Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday monring's Coffee Prayer....

grant me the determination
to accept the coffee
which some health fanatics condemned,
courage to reject
other awful healthy beverages,
and wisdom
to know the difference
between stout and black coffee,
accepting coffee
as a pathway to enlightenment,
taking, as I did,
this sinful sweetness as it is,
and the usual
aromatic fragrant as I would have it,
trusting that You will make all things right,
if I surrender to this addictions,
so that I may be reasonably happy in this morning
and supremely happy with the rest of the day.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Who let this monkey out ?

Wow ! The member of parliament for Rantau Panjang, Abdul Fatah Harun, is so obsessed with Divorcee that he went all the the way to parliament to stake his claim that divorcees are Gatal ( Gatal – A malay word for itchiness, or promiscuos in English language ). Abdul “Gatal” Harun is a member of the Malaysia's Islamic Party.
It goes to show that a misguided soul can be so insensitive to make unqualified judgement based on personal biases. On psychological point of view, maybe he was brought up in a environment of hatreds and lack of respects for women. But, it is of no concern to me if he want to indirectly inform the the public that the womenfolks in his life is of the promiscuous type. For that matter, he can also shout this derogatory remarks to his mother, wife ( perhaps wives), and daughter in the privacy of his own home. That is his privileges. But when he tried to impose his personal biased opinion in the parliament, that is of concern to me ! Because, as a tax payer, I contributed to his monthly allowances and the upkeep of the parliament of Malaysia. And, as a matter of principle, it is disgraceful for a human being to take money without shame and yet felt it is alright to use his ass to fart smelly languages. I simply can not understand how such a narrow minded and ill informed person can gain entry into the parliament of Malaysia.

One have to appreciate that, when a marriage relationship is ended, it is usually the “fault” of both the husband and wife. A third party should not indulge in making unqualified judgement of who causes the failed marriage relationship. And it is equally uncultured and disrespectful to make derogatory remarks against a party simply because they choose to keep silence.

What is wrong for a divorcee to dress attractively, socialize, make new friends, and to seek attention of opposite sex friends ? To the likes of Abdul Gatals, you have problems with that ? Please shove your misguided morality to where it belongs – your ass ! Please wake up ! This is 21st century. Have a life. You want to glorified the glorious way of the 7th century ? Then do what you preached – Go live in the Jungle and cohabitate with the monkeys ( it is called monyet in local language ). Perhaps, maybe the monkeys will beat their chests together with you and shout the same language of morality.

To those misguided inferiority complexed man like Abdul Gatal out there, Let me put forward to you this question. If your wife dress smartly and attractively when going out to meet friends, but dress shabilly ( as in Sarong and old T-shirt ) when at home, does that qualified your wife to be "gatal” also ?

A woman has the rights to dress how she wants to be dressed. It is her rights ! It is of no concern to you. If you think she is too sexy and can't take it, then go home and look at your own wife, and make whatever derogatory remarks you want in the privacy of your home. Please don't imposed your substandard morality judgement on her !

A Gigolo has higher morality then a Prostitute ?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yesterday Once More ?

Dear Religion of Love.......
Your followers are cruel.
They propagate hatreds.
They killed innocent men, women, teenagers, and childrens.
In your name, they commit barbaric terrorisms.....

Dear Religion of Peace.....
Your followers kidnapped and murdered peacemakers.
They show no respect for humanity.
Murders, hates, revenge, and retaliations are the way of life.
In your name, they commit barbaric wars.......

Dear Religion of Tolerance....
Your followers demonstrate no respect for others.
They murder followers of other faiths
They destroy places of worships
In your name, they commit intolerances to other religions....

Dear Religion of....
I sincerely do not understand,
I sincerely do not know how long you can perpetuate this deceits.
Your preachings have been BLOODY inconsistent with your actions.
What does Love, Peace, and Tolerance meant to you ?
Minds of the uneducated are poisoned.
Insanities are created all over the world.
Your hungers for violences and instabilities are insatiable.
Are you a satanic cult or a so claimed established religion ?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely ?
If you, the GOD, is so powerful as claimed by your followers,
Aren't you the most corrupted being in this world ?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Untitled Life....

In the stillness of the night,
staring aimlessly into my computer,
surfing through the cyberspace,
and my mind wondering back into the past....

Flipping through the traces of memories,
I see the faces and hearts of places and people.
I see the desperations, the hopelessness,
the anxieties, the injustices, the paradoxes,......

I felt the breeze of bitter winds,
the betrayals, lies, deceits, and the broken promises.

I felt the tiredness of perpetual struggles,
to maintain acquired material comforts and wealths.
The unbearable weights of responsibilities,
and conscience of my obligations,
stretching every tissue of my muscles.....
God, I am indeed a very tired man.

I have made enough for today.
I shall have a cigarette of contented enjoyment,
and a cup of hot coffee to aromatize my senses.
I look forward to tomorrow.
I know, tomorrow, I shall live my life even better....

Good night.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bra Bra Breast-sheet in China....

" Bra Bra Breast-sheet,
Have you any wools,
Yes sir, yes sir three bags full,
One for my mistress, and
one for the little girl......."
Looks like the little girl has grown up with bigger...


