Friday, June 01, 2007

Chinese dragon ladies are coming..... ?

"These women are enticing local married men into having affairs with them and are causing family disharmony...." - Ng Yen Yen, Head of the women's wing of the Malaysian Chinese Association.

There is distrust of Chinese nationals among the local Chinese community as even now there are many broken marriages because of mainland Chinese women...” - Teresa Kok, Member of Parliament, Democratic Action Party.

I read with amusement the irrational objections voiced out by woman groups in Malaysia when the government announced its intention to allow the recruitment of domestic helpers from China. Honestly, I am embarrassedly amused by remarks of all these WO-MEN !

The one and only one main concern put forward by these woman groups is "Domestic helpers from China are husbands-snatchers, and Homes Wreckers". My God, are these women educatedly serious about their concerns and generalizations ? Even before these domestic helpers arrived, the Malaysian women already sexually profiling the Chinese domestic helpers to be domestic whores. I do find it interesting to note this irrational sexist discrimination of women by women. On one hand, they had been very vocal about being discriminated by the male species, but on the other hand, they seemed to think that it is acceptable for them to discriminate women who are economically less well off. By the way, to these self righteous defenders of home harmony, who are you hiring into your home ? Why measuring the qualifications of domestic helpers using the yardsticks for measuring whores to justify fantasized competitions ?

Women, women, you people from planet Mars or Venus ? For heaven sake, there is no planet Hollywood in our solar system. We are all from this little blue marble called Earth. So, please show some empathy and humanity to accord respect and treat every homo sapient as equal.

Let me put this to you, if your husband want to be "naughty", he will do it with any "maid" of any nationality. So, please don't degrade the Chinese women with your indecent and biased profiling. Perhaps, no offense and insensitivity intended, may I suggest these women to spend less time social networking their women rights' voices to be heard, and start spending more time with their family. These time tested efforts will bring more harmony to the family then trying to prevent the domestic helpers from China working in Malaysian homes.

So, aren't all these educated women a bit too naive and insensitive to indirectly referenced men as having low moral, no self discipline, and are irresponsible ? Women, what is in your minds ? Are all men nymphomaniac sexual animals that are incapable of resisting and managing indecent temptations, seductions, and sexual advances from any two legged animals that came wrapped in skirts ? I would like to think that these women are educatedly lack of self confidence in themselves and their husbands. Hmmmm... I really pity their husbands having have to put up with their women's insecurities, inferiority complexes, and constant suspicions ! Well, when there is no TRUST in a relationship, BETRAYAL is the natural outcome. So, who do we blame when a marriage broke off ? The husbands ? Wait, wait, wait... it is better to blame the Chinese domestic helpers. And, the women remained the perpetual aggrieved angels from Venus !

Now, let's assumed that your husband is hopelessly "naughty", I bet if you drilled a hole in a lamp post and put a skirt around it, your husband will go for it also! So, please don't be so naive to blame the Chinese Domestic Helpers for your marital problems.

So, the Chinese Dragon Ladies are coming to wreck Malaysian homes ? Come on, give me a break. Please stop parading your uncultured ignorances and immoral stupidities ! I find it offensive for these irresponsible profiling, prejudices, and discriminations against Chinese nationals, especially women. Who knows, the wheel of karma is a funny little concept, one day, your daughters or even you may end up on the receiving ends of vipakka - working as domestic maids in China.

I said, if you really care about harmony in your home, spend more time with your family, take good care of your husband, and take good care of your children. Please do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. Have fair eyes for humanity.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha........

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"Sometimes, Women Are Sexist Against Women"