Thursday, March 29, 2007

We will, we will blog you.....

Oddly enough, bloggers had been subjected to a lot of indirect pressure to "behave" recently. The issues of bloggers was even brought out in parliament! There has been too many uncultured references and remarks by mainstream medias and politicians against bloggers. I do find this indiscriminate discharged of urinary statements against bloggers and the displayed of narrow mindednes a bit irritating and uncalled for. I do agreed, web log should never be used as a license by bloggers to say anything or everything they fancied. But let's not mistaken the balls between our legs as brain and our rear orifice as mouth to assert immoral excuse to directly or indirectly inhibit freedom of expression to curtail everyone's burning desires to uncover and present truths.

These anti blogging peole remind me of the song by the Queen, here goes the lyric, I hope I got the lyric right......

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
Meddling in the blogsphere

ain't gonna make you a big man some day

You got mud on your face
You big disgrace

Kickin your own ass all over the wrong place

We will we will BLOG you

We will we will BLOG you

Buddy you're a young man with no balls

Shoutin stupidities in the blogsphere

ain't gonna made you a man
You got blood on yo face

You big disgrace

Wavin your banner all over the WRONG place

We will we will BLOG you

We will we will BLOG you

Buddy youre an old man with no dickey
Pleadin with your eyes

gonna make you some peace some day

You got mud on your face

blood on your ass and shit in your mouth

You big disgrace

Somebody better put you back in your place

We will we will BLOG you

We will we will BLOG you...................

Now, back to my rantings. We are living in a time where media and control of information are no longer the privilege commodities of selected few. This is a positive poltical and social evolution from draconian habitat. In the past, news and opinions can only be obtained from printed media, television, and radio, and there are practically no avenue for average people to voice their disagreements and alternative opinions in these controlled medias. However, the mass accessibility of Internet technology has altered this information delivery landscape. Information Technology savvy people, like bloggers, now has easy accessibility and capability to present their own observations and alternative perceptions of issues. Those privileged few who used to have the luxuries to control the free flow of information must now learn to accept these new political and social realities. Gone are the days where information can be negatively massaged, manipulated, and biasedly presented to stir misplaced angers and emotions, or solicit support of the masses to perpetuate the immoral sustainability of power for selected few.

The fact is, people are generally more educated and would like to receive information in a factual, truthful, and honest manner with alternative perspectives. Bloggers have, in one way or another, filled that vacuum. Majority of people resort to read blogs, not neccessarily accept the credibility of the contents of the blogs. But, they want varieties of information in a more truthful and less contaminated manners. So, if the mainstream medias are losing readerships, I guess it would be more appropriate for the mainstream medias to revamp their editorial policies and contents. Masking in indirect attacks to discredit bloggers are not going to bring back the readerships ! If the politicians are losing support from the people, they should relook into the way they conduct themselves. Blaming the bloggers for highlighting issues related to them are not going to sustain their popularity.

If a blogger disagreed with certain national policy, highlighting and criticize the policy does not necessarily means the blogger is unpatriotic or attempt to sabotage the implementation of the policy. The fact is, as citizens, we can be against many things, disagreed with many policies, or courageously criticize the government or politicians, but these actions are all mutually exclusive to individual noble intention of loyalty to the country. In fact, the rights to criticize and disagree should be jealously encouraged to create a culture of transparency, nobility, and excellence. Can a country progress and be a great nation, if all the citizens need permission from the "Dear and beloved" leaders to voice the opinions and disagreements or parroting the uniformed political propaganda in unison ? Sincerely, do we need guidelines from these misguided "Dear and Beloved leaders" when come to expressing ourselves ? I for one, is not that type of submissive pervert ! Are you ?
I am not deluded to think that, with blogging, I can say anything I want at anytime and in anywhere I like. But from my heart, I do sincerely believe, if anybody disagreed with or felt injured by my blog contents, by all means, please present your honest and truthful opinions and observations in the comment section to dispute my blog contents. I hate to subject myself in an atmosphere where I fear the risks and consequences of persecutions, harassments, fines, imprisonment, etc. for speaking out my perceptions against certain issues. If you used your temporary power to silence me because you don't like what you read, you are directly and dangerously curtailing the sacred freedom of expressions guaranteed by God. Think of the future consequences and impacts of your actions on the future wellbeing of your children and grandchildren. Would you want them to live in an environment of fears, no freedoms of expressions, and under emotional slavery ? The choice is yours ! Be responsible for your action Today !

