Saturday, December 09, 2006

International Human Rights Day

The International Human Rights Day is celebrated annually 10 December to commemorate the United nations General Assembly's adoption and proclamation of Universal Declaration Of Human Rights on 10 December 1948.

As a layman, my honest observation is, some council members of UNHRC are basically a bunch of international outcasts. Some of them are blatantly racists and abusive in terms of rights records. To me, the UNHRC is basically an international fantasy club for human rights abusers trying to politically justifying their immoral abuses in their home countries by being a member. As long as the UN has no political and moral guts to evict these countries with questionable human rights records from UNHRC, human beings will forever suffer fool mentalities. 58 years had passed since its adoption by the United Nations General Assembly, but has the human rights records of member nations improved ? I doubt so ! All I see is, the UNHRC are more interested to continue to redefine the standards for defending and promoting Human Rights to make it more politically correct to appease Human Rights abusing nations.

On this noble day, would average citizens of the world take comforts to proudly acknowledge the achievement of "all human beings are born with equal and inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms" ? I doubt so ! All I see is, we are still behaving like animal trying to transgressed and compelled others to adopt our religions, we are still terrorize others trying to expand our political territories, we are still talking about special communal rights and privileges, etc, In summary, we are still barbarically trying to infringe on the rights of others to unfairly propagate our selfish and immoral needs. Sad to note that, in most countries, race and religion are still politically and legitimately being used to infringe on human rights shamelessly.

Can I trust the council members of the UNHRC to protect, defend, and promote human rights as enshrined in the document of Universal Declaration of human Rights which was release 58 years ago ? To all these council members of UNHRC, when you said the declaration guaranteed everyone's rights and freedoms to nondiscrimination, freedom of religions, rights to education, freedom of thoughts and expressions, equality of religion, culture, and race, etc. Please take a look at your own home countries. Human rights abusers defending the values of human rights ? I rolled my eyes, and I shake my head.... Actions are always inconsistent with words. Nay, you hypocrites made me puke !

Nevertheless, in the spirits of Human Rights, happy International Human Rights day. We are the world, may the world be a better place tomorrow......

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