Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Don't try your luck too far...

The owner of a car dealership in Atlanta, Rolandas Milinavicius, was having financial problems and under stress. When two of his employee, Inga Contreras and Martynas Simokaitis, kept pestering him for pay rises, he snapped and turned violence. He shot dead both of them, then surrendered to the police and confessed to the killings. Read "Cops: Atlanta Car Dealer Murdered 2 Employees Because They Kept Asking for Raises".

So, you think your boss is bad ? If you think you deserved higher pay, go start digging your trenches elsewhere. With the current economic conditions, most businesses are struggling to stay afloat and under tremendous stress. So, don't stretch your boss limits too far, you may end up being the copycat version of Inga and Martynas ! On hindsight, why commit murder ? If the business is not doing well, just shut it down, and look out for other business ventures. Probably all parties will end up happier - The boss with less burden, and the employee can seek higher salaries elsewhere.

The Boss don't owe the employee a living. And, the employee don't owe the Boss a living. It's all about business decisions. No violences and no bad feelings ! Right ?

Another good man was murdered......

Song kin Shi, 29, was the second Korean hostage murdered by the kidnappers.

......... Seo Jung-bae, 59, whose daughter and son were among the hostages, appealed to the kidnappers. "Please, please send my children back so I can hold them in my arms," he told The Associated Press, fighting back tears in a plea to the captors. "Our families are the same. Your family is precious, so is mine." He said his children had traveled to the country to assist Afghans in need. "They went there to help, thinking they (Afghans) are their friends." ...

They are your friends ? Let's not be deluded and be self deceived, you will never know who are your friends until your last breath.

I know nothing about international politics, but why subject good and kind hearted human beings to be pawns in the never ending disputes and violences ? The Korean government, ( as well as all other foreign governments ) should withdraw all their citizens from that land. Be neutral, and sell them whatever weapons they want, let them slog it out among themselves. When the dusts settled, the world will be a much better and peaceful place.

Read also HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

May God bless the soul of Song Kin Shi, the martyr of humanity, and may he attained eternal life in the paradise of God

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.......

The world’s first schizophrenic mice

A kepala angin mice ?

"It is believed to be the first time an animal has been genetically engineered to have a mental illness........... The mice were created by modifying their DNA to mimic a mutant gene first found in a Scottish family with a high incidence of schizophrenia, which affects about one in every 100 people. The mice’s brains were found to have features similar to those of humans with schizophrenia, such as depression and hyperactivity."

Further Reading HERE.

But, in the name of kindness to all living things and humanity, why do we need to have mice with mental illness ? For the benefits of manKIND ? or was it manCRUEL ? This is disgusting !!! So, what next ? A schizophrenic Dog ? An autistic monkey ? A lesbian or Gay Cat ? I guess the ethical line bas been breached. What is there to stop those scientists from creating more monsters ?

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.......

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hot Dog

A dog sandwich or Hot Dog ?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Malaysia's Blogsphere Blogalitics...

The French presidential elections are fought on blogs. The current on-going presidential elections of USA is now keenly solicited on blogs. With more than 13.5 million users with internet connections in Malaysia, forget about NST, The Star, TV3, RTN1, RTM2, and all those traditional media, I would like to believe that the coming general elections will also be keenly fought on blogs. Well, no wonder so much attention has been directed at the Malaysian blogsphere. General Elections coming soon ?

I do find it amusing that, almost on daily basis, Malaysian politicians are jumping in the bandwagon to criticize Malaysian Bloggers ( see the following attached headlines ). Are these politicians of higher morality and ethical standard than the bloggers ?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Japanese's technology of sex...

From the land that invented the world's vibrating condom, now, those short guys are at it again, they designed the world's first intelligent vibrator. It's GPod - an intelligent vibrator for women ! The latest Japanese cutting edge technology sex toy. This latest sex toy, price at USD 243, went on display at Japan's first ever Adult Treasure Expo 2007 in Tokyo, where more than 160 companies exhibited their sex toys, sex machines, costumes, video, and sex accessories.

GPod is "phallic-shaped vibrator, is designed to respond automatically to sounds picked up by an accompanying handset, which can plug into anything from a telephone to a music player to a television." "It is a triple-motor vibrator which connects to music players or mobile phones and has sensors with high, medium and low music frequencies."

According to its inventor, Ichiro Kameda, the GPod can be used in many ways, including hooking up to mobile phone. He also suggested that a woman can use the GPod while talking on the phone with the boyfriend. Jiii....... I bet Apple's iPod phone is compatible to GPod !

Well, too bad, this toy is designed for women only. For men who are confused about their own sex, maybe they may want to buy it and try it at their rear orifice. By the way, is this toy Haram ? If this toy offended your religion's sensitivity, then I guess it is just plain too bad. Because I doubt you can get any apology from the little guys from the land of the rising sun.

Read HERE for further information

I say, BLOG you !

Thank God, I am given another privilege to wake up to smell the fresh morning air of Saturday and the cheerful greeting of my ever positive spouse. Life is indeed sweet ! What is life? So much more thing to do, but so little time left along this speedway to eternity. But Saturday has always been a day of rest, of doing thing, and of reading things at casual pace. Saturday has always been one of my favorite day of the week.

Reading the past week news materials, I can't help but felt sorry for the state of mentality and ignorances of some of our privileged few Malaysians. Increasingly, bloggers and Internet intellectuals has been ridiculed and subjected to indirect threats in the name of protecting the sensitivity of "religion, race, and cultures". And recently, even the honourable good name of our beloved King are being used as excuse to raise awareness for the need to enforce governance on contents of Internet in general, and blogs in particular. Are Malaysians that thin-skinned to be incapable of taking the slightest humours or unintended insensitivities ? Are Malaysians that brain-dead to be incapable of differentiating and managing truths and lies ?

Does having different perspectives on issues, differing in opinions, expressing differing opinions, voicing criticisms, and raising awareness on subjects of public interests by bloggers justify for the grounds to implement and enforce policing and governance on bloggers ? If we persecute bloggers at the slightest excuse, we are in fact directly impeding freedom of expressions. And we also subject ourselves into greater risk of allowing the control and distribution of information into the hands of selected biased fews. We will eventually transforming ourselves into an ignorance society incapable of articulating and charting our own destiny as a nation.

After 50 years of long and winding road of nationhood, Malaysia is supposed to be a nation blooming out from its growing pains. With ease and accessibility of broadband Internet technology, Malaysians are beginning to enjoy unprecedented freedom of expression. Traditionally, our access to information are governed by traditional delivery system such as newspapers, radio, and television. These traditional mediums are easily regulated through annual licensing, so the contents, whether we like it or not, followed strict guidelines and conformance, otherwise the license to operate will be revoked. So Freedom of Expression tends to be managed. In the past, directly or indirectly, Malaysians are being presented with information based on the premise of "what the Dear Leaders think are right for the masses". But Malaysians are no longer the Malaysians of 50 years ago, they are better educated now and want to be better informed, they want unbiased news and different perspectives of the news, as well as to contribute their varied perceptions and opinions. Malaysians no longer wanted to be only the recipients of managed information.