To all the selected fews who has limited appreciation for freedom of expressions, my advise is, the world has changed and slowly progressed into a more transparent and open society. You can not turn back the clock now, and you definitely can not control and manipulate the free flow of information. Accept and embrace these new realities, conduct yourselves in a honest manners and be transparent in accepting criticisms and differing opinions. And, most important of all, respect human rights and have the decency of not trying to make life difficult for others in order to protect your own selfish interests.

I understand, political hooligans and elitists used to control what they want others to read, it is indeed scary for them to lose control of the dissemination of information ! But, let's face it, in the first place, these misguided souls have no bloody business to control the free flow of information. Discrediting the bloggers to protect their image and sustainability ? What does that make them ? A statesman ? A national leader ? a torch bearer of rights and morality ? Honestly, I would prefer you not be a pariah of your own ignorances and stupidities.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That flower of Life....

I wondered into the small garden,
the morning air is indeed refreshing.

I see you waltzing in the gentle morning breeze.
"Sir, am I beautiful this morning", you said
Yes indeed you are !

On this small pot you made your stand.

In silent you endured my previous scorns,
while you struggle to grow.
Finally, you have blossomed,

no words can described my delights.

But for how long will this fragile blossom last ?

Would you consider one week an eternity ?
I admired your enthusiasm and spirit.
Despite the expectation of short cycle of life,
you displayed splendid radiance,
and beautiful colours,
against the morning sun,

to please and be appreciated.

As I gently touch your soft petals,

the essence of your fragrance
touched my heart.

Life is such a splendour seasonality.
In anticipation of end to life,
you celebrated life to come.
You displayed gritty beauty in simplicity.

With tears in my eyes,

I now understand the meaning of life.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Slavery, has it been abolished ?

I watched the special BBC program on the Astro network yesterday evening on slavery conducted by "Great" Britain more than 200 years ago. It was an interesting program.

On March 25th 1807, Charles Fox, William Wilberforce and Lord Grenville championed the bill in the House Of Common to abolish slavery. The billed was passed with a majority of 144 votes in favour and 15 against.

200 years has passed, but has slavery been effectively abolished ? It was indeed sad to note that, throughout the history of mankind, the practices of slavery has been evolved from the cruel form of simple trade and transportation of headcount into colonialism, territorial and economic expansions. And today, it has been evolved into racisms, human rights abuses, and impositions of intolerances and biases.

During the second world war, it was alleged that , the Japanese Imperial Army forced women in the invaded countries to become sex slaves for the pleasures of their armed personnel. In certain under developed countries, children are forced to become slaves for warlord to take up arms to fight in war zones. It has also been reported that young girls in certain cultures are being sold as young brides to wealthy pariah families. In some countries, children are sold to become beggars on the streets. And the list goes on.... I guess I am not wrong to also speculate that, there are also millions of people being deceived and force into living as slaves without payments or subject into torturous working conditions.

I guess in my life time, slavery will continue to evolve into more sophisticated form aided by politically correct manipulations. I doubt, the vocabulary of slavery can ever be completely erased from our painful and shameful memories in this life time. But, developed nations like Britain and United States of America, who happened to have the most adulterous history in the past for slavery, can do something about it now to educate the world on the injustices of this despicable human misdeeds against humanity. This unforgivable crime against humanity must be stopped !

The world is not looking for apologies from the descendants of slave traders, because no amount of apologies is going to right the previous wrongs, and no amount of apologies is going to comfort the sufferings of people affected by this despicable human misdeeds. Beside, why should we shame the innocent descendants of those slave traders ? These descendants did nothing wrong and has nothing to do with slavery. Britain and United States of America should acknowledge the guilts of their ancestors and pledged to take the leadership roles in the world to police, censure, and shame countries with poor human rights records, conduct racist policies, and involve in indirect slavery.

