Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday night's prayer

Times and again,
I asked "to be or not to be ?"
You dictate to me to have faith,
to discard the complicated past,
to live the present,
to move forward,
and let not the future depress me.

When fear knock at my door,
you gave me the strength,
to open the door with faiths....

When the odd is against me,
you dictate to me to be cheerful,
to be patient when the situation doesn't warrant it,
to move forward when everything seemed to stand still,
to listen when the urge to express is strong,
to be agreeable when it is difficult to agree.

I submit to you,
that, life is always fair,
it treat everybody equally with abundances.

Thank you for the day that is done.
with sincerity and truthful heart,
I pray to you only and no others.

Secure for me
what I already not possessed,
preserve for me what I already possessed.
Grant me good health to enjoy my possessions.
Enlightenment me to receive your blessed energies.

May all of us
have a good night sleep tonight.
May tomorrow starts with bright sunshines and cheerful smiles.

Good Night.

World's Most Dangerous Leaders

According to Reader's Digest July 2007 edition, the following four mahjong kaki are the world most dangerous men :

  • Hugo Chávez, Venezuela
  • Kim Jong-il, North Korea
  • Bashar al-Assad, Syria
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran

Dangerous ? So, to all parents, don't let your daughters or little boys near these men. Well, what the hack, the taste of power attract the ignorance species. Anyway, I remembered, sometimes ago, Reader's Digest also published a survey stating that Malaysians are one of the RUDEST people in the world !

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Honour be thy name ?

A six week old baby girl from Perton, Wolverhampton, UK probably has the world's longest name ! Her boxing crazed mother, in keeping with her family's tradition, gave her 25 middle names ( all from the name of famous boxers ). The baby girl's full name is "Autumn Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jeffries Hart Burns Johnson Willard Dempsey Tunney Schmeling Sharkey Carnera Baer Braddock Louis Charles Walcott Marciano Patterson Johansson Liston Clay Frazier Foreman Brown".

The name is 184 characters long, long enough to crash out a lot of computer applications out there. The poor girl would probably going to need a lot of efforts to even remember her name. Unusual name indeed, But I guess it is still better than some Malaysian Chinese names such as Too Sai ( pig shit ) , Gong Cow ( stupid dog ), Kow Sai ( dog shit ) Too Kia ( piglet ), See Hang ( toilet bowl), Too koh ( pig stud ), etc... Somehow, the olden days Chinese seemed to believe that, if you gave your child a strange name, the evil spirits will leave them alone and let the child grow up peacefully and healthily. Make sense ? Well, some parents do have distinctly inappropriate sense of appropriateness. I shake my head...

No insult intended, my son named his pet dog "Bush". He love to give command such as "I say, Bush, Sit !", " Bush roll over !", "Bush, lick my foot !", etc. It is really fun and destressing to watch our "Bush" doing all these acrobatic acts to beg for foods !

By the way, I am thinking of getting one Bull Dog as additional pet. Just curious, is it an offense in Malaysia to name my pet dog after some politicians ?





Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello brother CUEPAC, it's my turn now......

While driving near the vicinity of Proton's factory in Shah Alam around 6:00PM today, I got stucked in a traffic jams caused by workers demonstrating along the main road. From the blue colour jackets, I assumed most of the picketers are Proton's employee. The picket was organized by the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC). From the placards waved by the "jovial" looking people, I presumed they are asking for the government to enforce minimum wage for the private sector employee. CUEPAC has successfully convinced the government to have upto 40% pay rise to all government servants, now it is the turn for MTUC to show its prowess ?

Never mind about causing inconvenient to other law abiding citizens. Somehow, these people do have a very funny sense of justifications, they seemed to think that if they can't get it on the negotiation table, it is their rights to have show of force with noisy fartings on the streets. I guess General Election is coming soon, it is NOW or Never for them to bulldoze through their demand at the expense of private businesses.

I do sincerely believe, no employers, in their right frame of minds, would want to underpay their employee vis-a-vis their profitability. Private businesses are not charitable organizations, they paid their employee according to their productivity and profitability. It is as simple as that. If MTUC, as a national labour union, keep instigating the private sectors employee to join the picket line for higher minimum wage, sooner or later, the private businesses will relocate elsewhere. Our economy is not as rosy as we euphorically painted. Please bear in mind that, we still have thousands of unemployed graduates and other less qualified Malaysians seriously looking for jobs. Maybe, MTUC should be a bit more responsible in refraining from making demands at inappropriate times that may scare away foreign investors and new businesses..

In the name of fairness and social responsibilities, perhaps, instead of keep asking for the raising of minimum wages, MTUC should be more productivity driven to justify their demands. Why not going on pickets to demand a Maximum Wage Limit for private sectors employee ? Why not outlining their commitment to ensure their members deliver maximum quality of works and measurable maximum productivity ?

Some one told me before that, out of 365 days a years, after deducting Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays, Annual Leaves, Sick Leaves, etc., Malaysians generally only work approximately 200 days a year. And out of the 200 days, we only work 8 hours a day or approximately 1,600 hours a year. That works out to be approximately 18% of a year ! And Sincerely, are we that productive to qualified for higher wages ? I challenged MTUC to start and operate their own business and pay its employee according to the salary demanded by them. Maybe, by involving itself in operating a business, MTUC will be in a better position to understand the free market philosophy of pricing wages. Let us be fair, indiscriminate raising of wages is not going to proportionately raise the standard of livings. But it may induced an inflationary pressure on prices of goods and services. At the end of the day, we may end up worst off having higher costs and lower standard of livings.