The Internet delivery system has changed the information landscape of control and distribution. Malaysians can now freely access any on line news. Within minutes, any computer literate person can also set up his "electronic newspaper" or blog to publish his opinions, observations, commentaries, etc. in and from anywhere of the world. The fact of the matter is, bloggers are increasingly enjoying unprecedented followings and indirectly asserted significant influences on all Malaysians. Take the case of "Malaysia Today", a blog which was set-up less than 3 years ago, enjoy approximately 250,000 visits a days, much higher than the readerships of all the major local newspaper combined. The authority feared if bloggers and blogs are not regulated, they may impart "negative influences" on all Malaysians. Increasingly, the authority is seeking to reassert control to reestablished its traditional power of regulating or controlling the free flows of information and to managed freedom of expressions.

Bloggers, both hobbyist and serious bloggers, have recently came under a lot of unnecessary pressures to "toe the line" from the authority. In recent past, four prominent social political bloggers had been summoned to the Police department to be interviewed and their statements recorded. Bloggers had also been told "not to go overboard", "using Internet to only do the proper things", "to be responsible", "observed the sensitivity of religion and culture", "not to conduct insult, slander, and break the law", "not to insult religion and the Rulers", "Not to touch on Constitution", etc. In short, bloggers had been warned that they will have to "pay the price" if the authority decided to interpret the laws on bloggers.

My frank opinion is, the unnecessary imposition of threats, restrictions, and governance are not healthy and impede positive derivatives from freedom of expressions. Any attempt to conduct on line policing will only strike chilling reminders and negative impressions that the authority is afraid of truth being presented. And it may also create fears among Malaysians that the authority may use the policing muscle to suppress expressions or truths that may result in abuse of power, unwarranted persecution, breaches of human rights, and illegitimate limitations on the rights of all Malaysians. When free flow of information is impeded, there will never be any diversities of media and progressive opinions, ultimately the mission of an information society driven by culture of excellence and innovation will be retarded causing irreversible damages to the nation's mental, physical, and financial wellbeing. A country that is incapable to criticize and accept criticisms will be forever under the regressive mentality and unable to be open minded to embrace progress and adaptive lifestyle.

When a nation is progressively regressive, the natural tendency is, its citizen will forever resorting to using the issues of "religion, culture, race, and Rulers" to justify their illegitimate grievances and immoral demand against each other.

Truth hurts. But truth brings accountability. Accountability brings responsibility. Responsibility brings progress. Progress brings innovation. Innovation bring competitiveness. Competitiveness brings excellence and meritocracy. Excellence and meritocracy ensure all Malaysians can continue to enjoy sustainable comfortable lifestyle. Do we want to risk this collective goal simply because there are some morons want to protect their own selfish and obsolete agenda ?

Truth, like a coin, always has two sides, both are always the right side depending on which side you predetermined. Which side are you in ? Freedom of expression is a basic human rights not privilege. I say, let's not be a righteously regressive moron, leave the bloggers alone.

May all sentient being be freed from the attachments of desires to control the freedom of others. Om Namo Amithaba Buddha

Friday, July 27, 2007

Market see liow ?

Chiak lat ! mun chiang hong (滿江紅). Market kaput liow, see liow lah....... Siow kai beh kor piow, khor lian tai, Buy high sell low, buy low sell even lower. Buy at even lower now ? But how low can you go ? masih ada esok bagi mu ?


It is indeed very pleasing and heartening to read the following news article from The Sun. After 50 years of nationhood, finally, there is a hope for a progressive and united Malaysia ready to be a model nation of multi-culturals, multi-racials, and multi-religions to the world. Malaysia always has her strength in diversities and it is now up to all Malaysians to discard their individual racial biases, intolerances, and ignorances to positively harvest these diversities to develop our unique competency to secure a leadership role in this increasingly competitive world. And, Malaysia Bolih !

Oh, Malaysia, this blessed land, I stand proud to to sing Negaraku......

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta
Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta
Tuhan kurniakan Raja Kita selamat bertakhta.

Exit racial politics
The Sun, Malaysia

Wed, 25 Jul 2007

So politicians will soon have a code of ethics to stop them from using racial issues for political mileage. That, at least, is what the Parliamentary Select Committee on National Unity and National Service has set about to do. Anyone who has been following the theatrics of race-based politics in the country would welcome sound rules that could curb eager beaver politicos bent on gaining popularity by posing as the champions of communal rights. However, such optimism would tend to be tempered by caution because of the practical obstacles that stand in the way of ensuring that the code is effective in reality.
Such a code undoubtedly has value in setting parameters for public conduct, so that politicians can be held accountable against its standards when their actions or words are clearly ethnically biased. However, difficulties are bound to arise over the interpretation of policies and programmes, because the line between positive discrimination and racial bias is sometimes unclear. Therefore, it would be vastly more effective if the public at large were to transcend the notion that their communal interests need to be guarded against eroding influences, but instead embrace the idea that a multi-ethnic environment will ultimately strengthen our society and should be celebrated at every opportunity and in all spheres of life. If we can accept this idea of a multicultural identity as the essence of our Malaysian existence, it will be a matter of time before the people grow out of the race-based politics that has defined our national life so far. When that day comes, we will no longer be enamoured by the ethnic flavour of today's political discourse, but will measure our achievements by their relevance to all 25 million people who call this country home. Many examples of such a cosmopolitan outlook have been part of our history as a nation, and these are cited time and again to show that Malaysians can look beyond race when the situation demands it. These circumstances include the humanitarian spirit shown towards neighbours and strangers in times of natural disasters or other tragedies, the communal sharing of resources at weddings or other social events, and the still hallowed practice of holding "open house" during the major festivals. Indeed, families that count a mixture of races in their fold would be living this reality in their daily lives at the micro level. There is really no reason why the same broad-mindedness cannot flourish in the community life of the nation, with or without help from the politicians.

Another good man is murdered........

Bae Hyeong-gyu, 42, is the leader of a group of 23 Korean volunteers doing charitable and humanity works in Afghanistan. On, July 20th 2007, while travelling on a bus along the main road south of Kabul, they were kidnapped and held hostage by a group of insurgents.

On July 25th 2007, Bae's was murdered and his bullet riddened body was found in Ghazni. There are still 22 Koreans, 18 women and 4 men, being held hostage by the insurgents. The insurgents had set demands to the Afghanistan government, and threatened to kill all the remaining hostages if their demand are not met.

Read HERE, HERE, and HERE for latest news.

