Sunday, December 17, 2006

Malaysia Bolih liow in Doha Asian Game 2006 ?

Malaysia sent 136 athletes and God knows how many officials to the 15th Asian game in Doha, Qatar. After 15 days of competition, out of 428 Gold medals at stake, Malaysia secure 8 gold medals, 17 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals. We said this is our best performance ! Jiaklat !!! Not to say Malaysians are expecting more, but this bunch of losers that went to Asian Games are hoplessly incapable of recognizing merits and failures.

The 8 Gold medalists are :
  • Badminton - Men's Double (TAN Boon Heong & KOO Kien Keat )
  • Bowling - Men's Trios (HENG Boon Hia, KONG Aaron Eng Chuan, LIM Tow Chuang Daniel)
  • Bowling - Women Singles (CHEAH Mei Lan Esther)
  • Bowling - Women Team (CHAI De Choo Wendy, CHEAH Mei Lan Esther, CHOY Poh Lai, KOH Suet Len Sharon, ZULKIFLI Shalin, AZIELA Zandra)
  • Sailing - Optimist Women (TAN Rufina Hong Mui )
  • Squah - Men's Singles (ONG Beng Hee )
  • Squash - Women's Singles (DAVID Nicol Ann)
  • Wushu - Women's Taijiquan (CHAI Fong Ying)

How much did Malaysia spend in the Gemilang Project to deliver sport excellence in Doha Asian Game ? RM 200 Million ? All in all, we have 16 athletes securing 8 Gold medals in Doha Asian Games. What happened to the rest of the 120 high flying and big spending national athletes ? Having good times making up the numbers and holidaying in Qatar ?

Funny, the local presses and Malaysian officials seemed to be very happy and proud of this 8 Gold Medals' "achievements". Said whatever you like. With our tails dangling between our legs, we are always quite capable of embracing self denial to create comfort zones stating that this is one of our best outing in Asian games history. Personally speaking, this is rubbish performance. On the other hand, I think it is sinful, to spend that kind of money to secure this kind of under-achievements. Even Thailand was rated higher than us in terms of Medals haul ( 13 Gold, 15 Silver, 24 Bronze). The money could have spend to help put foods on the tables of poor Malaysians. I guess it is about time we stop wasting money on non performaning athletes and sports. Where is our priority ? Does Pride put foods on the table to feed the hungry stomach ? Anyway, I don't think Malaysians are proud of these under-achievements. Please don't send losers and holiday makers to represent Malaysia at tax payers' expense in any more future sport events.

To the athletes who brought back the 8 gold medals, thank you so much for salvaging Malaysians' prides. Thank you so much for your hardwork and dedication to professional performances.

Wah Salah Boh Ai Lang Kong ! Boh lang kong wah salah ? Proud to be a Malaysian ? Let's go fly kites...............

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