I know, general elections is coming. But let us not be so irresponsible and selfish in our demands. If you felt that you are underpaid, please resign and let other unemployed Malaysians the opportunity to contribute to the economic growth of Malaysia.

Monday, June 25, 2007

FAQ - God and Religions

I was approached by a very religious person today, he talked to me about human beings being sinners, and persuading me to embrace his religion. Based on that conversations, he impressed upon me that God will forgive sinners who accepted the religion of his, and there shall be salvations, and places in heaven are guaranteed.

I know, this guy is a very nice person and with genuine sincerity and convinced that his religion is the only region that provide the "right way" to God. The question is, if his religion is the only "right" religion, then how come there are so many established religions in the world competing for attentions and publicities ?

With due respect to all and no insensitivity intended to any religion, my honest perception is, we do not need a religion. My educated guess is, most religions are all man made and were initiated by a few people purely out of their desires to create a political movement to establish control over and intimidate the many.

God would preferred you not to encumbered yourself with man made protocols and man made words of His. He would preferred you to lead an ethical life and follow your sincere heart to focus your attention directly with HIM through prayers in any languages or dialects of your choice. By the way, don't worry, God is multi-linguals.

Believing in a religion and believing in GOD are completely two different things. The formal is a political indoctrination of culture of fears and illogical rewards, while the later is a spiritual bondings of love and respect with the Almighty. A lot of the world's problems nowadays are caused by intolerances, ignorances, and misinterpretation of religions. God does not caused the world's problems. Human beings did.

Now, by not having a religion, does that made a person a sinner ? The question you should asked yourself is, if you do not subscribe to any political ideology and does not commit any crime, would you be penalized and be put into jail ? However, if you insist you must embraced a "right" religion to make you closer to God, then, good for you. But whatever you do, please respect and appreciate others' preferred medium of loyalty to God in their own ways.

Now, tell me which religion shall lead you to God and the Kingdom of Heaven ?

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday's incoherent rantings....

When I first came down to Kuala Lumpur many years ago as a teenager, I rented a shared room on top of a shop in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur, 30 or so years ago, was not so much developed physically, but compared to my home town then, it is still leaps ahead. I remembered, the first lift I took was the UMBC building's lift. I was quite fascinated with the mechanic of a life rising within a tall building and its ability randomly stopped at various floor. I actually spend almost half a day in the building trying out the lift until I was asked by the security personnel to leave the premises. I also remembered my inability to communicate with the local Chinese traders in Kuala Lumpur. Back in my hometown, everybody speak Hokkien dialect, but in Kuala Lumpur, all the local Chinese spoke Cantonese dialect. So, to communicate with the local Chinese, I spoke Malay language with them. After a while, the people in the local coffee shop nicknamed me "Malachai" - the Malay boy. Well, those are fragment of memories of my first first encounters with "big" cities.

I also recalled, during my first week in Kuala Lumpur, my 3rd brother, who was already working in Kuala Lumpur, came visiting me in the evening. Before he left, he took out his wallet from his back pocket, and opened the wallet. I took a peek and saw, in the wallet was a piece of RM50 note and a piece of RM 10 note. He inserted his fingers into the wallet, hesitated a moment, pulled out the RM 50 note, and passed it to me. At that time, I was indeed touched by his gesture ! Here, I have a brother, who is willing to part with almost all he had at that moment because of his love for his younger brother. I also remembered how my 2nd brother protected and guide me during my teenage years. I will never forget the good deeds of my 2nd and 3rd brother. For whatever I am today, and whatever I have today, I have been blessed with unconditional love and support of my 2nd and 3rd brothers for me. From the bottom of my heart, I am indebted to them with heartfelt thank and gratitude for "looking out for me".

My father used to tell me that 關門是一家人 or translated, "When the door is shut, all of us inside the house are one big family. We must stay united and look out for each other......" But times has changed and we also need to be practical, We need to reconcile ourselves with the fact that, there are always possibilities of ungrateful family member working with outsiders or driven by personal selfishness and deceptive schemings to betray their own brothers and sisters. We are, after all, human beings. Beside, which family do not have these issues. Not trying to be emotional, but ungratefulness does inflict pains on the hearts and causes family members to mistrust and to stop their inclinations to help each other. Since time immemorial, 家家有一本難念的經, translated, every family has its embarrassing situations and growing pains. I guess, the best way to protect oneself from this dreaded menaces is to reciprocate with immediate and decisive rationality and objectivity in COLD decision. After all, when you are in the thankless pit, don't be so naive to think that ungrateful people can suddenly be overcame with remorse to shower you with kindness. They will probably try to drown you in the pit with further fabricated justifications. .

In life, everyone wants to embrace good life and the extras that come with it. But, at what price ? Life is basically a seasonality of good times and bad times. I had experienced the best of times as well as the worst of time. I take life as it is, and I seek no faults or credits from others for life's outcomes. Nobody owes me a living, and I do not owe anybody a living. Come what may, I will accept whatever that come along as an unavoidable parts and parcels of life's journey. I will carry on doing whatever I felt is right at my own term and pace, the rest, I leave it to the almighty.