With all due respect, I have no intention to be labelled a sexist or being a male chauvinistic pig.. But, out of amusement, I do find this article interesting. While the breast size are getting bigger for Chinese women, it is a real challenge for the bra makers to make it skimpier to hold the bigger breasts in the name of eroticisms and sexisms..........

Honestly speaking, when come to cup sizes, I am a very ignorant man. At least, after reading this article, I am now cock sure that E-cup is bigger then A-cup. Previously, being academically inclined, I thought A-cup is better and of higher grade than E-cup....
Out of curiosity, can anybody tell me how small is A-cup size, and how big is E-cup size ?
Hmm... an ignorantly naughty man!

Bra producers bust out D cups as breasts grow
Chen Liying, Shanghai Daily

A RECENT report suggesting Chinese women are growing larger breast made headlines around the country, but it wasn't news to bra makers, many of whom have been producing larger cup sizes for the last year. Some underwear companies have even created sub-brands specializing in larger bra sizes. Most lingerie companies say they started producing the larger bras within the last year. Hong Kong-based Embry Group, for instance, began reacting to the trend last year by halting production of small-sized bras for some of its product lines. "We don't produce A-cups for some bras with larger chest circumference now as demand is low," said Li Na, an official with Embry, which has counters in most of Shanghai's department stores. "At the same time, we increased production of C, D and E-cup products and also found sales booming," she said. Zhang Jing, a saleswoman with the Triumph brand at Landmark Plaza said she's surprised to find many women under the age of 20 need bras with C, D or even E-cups. "It's so different from the past when most young women would wear A- or B-cup bras," she said. "You will never expect those thin women to have such nice figures if they are not plastic." Taiwanese underwear brand Ordifen is another to act quickly. Feng Wei, an official with the Ordifen's design, development and research department, said the company began making more C-cup products last year based on sales feedback and an internal survey. "We make and sell products differently in various areas based on data collected in those places," said Feng. "For a time we only made A and B-cup bras for many categories of products but now C-cups have become a major focus especially in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing." While there are no numbers to prove breast are growing quicker in large cities than underdeveloped areas, many salespeople say they have noticed that trend. As sales of larger bras are busting out, Embry opened special counters for its bigger-cup bras under the sub-brand Comfort in February and is planning to set more of such outlets around the nation. The Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology released a report last week saying the average chest circumference of Chinese woman has hit 83.53 centimeters, up nearly 1cm from the early 1990s. The growth trend is credited to women eating more nutritiously and taking part in more sports.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tun Ghafar Baba Passed Away

Tun Ghafar Baba (1925 - 2006), the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, passed away peacefully at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre on April 23rd 2006. The late Tun Ghafar Baba was 81 years old. He body is buried at the Royal Mausoleum on the same day with full national honour.
Rest in Peace, Sir.
May God bless your soul.

The Religion Of Love

Love, compassion, empathy and tolerance--under the pressures of modern life, these qualities have all but disappeared. Through Her loving embrace and charitable activities, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (affectionately known as Amma or Mother) is healing the heart of the world, rekindling love and mutual respect, and awakening people to their fundamental oneness.

Through Her extraordinary acts of love and self-sacrifice, Amma has endeared Herself to millions. Tenderly caressing everyone who comes to Her, holding them close to Her heart in a loving embrace, Amma shares boundless love with all. Be they young or old, sick or healthy, rich or poor--everyone who comes to Her receives the same unconditional love.

Amma's compassion crosses all barriers of nationality, race, caste and religion. She has initiated a vast network of charitable activities, which is drawing attention throughout the world. At the root of these services lies Amma's teaching that the Divine exists in everything--in every person, plant and animal. Perceiving this unity is the essence of spirituality and the means by which to end all suffering. It is through this simple, yet powerful message that Amma is transforming our world, one embrace at a time. In the past 33 years, Amma has physically embraced more than 24 million people.

Amma's teachings are universal. Whenever She is asked about Her religion, She replies that Her religion is Love.

She does not ask anyone to believe in God or to change their faith, but only to inquire into their own real nature and to believe in themselves.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Cowboy Justice

Property Owners Beware

It was reported recently that the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry is proposing a new law to held property owner responsible for criminal activities carry-out by the tenants. I believe this new law is specifically targetted to eradicate the rampant infringement of Music and movies' copyrights.

The motivation for drafting and proposing this new law is due to the inability of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry to curb the rampant pirating activities. This intention of curbing copyrights infringement is a noble gesture. The artists, actors, actresses, and the industries needs to be protected and assured of their returns on investments are not robbed by unscrupulous criminals.

I disagreed with the cowboy styled proposition that, because the premise is owned by the property owners, therefore, they must be held responsible and punished for the criminal activities of the tenants. The fact is, which criminal will honestly declared to the property owner that he is renting the premise for illegal activities ?

Why can't the enforcement agencies evaluate and audit their enforcement activities to analyze their failures to curb criminal activities objectively. Was it because of corruptions of certain enforcement officers ? Was it because the punishments for offenders are inadequate ? Was it because of the incompetencies of the enforcement agencies ? Was it the criminals are smarter and then the enforcement agencies ? Why not shutting down the internet because there are also uncontrollable illegal “file sharing” of games, music, and movies ? The point here is, the whole process of enforcement operations needs to be critically evaluated and revamped to adapt to the changing environment to fight against this lucrative industry of copyrights infridgements. In short, there need to be a better strategy and approach to counter piracy activities. Do not abuse the law to wrongly criminalized innocent parties.

