Sunday, December 10, 2006

He said, the Holocaust was a myth !

The Holocaust was a myth ? So claimed the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran has also invited "Score-lows" from 30 "cunt-ries" to attend a "Con- ferenece" starting on 11 December 2006. I guess, the futility of the exercise is to derive an "acade-mad" conclusion that "Jews were not killed by the Nazis" and "No torture Gas Chambers were used to Kill innocent Jews". Wait, wait, maybe "The holocaust was a myth created by infidels to justify the state of Israel ?". Dear publicity and grievances seeker, how low can you go ? Maybe six feet under ?

Talking about sensitivity and self respect. Let us take note of the sufferings of the survivors of the holocaust and be sensitive to their emotional scars. Any attempt to alter history for self achieving purpose will have to be perceived as a desperate attempt to immorally glorifying the lacked of self respect and human decency. What would be the outcome, if Israel also organize a serious academic conference to examine whether "the suffering of the Palestinians" is a myth ?

How about the Genocide of the Armenian people ? Nay, I don't think these self proclaimed righteous people has the gut, courage, self respect, and decency to discuss the Armenians Genocide in an international open forum.

Frankly, right minded human beings are already quite fed-up with all the faked righteousness, misplaced angers, and intolerances being noisily generated by these ill intent grievances seekers.

The bottom line is, attempt to alter history is disgraceful, uncultured, insensitive, and offensive to all right minded and peace loving people of the world. I am not a supporter of Israel, neither am I a supporter of Iran. Good or bad, both of these countries are of equal status. But history is history. The fact remained that, millions of innocent human beings were inhumanely tortured and murdered by smartly dressed barbarians during the holocaust. Let us all learned from history, and let not history repeat itself. We are all children of God, why are we now questioning history to justify the past barbaric action of satanic criminals ?

It amazed me to note so much hatreds against Israel by some countries? Israel has the right to exist and defend itself. That is a fact ! Please speak the language of peace and foster friendships rather than animosities. Peace was never elusive. Is it so difficult to accept Peace ? or was it your intend to deepen and pass the wounds to the next generation to let it bleed forever ? Please allow your children the opportunity to cohabitate in peaceful and friendly habitat.

Everybody claimed that their religions are religions of peace and tolerance. Once and for all, Stop behaving like a forked tongues snake. Practice PEACE without any preconditions.

Namo Amithaba Buddha.


Inthenameofdog said...

Protesting Iranian students on Monday briefly interrupted a speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a university by heckling him and burning his pictures, local Fars News Agency reported.

The students chanted slogans against the president when he was delivering a speech at the Amir Kabir University, Fars said.

During his speech, some of the female students who were chanting slogans along with the male students, smashed the camera of Iranian state television to the ground, Fars said.

Some students even set Ahmadinejad's pictures on fire, Fars reported.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a bastard rises among the asses. Iran is such a pitiful country , an international outcast, its president do not even dare to travel outside the country. Iran has no friends and have to resort to teaming with KKK and other international societal rejects trying desperately to rewrite history to justify their lacked of culture and civility.

By the disrespect and the barbaric mannerism displayed by this Borat and his religion of pieces, it made wonder whether the Palestinians sufferings are faked to gain international sympathy. After all, these middle eastern rejects are pretty good at rewriting history and playing in front of cameras.

Come to think of it, I have been deceived into showing too much sympathy to their "sufferings". I guess we all have been wised up. You can go on fooling all people all the time ! It is about time for me to be more sympathetic to Israel.

TheIranian said...

Iran students denounce Holocaust denial
Michael Theodoulou
December 12 2006

Dozens of Iranian students burnt pictures of President Ahmadinejad and chanted “Death to the dictator” as he gave a speech at a university in Tehran yesterday.

Never has the hardline leader faced such open hostility at a public event, which came as Iran opened a conference questioning whether Nazi Germany murdered six million Jews.

One student activist said that the protest was against the “shameful” Holocaust conference and the “fact that many activists have not been allowed to attend university”. The conference “has brought to our country Nazis and racists from around the world”, he added.

Mr Ahmadinejad responded by saying: “Everyone should know that Ahmadinejad is prepared to be burnt in the path of true freedom, independence and justice”, according to an Iranian students’ news agency. He accused the protesters of being “Americanised”.

The protest during a speech at Amir Tabir University unrelated to the Holocaust meeting will be embarrassing for Mr Ahmadinejad. He has portrayed Iran as a champion of free speech in hosting the two-day Holocaust conference, which has attracted revisionist historians who have served jail sentences in Europe and David Duke, an American former Ku Klux Klan leader.

Almost 70 researchers from France to Indonesia arrived at the plush conference centre in an affluent north Tehran suburb. The centre’s walls were festooned with posters claiming to debunk “myths” of the Holocaust, disputing whether smoke ever rose from the chimneys at Auschwitz and denouncing the film Schindler’s List, which tells of the Nazi industrialist who rescued more than 1,000 Jews.

But the conference has embarrassed many ordinary Iranians who are aware of the damage such events are inflicting on their country’s image.

Some Iranians point out that they have much less freedom to debate pressing issues such as Iran’s nuclear programme, which has brought the threat of international sanctions. The conference, which has provoked international condemnation, was inspired by Mr Ahmadinejad himself, who has described the Holocaust as a myth invented to justify the occupation of Palestinian land. He has also declared that Israel should be “wiped off the map”.

The conference has dismayed Iran’s 25,000-strong Jewish community. Moris Motamed, Iran’s sole Jewish MP, said that denying the Holocaust was “a huge insult”.