All of us are not saints, so am I. As far as I am concerned, my children and my wife are now the top most of my priorities and I will also not deny my indebtedness to people who had helped me along the way. For the rest that came with misplaced grievances, rights, or wrongs, I only have this to say "you know, I know, and God know.... get out of my life !". For whatever unwelcome intention that has been directed against me, I see no benefits to waste my time to engage these negative energies. But it is righteous of me to protect myself by reciprocating selfishness with selfishness, thanklessness with thanklessness, and ungratefulness with ungratefulness.

They said, love conquers all. Does it ? Love is, after all, an illogical emotional science. I will not subject myself to be abused by blinded love and the pervertism of unconditionality. If we indulge in it blindly without any objectivity and rationality, at the end of the day, all will end up as losers. That, is a lesson well learned.

Om Mani Padme Hum.......

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Knighthood for Rushdie

Britain announced on June 16th 2007 that Salman Rushdie, a prominent and famous novelist, will be awarded knighthood. Rushdie was being honored for his works and contribution to literature and freedom of expression.

Rushdie won a Booker Price for his 1981's "Midnight's Children". He became a household name in 1988, after the release of his novel, The Satanic Verses. His prominent was mostly due to a religious edict calling for his assassination after the released of "The Satanic verses".

In reply to criticism, and to people seeking apologies for the award, Britain's Home Secretary John Reid said " We have a set of values that accrues people honors for their contribution to literature even when they don't agree with our point of view,............ We have a right to express opinions and a tolerance of other people's point of view, and we don't apologize for that.....,"

So, all rise and here goes, the honorable Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie...

Friday, June 22, 2007

A tree without leaves

A tree without leaves..
How good is a tree without leaves ?
Does it matter it has thick barks ?
Does it matter it once grew tall ?

With wilted branches,
It provide no shades,
and bears no flowers and fruits.
It became an eyesore and a burden to all.

sooner or later,
it will become a nuisance,
and a danger to its surroundings.
It is as good as dead.

A man without gratitudes.
How good is a man without gratitudes ?
Does it matter how well he can masquerade ?
Does it matter how well he can tell lies ?

A soul with no remorse,
he tends a garden of trees without leaves,
of plants without flowers and fruits.
He lives in a wasteland of delusions and deceits.

Without gratitudes,
he breeds no grace but greeds.
A vain fable with hideth follies,
each day falsehoods enfolded his soul.

At the end of the day,
what are left behind,
are his insincere prayers to the Almighty,
his scattered emotional debris, and noisy cries for pleas.

Sooner or later,
he will become a nuisance,
and a danger to his surroundings.
He is as good as dead.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Of social rights and moral wrongs......

I received a spammed SMS from unknown source in my hand phone this morning. The text of the message read

"METRO KAJANG MNGHINA UMAT ISLAM.... untuk maklumat Lanjut, sila layan web rasmi Persatuan Tolong hebahkan"

Translated, the text is as follows :

"METRO KAJANG INSULTED MUSLIM.... for further information, please surf the official website of . Please spread this message"

I browsed the website, and noticed a Metro Kajang's Vacancy Advertisement pasted in the website. One of the job requirements in the advertisement offensively stated that "Muslim Need Not Apply". I am not sure whether the advertisement is a fake or real one. But, personally speaking, I think it is highly racist and inappropriate to have this kind of employment policy based on religious inclinations. In the past, I also see a lot of other advertisements stating racial preferences. For example, "ONLY BUMIPUTRA ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY", "FOR BUMIPUTRA ONLY", etc. Malaysia, Malaysia.... what had became us ?

Somehow, all of us have very perverted and misplaced mentalities. We do not feel offended or insulted when we discriminate other group of people. Some of us even have the indecency to think that it is our rights to intrude into the rights of others. But, when we are discriminated, we felt very offended and seek attention from the whole world. Or perhaps, when we discriminate others, it is socially right. And, when others discriminated against us, they are morally wrong ? I shake my head......

These are acts of stupidities and ignorances. Looking back, I guess these socially immoral discriminations based on religion and racial inclinations have been perpetuated for too long, far too long. And, we had became the most shameless pariahs in the world. Do I care who get discriminated ? Honestly, I don't farking care anymore. You want to critisize me for my indifferences ? Come on, give me a break, please take a look at yourselves in the mirrors !

It doesn't really matter who is the pot or who is the kettle, as far as I am concerned, both are sickeningly black and dirtied. It doesn't matter where you go, morons are all the same ! and some educated morons have evolved into bigger oxymorons........

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The night before tomorrow.....

She asked : "Why are you sitting there with your eyes shut ? Are you asleep ?"
With eyes still shut, I said : "No, I am praying..."
She asked again : "Praying ? You prayed to who ?"
Hmm... good question, I replied : "No one"
A bit annoyed, she asked again : "What are you praying for ?"
Ahhh,,, another profound question. I replied : "Nothing"
She pleaded : "Come back to bed...... !"

Okay... Namo namo, GTG, Good NiteZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Om namo amithaba Buddha.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Is God oxymoron ?

A friend of mine said to me that "God is oxymoron". With my limited vocabulary of English language, I am handicapped to have a better understanding of the terminology. A quick search of Internet gave me the following definitions from - " A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist."