Going after innocent property owners is a convenient way of passing the bucks to blame the innocents. Please bear in mind that, the property owners also invested thousands of Ringgits, and they are also victims to these criminal activities. If the relevant ministries want to take the easy way to pass the blames to the property owners, then would the same ministries accord the property owners the same rights sue the affected enforcement agencies for their incompetency and inability to curb piracy ? Should they property owners also be given the rights to sue the city hall or local town councils for providing infrastructural supports and utility services that make it easy for these copyrights criminal to operate their illegal activities ?
Why not also drafting a law to held the property owners reponsible if their tenants conduct indecent sexual acts in the rented premises.

Stupid is as stupid does. I guess property owners should now seriously consider liquidating the investment in real estate, otherwise they may endup being punished for unknowingly letting out their premises for whatever illegal activities carryout by the tenants.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Making the most of the best and brightests

The writer for the article, Making the most of the best and brightest, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, is a Member of Parliament for Kota Baru, Kelantan, Malaysia.
First and foremost, I respected his candid opinions on lack of meritocracies in a chauvinisticaly regulated environment adopted in Malaysia. He has put forward a moderate opinions on developing the human capital of Malaysia and country as a smart country. A good intention, but I doubt the present administration has the political wills and backing of the elitists.
First and foremost, with due respect, let me put forward this observation in relation to Datuk Zaid's opinion :
After more than 48 years of independent, we are still the uncounciously willing victims of the colonist's “divide and rule” policies. The present administration is still adopting the “Bumiputra and Non-Bumiputra” approach in implementing official policies. Malaysians are still required to mark their “Racial Origin” in all official forms. Political parties are formed along racial lines. The sad fact is, we are still kowtowing to the old and outdated colonist's system.
The original concept of “Islam Hadhari” as championed by the Prime Minister is a good and practical system that ensure balance development of infrastructures and environment, fairness and equality for all Malaysians, and the creation of knowledge societies based on culture of innovative mindsets. But in reality, I do not see any real promotion for the implementation by any governmental organizations.
In most part of the world, governmental initiative of affirmative actions basically means the adoption of small preferential treatments for minority groups at the expense of small sacrifices of the Majority groups. But in Malaysia, the affirmative action is based on the concept of the minority groups supporting the Majority groups. Economically speaking, I doubt this can go on perpetually in the long terms.
In reality, we are still bounded by the Marxism of the early century of social contracts and social engineering without taking into consideration of the present global's competitive environments. The noble ideas of social contracts initiated and formulated in the 50's is obsolete and no longer valid. But out of convenience, and as human beings, greeds and selfishness compelled us to hold on to these material gains and demand more along racial lines.
The bottomline is, are we willing to sit down in a round-table as Malaysians and think as a Malaysian to formulate policies and strategic directions ? Or do we still want to sit down in a round-table as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, etc. to champion each other's racial rights at the expense of the nationhood of Malaysia ? The choice is really at the hands of the elected representatives sitting in the parliament of Malaysian.

Making the most of the best and brightest
19 Apr 2006
Published in New Straits Times, Malaysia

