Thursday, December 07, 2006

OMG, it is a crime to be sexy ?

A Malaysia's religious political party, through the Municipal Council, has decreed that women who dressed "too sexily" may be fined RM 500. Women are advised to wear long skirts and loose long sleeved blouses. If being sexy is sinful, then would it not be sinful to use the fines collected from the "sinful" women ?

My dear learned religious men out there. Do whatever you want with your own religious values. Go ahead and be outraged with what other people wear and their beliefs. But keep those misplaced rages and values of yours to yourselves and contained it in your own family and religion.

Do you seriously believed that a woman who dressed sexily can contribute to increasing sex crimes ? If you are that spiritually and religiously righteous, would a slight distraction of a woman with sexy dress can cause you and your followers to commit sex crime ? Are women to be blamed for whatever social ills that arised ? Such ignorances and narrow mindedness never failed to amaze me.

Please learn to respect a lady's preferences and likings in whatever attires she preferred. How a woman attired herself is really none of the state's business. I happened to love to watch sexy women with sexy dresses. I may have the tendencies to have erotic delusions for woman with sexy dresses but that does not necessarily made me a sex maniac with ill intents to commit sex crimes. Simply because I respect women, and I am not chauvinistically uncultured to the extend that I can not control my own sexual urges.

I respected your rights to have your own interpretation of your religious' morality. By all means, practised and complied to your own interpretation of religious obligations and values. Would it be too much of a asking for you to appreciate a little bit of human decency to learn to respect the rights of others ? May I lightly remind you that my God does not allow you to impose your values on like minded people like me ? If I lead a "sinful" or a "deviated" life, please leave it to my God to judge me. You please keep your God and your values to yourselves. I mind my own business, maybe it is about time now you mind your own businesses.

I practise my religion's noble truths and walk the noble path at my own paces. Occasionally, I may deviate, but that is my rights. There are no transgressions, no compulsions, and definitely no misplaced hallucinations. Ultimately, I live in my promised nibbana - heaven is on earth. You have problem with what I want to belief ?

Frankly, like minded people like me have no problem with your attires and your perception of morality. Why are you being so obsessed and outraged with how other people attired themselves ?

How do you spell morality ? M O R O N I T Y ? I roll my eyes, I shake my head... I shake my head. Am I being sinful and immoral by reciting this little prayer of forgiveness - Om Namo Amithaba Buddha...... ?


bistaripintar said...

drink cow's milk = cow's brian???

Anonymous said...

people are getting more and more absurd these days. tsk tsk..