Sunday, December 31, 2006

World's Oldest Mom

World's Oldest Mom Bears Twins at 67
By Associated Press
December 30, 2006

MADRID, Spain -- A 67-year-old Spanish woman became the world's oldest mother after she gave birth to twins in the northern city of Barcelona on Saturday, a hospital official said.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed by Sant Pau hospital, gave birth by caesarian section on Saturday having previously undergone in vitro fertilization in the United States, according to the national news agency EFE.

Originally from the southern region of Andalucia, the new mother chose the Barcelona hospital because it specializes in high-risk births.

The mother and twins are all doing well though the babies are both in incubators, a hospital spokeswoman said. The hospital did not reveal the gender of the twins.

The previous holder of the oldest mother record was 66-year-old Romanian citizen Adriana Iliescu who gave birth to baby Eliza Maria in Jan. 2005.

the December's Rains

the month of festivities,
of discarding the old,
and of welcoming the new year.

These December's rains
was send from heaven
to clean human dirts and sins
before new year come.

This times,
it belted on earth, it belted hard,
and pounded this sinful earth in fury.
Its sounds are not of soothing lullabies
but of angers and wraths from heaven.
He who knows, now give damnations -
floods, mudslides, earthquakes, and strong winds.

Why calling out the name of your God now ?
Seeking divine blessings for your misdeeds ?
Will your insincere prayers grants you
protections and blessings from the Almighty ?
You can deceived your fellow human beings,
but can you deceived the Almighty ?

For whatever that was, or is, or will,
it is Karma and Vipaka.
You reap what you sowed.
In his name, you denied and deprived others of their rights.
You rent seeked and demanded ill gotten wealths.
You abused human rights and imposed injustices......
Now, all that you ill gottenly possessed
shall be taken away by "acts of God".

Now, repent, repent, repent.....
Stop your forked tongue hypocrisies.
Stop your faked righteousness and religiousity.
Stop the arrogances, decadences, and abuses.
Treat your fellow humans
with equality, compassion, and respect,
before the force of the good book is throw at you.....

Set your mind free
of hatreds, ignorances, intolerances, and injustices.
Listen ! Do you hear what I said ?
December's rains are coming your way !

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sadam Hussein Hanged

Former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, 69, was executed by hanging shortly before 6 a.m. (10:00 p.m. EST) on Saturday at the start of Eid Al-Adha holiday. Saddam's half-brother Barzan al-Tikriti and former judge Awad al-Bander were also executed by hanging on Saturday.

Sadam Hussein was ousted in April 2003 by the invasion of multi-nations force led by United States. He was found hiding in a hole ner his home town in Tikrit and subsequently caputured in December 2003. In November 5th 2006, he was convicted of crimes against humaniy over the killings of Shi'ite villagers in Dujail in 1982. He was also put on trial in August 2006 for Genocides against Iraqi Kurds.

Sadam Hussein became President o Iraq in 1979. In 1980, Iraq invaded Iran and enggage in a warfare that lasted 8 years, during which, thousands of people were killed. In 1990, he led Iraq to invade Kuwait but was defeated and expelled by the United States in battle he called "Mother of all battles". In 2003, prior to Iraq being invaded, he was accused of sponsoring terrorism and developing weapons of mass destructions.

For three decades, Sadam ruled Iraq ruthlessly with aboslute power. He survived wars with neighbouring countries, uprisings, coup plots, and assassinations attempts. But his luck run out in 2003. Iraqi, having enough of his bloodied insanity, aided the invading armies to toppled him. Iraqi cheered and celebrated on the streets when his commanding statue was demolished. When he was caputured and and sentenced to death, Iraqi greeted the news by celebrating on the streets. What a sad way to depart for a president who claimed to be the patriot and champion of Iraqi people. He overstayed his welcome. Those who ruled by oppressions and deceptions will eventually end up receiving criminal dealth.

But, looking at the unauthorized version of the video clip, it does gave me an impression that Sadam did not received justice but REVENGE from the Shite muslims. The Iraqi court had put him on trial and sentenced him to death. But as an outsider looking from outside Iraq, the execution was not dignified at all. It gave me an impression that whole trial procedure was rushed to put him to death. If Sadam was indeed responsible for thousand of deaths in Iraq, but the manner he was executed does reflect that the present Iraqi government is no better either. This is not how civilized government should behave.

May God forgive Sadam's misdeeds and bless his soul. May Iraqi live in Peace and Prosperity. Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Sayonara 2006 !

Friday, TGIF. Today is the last working day for 2006. 2007 is only 48 hours away. Whatever it may be, it will be a long weekend for most of us to take the much needed rest before we ushered in the brand new year of 2007. A long weekend of rest, I guess, would be much appreciated by most of the tired souls out there.

Looking back, 2006 is indeed a tough year for decent men and women on the streets. Mother natures ( we commonly called it Acts of God ) has caused many folds of miseries and sufferings. Mudslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural calamities killed thousands of people. Thousands of people are also displaced and left homeless giving rise to economic hardships and degradation of quality of life.

If these natural calamities are indeed acts of God, God must be bloody heartless, dumb, deaf, and deceiveful. Might as well be a desciple of Lucifer. But leaving God aside, humanity are in even greater danger of self destruction than ever before. We are all now living in fear of intimidations, violences, persecutions, and terror acts.

Insane wars and violences are perpetually initiated in the middle east, affecting thousand of of innocent lives in the never ending disputes between Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon. In Iraq, the violences between various religious sects and non Iraqi conducting proxy wars on the soils of Iraq are causing miseries and suffering to Iraqi people, and decent young men and women in uniform died and suffered for the wrong causes. Innocent lives are also wasted by barbarians conducting terrorists' act by bombing the train stations in India and London. The insatiable greeds for military and religion supremacy breded unconsciously inferiority complexed people in North Korea and Iran, rushing in to develop Nuclear weapons of mass destructions to showcase their primitive barbarism. Nuclear bombs for what purpose ? To kill and threaten each other and striking fears into the minds peace loving nations ?

In Malaysia, the constitutionality of freedom of religion and special position of Islam remained a racially divisive and potentially explosive issues. In the name of social contract forged 50 years ago, inequality are also constitutionalized and institutionalized giving rise to abuses and human rights violations. As a Malaysian, we have to accept the fact that, this constitutional ambiguity is a potential time bomb waiting to be triggered by grievance seekers, rent seekers, apology seekers, racists and desperate communal pariahs to seek popularity and political positions. Whether we like it or not, in Malaysia, we do have a lot of idiots as well as a lot of brain dead people willing to be exploited and charged into a highly irrational and emotional stupidities.

As long as there is no clear separation between secularism and religions in the administration of governments, as long as people are lowly educated, and as long as people are educated but not learned, the world will never be at peace with each other. As long as there are blind faiths in religions, ignorances shall drive men and women to commit act of intolerances and insanities.

Thank God, we did survived the harsh realities of 2006. 2006 was a tough year. But as the saying goes, when the going get tough, the tough gets going. So how difficult can 2007 be ? I don't know about you, but sadistically, I do look forward to 2007. I don't know about your God. But my God is on my side ! So, all those grievances seekers, rent seekers, forked tongues patriots, dog haters, and blah, blah, blah, please step aside, failing which, you can go to hell to consummate with your promised virgins. I am going to sinfully enjoy my 2007. You mind your own business and I mind mine. Suki desu ka? Wakarimasu ka?

Sumi masen 2006, chotto matte kudasai ? No way. Sayonara ! Kampai 2007. Ikki ! Ikki !

Friday, December 29, 2006

It's a dog life !

Dogs are men's best friends. Don't you know ??

Thursday, December 28, 2006

In coffee I trust.......

The quietness of the night,
the pot of hot coffee by my side,
and the aroma pleasing my senses.
What else can be more tranquil
than this moment of solitude ?

In solitude,
I took my sip of enlightenment,
reflecting the day that is done,
contemplating tomorrow that will be.
This faithful desk lamp,
bring me my shadow
with your illuminations,
let my shadow made us two.
Let my shadow
be my companion for tonight.
Let me raised my cup
to my shadow and drink for the moment.

