Thursday, December 14, 2006

Voice from within speaks....

Salts is good,
have peace among yourselves

I have come
from the other side of the river
and have taught you.
Have you not learned ?
Don't lose the lessons.

What have taken place
among yourselves, learn.
Do not rewrite history.

I have not command the world
to be enrolled in my name,
do not census,
and do not censure.
Learn to cohabitate
with the diversities I gave you

You destroyed the temples,
but I rebuilt it
in the heart of my children in three days.
Do not kick the stone too many times.

In your despairs,
I help you to cast your net in deep water,
you have been rewarded with the catch.
Have I ever failed you ?

I do not need to be defended
I do not need you to conduct misdeeds in my name.
Respect Life, not death.
Glorify life, not death
Love peace, not violences.
Do not manipulate my words.
You are not GOD. I am.
I love you.

Padme, padme, padme

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