Government nannying and restrictive affirmative action policies will hinder the development of Malaysia’s human capital, argues ZAID IBRAHIM. THE emphasis on the development of human capital under the Ninth Malaysia Plan is appropriate and deserving of special mention. It is true that the development of infrastructure and superhighways has propelled this country to great heights, and to sustain this economic well-being, we may require more "hardware" to support higher economic output. However, it is impossible to maintain our present economic status, let alone achieve developed nation status, without world-class manpower and highly skilled workers. What is needed is a holistic approach to creating a framework whereby knowledge and skills are developed; where society puts a premium on ideas and the country values people who are intelligent. As aptly said by Sir John Rose, CEO of Rolls Royce: "In future we will speak less and less about underdeveloped, developing and developed countries; but more and more about smart, smarter and smartest countries."
Do we have this policy of building a competitive world-class knowledge society, with a First World mindset that the Prime Minister advocated in his 9MP speech? It is easier said than done, and I believe this prong of the Plan is the most challenging to achieve. First, we must subscribe to meritocracy as a desirable and valuable proposition; which is worthy of support as it is an ethical proposition. Only through a vigorous adoption of this policy can we achieve a world-class economy. How else can we garner the best and the brightest to serve the country if we are not resolute about developing and nurturing them? It is impossible to get the best to serve the country in any field of human endeavour unless we value and reward them accordingly.
The emphasis on meritocracy does not mean we have to abandon our desire to help the disadvantaged among us. The compassion we offer to the less fortunate and the less gifted must continue. However, no allowances should be made to accommodate mediocrity and laziness. Every citizen must be given their just place under the Malaysian sun. Intelligent, innovative people are demanding, mobile and wanted the world over. Where necessary, we must induce and encourage young Malaysians to return home. I have met many young Malaysians overseas who express a longing to come back, if only they are recognised and valued. Some of them are "not qualified" — they did not obtain a credit in Bahasa Melayu, or pass the SPM or equivalent examination or are the casualties of poorly executed government policies. But should they not be accommodated through the adoption of flexibility in the application of rules in exchange for the skills and expertise they have to offer?
I did not obtain a credit for Bahasa Melayu, not something one should be proud of. But one can still contribute and serve patriotically without it. In those days, a credit in Bahasa Melayu was not a prerequisite for university admission, scholarship awards or applications to join the civil service, as long as one had other suitable qualifications. If we are more flexible about such matters, we may be able to persuade the best to return to serve the country.
Secondly, we must overcome this obsession with racial statistics within the various contexts — corporate ownership, the civil service, the number of professionals in the country, and student ratios in schools and universities.
I am not asserting that existing affirmative action policies established to assist Bumiputeras should be abandoned. I believe the best way to assist Bumiputeras is to nurture their competitive streak by restoring their self-belief and pride; and inspiring and encouraging them to earn their stripes like others.Past or existing affirmative action policies extending assistance to Bumiputeras must be reviewed to remedy drawbacks because these have contributed to unhealthy practices and inculcated a feeling of alienation among some Malaysians.
The way to develop a healthy society with considerable social capital is to re-instil a sense of harmony and solidarity among the various races. The negative aspects of the New Economic Policy must not be glossed over but resolved with care and objectivity.
Policies that are unnecessary or demean the capability of the Bumiputeras should be removed. Of what value is the five per cent discount for wealthy Bumiputeras when buying luxurious property, or giving children of senior government servants scholarships to study abroad?
Surely the elimination of such practices reflects our progressive ethical values. It will also enable us to extend the benefits to other deserving Malaysians. Why are we so obsessed with numbers vis-a-vis other Malaysians when the actual adversaries are those from outside, equipped with more capital, knowledge and military power ready to consume us?
The eradication of racial politics and policies will provide a conducive environment to nurture and foster intra-community trust whereby social capital will then develop from which economic benefit will consequently follow.
Third, the development of manpower capabilities requires an environment that is conducive to intellectual growth and stimulation. Such an environment would encourage and promote the rational pursuit of knowledge, reward healthy competition and be pragmatic in its approach.
Religion can be a powerful force for progress to the extent that it nurtures rationality and objectivity, encourages accumulation of wealth and promotes ethical behaviour.
However, if religious pursuit nurtures irrationality and intolerance, inhibits or is ambivalent about material pursuits and over-emphasises the "other world", then its adherents are likely to be indisposed to economic development, and may even be susceptible to passivity and prone to a fatalistic world view.
Therefore, we need a freer environment with little or fewer dogmas and restrictions in our rules or policies. We must be willing to grant some autonomy to our academic institutions, protect freedom of expression to allow our media to comment and inform without fear of prosecution, and nurture intellectual growth through open debate by academics on crucial issues of public importance. There is a need to allocate adequate financial resources for research and development to enhance their scholarship.We must have the freedom to access information and literature, to explore ideas and seek knowledge without rigorous censorship from Jakim (Malaysian Islamic Development Department). These are fundamental prerequisites in a society that values knowledge, ideas and innovation. We must adopt and adapt the cultural values of the First World if we are determined to compete against them on the playing field of knowledge.
There is plenty of hogwash among the plethora of ideas and practices from the smart countries of the West. However, that is the challenge for the citizens to identify and sift through. The Government must have faith and confidence in the people to allow them the freedom to make informed choices about what is good for them. Knowledge, wisdom and experience, more often than not, are to be found from the most unlikely of sources, and an over-protective, paternalistic Government would only inhibit the growth of its own people.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Farewell My Friend - Tham Chun Kong

I was very sad to receive 2 emails from former classmates of King Edward VII Secondary School regarding the untimely demised of a former classmate,Tham Chun Kong. Chun Kong passed away peacefully in his sleep in Singapore.

Today, you are gone...
We never have the opportunities
to catch up the lost years
and memories of you in our teenage years.......

Grieves we must
But Life must goes on....
There are still
many things to say and to do
But God has decided that
we must let you go and release you
to a better place
to the eternal and beautiful garden of God....

My friend,
Welcome Home to God
May God wipe
the tears and sorrows
of your loved ones
May God bless your soul
May you rest in Peace.........

The Power Of Faith

What a refreshing and motivating news !!!

Nick proves the power of faith
Monday April 17, 2006
The Star Malaysia

PENANG: Born without any limbs, Nick Vujicic is a shining example of what one can accomplish with faith and self-belief.

“When the doctor first laid me beside my mother’s bed, she just said: ‘Take him away’.

“If God loves us, why does he let us go through suffering? The whole church prayed for arms and legs for me but God didn’t give me arms and legs.

“He, however, gave me the strength to pull through,” said the Australian motivational speaker in the Charismatic Church of Penang.

The 24-year-old son of a pastor was in Malaysia for a five-day speaking tour that concluded here on Saturday. Some 350 people thronged the talk, held in conjunction with Easter Week.

Today, Vujicic, who stands about a metre tall and only has a seven-inch left foot that he cheerfully calls his little “chicken drumstick”, is an accomplished individual.
He has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Financial Planning and Accounting. He can type 45 words a minute, walk, write, swim, answer the phone, comb his hair, brush his teeth and take care of personal needs himself with the help of his foot.
But what stands out even more is his joy for life, captivating everyone he meets.
Within two minutes of being carried and put on the table in front of the audience, Vujicic had the entire crowd in stitches.

“At the beach, I would sometimes smear myself with tomato sauce and come out of the water screaming ‘Shark, shark, shark!” he said.