Ask me no questions,
and seek in me no answers.
Let my mind wondered
into this space of emptiness,
'till nothingness
brought soothing tiredness to my mind,
'till tiredness
brought sleep to my realm.

My faithful pot of coffee,
thank you.
In you I trust.

Good NiteZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Digital Tsunami ?

Internet is such a beautiful technology. We conduct our business using Internet, entertain ourselves with Internet contents, keeping in touch with each other using Internet text and voice messaging services, and, we even incorporate Internet technologies into our work procedure.

We depend on service availability of Internet technology and we live in it. Whether we like it or not, Internet is the culture of the 21st century. The question is, what if the major backbone of Internet topology is disrupted ? What will be the economic and social consequences ?

On 27th December 2006, mother natures gave us a sampling of what life will be like for millions of so called "Internet savvy" netizens.

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake at southern coast of Taiwan at 12:07 a.m. on 27th December 2006 caused major disruptions in Internet connectivities in many Asian countries. According to TMNET, the Internet service provider in Malaysia, the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2's ( APCN2) submarine cable between Shantau ( China) and Tanshui (Taiwan), and between Lantau (HK) and Chongming (China) has been severely faulted by the earthquakes. As a result, service outages occurred at several TM Net international transit and peering links causing Internet users in Malaysia to experience severe access degradation for contents and websites hosted outside of Malaysia.

So, this morning, a lot of Internet users in Malaysia experienced the digital tsunami caused by the breakdowns of information super highways at APCN2. For those whose work depend on interacting with contents and websites hosted outside of Malaysia, it is a frustrating start for the day. It look like Internet users in Malaysia is going to live with this digital discomfort for the next few days, maybe weeks, or even months. Digital tsunami won't caused losses of lives, but it will definitely cause a lot of discomforts and financial losses to business which depend on Internet connectivities.

In terms of economic losses due to non availability of service to on line trading, Internet based IP telephony, web based applications, etc., it is anybody guess. Probably billions of dollars will be lost in opportunity costs and disruptions of business transactions. So, the fallacy of reliability of Internet to drive digital economies is glaringly vulnerable. Isn't it.

Man can put up the best and most advance broadband internet technologies and its redundancies, but mother natures still decide. Okay ?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Religion preaches cruelty to Dog ?

I am very sad that a dog was so cruelly beaten and attacked by a group of Indonesian workers in a construction site in Malaysia on December 2nd 2006. The dog was so badly abused and beaten that its lower jaw was crushed and its tongue badly lacerated. When the dog was rescued by Sabrina Yeap, the Managing Director of Furry Friends Farm, its lower jaw was dangling and his tongue was hanging out.

It was reported that, two eye-witnesses saw a group of Indonesians calling the dog "haram" as they viciously attacked the helpless dog. The pictures of the beaten dog are so horrific that I simply can not understand the insanity of these barbarians.

Sabrina rescued the dog, which she later named Joy, to a veterinary clinic. Joy's lower jaw was so badly damaged that it has to be removed. Joy's was saved, but she will never be able to pick up a ball or eat solid foods again.

All religions do not condone cruelty to animals. To those barbarians with misplaced religious values. The dogs have nothing against your religion, please refrained from picking faults with the defenseless animal. If you think the dog is "haram" against your religion, your minds are as dirty as the urinary discharges of the pigs. Committing cruelty to dogs will not grant you a place in heaven. I don't know which God you believe in. Believe me, there is no credit points for misguided souls and barbarians in heaven. May you idiots who commit cruelty to animals be forever live in hell, both in this life and thereafter.

Cruelty in the name of religion ? I shake my head.... I shake my head....

Remembering the man ( Chinese version)


那年他只 8岁.

无论如何, 他还是寄望奇迹的问.


"爸爸,我很伤心. 我想要哭,但没有眼泪!"
我望着他伤心表情, 对他说:
快乐一点 , 因为爷爷现在是在天堂. "


Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown - The God father of Soul

James Joseph Brown, Jr. (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006), populary known as James Brown, also known as the "Godfather of Soul", was hospitalized with pneumonia at Emory Crawford Long Hospital on Sunday, died around 1:45 a.m. Decmebr 25, 2006 at the age of 73.

He was recognized as one of the most influential figures in 20th century music. His achievements include : 1993 - Lifetime Achievement Award for Rhythm & Blues Foundation Pioneer Awards, 1992 - Grammy award for lifetime achievement, 1965 - Grammy for "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" (best R&B recording), 1987 - Grammy for "Living In America" in 1987 (best R&B vocal performance), nd a1986 - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Please visit the official James Brown's website HERE.

Rest in Peace, Sir.

Remembering the man.

"Daddy, is Ah Kong dead ?"
Such a innocent question from my son.
But he knew the finality of his grandpa's life.
He was eight years old then.

"Will Ah Kong ever come back again ?"
Although he knew,
his had lost his grandfather forever.
He asked anyway, hoping for miracles.

I told him
his grandpa is in heaven now,
with his grandma
enjoying the beautiful garden of God,
where there are no illness and sufferings.

"Daddy, I am very sad.
I wanted to cry but no tears !"
I looked at his brave face, and said
"Then put up a brave smile.
Boys are not supposed to cry.
Be happy,
because your grandpa is now in heaven."
"But Daddy, I can't !"

"Let me show you how to smile."
I showed him how I would smile.
It was the saddest smile of my life...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

In memory of my father...

Oh father,
These tears of sorrow and regret,
flow freely down my face.

In my heart,
I have many things to tell you.
Of my successes and failures,
of my aspirations and reservations,
and everything
a son would want a father to know.
But you will not able to listen anymore.

Writting down my thoughts of you,
will not lessen the pains of my memories.
The thought of you made my heart weep.

I grieved in solitude of your passing.
Does it matter how old I am ?
Since time immemorial,
a son always need a father.
When will this wound of sorrow and regret healed ?

On this 12th day of the 11th lunar month,
I offer my respect to you in prayer.
Father, I remembered your last words.
In silence, I pledge to you again,
I shall get it done.

Father, I remember you always.
Rest in Peace.
May God bless your soul

Happy Birthday, Ivan

My son,
it seemed like yesterday
I hold you in my arm......

There are many things
I should have done but missed.
There are also many things
I wish I hadn't done.....
Time flies and time past.

Today, you are a young man,
anxiously wanting to be on your own.
In life, you will have to try
and make your decisions.
Go, taste the spices of life !
I will always be here for you,
if things doesn't turns out right.

On this special Christmas day 20 years ago,
Heaven sent me this greatest gift of love.
I love you from the start.
I will always love you each and everyday,
'till my last breath, because I am your father.

On this special day,
here's to you, my son,
Happy Birthday.

Merry Christmas 2007

Christmas Bells
( by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow )

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rolled along
The unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Till, ringing, singing on its way,
The world revolved from night to day,
A voice, a chime
A chant sublime
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Then from each black accursed mouth
The cannon thundered in the South,
And with the sound
The carols drowned
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

It was as if an earthquake rent
The hearth-stones of a continent,
And made forlorn
The households born
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And in despair I bowed my head;
"There is no peace on earth," I said;
"For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!"

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
"God is not dead; nor doth he sleep!
The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men!"

A real Christmas story (3)

Muslim insurgents behead 14-year-old Christian boy
World Net Daily ^ | October 31, 2006

A website in Assyria is confirming that a 14-year-old Christian boy who was working a 12-hour shift maintaining an electric generator has been murdered by Muslim insurgents.

The Assyrian International News Agency said the tragedy was reported by an Assyrian language web page at

The youth was identified as Ayad Tariq, who lived in Baqouba, Iraq, and was at work on Oct. 21 when a group of "disguised Muslim insurgents" went into the power plant shortly after his shift began at 6 a.m.

The website reported the insurgents asked him for his identification and, according to other witnesses who hid and stayed alive to report on the attack, questioned his identification card's reference to him as a "Christian."

Are you truly a "Christian sinner," they asked.

"Yes, I am Christian but I am not a sinner," he replied.