As a Buddhist, do I believe in the existence of God ? Honestly I do believe that the philosophy of Buddhism is compatible to acceptance of the existence of God. But I guess, it is our individual definition and understanding that gave rise to different perceptions. To me, God is a higher being and a centre of focus for all religions where prayers are addressed. In this regard, I am just like a child believing in the existence of Santa Claus riding in his energy saving vehicle traveling the world in split seconds. If it feel good, why not ?

How do I prove the existence of God ? Well, I am not enlightened with the knowledges yet to prove to others what I believe is right or otherwise. It is not my destiny yet to do this religious laundry. I will only know the truth of existence when I breath my last breath. For the time being, I just want to have the comfort feelings that, whatever I do, there is an almighty unseen, unexplainable, and illogical force guiding me on. I am basically a human guided by the law of attractions.

Looking back at my past behaviors, I think, I, as a human being, is an oxymoron, not God. I have not been precise in what I want to do, at times, I contradicted myself, and sometimes I am paradoxical in handling my daily affairs. So, I am an oxymoron ! I guess it is not fair for me to blame it on God for my lack of understanding and my inability to understand spirituality.

A simple question put forward by a friend, but it did made me realize my moronic and at times, illogical self. I guess I will have to be a bit more discipline in modifying behaviors to improve my remaining journey of life. I need to modify my behaviors from naively positive and optimistic to consciously competent.

To my friend, I got your message. Thank you so much for this little enlightenment. May God bless you. Ha... ha... ha...

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Positive Thinking ?

When my son was born, I hold him in my arm, looked at his calm face and started to panic. My God, with not more than RM 50 in my pocket and hospital bills yet to be settled, how am I going to raise him to be a responsible person in a healthy and comfortable environment ? Time flies, I am now mid 40, my son is half way through the college, and I am financially stable with my own business. Along the way, I also "adopted" two God daughters, both of them are now doing okay with their chosen career. God is indeed graceful !

Looking back, in addition to acknowledging God's grace, I guess the attributes that allowed me survive thus far are, I strongly believe God is only willing to help those who help themselves, I am also a realist and a positive person. I am down to earth, naively positive, and did work very hard to improve my luck and chances. I have never blame others for my failures. I never believe in borrowing money to sustain my lifestyle. if I can not afford a particular item, I will just walked away. If I ever had to resort to borrow money to sustain necessities, I made sure I return every cents with a note of heartfelt thanks. I had never betrayed anybody that rendered helps or favours to me. I believe, each and everyone of us, in one way or another, had a life's journey filled with surprises and occasional obstacles. As for me, I overcame those adversaries in my own way, like Frank Sinatra sang " I did it my way....." Whatever it is, I do count myself lucky and blessed.

Of course, in life we do at one point or another, attracting insincere and wrong people into our life that slow us down or deviate us from our intended successes. Let those losers or siu yens waste their time and laugh at their unproductive attempts to "sabotage" you. Well, sometimes shits do happened. You simply got to let go the emotional let-downs and move on with your life's objective. Never look back to have self pities or sttempt to settle the scores, to hate is a burden. So why stagnant ourself with unproductive preoccupations. There is no benefit in burdening ourself with unnecessary emotional outages ? Move on, the future is where the cakes are ! I had less than RM50 in my pocket 15 years ago. But today, I am worth much more than that.

Somehow, looking through those life's experiences, I believe 99% of those so called obstacles are caused by our internal frame of minds and attitude. To resolve and overcome obstacles, we need to have a strong mental outlook, positive determinations, and self confident. If I allowed myself to believe that I am always unlucky, I guess I will still be what I was 15 or 20 years ago - without a home and avenues for generating income to support myself and my family. The secret law of survival is such, if we believe we are lucky, then luck shall be with us. If we start looking for scapegoats or blamed others, we are merely a sitting duck for transferring bad karma into our mental states resulting in more self doubts and more negativities.

I had been, no matter how extreme the situations is, always focus my mind in a very confident, positive, and constructive manner when dealing with the present and anticipating my future needs. Of course, I also work very hard. The rest, I leave it to God to decide the timings for me. Whatever it is, the bottom line is, I strongly believe that, I am the master of my own destiny, I predetermined my future, and it is completely up to to me how I want to influence my future happiness, health, and financial well beings.

Life is tough ? Why waste your times crying over spilled milks ? Put it this way, when the going gets tough, the toughs get going. So, hit the roads, don't waste times with all those siu yen !

Saturday, June 16, 2007

International Day of the African Child

Today, June 16th 2007, is the International Day of the African Child. "....... On 16 June every year the international community celebrates the UN-Day of the African Child. The celebrations are to honour the lives of children who, in 1976, marched in the streets of Soweto (Southern Africa) to protest the inferior quality of their education. UNICEF uses this day to promote the education, identity, welfare, status and other civil rights for children and their families in Africa........."

(photo source : Reuter )

I dedicate this poem to the souls of all children who suffered from inhumanities :

I am

I am - yet what I am, none cares or knows:
My friends forsake me like a memory lost:
I am the self-consumer of my woes --
They rise and vanish in oblivious host,
Like shadows in love's frenzied stifled throes
And yet I am, and live-like vapours tost

Into the nothingness of scorn and noise,
Into the living sea of waking dreams,
Where there is neither sense of life or joys,
But the vast shipwreck of my life's esteem:
Even the dearest that I love the best
Are strange-nay, rather, stranger than the rest.

