Monday, March 19, 2007

The righteous people spoke again.....

Approximately 200 hundred demonstrators held a noisy demonstration outside the US Embassy on March 18 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, to protest the continued deployment of United States' troops in Iraq. The protestors also put up anti Bush posters and banners.

Four years ago, with the help of Iraqi, the USA's and British armies invaded Iraq and deposed the regime of Sadam Hussein.

The 200 hundred noisy demonstrators does not represent the views of majority of Malaysian. The fact is, the United States and British Armies are deployed in Iraq at the invitation of the present Iraqi Government. So, it is really none of our business to noisily demonstrating our biased perceptions and opinions to take side with the warring factions in Iraq. Majority of Malaysian would like to stay neutral, not to complicate the delicate situations, and let the Iraqi and United States governments implement their best strategies to curb violences and terrorisms in Iraq. The Iraqi government had seeked the deployment of United States troop in Iraq, so let us not meddled with the preferences of the Iraqi government and the internal affairs of Iraq. Frankly, it would do Iraqi a lot of good if the protestors can keep their misguided opinions and perceived grievances to themselves. Majority of Malaysians, in general, would like to remain as friends to the Americans and Iraqi. And majority of Malaysians sincerely hope the Iraqi government, with the help of United States and other nations, can resolved the lawlessness, to bring peace and prosperity to Iraq.

Let us keep the streets of Kuala Lumpur free of uneccessary demonstrations and noisy protests. Stop the kowpek kowbooism mentality. If those 200 hundred protests really have the uncontrollable urges to express their righteousness and grievances, I sincerely hope they can get their priorities rights by assembling in front of the Thai embassy to protest against the despicable and cowardice acts committed by the the terrorists in Southern Thailand against innocent, peaceful, and defenseless Buddhists. The violences in Southern Thailand are closer to the border of Malaysia. Please state your righteous and noisy stand to demand the Thai government to take tougher actions against those terrorists in southern Thailand. It really pained me to see those terrorists committing mass murders and criminal acts against my fellow innocent and peaceful Buddhists in southern Thailand.

May God bless Iraq with early return to peace and prosperity. And, may God punished those terrorists and those biased bastards who directly or indirectly supported the terrorists to commit violences and criminal acts. The world will be very peaceful if these perpectually misguided and intolerance grievances seekers can be completely wipe out from the face of earth and forever locked in Hell.

Blessed are the peace keepers !!!! Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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