What had this world became ? Killing kind hearted volunteers to seek publicities and ransoms ? It is very sad indeed that this world is increasingly being infested with demented minds who glorifies death and brutality to justify their own agenda.
I pray to God that he will somehow soften the hearts of these insurgents to release the remaining 22 Koreans unharmed and unconditionally. May the insurgents see the light to cherish the sacredness of life and not resort to murdering and abusing defenseless and kind hearted innocent people.

Bae has died in aid of a cause. He sacrificed comfortable life to do humanity work to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged people of Afghanistan. But he was murdered by ruthless people to prevent him from doing the good work. He died as a martyr of humanity. I do hope the Korean government and the United Nations can accord him posthumously as a national hero and model citizen of the world.

Mr Bae, you are a true martyr and a righteous son of God. We salute you for your bravery and your noble heart that are filled with kindness for humanity. May God bless your soul and may you attained eternal life in the paradise of God.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beauties annd the Monk

Miss Tourism Queen International 2007

Over 100 beauty ambassadors will travel to exciting China, where they will spread the word about their countries, territories or islands' tourist attractions and enchanted corners! The event will span from 7th July to 2nd Aug 2007 Zheng Zhou, China. Click HERE for more information.

Picture : Contestants of the 2007 Miss Tourism Queen International paying respect to a Chinese monk during a visit to the Baima Temple in Luoyang, Henan Province, China.

Yahoo... It's God

Beware, God is now technologically savvy. He is now capable of using Yahoo Messenger to talk to lost souls like you and me. Did I just Yahoo with God ?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And so it seemed...

I was born into a Taoist family but officially registered as a Buddhist at Birth. As far as I am concern, Taoism is an established religion and Buddhism is a great philosophy of life, I have no issues with these combination of religiosity. Both religions are compatible and complementary to each other. Probably due to these embracing religious upbringings, at the later stage of my life, I have no problem accepting and respecting other religions. To me, a religion is basically a man made political affinity of groupings of people trying to demonstrate their hallucinated virtual reality of being "closer" to God. As far as I am concern, there is no right religion or wrong religion. However, I still think mankind would be much better without religions. I am a God fearing person but not a religion fearing person. So, if a person come to me to say that I am following a wrong religion, his religion is the right religion, his religion is better than other religions, or whatever. I would like to think of that person as an ignorant moron incapable of rationalizations. What religion a person profess does not affect his "status" with God. As fas as I am concern, I don't think God cares what religion a person is affiliated with.

As a God fearing person, I do try my very best to live an ethical and moral life. I am what I am today is due to the very basic fact that I do not subscribe to extremism and rigidity of any religion. I live a secular life respectful of the almighty, and walk my practical path to uncover my destined purpose of life. As and when it is practical, I will visit places of worships to pay my respect, to confess, and to seek forgiveness from the Almighty. Other than that, as and when the need arise, I shall reclused myself in a comfortable corner of my house to whisper my prayers and seeking spiritual guidances with sincerity from the bottom of my hearts.

I do not need to be seen in places of worships to be religious. My heart is my temple, I know, the almighty shall guide me, the path I walk shall lead me to my purpose of life and my destiny. So, as long as I believe in God, there is really nothing wrong for not going to places of worships to conduct prayers.

I know, I am a soft spoken person, but I am also a fiercely independent person. I do not welcome obstacles and problems of life, but when they come knocking at my door, I will confront them head on with even greater determinations and calculated maneuvers to overcome these setbacks and move on. When I move on, I will also never forget the lessons learned. I sincerely thank the Almighty for blessing me the mental strengths and physical stamina to embrace the challenges of life.

Being a God fearing person does not gave one the rights to judge and intrude into other people's lifestyle. What is morally and ethically wrong in my eyes may not be so in the eyes of the others, and vice versa. Some live a life with strict conformity to their religious codes. That is their way of life and their rights. Some choose to live a carefree life,. That is also their prerogatives and rights. As long as they keep their lifestyles and beliefs to themselves, I have no problem accepting them as what they are. But, occasionally, I do find it very annoying, when moronic idiots trying to manifest the supremacy of their beliefs and lifestyles without due considerations to others, and deliberately intruding the rights of others. In other words, all of us have our own code of conducts, our own belief, and our own values. How we want to live our life, sinful or otherwise, are none of other people business. With so many religions messing up humanity, morality and ethics are no longer normative and value judgement, but merely a perception. If I don't mind, why should you matter ? So, please keep your religion out of it.

Am I a newage person ? Om Namo Amithaba Buddha. Does that answer you ? Whatever, Good NiteZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

It rains, therefore it leaks......

In other words, he is saying that, because it rains, therefore, it leaks ! It is as simple as that. Well, it sounds logical to me. What is the issue ? Why are all you ignorant Malaysians still complaining here and there about our leaky parliament building ? Can't you people see, this is THE act of NATURE ?

Asking for more millions $$$ to water proofing the building ? Come on, give us a break ! What for ? A few leaky problems here and there are not going to make life any more difficult for the politicians. At least they still have a leaky roof over their heads. Why not spend the money to build more community halls and facilities that REALLY benefit the poor Malaysians ?

What say you brother ?

Sleeping with explosives ?

A couple is pictured wrapping powerful mining explosives into rolls in a shabby room at a quarry in Jiaxing district, Wuhan, Hubei. No safety precautions and procedures are implemented in this dangeorus job. And the worst part is, the baby is left sleeping within close proximity of the dangerous work area.

What if there is an accident that trigger spontaneous combustion of the explosives ? I do hope the Chinese authority can clamp down on these irresponsible mining operations. It is not acceptable at all to produce cheap goods to flood the market at the expense of risking human lives. Please play fair, and be responsible to the poor and under priviledges.

Source : ChinaView

It's a dog life ?

A retired professor, Lin, spend 100,680 yuan (USD 14K) to enggage a funeral home in Chengdu, China, on lavish funeral services for his dead pet dog. The dog was a stray dog adopted by him three months ago when he relocated from Dalian to Chengdu. According to him, his pet dog is a symphathetic and loyal friend. Giving a lavish funeral services to the dead dog is to express his grief over the passing of his dog.

Read HERE for futher details.

Well, what can I say, the Chinese are getting increasingly very wealthy nowaday with its super charged economy. But, was it neccessary to spend such amount of money on a dead pet ?

Dear doggie, rest in peace. May the dogmighty bless your "soul" and guide you to dogvana. Namo Amithaba Buddha.....

Monday, July 23, 2007

There is Honour in Killing ?

It is quite disturbing to read in the Associated Press that, three sisters were stabbed to death and buried in a shallow grave in Gaza. The three sisters, Nahed Hija (16), Suha (19), and Lina (22) were murdered by relatives in the name of "Honour Killing", because the sisters were suspected of involving in immoral behavior.