I long for scenes where man hath never trod
A place where woman never smiled or wept
there to abide with my creator God,
And sleep as I in childhood sweetly slept,
Untroubling and untroubled where I lie
The grass below, above, the vaulted sky.

- John Clare -

Saturday's Incoherent Rantings...

What a beautiful Saturday morning ! I woke up to the aromatic breakfast of Curry Mee and hot coffee waiting at the table. I must accord credits to my wife for being sensitive to my every needs !

The last few nights has been super fantastic, I actually have good night sleeps and waking up refreshed. Probably because Buddhism values has been slowly sinking into my head. Personally, since last week, I had adopted a different approach in decision making. I had, and from now on, will continue to make decision based on what I think is best for me and my family, rather than what I think is best to accommodate others. I figured and realized, my responsibilities are towards my family first, and others, second. It would be very unfair for me to let other people's interests dilute my attentions toward my family. Looking back, I had denied a lot privileges to my family, it is about time I asked my family what they wish for, rather than blindly accommodating to the grievances of others.

I had not been fair to myself either. I don't think it is fair for me to save by cutting down entertainments, eating chapfun for lunches, and budget dinners, while others enjoying themselves in nice restaurants and lavish entertainments. Not fair isn't it ? From now on, I am going to spend the money myself - on me and my family. I don't think I am that stupid to the extent that I do not know how to spend my money appropriately. Come to think of it, I never even been to pubs and night clubs, or did anything that are considered "vices". I think it is about time now, I start sampling these flavours of life before the one up there call it a day for me.

My son has indicated to me his desires to go United Kingdom to further his education, I had denied him his desires for the past two years asking him to consider the local options. Because, in the past, looking at future commitment, I am financially incapacited to meet his expectations. Looking back, I do felt a bit inadequate for failing my responsibilities as a father. Now that I have different perspective, I am now not obligated to others. I had also decided that I am not in the business of conducting charities to others at my expenses. But anyway, charity begins at home - my home. With less commitment now, I can definitely reallocate the budget for him to do his final year undergraduate and graduate studies in UK. I guess I have to start saving seriously now in the event my son pop up the question of overseas education again.

It is only been a week since I change my approach in life and adopt a different perspective, the honest truth is, I am beginning to enjoy my life more. Indeed nobody owes me a living, and, I do not owe anybody a living either. I am not being selfish. To those with self centred grievances against me, I had this to say to you. Get a Life, nobody owes you a living. For those that still persist in me being unfair, for a start, to make you feel better, I agreed with all your grievances. Go ahead and make more grievances to seek pities from others. I am not going to waste my time. But, honestly and sincerely, I want to thank them for making me realized my priorities towards my family. Thank you, thank you, thayk you.......

Tomorrow is Father's Day, "Happy Father's Day to all fathers". During my last birthday, my son and daughter pooled to buy me a Dopod. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will buy me an iTouch tomorrow...........

Om Mani Padme Hum.......... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Incoherent rantings.....

Life. What is life ? At times, in my time of difficulties, or in state of anxieties, this question never failed to crop up in my mind. My God, at my age, I still ponder on life and its intricacies ! I know, life is not about how much successes you tasted, but rather, how you face the adversaries. Ahhh... but it is easier said than done.

On many occasions, I tasted successes, and I love to brag about it. I guess, I am just like a lot of other average man out there. No profound achievements but seeking recognitions for that little so called successes that are of no significant to mankind. Looking back, it does gave me the realization that, successes are merely relative term of references from our ego comfort zones. I don't know how many comfort zones others have, I do have a lot of comfort zones.

On failures, I did have my fair share of failures, and I sincerely does not know how many are still ahead awaiting my stupidities. But one thing I do know from past experiences, failure happened because of my own inactions to take early action to get out from status quo, that is, my own comfort zone. In this regard, to me, failures are also relative experiences. They will caused some discomforts, but definitely not life threatening. So, don't worry, be happy... count your blessings to have the luxuries of experiencing failures that will eventually made you a better man. Don't get me wrong, I certainly do not welcome failures. But if it does come knocking at my door, I will face it with objectivity and rationality.

I guess, to have a "simplified" and contented life, I need to basically remove my so called comfort zones. My spiritual master used to remind me not to be afraid of change, not to be afraid of making drastic decision, and be more adaptive and reflective to my environment. I guess this is basically part and parcel of Buddhism's 3rd noble truth of removing the causes of anxieties or sufferings by adapting to a more transparent life. I will, I will for now.

Looking back, I did carry a lot of unnecessary baggages to the extend that I felt that it is everybody's destiny and purpose to take on and share the burdens of others. I went on a very thrifty lifestyle and gave away sigificant amount of what ever I have to help those I care and love. This has been going on for many years until I was jogged to my realization recently. An inconsiderate attempt was orchestrated against me by persons I care very much, and I was also accused of not doing more to help ! The final analysis is, the fault lies within me, I failed to see my own stupidities in helping ungrateful and greedy human beings. Greediness knows no bounds, and unsatisfied inconsiderate demands can indeed motivate a lot of emotional grievances and loopsided accusations. Whatever it is, I had have enough and do not care anymore, people can say whatever they want, and I shall do whatever I want to pursue a life rid of all those unneccessary involvements.