The insurgents then called him a "dirty Christian sinner," grabbed his limbs and held them while beheading him, the witnesses reported.

They were shouting, "Allahu akbar! Allahu Akbar!" during the murder, witnesses said.

An organization called said they are the indigenous people of Iraq, with a population that has been in the Middle East from the time of Christ.

However, they have faced a number of purges by the region's rulers over time, including the present attacks by powerful Islamic factions across Iran, Iraq and neighboring nations, officials said.

Only two generations back, Assyrian Christians made up 20 percent of the population of the Middle East, but during the Assyrian Genocide of 1915, an estimated three million Christians were slaughtered there, the organization said.

Current estimates are that there are about 2.5 million Assyrian Christians in Iraq.

Kenneth Scott LaTourette wrote in "A History of Christianity" that the Assyrian Christians became the first nation to accept Christianity, and one of the largest missionary-sending peoples in Christian history.

"The Assyrian Christians are one of the last remaining Christian communities in the Middle East," said Rev. Ken Joseph Jr., of the Assyrian Christians organization.

Tens of thousands of Assyrian Christians have fled their traditional homelands in recent months, officials confirmed.

A real Christmas Story (2)

'Leave, crusaders, or have your heads cut off'
By Aqeel Hussein in Mosul and Colin Freeman, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:37am GMT 24/12/2006

The snow has already settled on the mountains further north, but the Christians of the Iraqi city of Mosul are scared to put festive decorations outside their homes this year. Their ancestors settled here in the 1st century AD, yet as teacher Jamal Fadi has discovered, some of their Muslim neighbours want this Christmas to be their last.

"A letter was delivered to my door with two bullets placed on top of it," said Mr Fadi, 32, standing watchfully in the neat garden of his two-storey villa. "It said: 'Leave, crusaders, or we will cut your heads off.' They want us to go from Mosul completely."

After months as a nervous bystander to the spiralling civil war between Sunni and Shia Muslims, Iraq's Christian minority now faces the spectre of sectarian violence coming to their traditional home city. They fear that al Qaeda-backed zealots within the Sunni community, which forms the bulk of Mosul's one million population, want to end nearly 1,500 years of co-existence with an onslaught of ethnic cleansing.

Residents say that the campaign, which they claim has intensified in recent weeks, is prompted by Sunni fears of a complete Shia takeover of Baghdad in coming years. In response, Mosul would be turned into a northern capital for a Sunni-dominated enclave, which would include Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit and stretch south to the anti-American towns of Fallujah and Ramadi.

The fact that no such blueprint has been endorsed by the Iraqi government is of little comfort to Christians. The plan's architects, they fear, are capable of enforcing it themselves through threats and indoctrination alone. For proof, they say, look no further than playgrounds, where Christian and Sunni Muslim children have played together for decades.

A real Christmas Story (1)

HONG KONG (Reuters) - A Hong Kong schoolboy who died in a traffic accident has brought festive hope to at least seven other patients through the rare mass donation of a large number of his vital organs.

Fourteen-year-old Miu Chi-ho died from brain injuries after being hit by a bus several days ago, but doctors were able to save the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, skin, bones and corneas of the healthy and athletic teen-ager.

"There were at least seven recipients of the organs," said a spokeswoman with Hong Kong's Hospital Authority.

Miu's 41 year-old mother, a single parent on social welfare, ignored the protests of superstitious relatives in insisting on the donations to "bring hope to other families," Hong Kong's Apple Daily newspaper reported Friday.

"Even though I'm devastated, I want to do something for society," the paper quoted her as saying.

"(My son) is very great. Even though he's left us ... we can still hear him breathe, and his heart beat. He's already become an angel."

Doctors hailed Miu's case as an example to others in Hong Kong where organ donorship is traditionally frowned upon given the Chinese belief in keeping bodies whole to allow the deceased to rest in heavenly peace.

"This is a very encouraging event... we're desperately in need of organs," said Dr. Choi Kin, president of the Hong Kong Medical Association.

Last year, only 4.2 of every million people in Hong Kong donated organs to science upon dying, a fraction of the rate in the U.S., according to the Apple Daily.

© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thank God Is Friday ?

Today is Friday. According to the Kongchiew (Banana - Yellow outside, White inside), today is December 22nd 2006. But for a "Chitan" like me (Egg - White outside, Yellow Inside ), today is the 3rd day of the 11th lunar month in the year of the Dog. Officially, today is Dong Zhi ( Winter Solstice). Another 57 days to go before we welcome the year of the Pig in February 18th 2007.

The week that was, was full of surprises and tainted with too many unknowns ! But nevertheless, TGIF. And today, the night shall be the longest, and it is a long weekend ahead. So, I shall have a good sleep, and have enough time to recuperate and recharge my battery for higher level of energy confrontations in the coming week. The fact that I am still able to blog here means, I am still a sane man ! Thank God.

Spiritually speaking, I have been challenged with occurances of uninvited unknowns and phenomena. My momentarily mental weaknessess have consciously allowed myself to be aware of the "invincible realms". I know what these morphers want, and I definitely know where I stand. It is not that I do not believe in spirituality or rather the greater power of the almighty, but for the time being, I need to find a physical and logical conclusion to defend my state of being. I need to built my energy reserves to withstand the mounting intrusions of negative energy contaminations. I have resisted and neutralized ome unknown spiritual parasites, I am in full control of my mind now , and I shall make my stand again in the circle of ring.

My mind have been tormented for practically the past two weeks with spiritual unknowns. To a certain extend, my emotion has been zig-zaggedly polarized with fears of unknowns and the attachment to the desires to embrace the power of spirituality. Should I restrained myself from experiencing the unexplored environmental enticings because of my present materials commitments ? How do I know I am not stepping into the territories of insanity ? How do I handle future consequences that defied logical conclusion ?

As I become more logical, I am beginning to lose my ability to parse and sense. Have I become spiritually blind and an intellectual fool ? On the other hand, by being logical, I have been spiritually challenged to submit to this parasitic domain of unknowns. How can I defend my logical state of being from interferences that defied logics ? I know I will.

Or, Am I going through a period of mental hallucinations that gave rise to pseudo events that simulate unexplainable environmental mysteries ? That temple of the kings look so beautiful. Should I just be a little bit spiritually adventurous by putting my first step into the door of perpetualities and become the miracle workers of the almighty ? God, it is difficult to manage the state of constant awareness of both the "visible" and "invisible" dimensions.

Arrg... Am I a human being, Spiritual being, or Physical being ? All these nonsense and insensible rantings, I need more coffee now to keep my physical mental alertness !

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Life as it is ?

A few days ago, I woke up feeling lousy about everything, probably due to the realization that during this period of the year, business is usually very slow, collections of account receivables are at a standstills, and I have tons of bills to paid. Life is indeed can be very stressful. Nevertheless, I managed to get up and get myself ready to go to work.

What caught me by surprise is, when I open up my shoe cabinet at the car porch, I realized all the left side of my shoes are missing ! What kind of perverted thief would do that, stealing only one side of the shoes ? What equally surprise me is, I found out later that all the missing left side of shoes are lined up in a straight line outside my gate ! All the shoes were exposed to rains, are wet and soggies with funny leather smell. What kind of sicko would do that ?

Then, I heard a voice, or rather noises implying to me that, I should have crossed the spiritual path long time ago ! My path is not the middle path, in life I must made a choice, I can not forever walk the middle path. Now, am I suppose to wear only one side of the shoes and the other side bare footed ? So, that is how the funny spirits trying to make me take a stand ? To show me how uncomfortable it is to walk the middle with one foot bare footed ?

But that could be a hallucinations, there must be a logical explanation to these weird incidence. When I have the time, I will go deeper into it to derive a logical and scientific explanations. For the time being, I have a family to feed and I have my commitment to my colleagues in the office. Am I supposed to feel scared of the unknowns and felt threatened ? Nice try, brothers ! Leave me alone to decide my crossing over date. Just don't push me or irritate me anymore.