Britain and United States of America should provide funding to the United Nations to conduct education programs to eliminate future human injustices in the form of slavery, racism, and human rights degradations. Britain and United States of America should also provide funding to equip the United Nations with enforcement capabilities to bring the culprits to international courts so that justices can be served to mankind to prevent all form of mental, physical, cultural, religious, or racial slavery.

I hope one day we can all wake up to see smiling faces on every children all over the world, and every man and woman in the world live in dignity and pride regardless of their race, religion, culture, and creed. Until such time, let us all pray to the almighty to enlighten all men and women with the sanity to make this world a better place for our children. Let us all hope it will not take another 200 years to completely eliminate this cancerous human indencency.

Om Mani Padme Hum....... Namo Amithaba Buddha.......

Panties panties on the wall, who has the sexiest legs of them all ?

Legs ? I love sexy legs, especially the sexiest pairs !!!

When the stomach is full and life is surrounded with material satiations, values and perceptions go off tangent. And decadence became us! I have no intend to be philosophical about this aspect of life, but the truth of the matter is, I do enjoy occasional decadence lifestyles. Life is short, and I am not a monk or spiritual man, why should I confine myself to this self denial of earthly pleasures ? I am sicked and tired of the hypocrisy of established religions preaching biased morality. So, if you think my new inclination is haram or sinful, may I suggest you keep that opinion to yourselves ? I love to heavenize my earthly life now rather than living with perverted spiritual denials to claim my spiritual virgins in the afterlife.

Ahhh... that sinfully delicious and desirable Eva Longoria of Desperate housewives has been voted by Poll - Ahead magazine to have the Sexiest Legs in Hollywood. The other notable sexiest legs belonged to Matthew McConaughey, Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, and Beyonce Knowles.

Sorry for being naive, but what constitute sexy legs ? In another word, what measurement, weights, and vital statistics are needed to impose authoritative presentation of recognition ? I mean, I like "long legged" women, but at times, I also find woman with "short leg" temptationally sexy ! I was told, man with hairy legs is considered sexy, but woman with hairy legs is a turn off. Honest, I have yet to come into close encountered with a hairy leg woman, so, I am really not sure whether hairy legs women are sexy or otherwise. To be fair to all two legged creatures on the earth, maybe the Honourable Mr. Kim Hak-Su, the UN's Secretary General should direct his team of bureaucrats to draft a resolution for adopting a consistent standards of classifying and meriting legs.

As a teenage boy in the 70's, I used to think ( not erotic fantasy ) that Angie Dickenson aka Sgt. Leann Anderson of the TV series, Police Woman, had a pair of extremely sexy long legs. In the 80's, when Madonna gyrating to the tune of "Like a virgin", I went crazy with her legs. In addition to her singing talents, I do sincerely think Madonna has a pair of seductive legs. In the 90's, I was too busy working for the monies, so legs doesn't turned me on. As far as I am concern, any pair of legs, as long as it came wrapped in skirts, they are good legs and deserved my erotic admirations.

Ahh... I have finished my coffee but I have also digressed.... But whatever it is or will be, for now, I am actually having the urge to Google for Eva Longoria legs in the Internet to satisfy my curiosity for noble truth ! You have problem with that, God ? In the first place, you have created those sexy legs to temp me, so, whose fault is it ? Trying to test my religious commitments ? Come on, give me a break !!!

Namo Amithaba Buddha... Sein chai, sein chai...... Good NiteZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stop picking fights with bloggers...

I apologise for being a bit quiet and not updating my blog lately. I must confess, I am a bit lazy and easy the past few weeks. Instead of massaging my keyboard on my NX6320 notebook, I have been out executing mental masturbations by watching beautiful ladies, admiring the harmonic motions of their pairs of biological pendulums. Hmmm... mind you, it is sinfully stimulating and totally orgasmic to appreciate these creations of God wondering in mother natures. I don't know about you, but it does improve my work productivities and creativities.

Now back to my usual rantings.......