Who should I blame when I willingly open myself to be subjected to be abused ? If I don't understand this simple concept, then God must had made me very stupid. But God did indeed gave me a brain to understand the most complex computer system and financial arrangements, but when it come to matters of the heart, I am naively still a baby. Nevertheless, I count my blessings to be able to always overcome adversaries and came out unscratched. Finally, I am able to remove an emotional and financial obligations that I emotionally allowed myself to tangle in. What a relief ! It was indeed a blessing in disguise! I guess, from now on, I have to be more selfish and need to seriously identified those baggages and dispose them at appropriate times.

Like the Chinese said, good or bad, happy or sad, life does go on, and indeed it does ! Thank you God, for creating all those miracles around me. In thy name I bow my head to show my greatest respect........

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha

Monday, June 11, 2007

81 years old man cycle 2000 miles to raise money for charity !

W.J. Bill Anderson of Yuma was born on June 25, 1926, in Yuma, Arizona. This 81-year-old man has set off on a 2000 miles bicycle ride around the perimeter of Arizona. He is expected to complete the trip in 14 to 16 days. He is riding to raise money for Yuma's Crossroads Mission, which provides shelter, meals, showers and clothing to the homeless..... READ FURTHER.

In his own way, Bill Anderson shows us the true spirit of humanity - love, compassion, and kindness. I guess we should emulate Bill Anderson's deeds of glorifying life's moral and ethical values of helping the less fortunates.

Shame on all those able young men and women who willingly allow themselves to be misguided with hatreds and using God's name to conduct insane killings and murders of innocent people. Life is not about imposing revenges based on misguided and misplaced hatreds. Life is definitely not about satiating urges for bloods of innocents on your hands. Life is about giving, forgiving, peace, and love. May God soften the heart of these criminals of humanity, and may God give these criminals a rational and reasonable brains to appreciate peace, love, self respect, and respect for others.

Mr Anderson, Sir, with my right palm on my left chest, I salute you for your kindness, love, and compassion for fellow human beings. May God bless you with good health and good life.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kissing in a TV series also offended their sensitivity ?

Four Malaysian men of Indian origin lodged a police report over a "Kissing scene" in a Singapore TV production. If I interpret it correctly, the four men claimed that, the kissing scene offended their religion's sensitivity and dignity. They want the Malaysian actress involved to apologize for her indecent professional decision.

According to a local newspaper report " ********, demanded that the actress, an award- winner and famous for her pan-Asian looks, apologise to ****** in the country for her kissing scene. We feel ashamed when a ***** woman, especially a celebrity, is captured kissing someone who is not her husband, in a production meant for viewers........... Although the scene she appeared in was for a Singaporean television series, it still shouldn’t have happened as she’s a ******* and a Malaysian..........

Hey, I am also a Malaysian. Please don't seek grievances and apologies on my behalf. Honestly, I do not find the acting scene offensive. I think it is artistic and tastefully done. Well, even if it is lousily done, it is none of my business to meddle with other people professional affairs. In terms of offending their religion's sensitivity, personally, I think it is in the best interest of everybody to keep their religious sensitivities to themselves rather than seeking publicities to impose their super sensitivity.

My comment is, let's us all mind our own business ! Please don't interfere with other people affairs as seemed that we are the only endangered bearers of morality and righteousness. As much as we want our rights to be respected, we should also have a little bit of decency to respect the rights and way of life of other individuals. Please DRAW THE LINE of respecting the rights of others to conduct personal and professional affairs.

So, what is wrong with kissing scenes in a movies ? Please, please don't degrade the act of kissing. Don't you know kissing is the first step towards pro creation ? If God thinks that kissing is sinful, he or she would have made human being born without lips. By the way, I honestly do enjoy watching movies with tastefully done kissing or sex scene. To me, it is basically an artistic appreciation of a piece of art works. Only people with dirty and corrupt minds can not differentiate and appreciate works of art. I do sincerely hope all those misguided people can stop hiding behind religion sensitivity and try their best to park their grievance and apology seeking in their own homes.

Kissing in a TV scene now also offended their sensitivity and dignity ? Asking other people to apologize because they don't like other people's professional decision ? Ni you ping !!!! leh yow peng !!!!

Please also respect my sensitivity of not wanting to hear farting noises !! Sick minds think alike, and fools seldom differ.

Namo Amithaba Buddha......

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Foods for thought....

Do you know the origins of some of our so called authentic Malaysian's foods ? I was having my Dim Sum for Breakfast this morning. While having my breakfast, I was asked by a friend on the origin of some of the Malaysian's "local foods".

I guess, as the Chinese saying goes, "when you drink the water, please don't forget the source...". I know, there are a lot of ungrateful souls out there with misguided pride will always do otherwise, but whatever it is, please try your very best to respect the truths.

I did some quick surfing and guessing, and here is my answers.......

