Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A prostituted Japan ?

The 40's is probably one of the saddest decade in human civilizations. Those botak head generals and their shorties in their pangsai uniform from the funny shape countries declared wars on almost every countries in Asia in the name of Greater Economic Co Prosperities. For the following few years, many countries in Asia were conquered, even the mighty British's unsinkable warships are sank by the these brilliant botak heads and their kamikaze pilots, and the British flee with tails between their legs.

These botak head generals and their soldiers are from Nippon, the land of the rising sun. With their emperor being revered as God, the soldiers are not only soldiers, but blind fanatical believers of faith. Lucky the botak head generals did not promised their soldiers dozen of virgins in eternity, otherwise, they may even crossed the pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans to conquer Europe, America, Africa, and the rest of the world.

But the botak head generals did provide prostitutes services for their funny little short fellasin uniform, and in terms of logistic and practicality, there are just not enough Japanese women to be embedded in the occupied territories for sexual pleasures. Beside, during the 40's, with due respect, Japanese women are not so good looking as motivator for the war hungry soldiers. So, many Asian womens are captured and forced and coerced into prostitution by the Japanese Imperial Army. In Asia, there are still too many unmarked mass graves to uncovered and to many atrocities and barbaric acts to be documented. Whether we like it or not, these barbaric acts are conducted by the invading armies.

It was sad, indeed very sad, for the American to resort to drop 2 atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to let the Japanese Emperor and his botak head generals know that if they do not stop their attrocities and aggressions, more atomic bombs would be dropped into their doorsteps and villages. The Emperor ( he is not God after all) and his fearsome botak heads general quickly felled on their bended knees with shrinked balls to surrender unconditionally. So, it took a western country to save many Asian countries from the evils that is from within the region.

But it was indeed also very sad to see so many women from Asia are still living with the ghosts of the past, emotionally scared, are are still unable to let go of the pains of their sufferings of being forced into prostitutions by the Japanese soldiers. The previous prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi has apologized on the war crimes of sexual slavery. The present Japanese government should follow-up with further actions to compensate the surviving "comfort women" and appropriate "community program" to restore hope and friendships in the affected countries. However, it was very sad that, the present highest level of Japanese government has been regressing by creating doubts on the existence of war crimes committed by previous generation of Japanese.

Japan's present wealths are built on the ill gotten war loots from their previous generation. This is my believe. Am I wrong to make this assumption ? So the right things for Japan to do is to compensate the victims with part of her wealths to lessen the sufferings of the victims and to lessen the burden of her guilts. Unless of course, if Japan has no sense of guilts or remorse ! Then, go ahead, make all the denials, and alter the documentations of history... But beware, those who control the present may control the past, but those who altered the past may drive their own race into a future of insanity!


Anonymous said...

Japan reiterates sex slave stance
The Japanese government has stirred further controversy by again saying it had found no evidence that Asian women were forced to be wartime sex slaves.

The statement was made in response to a question from an opposition lawmaker.

PM Shinzo Abe sparked anger overseas earlier this month when he said there was no evidence women were "coerced" into World War II military brothels.

The US ambassador to Japan has disputed Mr Abe's comments, saying there appears to be clear evidence of coercion.

Thomas Schieffer said he took the word of three women who recently told the US Congress of their experiences being kidnapped by Japanese troops and turned into sexual slaves.

"I think they were coerced, that means they were raped by the Japanese military," he said. "I think the events speak for themselves."

Mr Schieffer said he hoped Tokyo would continue to stand by a 1993 apology, which acknowledged that the military set up and ran brothels for its troops during the war.

Some conservatives want the apology to be softened, arguing that the women were professional prostitutes who were paid for their services and that private contractors rather than the military were responsible for any abuses.

Many historians say Japan compelled up to 200,000 women - many of them from China and Korea as well as the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan - to become sex slaves during the war.

Unequivocal apology sought

The Japanese government statement said it "had not come across anything recorded in the materials it has found that directly shows so-called "coercion" on the part of the military or constituted authorities".

The statement was made as a result of a query by opposition lawmaker Kiyomi Tsujimoto.

Earlier this month, Mr Abe made similar comments, telling reporters "there was no evidence to prove there was coercion as initially suggested".

He was speaking in response to a non-binding resolution before the US House of Representatives which calls for Tokyo to make an unequivocal apology over the army's use of so-called comfort women.

Mr Abe's remarks drew sharp criticism from China and South Korea in particular.

However, the Japanese prime minister has said he continues to stand by the 1993 apology, which was made by the then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/03/16 11:25:22 GMT


Anonymous said...

TOKYO, March 26 (Xinhua) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Monday apologized "as the prime minister" to the wartime sex slaves.

"I am apologizing here and now as the prime minister," Abe told a parliamentary committee in response to a question by a lawmaker from the Japanese Communist Party.

The premier renewed his vow to stick to a 1993 statement made by the then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono, who officially acknowledged and apologized for the fact that Japan forced women from other Asian countries to be sex slaves for its soldiers during World War II.

"I feel sympathy for the people who underwent hardships, and I apologize for the fact that they were placed in this situation at the time," Abe said.

Earlier this month, the Japanese prime minister denied there was any evidence to establish that Japan's military authorities or government officials were directly involved in forced sex slavery during World War II, which immediately drew international criticism and concern.

An estimated 200,000 women were forced to serve as sex slaves for Japanese forces during World War II, and most of them came from countries invaded by Japan at the time.