On July 20th 2007, The Daily Mail of London reported that, Banaz Mahmod, was rape, tortured, and murdered in South London by her father, uncle, the hired murderer, Mohamad Hama, and two other murderers who are still at large. Banaz's body was packed into a suitcase and buried in a garden in Birmingham,. She was murdered in the fashion of "Honour Killings" because she walked out from an unhappy arranged marriage.

On May 26th 2007, The Daily Times of Pakistan reported that, a young couple were murdered, packed in box, and throw at a road side in Johar town. The murdered victims are identifies as Umar (29) and Jannat (25). The couple were murdered by the woman's brother in "Honour Killing".

I guess there have been too many news headlines of honour crimes with title such as “Father killed daughter over honour”, “Divorced mother killed by brother to protect family honour”, “Brother killed sister in honour killing”, “Brother killed sister and her boyfriend for family honour", etc., etc., etc.... The sad fact is, barbaric as it may seemed, most of these killings are still being carried out in our modern world, and some cultures still encourage and glorify these barbaric crimes.

I still don't quite comprehend, what is so honourable in murdering defenseless woman ? I am not trying to be insensitive to any culture or religion, but this is the 21st century, not the 7th century, we are all civilized people now. Why are there still so many savages encouraging and practising barbaric acts against the weak and defenseless human being ? Killing in the name of defending their family and cultural honours ? I just don't see what honours do these savages and criminals have. What values are their cultures trying to preach to the world - It is okay to murder family members because one felt shamed or offended by the victims' actions ? Being offended or shamed entitled one the moral rights to commit cold blooded murders ?

Love without third party consent is wrong but cold blooded murder is culturally and morally right ? What sickening and rotten cultures are these ? A culture that glorifies death ? Well, It is beyond me to understand how vermin minds work. Am I being insensitive and offensive by being critical of these perverts' misguided cultural values in honour killings ? Would all these oxymoronic perverts practise what they preached in their religion of love ? that is, putting a stop to all these sickening sexisms and violences ! Please, please, please glorifies life, not death !

God said there is honour in killing ? This oxymoron is confused. I rolled my eyes... I am speechless.......

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday's reflections.....

Sunday is usually a day I look forward to. After all, Sunday is a day of rest, and a day to contemplate the week that was and a day to look forward to the week that will. As usual, I do enjoy my cup of hot local black coffee and toasted bread. The wavering aroma from the black coffee usually keep me enlightened to my senses of being.

An evening before, I attended a gathering of old classmates from my childhood days. I am glad to note that all of them are still healthy and coping with life well. The sounds and sights of children's jovial playing is a bonus sensations to me. I thank the almighty for the privileges and luxuries to be able to indulge in this occasional gatherings and private reunions. I do hope all of us can continue to enjoy good health to afford more future gatherings of old friends. At my age, sometimes, I do felt at a lost and overcame with sadness, when news of friends from my childhood days crossing over to Almighty's paradise. As a Buddhist, I accept that the secret of good health is not to mourn the past that had happened or to worry about the future that had yet to be unfold. We simply need to appreciate the present, and live life to fullest wisely, ethically, and honestly.

Looking back, I did had my fair share of difficult years, but hose difficult years are probably are destined path that enriched our life with experiences. Good or bad, those experiences that embraced us basically made our lives more meaningful. For example, I did have my fair share of betrayals and letdowns, but out of these negative endevours, I built my emotional stability of not letting resentment against others became part of my daily life, in doing so, I learned to forgive and forget and move on with life. I also learned to concealed my hurt feelings and sadness in order not to show my weaknesses to others. In other word, I learned to accept others for what they are, and I also learned to be generous in forgiveness and not to indulge in resentments to live an even more meaningful life of happiness and contentment.

It is counter productive to engage in the vicious cycle of resentments and retaliations, at the end of it, nobody walks out winning. Why should I waste my time worrying or responding to ill intent, ungrateful, or people with no remorse. I am what I am today, surviving against all odds, simply because, I direct all my energies and resources to ensure my success, well beings, and happiness of my family. Of course, I am not denying the fact that, there are always sicked people with ill intents trying their level best lurking around in the dark corner of their mind trying to sabotage and make life life difficult for you. But why worry about these negative people ? At the end of the day, we decide our own fates and successes. I am not a pervert but I am still a strong believer of duality of nature of life. Life would be very boring if this world only consist of good people, in all our righteousness, we can not deny the universal fact that we still need bad people to fill the vacant spaces in hell and to make us look good. Be thankful to these negative people, because they did made our life stronger and more meaningful.

Come to think of it, if this world does not have any bad people, we probably don't need any religion to preach their man made words of God to us, all the lawyers will be begging on the streets, all law enforcement personnel will be out of jobs, and maybe a lot of people will be queuing at the unemployment line.....

But whatever it is, good people enjoy good night sleep and wake up refresh the next day. Bad people are kept awake through out the night consumed by hatreds and dizzying their minds with ill intents. For that, I am going to sleep. Good NitezZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Noodles have been a staple food in many parts of the world for thousands of years. The Arabs of the Middle East claimed that they are the first to make Noodles, so is the Italians. Well, they are all dead wrong ! Believe it or not, the Chinese were the first to make noodles in the world.

The earliest example of noodles, dated 4000 years old, were unearthed by Chinese scientists in Lanjia and reported in the the weekly science journal Nature, Volume #437 in October 2005. The Long thin yellow noodles were beautifully preserved inside an overturned sealed bowl in the archaelogical site at Lanjia, nothwesten China. The bowl was buried approximately 10 feet underground. This discovery is the earliest evidence of noodles ever found. So, no insensitivity intended, Ma Ma Mia, the mother of all noodles is originated from the Chinese.

When you drink the water, please be thankful to its origin. So, the next time you enjoy your spaghetti, pasta, laksa, curry mee, mee goreng, mee rebus, hokkien mee, etc., please whisper a sincere heartfelt thank you to the Chinese.......

The thing they called Credit Card.............

With the scary stories of snatch thieves, robberies, etc happening in Malaysia, I had been diligently modifying my consumerist behaviors by carrying less cash, and rely more on credit cards. With the modern embedded security features, I would like to assume that it is safe to rely more on the plastic cards than cash. After all, if my cards are misplaced, stolen, or lost, I can just call the service centre and have it cancel immediately. Nowadays, I had habitually carrying not more than RM 50 in my pocket. I don't even bother to carry a wallet anymore but just a cards holder. If I am in an unfortunate situation of being picked pocket, robbed, or snatched, the maximum financial damage is RM 50, so, no issues and no dramas.

