Monday, June 18, 2007

Positive Thinking ?

When my son was born, I hold him in my arm, looked at his calm face and started to panic. My God, with not more than RM 50 in my pocket and hospital bills yet to be settled, how am I going to raise him to be a responsible person in a healthy and comfortable environment ? Time flies, I am now mid 40, my son is half way through the college, and I am financially stable with my own business. Along the way, I also "adopted" two God daughters, both of them are now doing okay with their chosen career. God is indeed graceful !

Looking back, in addition to acknowledging God's grace, I guess the attributes that allowed me survive thus far are, I strongly believe God is only willing to help those who help themselves, I am also a realist and a positive person. I am down to earth, naively positive, and did work very hard to improve my luck and chances. I have never blame others for my failures. I never believe in borrowing money to sustain my lifestyle. if I can not afford a particular item, I will just walked away. If I ever had to resort to borrow money to sustain necessities, I made sure I return every cents with a note of heartfelt thanks. I had never betrayed anybody that rendered helps or favours to me. I believe, each and everyone of us, in one way or another, had a life's journey filled with surprises and occasional obstacles. As for me, I overcame those adversaries in my own way, like Frank Sinatra sang " I did it my way....." Whatever it is, I do count myself lucky and blessed.

Of course, in life we do at one point or another, attracting insincere and wrong people into our life that slow us down or deviate us from our intended successes. Let those losers or siu yens waste their time and laugh at their unproductive attempts to "sabotage" you. Well, sometimes shits do happened. You simply got to let go the emotional let-downs and move on with your life's objective. Never look back to have self pities or sttempt to settle the scores, to hate is a burden. So why stagnant ourself with unproductive preoccupations. There is no benefit in burdening ourself with unnecessary emotional outages ? Move on, the future is where the cakes are ! I had less than RM50 in my pocket 15 years ago. But today, I am worth much more than that.

Somehow, looking through those life's experiences, I believe 99% of those so called obstacles are caused by our internal frame of minds and attitude. To resolve and overcome obstacles, we need to have a strong mental outlook, positive determinations, and self confident. If I allowed myself to believe that I am always unlucky, I guess I will still be what I was 15 or 20 years ago - without a home and avenues for generating income to support myself and my family. The secret law of survival is such, if we believe we are lucky, then luck shall be with us. If we start looking for scapegoats or blamed others, we are merely a sitting duck for transferring bad karma into our mental states resulting in more self doubts and more negativities.

I had been, no matter how extreme the situations is, always focus my mind in a very confident, positive, and constructive manner when dealing with the present and anticipating my future needs. Of course, I also work very hard. The rest, I leave it to God to decide the timings for me. Whatever it is, the bottom line is, I strongly believe that, I am the master of my own destiny, I predetermined my future, and it is completely up to to me how I want to influence my future happiness, health, and financial well beings.

Life is tough ? Why waste your times crying over spilled milks ? Put it this way, when the going gets tough, the toughs get going. So, hit the roads, don't waste times with all those siu yen !

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KSCheah said...

I was at the Karen Armstrong lecture on Saturday and was thinking you should also have been there. She is a monotheist who advocates dynamic appreciation and respect for each others' religious faiths. Yet, I suspect she is areligious and concerned only with the philosophical aspects of religion.
When I was reading your latest posting I noticed you speak of God yet you profess to be a Buddhist. Unless you are refering to God metaphorically, which is an oxymoron, Who is it do you actually mean?
I do not think it is merely an issue of semantics because you were writing about a serious topic and would need to choose you words well.
Sorry to tax your brain so early in the morning. :o)