After putting up my socks, I went to the bathroom to retrieve my rubber slippers. I wore the rubber slippers to work. Funny thing is, I actually felt very comfortable wearing the rubber slippers in the office for the past few days. So in life, we do need to have certain objective control of our lives and be adaptive to make the best out of every negative situation. We should never let our momentary hallucinations indulged us into illogical and fanatical interpretations of strange events happening around us as "spiritual phenomena".

In life, there is only two paths we can take. The "spiritual path" and the "practical path". As a human being, our lives are governed by the law of physics, so the practical path can always be explained logically in a deterministic manner. Whereas the so called "spiritual path" is nothing but strange occurrences of "now you see it, now you don't". The "spiritual path" is meant for spirits and angels, it is illogical for human being wanting to live in the realm of spirits and angels. By indulging in spiritual path, how can we be sure of life's outcome. So why indulge in it knowing very well it is really not our purpose to live in a life of perpetual hallucinations and fantasies. There is a line to be drawn, the positive energies should never be mixed with the negative energies. As a Yang dweller in these world of duality of energies manifestations, it is really not that difficult to keep our sanity by consistently walk the practical path. That Yang or Positive energies within us is within our control. Why contaminate it with the negative energies ?

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha........

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Of Life and Baby......

A good friend of mine once made a very honest remark about me. He said "You wife treat you like a baby !" and "we need to expose you !" Yes, I am a very INNOCENT BABY !

Goodness ! Come to think about it, I think I am indeed a baby. I have been married for umpteen years and my son is even taller than me now. Every morning, my wife wakes me up to go to office and she accompanies me for breakfast. In the evening, I am allowed to decide what I want to eat but end up complying to everybody's preferences. Yes, I am a very accomodative BABY.

My son thinks that I need to be protected. Every time, if I need to go out at night, they will make sure somebody drives me around. My wife even decides what I should eat or drink. When come to purchasing decision for household items, they made all the small decision such as what car to buy, where to go for holiday, which properties to invest, how the house should be renovated or refurbished, what audio visual equipments to be installed, etc. etc. I am usually left with the major decision of deciding who we should vote for in the general election ! I am a BIG and WISE BABY !

Life is pretty simple for me isn't it ? Am I living a controlled life ? Frankly, at my age, I have no complaints whatsoever with my daily routine. Life goes on, and I tagged along. I'm definitely not a indecisive person, but it is not fair for me to wave decisions or choices that have been made priory. It is better for me to be adaptive and practical, rather than incurring extra headaches for indulging in unnecessary issues. When the family is at peace, this baby is also at peace with himself. By the way, it take a lot of guts and sacrifices to be baby. You really need to be a man before you can be accepted as a baby. Baby tends to receive and showered with a lot of love ! I guess I am a blessed one probably due to my previous karma in my previous life. It is nice to be a BABY !

Seriously, marriage has done me a lot of good. At least, after a hard day work, I have a family to go home to. If my mind have any slightest tendencies of perverted diversion, a slight thoughts of my wife and children will quickly bring me back to my senses. Other than being a baby, I am also a very responsible and a sensitive man. You know ? I am such an adorable BABY !

At times, when I am very stresses out from the office, coming home to the smiles from my children or holding my wife's hand can do wonders to relief my stress instantaneously. I guess my wife know this big baby is a sucker for home sweet home with a touch of aromatic black coffee. Well, what else can I say, a BABY is always a sweet BABY !

Talking about black coffee. I will call it a day now, to go for my coffee break before I go home to be pampered like BABY......

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Free Condom Initiative

Twinkle, twinkle brightly colour condoms. One for my master. One for my mistress. One for myself, and One for the beautiful woman who lives down the road....... Want more free condom ?

Do you know the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) is offering free male ad female condoms and lubricants to residents and organization in the NYC boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island ?

The NYC DOHMH had launched the FREE CONDOM INITIATIVE campaign. The objective of the campaign in distributing millions of free condoms is to prevent HIV, AIDS, Sexually transmitted Diseases (STD), and prevent unwanted pregnancies. Residents of NYC can get free latex condoms and lubricants from 16 designated locations. There is also an on line ordering system for organizations to order free condoms and lubricants. There are no limits to the number of orders, and DOHMH guaranteed the stocks will be delivered within 10 days of placing order. Oh yeah... America is truely the land of the FREE !

For more information on this innovative initiative, please visit HERE.

The U.S. government has been the world leader in fighting HIV/AID/STD on humanitarian and economic reasons. Since 1986, the U.S. government has funded USD 6 billion in HIV/AIDS prevention program in almost 100 countries worldwide. Charity begins at home, I can understand the NYC seriousness in fighting HIV/AID/STD by giving free condoms to all those careless nymphomaniacs, sex addicts, one night standers, free loaders, and whatnots. But how does lubricants prevent HIV/AIDS/STD ? By making penetration more enjoyable and easier ?

By not attempting to doubt this creative initiative, but aren't the NYC taking the lead in promoting promiscuities and free sex ? Becareful with your noble efforts, there are always grivances seeking assholes outhere going beserks with misplaced hatreds to cause damages because it may be viewed as insensitive and offensive to their religion.

I do not know whether Malaysia is having serious AIDS/HIV problem, but from the daily coverage of these health issues in our local media and newspapers, it looks like Malaysia does indeed have some serious health problems with HIV/AIDS. Perhaps our Kuala Lumpur City Hall can emulate the NYC by sending its over jealous moral patrolling officials at dark corners of city's parks, back alleys, shopping complexes, etc. to distribute free condoms. Spending perverted energies snooping around the bushes spying on courting couples, over jealously looking for couples holding hands, and conducting raids on hotel rooms and private premises to look for khalwat cases are not going to solve urgent health problems.

Go, go, go.... don't waste tax payers' money. Since the bunch of perverts are all good for nothing, might as well make themselves good at somethings. Go distribute FREE condoms to the city folks. Sex is not always as dirty as some sexually deprived pea brains may conceived. Who knows, some of these perverts may derived some demented pleasures handling the condoms instead of snooping around in frustrations.

By the way, don't worry, try one on ! It is not sinful to promote, distribute, or use condoms and lubricants.

The Day of Winter Solstice

Dong Zhi ( 冬至 Arrival Of Winter ) festival for this year falls on December 22nd 2006. Traditionally, in China, the day of winter solstice is the day when night is the longest and daylight is the shortest. Being in Malaysia, there are no differences in daylight or night through out the year. Dong Zhi is one of the most important festival for the Chinese. It was first celebrated during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). In Malaysia, it is basically a time for paying respect to ancestors and family reunion for Malaysians of Chinese origin.

When I was a teenager, my mother placed significant important to this cultural and religious festival. Praying and paying respect to ancestors are planned and executed in meticulous details. It is a day of feasting and renewal, we put on new clothes and prepared abundance foods to served to family member to signify optimism for a new beginning and abundances in prosperity for the coming new year. It is also a day for reunion for family members to get together. All family members were be served with a bowl of brightly colour glutinous rice balls in sweet syrup ( 湯圓 Tang Yuan ). By eating the bowl of Tang Yuan, every member accept the importance of unity, togetherness, and loyalty to the family. It also denote the symbolism and acceptance that we are one year older and wiser to face new challenges ahead. Another important food on Dong Zhi is the "Red beans soup" that bring good luck for the family members. Maybe this year, I will be a bit adventurous by asking my wife to serve me Tang Yuan in a cup of hot aromatic black coffee !

How do I celebrate Dong Zhi this year. As usual, I will take half day off from office on the day. I will probably visit the local wet market at 6:00AM in the morning. The shopping list include the followings :

  • For Ancestor Worshipping - Roasted Pork, Fresh Fish, Fresh Whole Chicken, Sang Choy ( fresh vegetable), Fresh Noodles, Fresh fruits, Chinese cakes, etc.
  • Ready made glutinous rice dough, usually in pink and white colour, for making Tang Yuan. Pandan leaves, fresh ginger and brown sugar for making the Tang Yuan syrup. Red beans for making the red beans soup.
  • For Reunion Dinner, I will decide on the day how much money I have in my wallet.