Malaysian bloggers are lairs ? It really amazed me to see the accumulated musings and rantings in private spaces can generate so much misguided hatreds and intolerances from screwed up wannabes. At least, that has been the bandwagoned agenda lashed out by unscrupulous politicians in the main stream media. Of late, there has been too many "Poly-tick-cians" ( multi faced blood sucking parasites ) farting noisy and smelly languages through their unwashed rear orifices. Sadly, these unconsciously incompetent and inferiority complexed politicians had waged uneducated and uncultured remarks against bloggers in Malaysia. We even have a con-lumninst from an "established" newspaper, who is unable to keep up with technological changes, attacking the IT saviness of bloggers. It sounds like a concerted efforts by politicians and media companies with declining support and readerships to discredit bloggers. Now, tell me with your sincere and truthful heart, who is having the hiddened agenda and ulterior motives ? Well, do I need to say more ?

Honestly, do I, as a blogger, really care about whether these farting idiots like my blog or my personality ? No, I really don't care ! At least, I do not need to prostitute my faked morality and righteousness for political survival and popularity. And I definitely do not need to constraint my thoughts to write in a premeditated media to comply to the hidden agenda of the "Editor-in-Thief" for 3 meals a day like a begger. After all, I am my own free man, and I am entitled to my little magnetic pulses in the Internet to amuse myself with my opinions and observations. That, my friends, according to the United Nations, is called the freedom of expressions and disseminations of information. For all it is worth, these farting idiots are nothing but a bunch of pseudo-educated subspecies. To imitate one uncultured politician, "90% of these idiots are clueless desperadoes with declining popularity, they used all sorts of methods to formulate lies, tell lies, and live in lies". My friends, truth be told ? I seriously doubt these idiots are capable of handling truths !

So, who are these idiots to judge bloggers' credibilities ? In the first place, majority of bloggers are highly educated and cultured people with articulated minds. Whether you like it or not, in my "biased" opinion, bloggers are a class above these poly-tick-cians and con-lumnists. Bloggers wrote what they observed, and they meant what they said - they are men and women of principles. And, definitely there are no incentives for them to tell lies !

Judge not others with our own ingrained stupidities. A sinner should never be allow to fake righteousness to cast stones on others to achieve perverted orgasms. Feeling the wonder of technologies through this standard 104 keys keyboard, I do wonder, why this world is full of mental retards incapable of appreciating the beauties of freedom of expressions and the economic values of free flow of information. Don't these idiots have the eyes to see and brains to embrace self respect to glorify justices and tolerances ?

Oh by the way, please leave the blogger alone........ You don't like what bloggers' wrote ? Please lah, don't read ! Don't you think you are intruding into private spaces uninvited? You keep clicking your mouse to search for the bloggers' pages, then you tell the whole world that you are offended by the contents of the blogs ? You want to pick fights with bloggers ? Go, go, go... you please go park your grievances seeking ventures elsewhere.

Such magnitude of perverted minds with immoral intention to oppress human rights and freedom of expression...... Expecting the whole world to acknowledge their rights for Freedom of Opressions ? To hell with these bloody perverts, I said, this is not a Mugabed country or Animal Farm! Stop picking fights with bloggers. May I remind you that the bloggers' keyboards are mightier than your pens ?

I rolled my eyes, I shake my head, I shake my head........

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is tough ?

A friend of mine used to tell me,
that, life is tough !
But on reflections,
how tough can life be ?
Life is, after all,
a simple four letter word !
Life is tough because we made it difficult
by drowning ourself
in our insatiable fears for uncertainties.

Live life today with a simple plot.
Let not fear for uncertainties thickened on tomorrow.
Why worry about tomorrow,
when today is all it matter ?
Are we in control of today or tomorrow ?
Why not manage today with the best of our abilities,
and let God destinate tomorrow ?

I would love to live life as an earnest soul,
with down to earth practicality.
I shall express my angers without fears and favours.
I shall dissipate my sorrows in meditation.
I shall share my joys with my loved ones.
I shall live life with a clear conscience and virtue.

I love my work.
I respect my family.
I enjoy the company of my friends
I appreciate good foods.
I admire beauties.
I am forever ready to live my live today.
So, my dear friend,
how tough can life be ?

Monday, March 19, 2007

The righteous people spoke again.....

Approximately 200 hundred demonstrators held a noisy demonstration outside the US Embassy on March 18 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, to protest the continued deployment of United States' troops in Iraq. The protestors also put up anti Bush posters and banners.