Those at the conference included American and European rabbis from the fringe ultraOrthodox group Neturei Karta, whose theology holds that there should be no Jewish state until the Messiah arrives.

Ahron Cohen, a British rabbi, said: “We certainly say there was a Holocaust. But in no way can it be used as a justification for unjust acts against the Palestinians.” Welcoming the participants, Manouchehr Mottaki, the Iranian Foreign Minister, declared: “The aim of this conference is not to deny or confirm the Holocaust. Its main aim is to create an opportunity for thinkers who cannot express their views freely in Europe about the Holocaust.”

Georges Thiel, a French writer who has been convicted in France, where Holocaust denial is illegal, said that the Holocaust was “an enormous lie”: “Jewish people have been persecuted, that is true, they have been deported, but there was no machinery of murder in any camp — no gas chambers.”

Fredrick Toeben, an Australian who has served a prison sentence in his native Germany for inciting racial hatred, said: “Minds are being switched off to the Holocaust dogma as it is being sold as a historical fact and yet we are not able to question it. This is mental rape.”

He brought a model of the Treblinka extermination camp which, he said, he would demonstrate that the gas chambers did not exist.


# Laws against Holocaust denial exist in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, as well as in Israel. All but the Israeli law were introduced in 1990s

# Israeli law proscribes “denial, trivialisation, praise or approval of acts committed under the Nazi regime"

# The British writer David Irving will not attend the conference in Iran; he is serving a three-year jail sentence in Austria for Holocaust denial. When he lost a libel action in Britain in 2000, a judge said that Irving was “anti-Semitic and racist”

# In 1997 Private Member's Bill criminalising Holocaust denial was considered in UK as amendment to incitement to hatred laws but never left committee stage

HouseOfPeace said...

Holocaust deniers ban dissenting voice
Michael Theodoulou in Nicosia
Dec 11, 2006

# Arab lawyer kept from Iran hearings
# He planned to challenge denials

An outspoken Palestinian lawyer was hoping to challenge Holocaust deniers during a provocative conference that opens in Iran today. The international gathering will question whether six million Jews were actually slaughtered by the Nazis in the Second World War.

But yesterday Khaled Kasab Mahameed learnt from the Iranian Foreign Ministry — which had invited him to speak — that he would not receive a visa. No reason was given.

Mr Mahameed suspects that it was because he has an Israeli passport. It may also have been because he has made clear what he intended to say.

“I’m bitterly disappointed,” Mr Mahameed, who studied at a British university, told The Times. He was seeking a personal audience with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, to tell him that denials or questioning of “such huge, monstrous horror” harmed the Palestinian cause.

Mr Mahameed lives in Israel, where he has established the Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education, the Arab world’s first Holocaust museum, in Nazareth. He believes that the “study, analysis and acknowledgement” of the Holocaust by Arabs is important for a durable peace between the Palestinians and Israel. “It’s not enough to curse these Holocaust deniers as foolish. We have to convince them the Holocaust did happen,” Mr Mahameed said.

His attendance at the meeting in Tehran may have given credibility to claims by Iranian officials that the conference would not be a forum for anti-Semites or neo-Nazis.

Figures such as Fredrick Toben, a German-born Holocaust denier who lives in Australia, had little trouble getting a visa to attend the conference. There were reports that Lady Michele Renouf, an Australian-born model and socialite, was also on her way to Tehran. She was ejected from the Reform Club in London three years ago after attempting to get David Irving, the right-wing British historian, to speak there.

Irving was understood to be on the original invitation list to the Tehran conference when Mr Ahmadinejad first proposed the gathering last January. But a month later Irving was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment in Austria after disputing the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz.

By the admission of Manouchehr Mohammadi, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, the conference will address issues such as “whether the gas chambers were actually used by the Nazis”.

The conference, which has been condemned as disgraceful by several countries, including the US, comes as the Bush Administration is under growing domestic pressure to talk to Iran about tackling the violence in Iraq.

Mr Ahmadinejad ignited fury abroad a year ago by describing the Holocaust as a myth. In remarks that heightened Western concerns over the Iranian nuclear programme, he also labelled Israel a “tumour” that should be “wiped off the map” or moved to Europe or Alaska.

Tehran claims that 67 “intellectuals and researchers” from 30 countries, including Britain, Germany and France, will attend but has refused to name them. Iran is portraying the gathering as an exercise in free speech, claiming that open discussion of the Holocaust is denied in the West, where some countries make Holocaust denial a crime.

“For 60 years talking about the Holocaust was a crime in the West, but now there is a serious debate about the Holocaust in the media and also in political and popular meetings,” Mr Ahmadinejad said at the weekend. “Even some Western politicians have declared that the original foundation of the Zionist regime was a mistake,” he added.

Mr Ahmadinejad has faced domestic opposition to his inflammatory remarks about the Holocaust, which Iranian reformists and conservative pragmatists believe are damaging their country.

Mohammad Khatami, his reformist predecessor, declared earlier this year: “We should speak out if even a single Jew is killed.” He went on to insist that the Holocaust should be recognised “even if this historical reality has been misused and there is enormous pressure on the Palestinian people”.

Against Israel

Ahmadinejad on Israel

“As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map . . . Anyone who signs a treaty which recognises the entity of Israel means he has signed the surrender of the Muslim world.” October 2005

“They have fabricated a legend under the name ‘Massacre of the Jews’, and they hold it higher than God himself, religion itself and the prophets themselves.” December 2005

“Anti-Semitism in Europe has forced Jews to leave their countries of origin, but what they did instead was occupy a country which is not theirs but that of Palestinians. Why should the innocent nation of Palestine pay for this crime?” April 2006