Usually, I will offer prayer to the main deities in my home altar table, and offer prayer and respect to my ancestor in the morning. I will have my lunch at home before I report to office to work. In the evening, my family members will visit me to eat Tang Yuan and Family dinner. After that, probably we will have our Karaoke session at home.

For those who celebrate the Winter Solstice Day, have a happy reunion dinner and a good year ahead.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Who are YOU ?

Who are YOU ?
Remember ? YOU were voted Time Magazine's
Man of the Year 2006.

Who are YOU ?
YOU are the ONE with Monkey face,
who said the holocaust is a myth.
YOU gathered a bunch of international outcasts
in a conference to legitimized your insensitivity.

Who are YOU ?
YOU are the ONE who claimed to be instructed by GOD
to invade other countries and meddles in their affairs.
You are the Weapon of Mass Deception.

Who are YOU ?
The shameless international pariah with no guilts.
You fought international injustices and inequalities.
You championed the rights of others in other countries.
But you believe it is your birth rights
to discriminate the minority in your country.
YOU demand the world to respect your hypocrisies.

Who are YOU ?
YOU love nuclear bombs and its destructive powers.
YOU resist international pressures and domestic sufferings.
YOU believed the world will respect you
when YOU have these weapon of mass destruction ?

Who are YOU ?
Because the world refused to accept
your religion and your way of life.
YOU punished them
by kidnaps, tortures, fears, murders, intimidations.
There are alway lots of ignorance people
with misplaced angers willing to die for your cause.

Who are YOU ?
The perpetual grievances seeker.
The perpetual apology seeker.
YOU believed in freedom of speeches and actions.
It is acceptable for YOU to criticise and be insensitive to others.
But others must apologized for your narrow mindedness

Who are YOU ?
The abuser of human rights,
the pretender, and the aggressor.
YOU cried wolf all the times,
because there are always
fools out there willing to buy your sob stories.

Who are YOU ?
YOU are Time Magazine's
Man of the Year 2006.
With all sincerity,
With my middle finger,
I salute YOU - the forked tongues specialist !

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Malaysia Bolih liow in Doha Asian Game 2006 ?

Malaysia sent 136 athletes and God knows how many officials to the 15th Asian game in Doha, Qatar. After 15 days of competition, out of 428 Gold medals at stake, Malaysia secure 8 gold medals, 17 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals. We said this is our best performance ! Jiaklat !!! Not to say Malaysians are expecting more, but this bunch of losers that went to Asian Games are hoplessly incapable of recognizing merits and failures.

The 8 Gold medalists are :
  • Badminton - Men's Double (TAN Boon Heong & KOO Kien Keat )
  • Bowling - Men's Trios (HENG Boon Hia, KONG Aaron Eng Chuan, LIM Tow Chuang Daniel)
  • Bowling - Women Singles (CHEAH Mei Lan Esther)
  • Bowling - Women Team (CHAI De Choo Wendy, CHEAH Mei Lan Esther, CHOY Poh Lai, KOH Suet Len Sharon, ZULKIFLI Shalin, AZIELA Zandra)
  • Sailing - Optimist Women (TAN Rufina Hong Mui )
  • Squah - Men's Singles (ONG Beng Hee )
  • Squash - Women's Singles (DAVID Nicol Ann)
  • Wushu - Women's Taijiquan (CHAI Fong Ying)

How much did Malaysia spend in the Gemilang Project to deliver sport excellence in Doha Asian Game ? RM 200 Million ? All in all, we have 16 athletes securing 8 Gold medals in Doha Asian Games. What happened to the rest of the 120 high flying and big spending national athletes ? Having good times making up the numbers and holidaying in Qatar ?

Funny, the local presses and Malaysian officials seemed to be very happy and proud of this 8 Gold Medals' "achievements". Said whatever you like. With our tails dangling between our legs, we are always quite capable of embracing self denial to create comfort zones stating that this is one of our best outing in Asian games history. Personally speaking, this is rubbish performance. On the other hand, I think it is sinful, to spend that kind of money to secure this kind of under-achievements. Even Thailand was rated higher than us in terms of Medals haul ( 13 Gold, 15 Silver, 24 Bronze). The money could have spend to help put foods on the tables of poor Malaysians. I guess it is about time we stop wasting money on non performaning athletes and sports. Where is our priority ? Does Pride put foods on the table to feed the hungry stomach ? Anyway, I don't think Malaysians are proud of these under-achievements. Please don't send losers and holiday makers to represent Malaysia at tax payers' expense in any more future sport events.

To the athletes who brought back the 8 gold medals, thank you so much for salvaging Malaysians' prides. Thank you so much for your hardwork and dedication to professional performances.

Wah Salah Boh Ai Lang Kong ! Boh lang kong wah salah ? Proud to be a Malaysian ? Let's go fly kites...............

Top 10 Best Books 2006

The last time I actually read a book was probably 5 years ago. The "search", "copy", "paste", and "link" functionalities of the browser and search engines pf internet had, in certain ways, disrupted my normal reading habits. I guess, in order to cultivate back my old habits, I do need to go out to the traditional book stores or second hand book stores to buy paperbacks. I also need to install back my bedside lamp, so that I can read some books before I dozed off to sleep. It would be a nice challenge if I can gather enough courage walk into the book stores again. Anyway, the followings are some recommended books, I hope I can pick up one or two of the selected titles from the local stores.

From The Times, UK :
Fun Home by Alison Bechdel
Fatal Purity by Ruth Scurr
Occupational Hazards by Rory Stewart
The Long Tail by Chris Anderson
Black Swan Green by David Mitchell
The Emperor's Children by Claire Messud
England in Particular by Sue Clifford and Angela King
The Night Watch by Sarah Waters
The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden
Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky

From :
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
The Splendor of Silence by Indu Sudaresen
Splendor of Silence by Indu Sundaresan
Heat by Bill Buford
One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson
When Madeline Was Young by Jane Hamilton
The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson
A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon
Digging to America by Anne Tyler

From New York Times :
ABSURDISTAN By Gary Shteyngart.
THE LAY OF THE LAND By Richard Ford. Alfred A. Knopf
THE LOOMING TOWER by Lawrence Wright.
MAYFLOWER by Nathaniel Philbrick.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Top Ten Playboy's Playmates 2006

FHM Top Ten Playboy's Playmates 2006
#01 Pamela Anderson ( Feb 1990 )
#02 Anna Nicole Smith ( May 1992 )
#03 Jenny McCarthy ( Oct 1993 )
#04 Victoria Silvstedt ( Dec 1996 )
#05 Dahm Triplets ( Dec 1998 )
#06 Kelly Monaco ( Apr 1997 )
#07 Karen McDougal ( Dec 1997 )
#08 Brande Roderick ( Apr 2000 )
#09 Sumer Altice ( Aug 2000 0
#10 Lisa Dergan ( Jul 1998 )

Happy Hanukkah 2006

Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights, starting on the 25th of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar (which is November-December on the Gregorian calendar). In Hebrew, the word "Hanukkah" means "dedication."

The holiday commemorates the rededication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem after the Jews' 165 B.C.E. victory over the Hellenist Syrians. Antiochus, the Greek King of Syria, outlawed Jewish rituals and ordered the Jews to worship Greek gods.

For more information of Hanukkah, please visit HERE and HERE.

To all the Jews, HAPPY Hanukkah.

Friday, December 15, 2006

World's shortest woman

Zhu Haizhen, born in 1984, in China's eastern Jianxi province, is 79 centimetres tall and weights 10 kilograms. She was listed in Shanghai based Great Guinness World Record in 2004 as "the world's shortest female grown-up".

At the age of one year old, she suffered an illness resulted in her height stopped growing. In 2005, she was confirmed to suffer from pituitary dwarfism. She went through 2 months of tradisional Chinese medication and have gained 4 CM in height and 4 Kg in weight.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Interested in becoming a Condom Tester ?

Thinking of a career change ? Looking for an exciting career change ? Head south to the land of abundance virgin sheeps, New Zealand. The world's famous condom manufacturer is looking for test pilots to test its product, of course, condom. The question is, you have what it take to fill the vacancy ?