Four years ago, with the help of Iraqi, the USA's and British armies invaded Iraq and deposed the regime of Sadam Hussein.

The 200 hundred noisy demonstrators does not represent the views of majority of Malaysian. The fact is, the United States and British Armies are deployed in Iraq at the invitation of the present Iraqi Government. So, it is really none of our business to noisily demonstrating our biased perceptions and opinions to take side with the warring factions in Iraq. Majority of Malaysian would like to stay neutral, not to complicate the delicate situations, and let the Iraqi and United States governments implement their best strategies to curb violences and terrorisms in Iraq. The Iraqi government had seeked the deployment of United States troop in Iraq, so let us not meddled with the preferences of the Iraqi government and the internal affairs of Iraq. Frankly, it would do Iraqi a lot of good if the protestors can keep their misguided opinions and perceived grievances to themselves. Majority of Malaysians, in general, would like to remain as friends to the Americans and Iraqi. And majority of Malaysians sincerely hope the Iraqi government, with the help of United States and other nations, can resolved the lawlessness, to bring peace and prosperity to Iraq.

Let us keep the streets of Kuala Lumpur free of uneccessary demonstrations and noisy protests. Stop the kowpek kowbooism mentality. If those 200 hundred protests really have the uncontrollable urges to express their righteousness and grievances, I sincerely hope they can get their priorities rights by assembling in front of the Thai embassy to protest against the despicable and cowardice acts committed by the the terrorists in Southern Thailand against innocent, peaceful, and defenseless Buddhists. The violences in Southern Thailand are closer to the border of Malaysia. Please state your righteous and noisy stand to demand the Thai government to take tougher actions against those terrorists in southern Thailand. It really pained me to see those terrorists committing mass murders and criminal acts against my fellow innocent and peaceful Buddhists in southern Thailand.

May God bless Iraq with early return to peace and prosperity. And, may God punished those terrorists and those biased bastards who directly or indirectly supported the terrorists to commit violences and criminal acts. The world will be very peaceful if these perpectually misguided and intolerance grievances seekers can be completely wipe out from the face of earth and forever locked in Hell.

Blessed are the peace keepers !!!! Namo Amithaba Buddha.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

All bloggers are liars ?

For the past 2 weeks, I had been on medications on and off to combat the sore throats, fevers, coughts, etc. I have also been on medical leave on and off during the same period to recuperate from the unknown virus attacks. My head is a still bit cloggy, but I am still rational....

Today, I was resting at home and do some quick readings of news materials. This little statement caught my attention :

”All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.”

Hmmm... this sounds like a mouthful of hatreds from an attention seeker. And this statement came from a Minister who was once served with Bankruptcy notice by Aseam Credit Sdn Bhd ( Subsidiary of Malayan Banking Berhad). Anyway, I would like to give him the benefit of doubt, I believe he is describing his own profession - in this case, it would be more appropriate for him to replace the word "
bloggers" with the word "politicians" in the above statement.

So said the Minister. I don't wish to know his farting name or whcih insignificant ministry he is from. Does is really matter what is his farting name and farting ministry ? Of late, there has been too many unconciously incompetent mental retards competing with each other trying to fart louder than the rest. They seemed to enjoy the irritating smells from their decandence orifices and the absurdity that the farting noises can gain them political popularity. This is sickening !!!!!

I wonder where he gets the statistics. From the Department of Statistic or the research team from his Ministry ? Whatever it is, he is hoplessly misguided and intellectually incapable to derive rational conclusions. With that kind of uncultured and ignorant statement, it makes me wonder who is the real LIAR all this while.

So, will there ever be a righteous representative from the New Shit Times rising from among the asses, bearing the torches of faked righteousness to sue the farting minister for defaming Malaysian bloggers ?

Bloggers are not journalists or columnists, they just want to have their little storage spaces in the internet to write their personal observations, conclusions, experiences, and opnions. Stop calling bloggers liars or giving negative insinuations. Deep within your hearts, aren't you looking at the mirror and describing your own reflections ? To all the assholes out there, all these while, all bloggers have been behaving like true ladies and gentlemen, stop picking fight with bloggers ! Try to have a little decency to respect freedom of experessions and truths. You have problems with that ?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A prostituted Japan ?

