Thursday, December 14, 2006

As I looked back.....

It is lunch time now, and I am too tired to go out for lunch. I might as well do some some musings in this blog.......

Many years ago, I moved into a mixed neighbourhood. What I meant "mixed" is, it has various races living in the residential area, and it still is. Everything went according to my expectation during the first week of adaptation, my neighbours of various races came to my house to offer assistance and introduced themselves. However, on one evening on the second week, a Mamak ( Indian Muslim ) came knocking at my door.

I knew the Mamak live about 10 houses away from my house. At that time, I was having a small poodle as a pet dog. The Mamak requested me to respect his religion's sensitivity because in the neighbourhood there are also Muslim families. He suggested I send my pet dog to the veterinary to put the dog to sleep. It was indeed a rude shock to me to hear that kind of words coming out from such a misguided man.

I politely told him that, as long as I keep my pet dog in my house, he shouldn't be too worry about my family infringing his religious sensitivities. He start telling me that he has children, and do not wish to see his children come into contact with dogs. And, he also advised me that it is haram (sinful) to allow my young son to hold the pet dog. Again, I politely told him that I respected his rights to bring up his children according to his religious upbringing, but he should not interfered in how I want to bring up my child. He got annoyed and start telling me that the Muslims are the majority in Malaysia, and I should respect religion's sensitivity. I got rather annoyed and challenged him to show me which part of his holy book stated that it is haram to keep a dog in my own house, and he should also learned how to to respect the rights of the minorities. At this point, he got offended, point his finger at me,and said God will punished me for my "arrogance". I told him that, if he ever point his smelly finger at me or my family members again, I will break all his fingers, and told him not to meddle with the domain of my God, how my God want to treat me is none of his business. I told him firmly that he is standing in the compound of my house, he was not welcome, and told him to leave immediately.

That "neighbourly" conversation lasted less than 5 minutes. May be I was arrogance then. But at that time, I sincerely felt that, he has no right using the name of his religion to tell me how I should live my life in the neighbourhood. Honestly speaking, I was very annoyed with this holier than thou misguided souls roaming around the neighbourhoods like hungry ghosts. And ghosts are supposed to be in hades.

I have no problems with my other neighbours who are Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, and Buddhist. Life goes on, we interacted but at same time, mind our own business. Needless to say, counting one idiot out, I have good neighbours and we lived happily in the neighbourhood..

Since then, and until today, praised the almighty, I have never spoken a words with this mamak. Why should I tolerate intolerance souls ? He can do whatever he want in his own world, but be warned, don't transgressed into mine. To him, I maybe an infidel, but the feeling is mutual. Who care about him and his God. I know my God loves me.

Malaysia is a beautiful country, but occassionaly we do come across some not so beautiful people trying to impose their biases on us. But that is a fact of life anywhere you go. I live a simple philosophy, you can masturbate anywhere you like to derive self satisfaction, but don't masturbate in front of me. I will kick your &#@%#!

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