  • Nasi Lemak, which we claimed to be a Malaysian dish, is actually originated from Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese has a similar dish called Kirebat.
  • Roti Canai ( pronounce as Chennai ) is originated from Kerala, India.
  • Rojak is originated from South India
  • Satay is originated from India
  • Popiah is orignated from China.
  • Kopi - o - Peng ( Black Coffee served with lots of ice cubes ), as the name implies, definitely originated from Malaysian Chinese.
  • Bakut Teh ( Pork stewed in Chinese Herbs) is orignated from Klang Malaysia. The concoction was introduced by a Mr Teh, who was a Chinese herbalist.
  • Curry Mee ( Noodle served in Curry Soup) is originated from India
  • Laksa ( Noodle served in Spicy Fish paste soup ) is originated from Thailand.

Well, we may have different local names for these dishes, but it looks like most of our "local foods" are originated from various parts of India. To all Malaysians of Indian origin, thank you so much for bringing so much flavours into Malaysia. I guess, without the past contributions of the "Indian foods", our Malaysians varieties will be very boring...... The next question that came to my mind is, are there any original local authentic Malaysian dishes ? Ipoh Gar Choi Kai ? Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun ? Penang Hokkien Mee ? Penang Hokkien Char ? Malacca Liew Hoo Char ?.........

But whatever it is, the next time you eat Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai, please do think of the contributions of Malaysians of Indian origin......Or at least, in your heart, say a heartfelt thank you to all Indians for inspiring such a varieties of great foods which we now claimed to be Malaysian's.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Of Prime Minister's marriage and other political matters.......

He denied it on several occasions, and finally the Prime Minister Department announced today that the 67 years old Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will marry 53 years old Jeanne Abdullah in a private ceremony on June 9, 2007. Too bad, only close family members are invited to attend the private ceremony. You, me, and other Malaysians are not invited. Period. Anyway, Congratulation. may the Prime Minister and his new wife have a blissful life together.

On another issue, I was talking to a closed friend this evening. The conversation drifted into Malaysia's politics. He gave me the impression that, the existing political parties in Malaysia are too race based and generally not healthy for future well beings of Malaysia and Malaysians. I tend to agree with his assessment of the current sorry affairs of "racial segregations" of Malaysia's political parties. For example, a Malay would not be allow to joined MCA, likewise, a Chinese will also not be allow to join UMNO. Even though we have a coalition of political parties into a Barisan Nasional, but member parties of the coalition, like it or not, are perceived to be motivated by racial agenda. The bottom line is, Barisan this or that, what we have in Malaysia is simply a number of strange bedfellows sharing the same bed. Like the Chinese said, " same bed, different selfish dreams".

He suggested that someone out there form a truly Malaysians political party that accept all Malaysian Individuals irregardless of racial origin, culture, creed, etc. as members. He suggest the political party be named "Parti Untuk Kaum Inidividual". In short, PUKI. He envisioned that, with all individuals coming in as a political force working together to achieve a common national goal. Malaysia will prosper forever ! So, his political war cry is "Parti Untuk Kaum Individual, Malaysia Akan Kekal !!!!". In short, PUKIMAK !!!!

Over the next few days, please watch out and surf the net to look out for this website for further information -

So, all you gigolo, whore, pendek, panjang, bocorian, all nationalities, all religions, pendatang haram, kongsi gelap, Ah Longs, pondan, pendatang suci, puteribumi, pendatang pertama, pendatang kedua, etc... You are welcome to join this futuristic political platform to built a better Malaysia for all Malaysians. Just send in your comment together with your name and whatever, you shall be automatically accepted as member of this NEW political party.

So, what are you all waiting for ? Support this noble political efforts, be a PUKIMAK today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow......... Pukimak forever !!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Waltzing with the spirits ?

I am not at my usual self again tonite...... I am now in a conscious state of spiritual insanity - a love for my self with full control of my habitat, and empathy to the misguided spirits. I guess, if you are conscious of what you are doing, perceived insanity is basically a form of enlightened peace.

I have this uneasy feeling again about unseen energies disturbing my personal energy fields. I am sensitive to my habitat and I am still in full control of myself. The previous few nights, I have been having strange dreams, my sleeps are disturbed, and during day times, I have unexplainable feelings of unease. I believe, the security of my habitat has been breached by spiritual intrusion into my energy fields. Friendly or otherwise, I do not know and I do not wish to know. I am giving the spiritual intruders the benefit of doubts. However, they are reminded to come peacefully with no ill intents, and to leave peacefully with no trails of bad energies.

While the intruders are from the other side, I am on this destined side. - the right side. I do have fear of the unknowns, but I do not need to respond to fear with fears. I do believe that the best defense against spiritual intrusion is love. To overcome fear and evil, I shall respond back with love. For the moment, I shall treat every spirit as angel.

The spirits may have walked the misguided path into my habitat, but they do not belong to this 3 dimensional realms of ours, and their presence are not welcome. They have trespassed into my habitat, I know they are living in fear resulting in them attacking my being as their form of primitive defense. I do not know how to guide them back into their own realms. It is not my business to be sympathetic to their plights, and I will definitely not give them permission or allow them to linger on in my physical habitat. With Love, I shall invite them with dignity to find their own lights to venture back to their side of the world where other loving spirits awaits them.

As a Buddhist, I am well aware of my reality. This space and this energy field is my reality, and I am destined to be in control of my own reality with clear boundary between reality and the other side of spirituality. The power is within me to exert authority over my self and my reality. No spirits, good or bad, can intrude or harm my physical being without my explicit invitation or permission.