The 40's is probably one of the saddest decade in human civilizations. Those botak head generals and their shorties in their pangsai uniform from the funny shape countries declared wars on almost every countries in Asia in the name of Greater Economic Co Prosperities. For the following few years, many countries in Asia were conquered, even the mighty British's unsinkable warships are sank by the these brilliant botak heads and their kamikaze pilots, and the British flee with tails between their legs.

These botak head generals and their soldiers are from Nippon, the land of the rising sun. With their emperor being revered as God, the soldiers are not only soldiers, but blind fanatical believers of faith. Lucky the botak head generals did not promised their soldiers dozen of virgins in eternity, otherwise, they may even crossed the pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans to conquer Europe, America, Africa, and the rest of the world.

But the botak head generals did provide prostitutes services for their funny little short fellasin uniform, and in terms of logistic and practicality, there are just not enough Japanese women to be embedded in the occupied territories for sexual pleasures. Beside, during the 40's, with due respect, Japanese women are not so good looking as motivator for the war hungry soldiers. So, many Asian womens are captured and forced and coerced into prostitution by the Japanese Imperial Army. In Asia, there are still too many unmarked mass graves to uncovered and to many atrocities and barbaric acts to be documented. Whether we like it or not, these barbaric acts are conducted by the invading armies.

It was sad, indeed very sad, for the American to resort to drop 2 atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to let the Japanese Emperor and his botak head generals know that if they do not stop their attrocities and aggressions, more atomic bombs would be dropped into their doorsteps and villages. The Emperor ( he is not God after all) and his fearsome botak heads general quickly felled on their bended knees with shrinked balls to surrender unconditionally. So, it took a western country to save many Asian countries from the evils that is from within the region.

But it was indeed also very sad to see so many women from Asia are still living with the ghosts of the past, emotionally scared, are are still unable to let go of the pains of their sufferings of being forced into prostitutions by the Japanese soldiers. The previous prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi has apologized on the war crimes of sexual slavery. The present Japanese government should follow-up with further actions to compensate the surviving "comfort women" and appropriate "community program" to restore hope and friendships in the affected countries. However, it was very sad that, the present highest level of Japanese government has been regressing by creating doubts on the existence of war crimes committed by previous generation of Japanese.

Japan's present wealths are built on the ill gotten war loots from their previous generation. This is my believe. Am I wrong to make this assumption ? So the right things for Japan to do is to compensate the victims with part of her wealths to lessen the sufferings of the victims and to lessen the burden of her guilts. Unless of course, if Japan has no sense of guilts or remorse ! Then, go ahead, make all the denials, and alter the documentations of history... But beware, those who control the present may control the past, but those who altered the past may drive their own race into a future of insanity!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Civil servants not getting enough salaries ?

First, the Umno Youth Complaint Bureau's Chairman said that the government is not doing enough to create more jobs for the bumiputra graduates. And, he also suggested to the government to enforce 30% job quota in the private sector for bumiputras.

Now, the President of Cuepacs ( labour union for civil servants ), Omar Osman, hinted the civil servants are not getting enough pay and would refuse over time work, because they can work part time in private sector to get better compensation. Is this guy for real. Is he hinting that, we need to pay civil servant across the board higher salaries to encourage them to put in the little bit of extra efforts to render service excellence ?

God, who owes them a living ? kanlinlowboo... Everyday kowpek kowboooooo.

Malaysia has a low population of approximately 26 million people, but despite many major privatization of essential services, the tax payers are still burdened with 1.2 million civil servants, which works out to the ratio of 1 civil servant to 21 citizen. Omar said civil servants are reluctant to perform overtime work because the compensations are not attractive enough compared to private sector ? What a big joke ! By right, with that high ratio of 1:21, there shouldn't be any need for overtime work at all, and there shouldn't be any delay in delivery of government services at all. In fact, all their work should be completed within working hours, and if need be, the working hours should be reduced to save administrative overheads such as electricity, water, utilities, etc. They can not finished their work during office hours ? What have they been doing in the office ? peeling ikan bilis and kangkong ? gossiping politics ?

