Saturday, June 09, 2007

Foods for thought....

Do you know the origins of some of our so called authentic Malaysian's foods ? I was having my Dim Sum for Breakfast this morning. While having my breakfast, I was asked by a friend on the origin of some of the Malaysian's "local foods".

I guess, as the Chinese saying goes, "when you drink the water, please don't forget the source...". I know, there are a lot of ungrateful souls out there with misguided pride will always do otherwise, but whatever it is, please try your very best to respect the truths.

I did some quick surfing and guessing, and here is my answers.......

  • Nasi Lemak, which we claimed to be a Malaysian dish, is actually originated from Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese has a similar dish called Kirebat.
  • Roti Canai ( pronounce as Chennai ) is originated from Kerala, India.
  • Rojak is originated from South India
  • Satay is originated from India
  • Popiah is orignated from China.
  • Kopi - o - Peng ( Black Coffee served with lots of ice cubes ), as the name implies, definitely originated from Malaysian Chinese.
  • Bakut Teh ( Pork stewed in Chinese Herbs) is orignated from Klang Malaysia. The concoction was introduced by a Mr Teh, who was a Chinese herbalist.
  • Curry Mee ( Noodle served in Curry Soup) is originated from India
  • Laksa ( Noodle served in Spicy Fish paste soup ) is originated from Thailand.

Well, we may have different local names for these dishes, but it looks like most of our "local foods" are originated from various parts of India. To all Malaysians of Indian origin, thank you so much for bringing so much flavours into Malaysia. I guess, without the past contributions of the "Indian foods", our Malaysians varieties will be very boring...... The next question that came to my mind is, are there any original local authentic Malaysian dishes ? Ipoh Gar Choi Kai ? Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun ? Penang Hokkien Mee ? Penang Hokkien Char ? Malacca Liew Hoo Char ?.........

But whatever it is, the next time you eat Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai, please do think of the contributions of Malaysians of Indian origin......Or at least, in your heart, say a heartfelt thank you to all Indians for inspiring such a varieties of great foods which we now claimed to be Malaysian's.

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