But, but, but, Durex is only interested in New Zealanders, because the Kiwi are the world most sexually active and adventurous people. According to Durex's New Zealand Manager, Victoria Potter, "Kiwis have proven they're a sexually energetic bunch, and therefore it makes sense that a select few will have the chance to try our latest condom innovation, all in the name of research." and "Durex wants to ensure that its condoms are best meeting the needs of New Zealanders, from delivering on sexual pleasure, to keeping them safe."

Potential applicant are asked to visit HERE for more details.

Why only New Zealanders ? Besarnya kemaluan kita ! I hope our local grievances seekers here don't go around demanding international apologies from Durex. I honestly believe Durex has no intention to insult or belittle our Malaysian men's manhood. Hopefully, the Deputy Prick Man don't resort to shouting discrimination at Durex simply because some priviledgely breast feeded unemployed graduates are denied the opportunity to apply for the position.

By the way, is Condom Testing a halal or haram job ?

As I looked back.....

It is lunch time now, and I am too tired to go out for lunch. I might as well do some some musings in this blog.......

Many years ago, I moved into a mixed neighbourhood. What I meant "mixed" is, it has various races living in the residential area, and it still is. Everything went according to my expectation during the first week of adaptation, my neighbours of various races came to my house to offer assistance and introduced themselves. However, on one evening on the second week, a Mamak ( Indian Muslim ) came knocking at my door.

I knew the Mamak live about 10 houses away from my house. At that time, I was having a small poodle as a pet dog. The Mamak requested me to respect his religion's sensitivity because in the neighbourhood there are also Muslim families. He suggested I send my pet dog to the veterinary to put the dog to sleep. It was indeed a rude shock to me to hear that kind of words coming out from such a misguided man.

I politely told him that, as long as I keep my pet dog in my house, he shouldn't be too worry about my family infringing his religious sensitivities. He start telling me that he has children, and do not wish to see his children come into contact with dogs. And, he also advised me that it is haram (sinful) to allow my young son to hold the pet dog. Again, I politely told him that I respected his rights to bring up his children according to his religious upbringing, but he should not interfered in how I want to bring up my child. He got annoyed and start telling me that the Muslims are the majority in Malaysia, and I should respect religion's sensitivity. I got rather annoyed and challenged him to show me which part of his holy book stated that it is haram to keep a dog in my own house, and he should also learned how to to respect the rights of the minorities. At this point, he got offended, point his finger at me,and said God will punished me for my "arrogance". I told him that, if he ever point his smelly finger at me or my family members again, I will break all his fingers, and told him not to meddle with the domain of my God, how my God want to treat me is none of his business. I told him firmly that he is standing in the compound of my house, he was not welcome, and told him to leave immediately.

That "neighbourly" conversation lasted less than 5 minutes. May be I was arrogance then. But at that time, I sincerely felt that, he has no right using the name of his religion to tell me how I should live my life in the neighbourhood. Honestly speaking, I was very annoyed with this holier than thou misguided souls roaming around the neighbourhoods like hungry ghosts. And ghosts are supposed to be in hades.

I have no problems with my other neighbours who are Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, and Buddhist. Life goes on, we interacted but at same time, mind our own business. Needless to say, counting one idiot out, I have good neighbours and we lived happily in the neighbourhood..

Since then, and until today, praised the almighty, I have never spoken a words with this mamak. Why should I tolerate intolerance souls ? He can do whatever he want in his own world, but be warned, don't transgressed into mine. To him, I maybe an infidel, but the feeling is mutual. Who care about him and his God. I know my God loves me.

Malaysia is a beautiful country, but occassionaly we do come across some not so beautiful people trying to impose their biases on us. But that is a fact of life anywhere you go. I live a simple philosophy, you can masturbate anywhere you like to derive self satisfaction, but don't masturbate in front of me. I will kick your &#@%#!

Voice from within speaks....

Salts is good,
have peace among yourselves

I have come
from the other side of the river
and have taught you.
Have you not learned ?
Don't lose the lessons.

What have taken place
among yourselves, learn.
Do not rewrite history.

I have not command the world
to be enrolled in my name,
do not census,
and do not censure.
Learn to cohabitate
with the diversities I gave you

You destroyed the temples,
but I rebuilt it
in the heart of my children in three days.
Do not kick the stone too many times.

In your despairs,
I help you to cast your net in deep water,
you have been rewarded with the catch.
Have I ever failed you ?

I do not need to be defended
I do not need you to conduct misdeeds in my name.
Respect Life, not death.
Glorify life, not death
Love peace, not violences.
Do not manipulate my words.
You are not GOD. I am.
I love you.

Padme, padme, padme

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Of life and sales strategies.....

It was reported in Reuters today that, a Texas real estate agent, Julie Upton, looking to add more BANG to her business, offers her clients working in law enforcement agencies, a free pistol if they buy a house from her. She placed her advertisement in "Badge & Gun", a monthly publication by the city police department.

In Malaysia, if the real estate agents were to imitate Julie Upton's idea, he or she would would probably end up with no clients at the end of the day. Because in Malaysia, possession of gun carry mandatory death sentence. I guess a more practical approach would be to offer a ONE year free supply condom to would be home buyer. To sweeten the deal, maybe put more value adds by giving derivative condoms such as spiky condoms, coloured condom, or even edible condoms. That would really help our health ministry to fight AIDS, HIV, VD, unwanted pregnancies, etc. But please bear in mind, in the name of sensitivity, please do not print the face of Buddha in the edible condom. I get real piss off ! I mean really pissed offfffff... I will shoot it in your face. By the way, is it HALAL to eat condom ?

In Singapore, what would the real estate agent offer ? Hmm.... maybe a life size autographed picture of LKY to be put up in the guest bathroom ? So that the guest don't end up having other funny idea while using the guest's bathroom. Wait, wait, wait... maybe make it more attractive by giving one year free supply of edible condoms that taste like Wrigley chewing cum ? I was told, chewing gums are banned in Singapore. And I know, Singaporeans have insatiable appetite for chewing things.....

In Indonesia, I don't know, maybe offer a ONE year subscription of "Prayboy" or maybe even "Gayboy". There was a mob of righteous and religious people who went berserks and nuts over Playboy's first publication in Indonesia. That resentments for beautiful women are so deep in Indonesia. Maybe "Gayboy" or "Prayboy" portraying "good looking" young boys are more palatable to these righteous people. By the way, I like the classic 42 seconds video clip of Ms Eva and Mr YZ. Dangdut, dangdut, dannnnnnnngdut, dangduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutt. You dang and I dut..... here goes the morality of the most righteous people in the world...

In Thailand, the land of graceful smiles, maybe an unlimited free supply of masks to all those generals in the barracks. They can wear the mask anytime when they want to make themselves look like real genuine patriots. You stupid fools can vote for whoever you want in the name of democracy. But me holding the gun called the shots. Ahhhh... Kun Na Tau lai ?

In other countries ? Another long and winding grandfather story to be told later. But I reserved my breaths now for future stories telling. Until then, me L'Enfant terrible ? Carp Diem ! Deja Vu, C'est la Vie ! Accept not your idealisms.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

World's Oldest Person passed away.

Elizabeth Lizzie Bolden, who was born on August 15, 1890, died on Monday in a nursing home in Memphis on December 11 2006. She was 116 years old. She had 40 grandchildren, 75 great-grandchildren, 150 great great grandchildren, 220 great-great-great grandchildren and 75 great-great-great-great grandchildren.

Rest in Peace. Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Chinese's negotiation skills ?

Over a salary dispute, a labourer, Pu Zhengxing took the wife of his boss as hostage and threatened her with an axe. Picture shows a police officer negotiating with Pu on an overpass in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province on December 8, 2006. Pu's wife and child are also at the scene trying to calm him down.

For a few dollars more, what will they think of next ?

(Source : Chinese Business View )

Monday, December 11, 2006

40% Salary Increase for Civil Servants ?