I am not a work flow expert, but as a tax payer, I find it unacceptable for the continuous lame excuses put up by the civil servants union to seek higher compensations by claiming improved productivity and comparing their compensation packages with the private sectors. Honestly, has there been any slight improvement in civil servant productivity ? with the current ratio, I don't think so ! Perhaps, when the ration is improved to say, 1: 100, then maybe the civil servants can stake claim of their improve productivity.

Another fallacy always put forward by Cuepac is, "employee in private sector get better pay than civil servant". Now, let be honest about this claim. Has there really been any audited and conclusive reports by independent study groups to stake this claim ? NO, no... and NO. Not that I am aware of. All these kowpek Kowboo civil servants are biasedly quoting figures from their god-knows-what sources to sinfully attempt to justify for higher salaries.

By claiming the reasons of unable to make ends meet, irrelevant productivity indicators, and selective comparison with private sector's compensation package to seek higher compensation package, the civil servants are indirectly using emotions to threaten Malaysians and conducting economic blackmailing. This irresponsible and ungrateful attitude must stop.

I personally know many hard working civil servants who work their butts out and are unselfishly committed to the professionalism demanded from their positions. These committed professional civil servants never demand higher compensations, because they know, their positions demand them to fulfill their obligations of national service and genuine productivity. To all those unhappy civil servants, the grass is always greener on the other side, if you felt that you are beinh shortchanged in the government services, please resign now to join the private sectors, rather than hogging on to the vacancies that other patriotic Malaysians are willing to fill. Please lah, stop making all those irritating noises, let's take the challenge, resign now to join the private sector !

How green was my grass ? I have this to say to you.... Stop complaining that you are getting not enough salary. Be thankful, at least you still have a job. When your salary is not enough, please try to live within your means. If you made less than RM2000 a month, tried not to impress other with your potential to live like a king. I have no problem eating chapfun everyday, what makes you think that you must given the special priviledge to dine in upmarket restaurants to impress the less fortunates ?

Friday, March 02, 2007

A sick teacher's tale from China......

The following article is reproduced from Get well soon, Dou-san..

Sick teacher's tale melts many hearts
By Huang Zhiling (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-02-27 09:32

CHENGDU: None of Dou Hongbo's students were aware that their teacher suffered from anemia until he collapsed in the middle of a lecture on January 8.

The prognosis was not good. Dou's condition was so advanced that a kidney transplant was judged his only hope, but the costly procedure was more or less out of reach for someone living on the teacher's meagre salary.

That was when news of his condition started to spread, eventually inspiring a wave of kindness that reached its peak during the Spring Festival holiday, as local people flooded Dou's hospital room with flowers, fruits and food and what appears to be enough money to pay for his operation.

"I feel better than before Spring Festival and can walk now thanks to all the support from the public," said the 25-year-old teacher.

Dou teaches Chinese language, ethics and sports for fifth graders at Luqing Village Primary School in Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County. He also teaches sports to second, third and fourth graders.

"The school's students are poor. Mr Dou has given money to many students to help them pay for their expenses and workbooks," said Peng Weihong, a fourth-grader at the school.

"To save money, he doesn't eat breakfast and gives his lunch to poor students," said Peng, who had traveled for 10 hours along a mountain path to see her teacher before the lunar new year.

Several months ago, students noticed that Dou had started carrying a little brown bottle around with him. Whenever he coughed, he would have a drink from it. They assumed that the bottle contained some kind of soft drink. It was not until Dou fainted early last month did they find out that the bottle contained traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhong Ling, chief of the Department of Kidney-related Diseases at No 2 Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical College in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, where Dou is being treated, said severe anemia had caused Dou's kidneys to fail and a transplant would be his biggest hope of survival.

But the operation, which costs hundreds of thousands of yuan, was out of Dou's reach. With a monthly salary of only 700 (about $90), he has to support a wife and seven-month-old daughter.

Luqing is a poor village more than 40 kilometers from the county seat. But that did not stop students from Peng's class from traveling a long distance to sell corn and eggs at the market to raise more than 1,000 yuan ($128) to help pay for Dou's medical fees.

"Mr Dou must have got sick because he works so hard. There are fewer than 10 teachers at the school, and more than 400 students. He had to teach more than 20 classes each week," Peng said.

