Monday, December 04, 2006

Selamat Malam Malaysia

I have no intention to offend the feelings of any Malaysian. Perhaps my wronged observations misguided me to write this log. But this is my honest observations and sincere rantings of concerns. I whole heartedly submit my apology if my observations and comments are biased or ill conceived. But please bear in mind, I am a Malaysian and I care for the wellbeings of all Malaysians regardless of racial and religious origins.

It used to be, Malaysians are proud to be Malaysians. We stand tall in the world arena to demonstrate our cohesiveness as a united nation of tolerance, moderateness, and our accomplishments. In 50's, 60's, and 70's, as a nation, we are not so well off economically, but as a nation, our people are happy. We supported each other to scale greater achievements. We are proud of each other successes. And, we are proud to be Malaysians. Those are period of golden era of our nationhood. But we are not what we used to be. and, if we continued to allowed ourselves to be racially divided, we will never be what we want to be.

It pained me to see families committing mass suicide because they see no way out in their hopeless financial desperations. Crimes are being committed by Malaysians because they are marginalized to the extend that they can't find any meaningful economic opportunities to make a decent living.

Look at us now. In the 21st century of modern comforts, we are generally more educated but sadly has became less learned. We are now less tolerance of each other beliefs, culture, and way of life. We begin to put up barriers among ourselves. Malaysians are no longer Malaysians. We are now Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Eurasian, etc. We are now no longer achievements oriented as a nation. We are now more interested to bring down each other in the hope that the failures of other groups of Malaysians glorifies our non accomplishments. The sad fact is, we are at times jealous of other Malaysians successes and achievements, when we failed, we blamed others for our failures.

As a Malaysian, I believed in what I see. My observation is, we are begining to be racially and religiously intolerance of each others. Who among Malaysians should be credited for instigating and propagating this dangerous racial intolerances and hatreds ? And who is responsible for dividing this nation ? Let us be honest to ourselves. We are what we are now because, in our selfishness, we allow ourselves to be manipulated by racial and religious pariahs. The smeared finger prints of these parasites are all over the places. But we choose to condone and accept these immoral infringement of human rights simply because we are too naive to believe that it defended the special rights and privileges of our narrow minded selfishness.

In the name of race and religion ? How about in the name of Malaysia ? In the first place, if we consider ourselves as Malaysians and treat each other with honour, respect, and fairness, what rights and privileges of ours are being eroded ? Aren't we blindly fighting each other and unwittingly perpetuating the stay of immoral politicians and rent seekers ? Malaysia Bolih or Malaysians Bodoh ? If we persist in our political arrogance and decadence ways, we may ultimately end up as Malaysia Bohlui ( a bankrupt nation )!

Selfish politicians being what they are, tend to instigate racial emotions and portrayed themselves as defenders of racial rights to gain and sustained their position and power. Do these politicians genuinely interested in safe guarding and promoting the welfares of their own racial groups ? I don't know for sure whether these politicians has contributed to the well beings of Malaysians. But as a layman, I would like to think otherwise. For the past 20 years, what have these selfish politicians accomplished except creating racial disharmony and economic havocs ?

In the national emblem of Malaysia, there is this little slogan which state very clearly that "Unity is strength". But what unity are we talking about ? From what I see is, we have desperate politicians seeking to perpetuate their unwelcome stay in power by rallying racially motivated statements to solicit popularity. In the name of race and religion, do these sickening politicians understand the contributions and sacrifices of other Malaysians ? The seeds of dangerous flames for divisive racial sentiments, intolerances, and hatreds have already been planted. Instead of dousing it with statements and actions of harmony and peace, we have these irresponsible and rent seeking politicians going around with fans and bucket of kerosene trying to make the flames bigger hoping to be the accidental heroes and elected by racial pandering.

It is acceptable to champion and seek more rights and privileges for our own ethnic groups within the context of creating new wealths for all Malaysians. But in our eagerness to pursue this selfish racially motivated objectives, have we consider the plights and wellbeings of other Malaysians. Are we being fair to each other as Malaysians ? Do we honestly believe in human rights ? What we are doing now, is it consistent with our religious beliefs and moral upbringings ? For whatever it is worth, please tone down your languages and be sensitive to each others.

I believe in only ONE flag. That is the the flag of Jalur Gemilang. I shall carry this flag in the special corner of my heart. Be fair to all Malaysians, ask yourselves, what flags do you believe in ? In the name of Malaysia and as a righteous Malaysian, I urge you to reject racial politics now. Let's stand united to be proud ethical Malaysians. Let us work together as Malaysians NOW to built better foundations for FUTURE Malaysians. Let us all move forward in unison as a United Nation.

Tuhan kurniakan, rakyat ( all Malaysians ) hidup makmur dan bahagia. May Malaysia be forever a properous and righteous nation.

Good niteZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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