My little cards holder contain credit cards, ATM cards, driving License and MyKad. These plastic cards are all in uniform size, so it is quite handy and convenient to load all of them in a single card holder. It is like having RM 75K at my disposal in a small cards holder with minimum risks. So, really, this sinful western capitalist cards are quite handy to all oxymorons like me. As convenient as it may sounds, sad to note that not all places accept credit cards. Sometimes, I do wish I can also use credit card to pay for my favorite Indian roti canai and teh tarik, toasted breads and coffee in the Chinese coffee shop, and fresh vegetables, fish, and meat in the wet market and sundries shop. Why are all these places still not accepting credit card as a legal tender form of payment ?

Spend whatever you can on credit, but please make sure you are not delinquent or default in making payments. Otherwise, you can bet on your sweet ass that the bank appointed debt collectors will try all the ingenuities to collect the outstanding debts from you. So far, I do not have any credit card debts problem yet, simply because, financially I am a very disciplined person. I buy what I need, I pay whatever is due on time, every time.

I do wonder sometimes that, if I ever end up in the unfortunate situation of not being able to pay on time or defaulting payments, should I subject myself to unnecessary duress or stress worrying about the so called problem. After all, the money belongs to the bank, the bank should be the party to worry about recovering the debts. So, why should I worry about the bank's or credit card company's problems ?

So, inability to pay on time or defaulting payment is, really should not be a problem to credit card holders ? There are always impulsive spenders who just spend, spend, and spend and without having the needs to worry too much about making payments. If their credit ratings records are bad in CTOS database, and the banks use those information against them later, they can always sue CTOS for disreputing their credit worthiness. Legally, there is nothing immoral or sinful about it, this is Malaysia, you know..... We may not be respected for our lack of respect for human rights, but, Malaysians do know how to defend their credit rights very well. Crying babies always get the milk.......

I still find it amusing that, there are actually lots of oxymorons who blamed the credit cards except themselves for their financial woes. You know, if you give a bunch of nice flowers to a chimpanzee, you will probably end up having the chimpanzee peeling the petals or trying to swallow the flowers. So, if you give a financially irresponsible person a credit card, he or she will probably end up spending impulsively on credit without due regards to his financial inabilities.

Credit card is a good financial tool to help us make our lives easier with the ability to conduct cashless transactions. But, with the way things are, there are always parasitic people out there trying their level best to make lives creditless and cashless. At the end of the day, do we blame the credit cards and the issuing banks, and embrace these idiots with ample sympathies and empathies because they are so "unlucky" to be burdened with their new found financial woes ?

Pity and help these irresponsible financial morons at the expense of others ? I say, let us put them into bankruptcies and flush them out from our financial system. Perhaps, our financial system will be healthier for the benefits of all, if all of us can show less perverted leniencies to all these irresponsible moronic and parasitic grievance seekers. Why should we make life easier for them when they show no considerations to responsibilities and accountabilities ?

General Elections is coming around the corner. Any politically bankrupt politicians out there to champion the rights of these financially irresponsible people ? After all, these people are financially incapable and are not aware of their financial responsibilities ! Come on, Mr Politicians that care, let stand up and be counted for your perverted social justices and rights. Perhaps, maybe these politicians can also win a lot of extra votes to sustain their political survivals for another term...........

Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Guinness world record for clapping hands ?

"...Well, if you're happy and you know it
clap your hands

If you're happy and you know it
clap your hands

If you're happy and you know it
Then you really ought to show it

If you're happy and you know it
clap your hands...."

Well, some people can really clap their hand. Not just any ordinary clap, but clap that produces sounds of thunder......

Amazing !!!! Zhang Quan, a 70 years old senior citizen of Chongqing City, China, has the extra ordinary ability of clapping hands that produce deafening sound measuring 107 decibels - as loud as the roaring noises generated by a helicopter. Technically, if he clapped his hands to ofen, he could face arrest for noise pollution by the environment protection bureau. He hope to enter into Guinness World's record. Source & picture from Annanova.

On a serious note, daily ritual of clapping hands for s short duration is good for health. It improve the blood circulations and relief stress and tension ! Try it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

World's longest tongue

I am always fascinated with the extremities of the world. For example, I know, the world shortest man is He Ping Ping of Mongolia. The world tallest man is Xi Shun, also from Mongolia. The world tallest woman is Yao Defen. The list goes on and on.....

Now, who has the longest tongue is the world. According to Guinness World Records, the honours goes to Stephen Taylor of Italy with a measurement of 9.5CM. For the female category, Annika Irmler from Germany holds the record with her tongue measuring at 7CM long.

I do wonder, what is the purpose and advantages of having a long tongue ? wink... wink...

A circular state, condoms, and don't trust your man.....

Recently, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia insisted that Malaysia is an Islamic State, not a secular state. The sentiment attracted various reactions. The Bar council president clarified that Malaysia is a secular state, a legal expert said that Malaysia is neither a Secular nor an Islamic state, MCA's Vice President says that Malaysia is an Islamic Country and not an Islamic State, etc. etc. Pi mai pi mai tang tu ! We are a middle path country that is neither here nor there (it does sounds like a Buddhist philosophy). Evan Almighty, all these while, we are indeed a "Circular State" of insanity ? Well, whatever, who cares about the politicians' executive priviledge of incompetent interpretations ?

General Elections is coming round the corner. Politicians, being politicians, tend to say whatever that is neccessary to be racial champions to fish for more votes to perpetuate their stay in power. May be, to put a stop to all these pre-elections nonsenses, the Prime Minister of Malaysia should forward our sacred document of constitution to a panel of constitution experts appointed by United Nations to provide a non biased interpretation to all Malaysians. There is no points for everybody to beat their chests like monkey reacting to has-beens trying to show their alpha arrogances and political decadences.

I sincerely hope, all politicians will not resort to bring up religious and racial issues from now till General Elections times to seek publicities and popularities. Let's hope these wannabe politicians have the cow senses, responsibilities, and patriotisms to not instigate angers and perpetuate ignorances through racial politics. My observation is, Malaysians of all racial origins have no problem working together and standing united. It is the politically bankrupt and narrow minded politicians that are causing problems to national unity. Just my sincere and frank observations, not offends intended.

So much about Malaysia's politics. let the politicians fart whatever and whenever they want. I believe, most Malaysians had already made up their minds on who to vote for come elections time. So, out of Malaysian courteousy and begged respect, perhaps, we should let those politicians whose political shelf life are nearing expiry date to talk through their rear orifices as much as they want. Let them have their own general erections while the times are slowly running out on them.

Malaysian politics is so predictable and is getting a bit too boring. Let us take a look at the land of Karma Sutra, India. According to Renuka Chowdhury, India's Women and Child Development Minister, "Indian men can not be trusted in their sexual behavior and are the causes of the country's HIV epidemic". Insinuated by her, the HIV problems arise because Indian men are too embarrassed to ask for condoms, and Indian women have little power to negotiate safe sex with their husbands. Maybe, Renuka Chowdhury, as a Minister, should parade in public the condoms used by her husband to encourage other Indian men to always have a pack of rubbers in their pockets.