Vujicic also does not let his disability get in the way of his ambitions. He said he hoped to become an international inspirational speaker and be financially independent by 25.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wives help man rape his daughters


Wives help man rape
DATELINE : LION CITY Saturday 15, 2006
HE HAS multiple wives who gave him scores of children, including five teenage girls whom he raped repeatedly over a period of 18 months before one of them blew the whistle on him.
The 45-year-old, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the children, had subverted parts of the Quran to justify incest.
While conducting a religious lesson, he convinced his wives that he had ownership over his children, which included having sex with them. Several of his wives even helped him rape their daughters, the court was told on Thursday, in what is one of the most serious cases of sexual abuse in recent years.
There were 43 charges levelled against the man, who preyed on his daughters when they were between 12 and 15 years old, from December 2003 to June last year. The litany of charges included rape, attempted rape, and aggravated rape, because some of the girls were below 14 and outrage of modesty.
The prosecution said there could be more than 43 instances of abuse. He was only charged over incidents that the girls - now in the care of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports - could recollect.
Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Lee told the court: “The incidents of abuse were so numerous that they were hard-pressed to keep count, much less remember the exact specifics of each incident.”
Likewise, the girls’ father too could not remember.
The court heard on Thursday that he would send one of his wives to tell a girl to go to his bedroom. He would have sex with them even though they cried out in pain.
Two later became pregnant and had to go for abortions. Finally, on June 24 last year, the oldest of the abused daughters reported her father to the police. He was arrested the next day.
On Thursday, the stout, bespectacled man with greying hair pleaded guilty to nine of the charges against him. Justice Tay Yong Kwang will take the remaining charges into consideration when he delivers sentence on Tuesday.
The prosecution asked the judge to put the man away for a “substantial period.”
The penalty for rape is a maximum of 20 years in jail and caning. For aggravated rape, the penalty is at least eight years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane.
Said DPP Lee: “In cases involving young persons, particularly one’s own children, the courts have never shied away from imposing heavy sentences in order to send out a clear signal to all would-be offenders that there is zero tolerance for such heinous crimes.”
He noted that the man had planned his moves and had abused his daughters in the sanctity of their own home.
The man’s lawyer, Harold Seet, denied that his client had been motivated by lust.
He said the patriarch, who ran his own firm, was stressed out by having to provide for his large family.
To add to these worries, he learnt that the girls were behaving inappropriately with boys.
He concluded that having sex with his daughters to “satisfy” them, so they would be less likely to go with others, was the lesser of two evils, said the lawyer.
In response to The Straits Times’ queries, the prosecution declined to say whether charges would be brought against the wives who helped him.
– The Straits Times / Asia News Network

Friday, April 14, 2006

Mercy to Difficult Employee ?

What is the most decisive way to deal with Difficult Employee ?

Every entrepreneur wishes that his business is staffed by highly motivated, honest, diligent, and hardworking personnel that would always be happy and satisfied. That they would not be self centred and a team player that works towards the future growth of the company. That he would work as a TEAM effectively across departments without conflicts between coworkers. It is also every entrepreneur obligations to compensate his employee with appropriate compensation packages.

But this is a real world, even if all employee are rewarded handsomely, the “ideal” personnel is non-existent. Whether we like it or not, the diversities of backgrounds such as family upbringing, personalities, experiences and skills, insatiable greeds, and individual selfish needs, brought about a need to manage a working environment that is very challenging and unpredictable.

As an entrepreneur managing a small professional firms, I have comes to encounter many interesting and stimulating situations in relation to managing difficult personnel. Is short, some personnel are so screwed up where their personality, attitude, integrity, or approach to work and life is beyond comprehension of a reasonable man. These are truly the Difficult Personnel and if left unchecked will cause problems for your business.

Difficult Personnel causes stress, frustration, and is also Bad for business, they drained the company resources such as wasted time, unproductive, demoralized Good Personnel, working with competitor to siphon company business away for commission, strained customer relationship, and causes loss of customers.

Difficult Personnel comes in all kinds of negative attitudes and personality. Some are the Great Pretender who will shamelessly raised his right to declared his loyalty without any hesistation. And, at the same time, worked with unethical suppliers to muscled a commission to himself resulting in higher costs of goods and making the business uncompetitive. Some unethically leaked company information to competitor to obtain kickbacks as side income. I once caught a personnel for siphoning company business to competitor, believe it or not, he has no guilt and even blamed his mother because he has to pay high medical bills for the mother. Some difficult personnel is Egoistic and Self-Centred with chronic malcontent. This type of personnel always like to complain, whin, and blames others. They hide their inferiority complex by being arrogant, egoistic, and the me-not-wrong attitude. They are also ever willing to sabotage their colleagues to make himself look good. These personnel always causes good personnel to leave the company resulting in high turnover. There are also Difficult Personnel who is very selfish refusing to share or transfer knowledge with fellow colleagues. Last but not least, we also have difficult personnel who is lazy and and professional lier. I once have a salesman who has thousand and one funny reason of not able to submit sales report and whose daily routine is either (1) mark the attendance book then disappear for the whole day, or (2) SMS the office for all sorts of funny excuse of not able to come to office.

