Monday, March 26, 2007

Slavery, has it been abolished ?

I watched the special BBC program on the Astro network yesterday evening on slavery conducted by "Great" Britain more than 200 years ago. It was an interesting program.

On March 25th 1807, Charles Fox, William Wilberforce and Lord Grenville championed the bill in the House Of Common to abolish slavery. The billed was passed with a majority of 144 votes in favour and 15 against.

200 years has passed, but has slavery been effectively abolished ? It was indeed sad to note that, throughout the history of mankind, the practices of slavery has been evolved from the cruel form of simple trade and transportation of headcount into colonialism, territorial and economic expansions. And today, it has been evolved into racisms, human rights abuses, and impositions of intolerances and biases.

During the second world war, it was alleged that , the Japanese Imperial Army forced women in the invaded countries to become sex slaves for the pleasures of their armed personnel. In certain under developed countries, children are forced to become slaves for warlord to take up arms to fight in war zones. It has also been reported that young girls in certain cultures are being sold as young brides to wealthy pariah families. In some countries, children are sold to become beggars on the streets. And the list goes on.... I guess I am not wrong to also speculate that, there are also millions of people being deceived and force into living as slaves without payments or subject into torturous working conditions.

I guess in my life time, slavery will continue to evolve into more sophisticated form aided by politically correct manipulations. I doubt, the vocabulary of slavery can ever be completely erased from our painful and shameful memories in this life time. But, developed nations like Britain and United States of America, who happened to have the most adulterous history in the past for slavery, can do something about it now to educate the world on the injustices of this despicable human misdeeds against humanity. This unforgivable crime against humanity must be stopped !

The world is not looking for apologies from the descendants of slave traders, because no amount of apologies is going to right the previous wrongs, and no amount of apologies is going to comfort the sufferings of people affected by this despicable human misdeeds. Beside, why should we shame the innocent descendants of those slave traders ? These descendants did nothing wrong and has nothing to do with slavery. Britain and United States of America should acknowledge the guilts of their ancestors and pledged to take the leadership roles in the world to police, censure, and shame countries with poor human rights records, conduct racist policies, and involve in indirect slavery.

Britain and United States of America should provide funding to the United Nations to conduct education programs to eliminate future human injustices in the form of slavery, racism, and human rights degradations. Britain and United States of America should also provide funding to equip the United Nations with enforcement capabilities to bring the culprits to international courts so that justices can be served to mankind to prevent all form of mental, physical, cultural, religious, or racial slavery.

I hope one day we can all wake up to see smiling faces on every children all over the world, and every man and woman in the world live in dignity and pride regardless of their race, religion, culture, and creed. Until such time, let us all pray to the almighty to enlighten all men and women with the sanity to make this world a better place for our children. Let us all hope it will not take another 200 years to completely eliminate this cancerous human indencency.

Om Mani Padme Hum....... Namo Amithaba Buddha.......

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