So, my dear uninvited spirits, attach me not and disturb me not. For your own good, please leave NOW. In the mean time, I am going to take a shower with sea minerals to enhance my positive energy strengths and purifying the contaminated energy fields. I know, the soothing shower water rushing down to my body will replenish me with plentiful loving energies to overcome all those negative energies. I wish you a safe journey back..........

Om Mani Padme Hum.... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Top 3 sexual fantasies of Women ?

All these nonsenses of promoting the noble values of freedom of religion, human rights, and criminalization of racist discriminations are making me a very indifference persons. After all, all these mental retards are simply a bunch of immorally arrogance, socially decadence, culurally bastardized, racially parasitic, politically bankrupt, and religiously too farked up to understand their perpetual hypocrisies.

For a start, Let me obliged my self to have a little bit diversion to let my basic instinct to rule my head. Like the Hokkien said "Chui Kong Lan Par song........."

I read this article in iVillage and found it "interesting". According to the article ( written by Tracey Cox ) published in iVillage, the Top 3 sexual fantasies of women are :

Fantasy #1: He's a virgin ‑- and you're Mrs. Robinson
Fantasy #2: He's your sex slave
Fantasy #3: You're abducted by a stranger

The article also detailed instruction on resources needed and action plan for the women to carry out the role play. Want to know more ? Please read HERE.

Tracey Cock ( Ooop, sorry, Cox ) also advised women to read her "most frequently asked questions about sexual fantasies" if they are not sure how to introduce this sexual role play.

These are TOP 3 sexual fantasies of women ? WO-MEN, are you serious ? Hmmm... interesting ! Does it apply to Malaysian women ? Maybe tomorrow morning I will ask my soul mate to verify............

Namo Amithaba Buddha.....

Friday, June 01, 2007

Chinese dragon ladies are coming..... ?

"These women are enticing local married men into having affairs with them and are causing family disharmony...." - Ng Yen Yen, Head of the women's wing of the Malaysian Chinese Association.

There is distrust of Chinese nationals among the local Chinese community as even now there are many broken marriages because of mainland Chinese women...” - Teresa Kok, Member of Parliament, Democratic Action Party.

I read with amusement the irrational objections voiced out by woman groups in Malaysia when the government announced its intention to allow the recruitment of domestic helpers from China. Honestly, I am embarrassedly amused by remarks of all these WO-MEN !

The one and only one main concern put forward by these woman groups is "Domestic helpers from China are husbands-snatchers, and Homes Wreckers". My God, are these women educatedly serious about their concerns and generalizations ? Even before these domestic helpers arrived, the Malaysian women already sexually profiling the Chinese domestic helpers to be domestic whores. I do find it interesting to note this irrational sexist discrimination of women by women. On one hand, they had been very vocal about being discriminated by the male species, but on the other hand, they seemed to think that it is acceptable for them to discriminate women who are economically less well off. By the way, to these self righteous defenders of home harmony, who are you hiring into your home ? Why measuring the qualifications of domestic helpers using the yardsticks for measuring whores to justify fantasized competitions ?

Women, women, you people from planet Mars or Venus ? For heaven sake, there is no planet Hollywood in our solar system. We are all from this little blue marble called Earth. So, please show some empathy and humanity to accord respect and treat every homo sapient as equal.

Let me put this to you, if your husband want to be "naughty", he will do it with any "maid" of any nationality. So, please don't degrade the Chinese women with your indecent and biased profiling. Perhaps, no offense and insensitivity intended, may I suggest these women to spend less time social networking their women rights' voices to be heard, and start spending more time with their family. These time tested efforts will bring more harmony to the family then trying to prevent the domestic helpers from China working in Malaysian homes.

So, aren't all these educated women a bit too naive and insensitive to indirectly referenced men as having low moral, no self discipline, and are irresponsible ? Women, what is in your minds ? Are all men nymphomaniac sexual animals that are incapable of resisting and managing indecent temptations, seductions, and sexual advances from any two legged animals that came wrapped in skirts ? I would like to think that these women are educatedly lack of self confidence in themselves and their husbands. Hmmmm... I really pity their husbands having have to put up with their women's insecurities, inferiority complexes, and constant suspicions ! Well, when there is no TRUST in a relationship, BETRAYAL is the natural outcome. So, who do we blame when a marriage broke off ? The husbands ? Wait, wait, wait... it is better to blame the Chinese domestic helpers. And, the women remained the perpetual aggrieved angels from Venus !

Now, let's assumed that your husband is hopelessly "naughty", I bet if you drilled a hole in a lamp post and put a skirt around it, your husband will go for it also! So, please don't be so naive to blame the Chinese Domestic Helpers for your marital problems.

So, the Chinese Dragon Ladies are coming to wreck Malaysian homes ? Come on, give me a break. Please stop parading your uncultured ignorances and immoral stupidities ! I find it offensive for these irresponsible profiling, prejudices, and discriminations against Chinese nationals, especially women. Who knows, the wheel of karma is a funny little concept, one day, your daughters or even you may end up on the receiving ends of vipakka - working as domestic maids in China.

I said, if you really care about harmony in your home, spend more time with your family, take good care of your husband, and take good care of your children. Please do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. Have fair eyes for humanity.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha........