful hills with the lake next to it. As I travelled along North South Highway, I was welcome by Gunung Lang Recreation Park. To get into the lake, we have to buy ticket for the boat ride. During the weekends , the entrance is crowded with people waiting eagerly and patiencely at the queue . The minute I saw the lake, I thought I am in James Bond Island, Thailand. Later I realised that I am not . As I drove further in , there is a huge park with matured grown bamboo trees , some huge trees and challet too. Suddenly I can feel the cool breeze of air and I just sit and relax. The serenity of the view, the bird singing and the squirel running really inspired me . How nice if I can have my chinese brush to do some paintings now . But, too bad. I am not an artist. hahaha.
Lang Valley, a land blessed with lush of greenery , the terrain of the land is rather flat with a closed proximity to the network of highways ( North South) and jalan Kuala Kangsar. The North South Highway lead us to the most happening places such as The garden, Jusco in Tasik, Ipoh Garden East where the night life begins . On the other hand, along Jalan Kuala Kangsar, it will brings us to the industrial sites such as Honda, Toyota 3S centre , Volvo, etc. If you continue on the journey , you will get to KTM station (Fast track to KL) , most of the major banks, St. Michael Schools, ACS school , Majistrate courts, corporate offices etc.
Lang Valley , strategically located in the mid point of two vibrant business centers mentioned above. Gunung Lang S/B (developer of Lang Valley) 's Chariman Mr. Ronnie Poh reiterated to incorporate more Greens in Lang Valley. His dream is to let buyers enjoy the last peice of well planned township with amenities and good accessibitlies . To find out more, do not hesitate to visit our website at
Gunung Lang S/B has the people's interest at heart. The entire development consist of approximately 250 acres of land. They have cut out 70 acres of commercial land to be developed and managed by a reputable and experienced retailer. A place where people can live, play and eat. Chairman has not said much but they are finalising the negotiation with a few parties. We just have to wait anxiously for the good news .
For the next launched of Teak, a 20' x 70' of 2S linkhouse sometime in October 2011 , Gunung Lang S/B has engaged KL architect come up with the guarded/ gated community living concept. Something new in Ipoh. They have also engaged landscape designer to beautify the jogging track. I was told " solar panels.... and environmental friendly features". Why wait? Only limited units available.
Talk to our marketing consultant Ms Jacy Wong / Ms Irene Poh at 012 5123345/ 0133638327 , the appointed marketing agency , Nineten Properties ( E1654) to show you the perspective plans, location maps, specifications. and price from RM 258,000/= onwards for Teak .. It is our pleasure to serve you and make your investment worthwhile.
Seeing is believe and take an easy drive to Lang Valley( Next to Nature). To get away from the hustle and bustle lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur. Relax, shops,eat and have fun living in Lang Valley. Lead a healthy Lifestyle- that's where you want to come home to.