Whether we like it or not, difficult employee became difficult simply because their unproductive behaviors were rewarded with mercy instead of being punished. The present legal framework simply put too much protection for difficult personnel to the extend that they become a parasite to any organization. A business' ultimate objective is to make profit. A business is not a social institution to rehabilitate people with difficult personality. Anyway, difficult personnel are basically hardcore corporate criminals, they can never be retrained, and the only way to effectively deal with difficult employee in a fast changing business environment is to FIRE them unpredictably and immediately without mercy. Call me heartless or whatever. But the question I want to put forward to you is, do you honestly think these Difficult Personnel has mercy when comes to bringing down the business and whole TEAM of people who depend on the business for their daily livelihoods ?

The rights to be decently indecent ?

As reported in April 14th 2006 in the local newspaper that “The Federal Territories Ministry has given assurance not to prosecute people for indecent public behaviour“ in response to the public outcries of City Hall's selective enforcement of morality bylaws. So, Malaysians are now in a crossroad again ! Which direction should we go ? Decently indecent or indecently decent ?

The City Halls put itself in the limelights with the controversial summoning of a young couples for hugging and kissing. The overzealous City Hall's officer deemed this act as indecent. The brave young couple brought the case to the high court to challenge the validity and power of City Hall to patrol morality. The High Court has ruled in favour of City Hall. Personally speaking, the basic issue here is not whether City Hall has or has not the constitutional right to patrol morality in Malaysia. In all means, if City Hall wants to enforce the constitutional rights over the policing of morality, then let do it ! But do it with a fair sense of objectivity and in compliance with a clear specifications of guidelines. The dis pleasured sentiments expressed by most people is, the present haphazard manner of selective and discretion ally enforcements tainted with accusations of avenue for corruptions made a mockery of the supremacy of the constitutionality of Malaysians.

Malaysians are not what we are 50 years ago. The hedonistic master and slaves approach is no longer compatible with the modern civil society. The “enforcement” mentality must be replaced with “facilitation” mentality. In short, City Hall should not indulge in the issues of morality. City Hall should focused in the provisions and maintenance of township's infrastructures and services. In Malaysia, the Mayor and councilors are not elected officials but appointee. Therefore, they are not accountable to the local residents. Morally speaking, do they have the political mandates by the local residents to implement the collective political views and wills of the local residents ?

Majority of Malaysians nowadays are well educated, well travelled, and moderately secular. But on the other hand, are the City Hall's enforcement officers well trained to conduct the policing of morality in a multi ethnic environment ? Are these officer being trained and indoctrinated to have understanding and respect for cultural sensitivities. I would not be surprised that some of these officers may be so culturally insecured that they insensitively and selectively imposed their personal preferences in a biased manner in name of discharging their official duties.

Personally speaking, whether an act or activities is decent or indecent and matter dealing with morality, it should be of personal choices. The government should only act in advisory and educational roles. This is especially applicable in a multi racial country like Malaysia. We should refrained from behaving like a cultural moron chauvinistically enforcing our own preferences and intolerances on others.

This is the 21st century NOT the 7th century. Let us all behave and live like modern men in a modern societies in a civil manners. Let us not regress into the dark ages of barbarisms........

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Playboy's "moral terrorisms" in Indonesia ?

The Great American Icon exporting Moral Terrorisms to Indonesia ? What funny justification they can cooked up ! ? Protests for the sake of protesting !!!! The popular government elected by the majority of Indonesians allows the tamed down version to be published in Indonesia, but a small group of noisy moral minority trying to gain recognition and acceptance resorting to conducting viloent protests and damaging properties. A few hundred people trying dictate their misguided moral values to a few millions silent majority ? Violent is right ? Is that your much valued Asian cultures ? What next and how despicable and LOW can you go ?
In the name of honouring Asian values and respecting its sensitivities, Maybe Playboy should change the magazine name in Indonesia to Prayboy !!! That will be a plus sign for American capitalisms at work in Indonesia.......

As reported in Jakarta Post, 12th April 2006

Protesters stone 'Playboy'
JAKARTA (AP): Muslim activists demanding that Playboy stop publishing an Indonesian edition of the magazine stoned the company's editorial offices on Wednesday and clashed with police officers guarding the building, witnesses said. No one was injured in the melee involving around 150 members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), a small hardline group known for vandalizing bars and nightclubs, as well as Western embassies. The protesters smashed several windows and the door and gate at the magazine's officers in south Jakarta, witnesses said. The toned-down edition of the U.S. magazine went on sale starting last Friday, defying threats of protests by Islamic leaders who called the publication a form of moral terrorism in the world's most populous Muslim nation. The magazine does not feature nude women, and its photos of female models in underwear are no more risque than those in other magazines already for sale in the country. More explicit photos appear daily in local tabloids. Protesters hit the streets in towns across Indonesia when the magazine announced in January it was planning a local version, but it remains to be seen whether demonstrations will pick up again after people have read it. Most Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam, and many women shun standard Middle Eastern forms of dress associated with Muslims. Many Indonesian women do not cover their heads and oftendress in tight-fitting jeans and sleeveless tops. The magazine costs around US$5, more than twice the minimum daily wage in Jakarta, but affordable to many middle-and upper-class city dwellers. As well as two photo spreads of partially clothed women, the first edition includes an interview with internationally renowned Indonesian author Pramoedya Ananta Toer, and articles on East Timor after its break from Jakarta-rule in 1999 and the development of Indonesian cartoons.

