Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That flower of Life....

I wondered into the small garden,
the morning air is indeed refreshing.

I see you waltzing in the gentle morning breeze.
"Sir, am I beautiful this morning", you said
Yes indeed you are !

On this small pot you made your stand.

In silent you endured my previous scorns,
while you struggle to grow.
Finally, you have blossomed,

no words can described my delights.

But for how long will this fragile blossom last ?

Would you consider one week an eternity ?
I admired your enthusiasm and spirit.
Despite the expectation of short cycle of life,
you displayed splendid radiance,
and beautiful colours,
against the morning sun,

to please and be appreciated.

As I gently touch your soft petals,

the essence of your fragrance
touched my heart.

Life is such a splendour seasonality.
In anticipation of end to life,
you celebrated life to come.
You displayed gritty beauty in simplicity.

With tears in my eyes,

I now understand the meaning of life.

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