The Malaysia's civil servants wanted a salary increase of up to 40% across the board. They claimed that their productivity and performance had improved. Some of the example given by Cuepacs ( Civil Servant trade union) are passports can now be ready within hours, and several government agencies had raised their key performance index and achieved ISO certifications. Another set of reasons given for asking the salary increment is petrol, water, electricity, toll rates has gone up and likely to be increased again. Civil servant are finding it difficult to cope with the increasing costs of livings as compared to salaried workers in the private sector.

I find it interesting that, with a population of 26 million people, we actually have a huge 1 million civil servants in Malaysia. That works out to 1 civil servant for every 26 citizen. After many huge privatization exercises, I am indeed surprised that there are still so many civil servants out there. We have not even take into consideration of the number of employees in other government related organizations. Honestly, with this huge number of civil servants, has there been significant improvement in civil servants' performance and productivities ?

The question is, is it productive to have such a high ratio of 1 civil servant to every 26 citizens ? How does this translate into improved productivity as claimed by Cuepacs as compared to 10 years ago ? Perhaps, when the ratio is improved to 1 civil servant to 260 citizens, then maybe it is appropriate for Cuepacs to stake the claim for improved productivity and performance.

No doubt, a passport application can now be processed and issued within a few hours. That merely gave an indication of the appropriateness of new technology being used in the Immigration Department, it has nothing to do with the improved productivity of the civil servants.

With regards to ISO certifications, it is basically a process of "do what you report, and report what you do", and a long overdue requirement for quality control and accountability. It has nothing to do with productivity improvement. ISO compliances are basically the basic job responsibilities of civil servants, and it should never be used to seek for higher salary.

Petrol, water, electricity, and toll rates increases are basically due to inefficiency in the management of resources. It should never be used as justification for another round of salary increases by civil servants. Right minded civil servants should find ways to work with the government and privatised agencies to ensure better and efficient management of resources to bring down the costs.

The Cuepacs also claimed that Civil servants are getting less compared with salaried workers of private sector. I would like to believe that this is a misconception anf fallacy. I have yet to come across a audited report objectively stating that private sector employees are better paid than civil servants. Therefore, Cuepacs should not resort to emotional justification for higher salary. Maybe Cuepacs should engage ASLI to prepare a report to substantiate their claims of civil servant being under paid compared to private sectors.

As a tax payer, I am not against better salary package for civil servants. But the productivity and performance of the civil servants must be significantly improved first. In addition, there are hard working civil servants, and there are also not so hard working civil servants. Any salary increase must be exercised on case by case basis in accordance to real performance and productivity, not across the board as proposed by Cuepacs. Irresponsible demand for higher salary without taking into consideration of real productivities and values added deliverables will create unnecessary inflationary impacts on our economy. General elections maybe coming soon, is this an indirect threat of using the 1 million numbers as an indirect form of votes selling?

Colours of racism

Why create intended misplaced animosity
for the differences we have ?
Was it the colour of our skin ?
Was it the differences in religions and cultures ?
Ignorances, arrogances, and misplaced hatreds,
made you the man of no spirituality,
no guilts, and no sense of human decency.

The colours of our skins are different,
but look deep within us,
human beings are always human beings.
What is the colour of our blood, hearts, and sweats ?
God graced us with the diversity of skin colours
and hearts capable for bountiful love and generosity.
Let us not colour our souls.

Why do we resort to the might of gun, threats,
hatreds, and deceptions to impose our demands ?
Why allow our minds whirling in racist insanity ?
Let race and religion not be exploited
to cause harm and deny the rights of others.
Let the united colours of our hearts and souls
reject racism, jealousy, and intolerances.

When wealths and powers are acquired
through hatreds, intolerances, and arrogances,
would that accord you a place in heaven ?
What is the worth of your soul,
when it is infested with the ills of racism ?

We are born with nothing.
and when we die,
we shall go with nothing.
The only difference is,
the body of racist shall stink and rot like dirt.
and, their souls forever hurt in Satan's hell.

Contaminated not the human spirits.
In the name of ethnic pride,
let not greed and selfishness
maketh you the scums in the eyes of others.

This grieving heart
seek you to give life another start
to love and be loved
regardless of race and religion.

Put the true colours back into humanity.
A united colours of love,
harmony, peace,
and appreciations for diversities.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Top Ten Billionaire Heiressess 2006

The world's top ten hottest heiresses

(source : )

These young, beautiful, sexy, and stylish daddy's girls. They are the billionaire heiresses, the celebutantes of dreamed lifestyles. Most of them are below the age of thirty. Girls, just wet your lips, and the world is at your mercy !!! Life isn't always fair, isn't it ?

Here goes the world's top ten billionaire heiressess :

#1 Ivanka Trump (Age 24)

The Donald's little girl graduated summa cum laude in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. A one-time model, Ivanka has appeared on Trump's reality show, The Apprentice, and is currently vice president of real estate development at the Trump Organization.

#2 Paris Hilton (Age 25)

The original celebutante continues to grab countless press mentions thanks to a slew of high-profile--and videotaped--flings, fallings-out and fashion hits and misses. Paris also boasts the most Web hits of anyone on's annual listing of the world's 100 most powerful celebrities. The great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain, and granddaughter of billionaire William Hilton, Paris earned an estimated $7 million in the past year on her own, mostly through licensing deals attaching her name to a perfume, watches, nightclubs and a new videogame. Stay tuned for a new album and two movies.

#3 Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Age 45)

The eldest of our favorite heiresses, this daughter of French billionaire Gerard Louis-Dreyfus is best known as the Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning Seinfeld actress who played Elaine. The comedienne is a Saturday Night Live alum and also appeared on the cult TV hit Arrested Development. This summer, she received an Emmy nomination for her latest sitcom, The New Adventures of Old Christine, prompting folks to claim she has finally broken the Seinfeld curse and is on her way to another success.

#4 Anna Anisimova (Age 21)

The daughter of Russian metals magnate Vassily Anisimov has made her mark on New York's real estate and social scenes. She dropped $600,000 to rent a house in the Hamptons this summer, on top of a combined $950,000 spent the previous two summers. A New York University student, who's also a member her father's real estate firm, helped broker a deal to buy Diane Von Furstenberg's headquarters in New York's Greenwich Village for $23 million in 2005. Most recently, the former-model paid $15 million for her own 4,000-square-foot pad in the new Time Warner Center.

#5 Georgina Bloomberg (Age 23)

Her father may be mayor of New York City where she attends New York University part-time, but this award-winning equestrian appears more at home in tony Wellington, Fla., training and riding horses. A two-time gold medalist at the North American Young Riders' Championship and one of the youngest riders ever to compete at a World Cup Championship, she has earned close to $300,000 and is sponsored by publicly traded Dover Saddlery and Heritage Gloves. Bloomberg hopes to compete in the 2008 Olympics and sits on board of the Equestrian Aid Foundation.

#6 Amanda Hearst (Age 22)

Great-granddaughter of publishing legend William Randolph Hearst, Amanda is taking over for Paris Hilton as blue-blood society's new "It" girl. The student and model, who is the new face of preppy designer Lilly Pulitzer and a recent Town & Country cover girl, has such a high profile that Hearst Corp.'s own Harper's Bazaar ran a story detailing the socialite's annual maintenance cost: a whopping $136,360. Good thing she's got rich relatives: four uncles made Forbes' annual listing of the 400 richest Americans.

#7 Lydia Hearst-Shaw (Age 21)

Daughter of famously brainwashed kidnapee Patty Hearst and great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst. Like her first cousin, Amanda (their moms are sisters), Lydia keeps the family name alive on the runway--she is a favorite of edgy fashion-design duo Heatherette and has appeared in ads for luxe brands like Louis Vuitton.

#8 Nicky Hilton (Age 22)

Paris' younger sister is generating her own buzz. Nicky began designing handbags as a teenager and has her own clothing line, Chick by Nicky Hilton. Earlier this summer, she announced plans to open two Nicky O hotels, one on Ocean Drive in Miami and one in Chicago. But it was her shotgun Las Vegas wedding to Manhattan money manager Todd Meister, and the subsequent annulment, that really got Nicky noticed. Now she's reportedly dating Kevin Connolly, co-star of HBO's buzzy Hollywood parody Entourage.