A Crooked Bridge Over Calm Waters ?

The Scenic bridge, the crooked bridge, whatever....

After negotiation with Singapore to jointly built the bridge has failed, Malaysia has announced that it will proceed to built a half “crooked” bridge across the Johore Straits to replace the existing causeway. The idea of the new bridge was the brainchild of the previous prime minister of Malaysia. The decision to unilaterally build the half brige into the middle of Johore Straits without Singapore's participation is bizzare and beyond my comprehension.

The local newspapers called the proposed “crooked” bridge the “scenic bridge”, and indirectly and sarcastically insinuated Singapore by saying that if Singaporeans want the bridge to be “straight” and “less scenic” , then Singaporeans must come to the “negotiation table” and “agree” to replace the existing causeway.

As a layman, I do not know much about international politics and face saving gestures. But as a Malaysian, I personally felt that it is a bit high handed for Malaysians especially the local newspapers to ridicule and insinuate our tiny southern neighbour. Please bear in mind, our southern neighbour do provide a lot of employment opportunities for Malaysians, both in the past and PRESENT. The way we muscled ourselves to bring Singapore to negotiation table reflect a culture of arrogant and insentivity, or what the hokkiens commonly called, “boh jin zheng” and “boh kar si”.

So, why do we want the bridge to be “Scenic” ? To show the world that the Malaysian bolihism are capable forgoing more petroleum rebates to ill afford the unnecessary wastages in luxury ? We want the bridge “crooked” to reflect to the world that Singaporeans are straight ?

What puzzled me is, we already have a Causeway that works perfectly fine ! Why can't we just built additional lanes to the existing causeway ? Why do we need to built a new bridge to replace it ? It doesn't made any economic sense to me at all. One one hand, the Malaysian government has been pleading with Malaysians that we have limited resources for development budget, that we need to tighten our belt, that we need to forgo our petroleum tax rebates, that we need to spend only on necessities, etc. etc. But on the other hand, why the government see it as a priority to unilaterally bulldozed the construction of the “half baked” bridge that serves no additional economic values ? Cakap tak serupa bikin ?

Why the urgency for unilateral actions ? Are we being over eager to award the project to the local consortium to start work when the both countries can not even see eye to eye to finalize the details ? We already have the longest bridge, the most beautiful airport, the tallest tower, etc.... Are we going after another trophy of “most crooked” Bridge in the world ?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Morality or Moronity ?

I read with despair the recent newspapers reportings of the constitutional rights of the local town council to patrol and enforce moralities. The issue in contention maintained by city hall is, display of affection in the form of hug and kiss in public place is an act of indecency. A few months ago, a religious council tried unsuccessfully to form a volunteer group of snoop squad to patrol morality. Now, the city council seem to win the battle to have the constitutional rights to patrol and enforce morality !

What constitute indecency ? Maybe the Mayor through its vast team of legal experts should spelt out objectively, clearly, and technically the definitions and case references of immoral and indecent behaviors. Subjective interpretations of indecency by the city hall's “moral police” definitely nurture a fertile ground to breeds immoral selective enforcements and corruptions. And perhaps, the city hall should enlightened us on how these officers are trained and how they are certified to conduct enforcement of moralities ?

On the other hand, as a simple country bumpkin, I must admit I am not well versed in the priorities of city hall. But is it not that the City Hall's role is to serve the public welfares and comforts by ensuring the availability and quality of services and facilities to the public ? Then what in the hell are they doing snooping around in the town looking for “indecent couple” ?

With clogged drains, smelly leftovers of garbages uncollected, rampant vandalisms, street lights not workings, traffic lights malfunctions, unbearable traffic jams, disorderly public parks, etc. etc. etc. Don't you think it is more appropriate for these public servants to focus on the management of some of these despaired state of services and facilities ? Or Was it these public servants are not qualified to provide and manage public services and facilities ?

In the past, I have seen political leaders showing affections to their spouses in the form of hugging and kissing in public media. If the city hall is so insistent on the moral rights to conduct the policing of moralities, then why the double standard, and why there are no objective enforcement by these so call moralled officers to book these politicians. Why the discretionary and selective enforcement of the so called city hall's morality law on “weaker” citizens ?

If public display or showing affections is against the well beings and unacceptable to our Malaysian cultures, then please be objective, and specified clearly which aspect of our Malaysians' cultures and well beings are detrimentally affected.

On hindsight, with all the failing services and facilities provided by city hall, and with all the pressing issues unresolved, don't the city hall personnel has better things to do than going after the non important issues ? As a layman, I believe it is equally immoral and indecent for City Hall to not able to manage its priorities and resources. How do city hall account for the indecency of wasting limited resources on their inability to manage and prioritise ?

Is the church constitute a public place ? So for couples exchanging vows in the church, please refrain from holding hands and kissings in front of the priest who bless your marriage !
Maybe the city hall should conduct a advertisement campaign similar to the Health Ministry's anti cigarettes advertisement campaign ! Kissing ? Malaysia cakap TAK NAK ! Holding Hands ? Malaysia pun cakap TAK NAK. This TAK NAK, That TAK NAK........ Saman ? NAKKKKKKKK.

Let those who commit no sins cast the first stone.............

Sunday, April 09, 2006

God let the Scabied Dogs Out ?