Local media picked up the story of Dou's illness and his students' efforts to help their teacher, and the news touched the hearts of countless readers when it was published in the middle of this month.

On February 13, local media launched a fund-raising campaign in Chongqing. Anyone who wanted to contribute to the effort to help Dou could send a short message that cost 10 yuan ($1.3) via mobile phone.

The scale of the public response to the campaign came as something of a surprise. Within three days, donations from short message senders amounted to 400,000 yuan ($51,282), which was enough to cover Dou's medical expenses, according to Xie Gangjin, headmaster of Dou's school.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Discriminations ! He said.....

The Umno Youth Complaints Bureau's Chairman Datuk Subahan Kamal has accused the Ministry of Human Resources of not doing enough to help Bumiputra graduates to secure employments in the private sector. According to him, some Bumiputra have to resort to driving taxis to earn a living. He also alleged discrimination against Bumiputras by Giant Hypermarket in Shah Alam. He has also asked the Ministry to enforce a 30% quota for bumiputras employee in the private sector.

Although I know UMNO is a very influential Malay political party in Malaysia. But, as a Malaysian, I do felt very hurt by the insensitive demands made by UMNO. After 50 years of independent, we are still resorting to racial politic to make demand. Personally, with due respect to all Malaysians, I would like to view UMNO's demand as reckless and irresponsible. By insisting on private sector also giving preferential treatments based on race is discriminatory and racist.

The pot calling the kettle black ? But again, with modern cooking gas and washing liquids, the pot and kettle resting in the modern kitchen can also be bloody shinny all the times. I rolled my eyes and shaked my head.......

The funny things is, when I go to Giant Hyper mart in Subang Jaya, I do see a lot of Sabahans working there. Aren't this Sabahan also Bumiputras ? or do we now have different classes of Bumiputra ? Of course, I also notice a substantial number of foreigners (I believe they are mostly Pakistanis and Bangladeshis ) working in the hyper mart. But these foreigners basically took up jobs that most Malaysians are reluctant to take up. We should be grateful to all these foreigners ! For they are also contributed significantly to Malaysia's economic miracles. Let us not now discriminate them simply because there are some Malaysians now want their jobs back. So what are the issues here ? Oh yah... silly me, general elections is coming soon.... there are always wannabe emerging from nowhere to seek political popularity.....

The Umno Youth Complaints Bureau's Chairman claimed that many Bumiputra graduates resort to driving Taxis. But, what's wrong with becoming a Taxi driver ? After all, it is an honorable profession. I once took a taxi in an oversea country, the taxi driver was a graduate with Master degree. He see it as a honourable way to gain legitimate income to support his family. I believed, to live an ethical life, there must be mutual respect for other people professions. Please, in your eagerness to glare your racist intents, do not degrade other professions. Beside, how many Bumiputera graduates are Taxi Drivers ? Honestly, tell us HOW MANY.

How about the plights of all other unemployed "Malaysian" graduates ? Wouldn't it be better to use your political knowledge working with the industries and the Ministry to map out strategies to help all unemployed Malaysian graduates to gain employable new skills and qualifications ? Why it always has to be shameless and selfish rent seeking parasitic demands and blaming the private sectors for the country's mismatch of economic resources ?

By August 31st 2007, Malaysia will be 50 years old. A middle age nation in an increasingly competitive world. To ensure our Jalur Gemilang continues to wave with pride in the world, our mindsets has to change ! We have to work as a single TEAM Malaysia, not TEAM MELAYU, Not TEAM CINA, Not TEAM INDIA, not TEAM MAMAK, etc... All those uncultured mentality of rent seeking and grievance seeking must stop. Otherwise, we will end up as a mugabed nation shouting to be an international champion among the pariahs.

Malaysia happens to be a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, for a start, maybe all those shameless wannabe politicians should take a course in understanding the basic documents and declarations of the United Nations Human Rights Council, understand it, and practice it in Malaysia. 50 years....... was it 50 years of nation building ? was it 50 years of rent seeking ? was it 50 years of grievances seeking ? was it 50 years of racist demanding ? I don't know.... you tell me.....

I hate racists.... Does that made me unpatriotic and less Malaysian ? My sincere apology, if opinions expressed in this posting offended your sensitivity.