#9 Aerin Lauder (Age 36)

The much-photographed style icon and fixture at New York fashion shows is often compared with her legendary grandmother, Estée Lauder. A 14-year veteran of the cosmetics group, she became senior vice president and was elected to the company's board in 2004. More recently, she was instrumental in orchestrating a partnership with fashion designer Tom Ford and signing Gwyneth Paltrow as a spokeswoman. Her billionaire father, Ronald Lauder, is the Clinique Laboratories' chairman.

#10 Dylan Lauren

The daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren, this candy girl has created her own buzz by catering to folks' sweet tooth. The confessed candy lover now owns four Dylan's Candy Bar stores in three states, including a 10,000-square-foot New York City location where she not only sells oodles of gummies and lollipops but also throws parties and peddles apparel, plush products and even candy scented perfume. Dylan has been featured on the covers of Town & Country and Hamptons magazine in addition to being profiled in People and The New York Times' Sunday Styles section.

He said, the Holocaust was a myth !

The Holocaust was a myth ? So claimed the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran has also invited "Score-lows" from 30 "cunt-ries" to attend a "Con- ferenece" starting on 11 December 2006. I guess, the futility of the exercise is to derive an "acade-mad" conclusion that "Jews were not killed by the Nazis" and "No torture Gas Chambers were used to Kill innocent Jews". Wait, wait, maybe "The holocaust was a myth created by infidels to justify the state of Israel ?". Dear publicity and grievances seeker, how low can you go ? Maybe six feet under ?

Talking about sensitivity and self respect. Let us take note of the sufferings of the survivors of the holocaust and be sensitive to their emotional scars. Any attempt to alter history for self achieving purpose will have to be perceived as a desperate attempt to immorally glorifying the lacked of self respect and human decency. What would be the outcome, if Israel also organize a serious academic conference to examine whether "the suffering of the Palestinians" is a myth ?

How about the Genocide of the Armenian people ? Nay, I don't think these self proclaimed righteous people has the gut, courage, self respect, and decency to discuss the Armenians Genocide in an international open forum.

Frankly, right minded human beings are already quite fed-up with all the faked righteousness, misplaced angers, and intolerances being noisily generated by these ill intent grievances seekers.

The bottom line is, attempt to alter history is disgraceful, uncultured, insensitive, and offensive to all right minded and peace loving people of the world. I am not a supporter of Israel, neither am I a supporter of Iran. Good or bad, both of these countries are of equal status. But history is history. The fact remained that, millions of innocent human beings were inhumanely tortured and murdered by smartly dressed barbarians during the holocaust. Let us all learned from history, and let not history repeat itself. We are all children of God, why are we now questioning history to justify the past barbaric action of satanic criminals ?

It amazed me to note so much hatreds against Israel by some countries? Israel has the right to exist and defend itself. That is a fact ! Please speak the language of peace and foster friendships rather than animosities. Peace was never elusive. Is it so difficult to accept Peace ? or was it your intend to deepen and pass the wounds to the next generation to let it bleed forever ? Please allow your children the opportunity to cohabitate in peaceful and friendly habitat.

Everybody claimed that their religions are religions of peace and tolerance. Once and for all, Stop behaving like a forked tongues snake. Practice PEACE without any preconditions.

Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

International Human Rights Day

The International Human Rights Day is celebrated annually 10 December to commemorate the United nations General Assembly's adoption and proclamation of Universal Declaration Of Human Rights on 10 December 1948.

As a layman, my honest observation is, some council members of UNHRC are basically a bunch of international outcasts. Some of them are blatantly racists and abusive in terms of rights records. To me, the UNHRC is basically an international fantasy club for human rights abusers trying to politically justifying their immoral abuses in their home countries by being a member. As long as the UN has no political and moral guts to evict these countries with questionable human rights records from UNHRC, human beings will forever suffer fool mentalities. 58 years had passed since its adoption by the United Nations General Assembly, but has the human rights records of member nations improved ? I doubt so ! All I see is, the UNHRC are more interested to continue to redefine the standards for defending and promoting Human Rights to make it more politically correct to appease Human Rights abusing nations.

On this noble day, would average citizens of the world take comforts to proudly acknowledge the achievement of "all human beings are born with equal and inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms" ? I doubt so ! All I see is, we are still behaving like animal trying to transgressed and compelled others to adopt our religions, we are still terrorize others trying to expand our political territories, we are still talking about special communal rights and privileges, etc, In summary, we are still barbarically trying to infringe on the rights of others to unfairly propagate our selfish and immoral needs. Sad to note that, in most countries, race and religion are still politically and legitimately being used to infringe on human rights shamelessly.

Can I trust the council members of the UNHRC to protect, defend, and promote human rights as enshrined in the document of Universal Declaration of human Rights which was release 58 years ago ? To all these council members of UNHRC, when you said the declaration guaranteed everyone's rights and freedoms to nondiscrimination, freedom of religions, rights to education, freedom of thoughts and expressions, equality of religion, culture, and race, etc. Please take a look at your own home countries. Human rights abusers defending the values of human rights ? I rolled my eyes, and I shake my head.... Actions are always inconsistent with words. Nay, you hypocrites made me puke !

Nevertheless, in the spirits of Human Rights, happy International Human Rights day. We are the world, may the world be a better place tomorrow......

26th Death Anniversary of John Lennon

John Winston Lennon ( 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980) MBE, was the icon for rock and roll music in the 70s and 80s. He founded the famous "The Beatles" together with Paul McCartey and George Harrison. John Lennon has written and sang many memorable song such as "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance". On December 8th, 1980, John Lennon was shot dead by an unknown gunman outside his luxury apartment building. At the time of his death, he was 40 years old. Rest in Peace, Sir.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Weird law on SEX.

Here goes some of the very weird laws related to sexuality I just read :

In ancient China, the Tang Dynasty's Empress Wu Hu passed a special law concerning oral sex. She felt that a woman pleasuring a man represented the supremacy of the male over the female. Therefore, she insisted all visiting male dignitaries show their respect by pleasuring her orally when meeting. The empress would throw open her robe and her guest would kneel before her and kiss her genitals.

Under Lebanese law, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female. Having sexual relations with a male animal is forbidden.

In some countries it is prohibited to eat the sheep you had sex with. Eating the sheep that you just have sex with is a deadly sin.

In Guam, there are specialists called defloration-makers. These men go around the island to have sex with virgin for a professional fee. Because in Guam, it is forbidden to marry a virgin.

In Columbia, a woman is allowed to have sex only with her husband. The bride’s mother is required to be next to the newly wed during their very first sexual intercourse.

In 17th century Spain, it was illegal for anyone other than a woman's husband to see her bare feet. A woman could freely expose her breasts, but feet were considered sexual and had to be covered in the presence of men other than her husband.

In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands. The husband's lover may be killed in any manner desired.

It is illegal for a man and woman to have sex "on the steps of any church after the sun goes down" in Birmingham, England. But it is okay to do it under broad day light.

It's "an excusable act of passion" in Colombia, South America, for a man to murder his wayward wife when he finds the woman in bed with her lover. If the husband "personally witnesses the corrupt sexual activity," he's allowed to shoot his unfaithful spouse.

In the United Steaks of America, there are also equally weird laws governing sex related subjects. For example :
  • Arizona - keeping more than two dildos at home is prohibited.
  • Colorado - You can not kiss a sleeping woman.
  • Connecticut - A man is forbidden from kissing his wife on Sunday.
  • Florida - Man is not allowed to kiss woman’s bust during sexual intercourse.
  • Massachusetts - Only “man on top” is allowed during sexual intercourse.
  • Minnesota - Sex with birds is strictly prohibited.
  • Minnesota - It is illegal for any man to have sexual intercourse with a live fish.
  • Fairbanks, Alaska - moose are not allow to have sex on city streets.
  • Oregon - It is a crime for a husband to curse during sex

In some countries, the men go around preaching morality and ethics, but demanded respect for their rights to have sexual intercourse with young underaged virgin girls.