Not long ago, I did read an article, saying that standard size condoms are too big for small Indian's penises. Perhaps, that could be the sole reason why Indian men are reluctant to use condom during sexual intercourse. To say "Indian men can not be trusted" is, I think a bit too feministly insensitive to male ego.

Quite encouragingly, India has launched a $ 3 billion 5 years plan to fight AIDS with strong focus on the promotion of condom usages from 2 billion condoms to 3.5 billion condoms by year 2012. I hope the Indian government do not end up buying oversized condoms, otherwise, it would a case of 3.5 billion condoms ending up in all the wrong places.

Forget about whether we are a Secular or Circular State, let's not waste our breaths arguing about our state of being or not being. The bread and butter question here is, can I get a grant from the government of Malaysia to built a factory to produce Indian size condoms ? I think with our abundance supply of natural rubber, there is a huge market potential for good natural rubber condoms. The second question is, is it against God's teaching to produce Condoms ?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Guan Yu

Guan Yu (關羽)
{Narrative from Wikipedia}

Buddhist Name
Sangharama Bodhisattva; Qíelán Púsà (伽藍菩薩)
Deity names
Guān Shèng Dì Jūn ( 關聖帝君 )
Other names
Guān Gōng (關公); Guān èr Yé (關二爺); Měi Rán Gōng (美髯公); Guān Dì (關帝)

Guan Yu (關羽) (160-219) was born in the county of Xie (解, a subdistrict of present day Yuncheng, Shanxi). The year of his birth is not found in historical records, but according to a 1680 stele in a temple worshipping Guan Yu in his hometown, as well as a biography of Guan Yu written in 1756, Guan Yu's birth year is estimated to be 160.

Guan Yu was a Chinese military general under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. He played a significant role in the civil war that led to the collapse of the Han Dynasty and the establishment of Shu Han, of which Liu Bei was the first emperor.

One of the best known Chinese historical figures throughout East Asia, Guan Yu's true life stories have largely given way to semi-fictional ones, mostly found in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms or passed down the generations as folklore, in which his deeds and moral qualities have been much exaggerated.

Guan Yu had 3 sons: Guan Ping, Guan Suo and Guan Xing and a daughter, Guan Fengji. His sworn brothers were Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Guan Yu was also often flanked by two generals, Zhou Cang and Liao Hua, who were both former Yellow Turbans who came to join Shu.

Guan Yu has been deified as early as the Sui Dynasty and is still popularly worshipped today among the Chinese people variedly as an indigenous Chinese deity, a bodhisattva in Buddhism and a guardian deity in Taoism. He is also held in high esteem in Confucianism. These are not necessarily contradictory or even distinguished in these Chinese religious systems, which merge multiple ancient philosophies and religions.

In the West, Guan Yu is sometimes called the Taoist God of War, probably because he is one of the most well-known military generals in Chinese history. This is misconceived as, unlike Mars or Tyr, Guan Yu as a god does not necessarily bless those who go to battle but rather people who observe the code of brotherhood and righteousness.

Guan Yu is traditionally portrayed as a red-faced warrior with a long lush beard. While his beard was indeed mentioned in the Records of Three Kingdoms, the idea of his red face was probably borrowed from opera representation, where red faces depict loyalty and righteousness. Also according to folklore, Guan Yu's weapon was a guandao named Blue Dragon Crescent Blade, which resembled a halberd and was said to weigh 82 jin (41 kilograms using today's standards). A wooden replica can be found today in the Emperor Guan Temple in Xiezhou County, China. He traditionally dons a green robe over his body armour, as depicted in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

In general worship, Guan Yu is widely referred to as Emperor Guan (關帝), short for his Daoist title Saintly Emperor Guan (關聖帝君), and as Guan Gong, literally "Lord Guan." Temples and shrines dedicated exclusively to Guan Yu can be found in parts of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other places where Chinese congregate. Some of these temples, such as the Emperor Guan Temple in Xiezhou (解州), Shanxi, were built exactly in the layout of a palace, befitting his status as a "emperor".

The apotheosis of Guan Yu occurred in stages, as he was given ever larger posthumous titles. Liu Shan, the second emperor of the Kingdom of Shu, gave Guan Yu the posthumous title of Marquis Zhuangmou (壯繆侯) four decades after his death. During the Song Dynasty, Emperor Huizong bestowed upon Guan Yu the title of Duke Zhonghui (忠惠公), and later even the title of a prince. In 1187, during the reign of Emperor Xiaozong Guan Yu was established as Prince Zhuangmou Yiyong Wu'an Yingji (壯繆義勇武安英濟王). After Song was annihilated by Mongols, who established the Yuan Dynasty in China, Guan Yu was renamed Prince of Xianling Yiyong Wu'an Yingji (顯靈義勇武安英濟王) by Emperor Wenzong.

The escalation of Guan Yu's status to that of an emperor took place during the Ming Dynasty. In 1614, the Wanli Emperor bestowed on Guan Yu the title of Saintly Emperor Guan the Great God Who Subdues Demons of the Three Worlds and Whose Awe Spreads Far and Moves Heaven (三界伏魔大神威遠震天尊關聖帝君). During the Qing Dynasty, the Shunzhi Emperor gave Guan Yu the title of Zhongyi Shenwu Great Saintly Emperor Guan (忠義神武關聖大帝) in 1644. This title was expanded to Renyong Weixian Huguo Baomin Jingcheng Suijing Yizan Xuande Zhongyi Shenwu Great Saintly Emperor Guan (仁勇威顯護國保民精誠綏靖翊贊宣德忠義神武關聖大帝), a total of 24 characters, by mid-19th century.

Throughout history Guan Yu had also been credited with many military successes. During the Ming dynasty his spirit was said to have aided the founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang's fleet at the Battle of Lake Poyang. In 1402, Zhu Di launched a coup d'état and successfully deposed his nephew, the Jianwen Emperor. Zhu Di claimed that he had been blessed by the spirit of Guan Yu. During the last decade of the 16th century, Guan Yu was also credited with the repulse of Japanese invasion of Korea by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (called The Seven-Year War of Korea). The ruling Manchu house of the Qing dynasty also associated with Guan Yu's martial qualities. During the 20th century, Guan Yu was worshipped by the warlord Yuan Shikai, president and later a short-lived emperor of China.

Today Guan Yu is still widely worshipped by common folks. In Hong Kong, a shrine for Guan Yu is located in each police station. Though by no means mandatory, most Chinese policemen worship and pay respect to him. Seemingly ironic, members of the Triad gangs and the Hung clan worship Guan Yu as well. This exemplifies the Chinese belief that a code of honor, epitomized by Guan Yu, exists even in the underworld. In Hong Kong, Guan Yu is often referred to as "Yi Gor" (二哥, Cantonese for second big brother) for he was second to Liu Bei in their legendary sworn brotherhood. Guan Yu is also worshipped by Chinese businessmen in Shanxi Province, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia as an alternative God of Wealth, since he is perceived to bless the upright and protect them from the crooked. Another reason being related to the release of Cao Cao during the Huarong Pass incident where he let Cao Cao and his general passed through safely. As for that, he was perceived to be able to give a lifeline to those that needed it.

Among the Cantonese Chinese who emigrated to California during the mid-19th century, worship of Guan Yu was an important element. Statues and tapestry images of the god can be found in a number of historical California joss houses (a local term for Taoist temples), where his name may be given with various Anglicized spellings, including Kwan Dai, Kwan Tai, Kuan Ti, Kuan Kung, Wu Ti, Mo Dai, Guan Di, Kuan Yu, Kwan Yu, or Quan Yu. The Mendocino Joss House, a historical landmark also known as Mo Dai Miu, The Military God-King's Temple, or Temple of Kwan Tai, built in 1852, is a typical example of the small shrines erected to Guan Yu in America.

Worship in Taoism

Guan Yu is revered as Saintly Emperor Guan (Simplified Chinese: 关圣帝君; Traditional Chinese: 關聖帝君; Pinyin: Gūanshèngdìjūn) and a leading subduer of demons in Taoism. Taoist worship of Guan Yu began during the Song Dynasty. Legend has it that during the second decade of the 12th century, the saltwater lake in the present day Xiezhou County (解州鎮) gradually ceased to yield salt. Emperor Huizong then summoned Celestial Master Zhang Jixian (張繼先), thirtieth descendant of Celestial Master Zhang Daoling, to investigate the cause. The emperor was told that the disruption was the work of Chi You, a deity of war. The Master then recruited the help of Guan Yu, who did battle with Chi You over the lake and triumphed, whereupon the lake resumed salt production. Emperor Huizong then bestowed upon Guan Yu the title of Immortal of Chongning (崇寧真君), formally introducing the latter as a deity into Taoism.

In early Ming Dynasty, the forty-second Celestial Master Zhang Zhengchang (張正常) recorded the incident in his book Lineage of the Han Celestial Masters (漢天師世家), the first Taoist classic to affirm the legend. Today Taoism practices are predominant in Guan Yu worship. Many temples dedicated to Guan Yu, including the Emperor Guan Temple in Xiezhou County, show heavy Taoist influence. Every year, on the twenty fourth day of the sixth month on the lunar calendar (legendary birthday of Guan Yu, Emperor Guan was actually born on the twenty second day of the sixth month of the year 160), a street parade in the honor of Emperor Guan would also be held.

Worship in Buddhism

In Chinese Buddhism, Guan Yu is honored as a bodhisattva and protector of the Dharma. He is called Sangharama Bodhisattva (Simplified Chinese: 伽蓝菩萨; Traditional Chinese: 伽藍菩薩,; Pinyin: Qíelán Púsà). Sangharama in Sanskrit means 'community garden' (sangha, community + arama, garden) and thus 'monastery'. Guan Yu is the guardian of the temple and the garden in which it stands. His statue is usually located on the far left of the main shrine, opposite his counterpart, Skanda Bodhisattva.

According to the Buddhist account, in 592, Guan Yu manifested himself one night before the Tripitaka Master Zhiyi, founder of the Tientai school of Buddhism, with a retinue of spiritual beings. Zhiyi was then in deep meditation on Yuquan Hill (玉泉山) when he was distracted by Guan Yu's presence. After receiving Buddhist teachings from the master, Guan Yu acquired the Five Precepts. Henceforth he became the guardian of temples and the Dharma. Legends also claim that Guan Yu assisted Zhiyi in the construction of the Yuquan Temple (玉泉寺), which still stands today.

In the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Luo Guanzhong wrote that Guan Yu manifested himself to a monk named Pujing (普淨) on Yuquan Hill on the night of his death. From Pujing Guan Yu sought the Buddhist teachings and entered the faith. While this being a modification of the "true" account, Pujing did exist in history. The location at which Pujing built a grass hut for himself was where the Yuquan Temple was later built on.

Now, here come the commercial part, I have all the six copies of LIMITED EDITION of Guan Yu for sales. Each is approximately 8 feet by 4 feet, and weights approximately 40Kg. My asking price is RM 28K (USD 8,500) per piece. Send me a private comment if you are intrested to buy. See the following pictures.

It's a dog Life....

Taiping Lake Garden

Taiping Lake Garden covers an area of approximately 64 hectares of rehabilitated ex tin mining land. It has been operational since 1880. Today, the lake garden is the oldest park in Malaysia and one of the most beautiful lake garden in the world.

Taiping Lake Garden is the self proclaimed spiritual home of the Dalai Baru. So, visit Taiping today, who knows, you maybe lucky enough to catch this grumpy and sarcastic Dalai Baru with his notebook squatting at the lake side searching for inspirations........

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guinness world record for rope skipping....

On July 12th 2007, 3009 Chinese, with age ranging from 5 to 68, set a new Guinness record for rope skipping in Changsa, Hunan Province. The participants skipped simultaneously for 3 minutes to break the previous record of 2472 people set by Hong Kong citizen in 2005.

Guinness officials were at the site to record and acknowledged the new record. The 3009 ropes used in the record breaking event will be distributed to rural schools in Hunan to promote the Olympic motto of "Faster, Higher, Stronger". China will be hosting the Olympic games in 2008.

Hmm... come to think of it, we Malaysians can easily break this new record. All we have to do is to empower the city police to round-up all the Mat Rempits, herd them into Bukit Jalil Stadium, give them some ropes, and make them skip non stop for 30 minutes. By doing this, at least we can make the Mat Rempits bring some cheers and pride to Malaysia, rather than having them hell-riding dangerously and menancingly in cub-chai on the roads. Well, what can I say, some of these morons think that their grandfathers owned the roads...... Yah, Malaysia Bolih !!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ban Evan Almighty ?

I read with real amusement that, there are actually Malaysians out there calling the government to ban the movie "Evan Almighty" because they claimed that the movie "hurt their sensitivities", "contrary to their religious teachings", "insulting to their religions", and "against their religions". Kanlinlowhiah, kow-pek kow-boo..... These people really got nothing better to do then to instigate emotions against a comedy movie ? Wow, some mothers do have them, and YES, they do walk among us...........

Oh My God, Evan Almighty, these fartings are getting to be more smelly, louder, and unbearable to the emotional well being of humanity.

Honestly, I think enough is enough ! The government must take step to educate these Malaysians to be a little bit less regressive and a little bit more open minded to respect other people rights to freedom of expressions. There must be a total stop to all these grievance seeking in the name of religion. What is wrong to have a comedy or humorous movie as a form of entertainment for the masses ? I am cock sure that the particular movie was not intended to insult or humiliate any religions. Of course, there are always people with misplaced sensitivity seeking to generate publicities to glorify and justify their misguided intolerances. Why can't these people be a little bit more progressive to occupy their times in innovation and excellence, rather than forever under the siege mentality of seeking out shadow enemies to defend their cultural's honours and religion's sensitivities.

Let us look at thing on a more practical side. No movie producer in his right mind would want to intentionally produce a movie that offend the sensitivities of any religion. It does not made any commercial sense for a producer to produce such a movie. So, can't these perpetual grievance seekers have the basic intelligent to take the movie as it is ? that is, a comedy. In addition, all movies are reviewed by the Film Censorship Board with appropriate classification prior to release for screening. If we felt that a particular movie is not suitable to our religious teaching, offensive, or insensitive to our religion, then by all mean we should avoid seeing the movie. As much as we disagreed with the content of the movie, we should always have the decency and self respect to respect other people artistic and freedom of expressions. If you silence or ban a movie simply because you don't like or is capable to appreciate the content, then what does that made you ? An intellectual ? A righteous person ? A religious person ? A Moron ?

Of late, some of us are getting arrogantly naive to perpetually seeking grievances using the name of religion to parade our ingrained narrow mindedness. Sadly, some of these morons seemed to be very proud of parading their pea brains between their legs to seek attention. I just wish these clowns can have the sensitivity to stop all these unjustified and uncalled for behaviors once and for all. Come on, stop being so selfish, as much as we want others to respect our sensitivity, perhaps, we should be sensitive to others first. I am sick and tired of all these unnecessary emotional outbursts and insensitivities.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.... Om Mani Pedme Hum.

Amazing human spirit.......

It is trully amazing how human spirit can be ! Peng Shulin lost the lower half of his body in an accident but miraculously survived. But he was left legless with only the upper part of the body. For several years, he was bedridden.
He has little hope of ever be able to lead a normal life again. But he fought back by exercising to built up strength to carry out daily chores such as washing face and brushing his teeth. Doctors in China Rehabilitation Research Centre devised a specially fitted bionic legs for him. He astounded doctors in the centre by learning to walk again.

To read further, click HERE

Mr Peng, you are a brave, inspiring, and remarkable man. I salute you for your grits and determinations to overcome life's adversaries. I sincerely pray for your happiness and hope that you can continue to get the support needed to face life's future uncertainties.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha....

Hollywood's Sexiest Celebrities

Based on a recent survey conducted by E-Poll Market Research on people in the US of A, The followings are Hollywood's sexiest celebrities. Believe it or not, most of the sexiest are in the vicinity of 40 or over 40 ! The sweet young things of twenty somethings are on the declined, the trend is now on Older is more Beautiful ? Here goes the top 15 of Hollywood's sexiest celebrities :

  1. Salma Hayek, 40, is Hollywood's sexiest celebrity.
  2. Jessica Alba, 26, tie at 2nd place
  3. Carmen Electra, 35, tie at 2nd place
  4. Shakira, 30, is ranked 4th
  5. Beyonce Knowles, 25, tie at 5th place
  6. Halle Berry, 40, tie at 5th place
  7. Eva Longoria, 32, tie at 5th place
  8. Catherine Zeta-Jones, 37, is ranked 8th
  9. Jessica Biel, 25, tie at 9th place
  10. Elizabeth Hurley, 42, tie at 9th place
  11. Raquel Welch, 66, tie at 9th place
  12. Jennifer Lopez, 37, tie at 12th place
  13. Alyssa Milano, 34, tie at 12th place
  14. Pamela Anderson, 40, tie at 14th place
  15. Angelina Jolie, 32, tie at 14th place

I can not believe it, at 66 years of age, Raquel Welch is also rated the sexiest by the American ! Well, Americans are running out of fresh sirens to showcase to the world ? How about also including Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett in the list ? No ?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

False hope by God ?

It is amazing how human mind's work ! Well, whether we like it or not, in this world, there are bound to be a lot of intentionally deluded sickos trying all sorts of justifications to avoid responsibilities for their ill meaning actions.

I found it amusing to read a news article regarding a 40 years old Romanian man by the name of Pavel Mircea filing a lawsuit in the town of Timisoara against God. Pavel Mircea was sentence to serve 20 years in prison for committing murder. He sued God for not answering his prayers and breach of contract in protecting him from evil and turning over him to Satan who encourage him to kill.

Mircea listed "God, resident in heaven, represented in Romania by the Orthodox church" as the defendant in his law suit. He claimed that God has accepted his prayers and offerings without providing any services in return. He also alleged that God's dereliction include fraud, breach of trust, abuse of position of authority, and misappropriation of goods.

Read Further at WorldNetDaily.com

In the past, I find it amusing to read about deluded criminals and sickos carrying out misdeeds in the name of their God. I also find it annoying to read about grievance seekers blaming everybody except themselves for their ill intentions. Blaming God for your own stupidities and criminalities ? I think this is a bit too ridiculous. Maybe he should also sue his parents for providing wrong education. Why not also sue his siblings for not doing more or doing to little to satisfy his perverted delusions of perpetually blaming others ? Well, I guess sickos are all the same no matter where they are from.

As a Buddhist, I do not believe in the existence of relationship between self and God. But I do believe in Karma and Vipakka, and I believe in living an ethical life. So my friends, believe in yourself, be good and do good. Stop blaming God or everybody else for your so called "misfortunes" or "misdeeds". Life would be more meaningful if all of us can have the moral obligations to be responsible for our own actions. Don't you think so ? By the way, the most sacred and holy place of worhsip is in your heart and mind. Going to beautiful places of worships and parading to be seen by many to be God fearing is not going to make you a better or spiritual person.

In God we trust ? I shake my head..... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha....

Friday, July 13, 2007


While I was having my coffee and doing some light readings, my mobile phone rang, a close friend of mine called to ask me "Have you heard the news ?". I felt uneasy with this sort of question. I anwered "What news ?". He replied "Jeannie passed away this evening at 8:00pm today......" From the tone of his voice, I felt his sadness.

I know, healthwise, she has not been feeling well. But, She was a fighter. It is with great sadness I learned the untimely passing away of a good friend. I was shocked by the sad news. Momentarily, I was lost for words. No words can describe my spontaneous grieving heart. I may not know her for a long time, but spiritually speaking, we do have certain affinity of special friendship. As a salmon already on a course of reverse journey, I have come to term and accept the reality of finite nature of life. But I am, and will always be traumatized to experience the pain of grief. Sometimes, we just simply doesn't know how special a person is until we lost them forever. We have lost a good friend.

My dear friend, may the kind angels accompany you in your final journey home. Rest in Peace. May God bless your soul.

Om Mani Pedme Hum