The 21st century is basically a century preoccupied with fears, violences and hates instigated by a small group evil satanists hiding behind the name of established religions. The existence and acceptance of certain religions are threatened in various parts of the world. This scenario arise mostly because religious scholars and leaders of their faiths are corrupted for acceptance and the never ending greeds to establish control over followers of their own faith to achieve their own agenda. They want to control what followers of their own faith should believe, and how other simple minded followers should live their life styles. They want to enjoy the modern lifestyles of the 21st centuries but expect others to regress into the beliefs and lifestyles of the 7th century. In short, they shamelessly demanding the rights to selfish forked tongue interpretations of their holy scriptures and they want to use religion to control the followers of their faiths with the agenda of creating a political movement to declare themselves as kings in their own animal kingdom !

For those so called religious leaders and scholars who champion their religions and cried discriminations in other parts of the world. I would like to put forward this simple challenge to them. In their own country, where the religion they professed is the majority, did they honestly practise the followings which are the universal values of all religions :
  • Equal opportunities for knowledge through non censorship of readings and visual materials in all form.
  • Equal opportunities in education to their citizens irregardless of race, religion, and creed.
  • Equal opportunities in employment to their citizens irregardless of race, religion, and creed.
  • Equal opportunities in economy to their citizens irregardless of race, religion, and creed.
  • Criminalized Laws that discriminate against other races and religions
  • Recognizing and respecting other religions where the followers are minority citizens
For all these misguided religious scholars and leaders, in your hidden agenda of championing the rights of your religions in various parts of the world, sometimes through diplomatic efforts and sometime through indirect instigations of violences, may I suggest you champion your own citizens' rights in your own country first, rather than exporting your double standards and hypocrisies to other part of the world. In short, stop farting through your mouth with smelly languages.

Your religion is being threatened by your dishonest acts. Don't blame followers of other faiths for the negative insinuations of your own religion. Don't threatened other for criticizing your religion, but criticise your religion for not having the courage to embrace self criticisms, and your dishonesty of not respecting human rights of others in your own country.

Please have the moral decency of not using violences to silence others who do not share your narrow minded opinions or how your religions has been perceived due to negativities instigated by your own doings.

Do not speak with hidden forked tongue. Stop the violences ! Stop the hates ! Stop the accusations! Stop the discriminations. Stop the double standards. Champion the rights of your own citizens in your country first before you go around in the world to champion the rights of others in other countries that is of not concern to you.

The world will be a better place if assholes can stop practicing double standards, but I guess assholes are born to fart. And the sad stories continues......

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Malaysia Bolih ? or was it Mana Bolih ?

Malaysians in general live in perpetual siege and psychological insecurity.

Just visit any residential area, it is not uncommon to be be greeted with houses equipped with Security Alarm, Barbed Glass or pointed arrows Perimeter fencing, Reinforced iron grills on all windows all doors,sophisticated padlocks, thick chains, etc. In certain instances, some house are also equipped with surveillance camera or CCTV.

Private security services are also being engage by the properties owners to patrol the neighbourhoods. And, recently, there are also calls by a number of politicians to implement Rukun Tertangga initiative in selected residential areas. Rukun Tertangga used to be a government initiative in the seventies where citizens form their own vigilante group to conduct patrolling the street at nights.

Despite all these high costs and unnecessary private measures being taken, we are still troubled and criminalized with the followings emotional and mental stress :
  1. When we have to leave our house for long hours or days, we worried about our houses being broken in and ransacked.
  2. When we are at home, we worry about forced entry and being robbed in the comforts of our own homes.
  3. When we walk on the street, we have to be in constant alert for snatch thieves
  4. We fear to walk alone in parks or quiet streets because there may be rapists, robbers, murderers, etc. lurking and preying on us
  5. When operating our business, we are occasionally visited by gangsters for protection money claiming that the area we operate our business is under their protection.
  6. Staying at home, we are occasionally visited by "Private Security Companies" soliciting for monthly subscription and claiming that they are appointed by local police station to offer security patrolling in your neighbourhoods.
  7. When we stopped at the petrol station or stopping at the traffic lights junction, we have to ensure that all our car doors are locked due to fears that we may be robbed of our cars and contents.
  8. Out of fear, we resorted to install our car with immobilizer, steering lock, clutch lock, etc to prevent our cars being stolen.
  9. We fear to park our cars in parking complexes resulting in parking operators installing CCTV to alleviate the fears.
To add salts to the wounds, too frequently I see uniformed personnel, setting up road block at inappropriate hours, causing massive traffic jam, because they see it as a priority to check on expired road tax, driving licenses, etc. Was it CRIME PRVENTION ? your guess is as good as mine. But when come to provide security patrolling services, lack of manpowers are always the excuse.

With all these unnecessary mental stressors causing psychological discomforts, I am proud to declare that Malaysians, in general, are the most tolerance people in the World !!! Malaysia Bolih ! And, Submissive Malaysians Pun Bolih !!

"Masyarakat Penyayang", "Caring Society", "Malaysia Bolih", "work With Me, Not for Me", "Wawasan 2020", "Gemilang, Cermerlang, Terbilang", etc.. Years in and Years out, we are bombarded with government sponsored slogans. Feel Good ? Yes, But does it improve the living conditions for Malaysians ? You be your own judge.

Whose responsibility is it anyway to provide security to the people. I really don't know whether Malaysians are pathetic or the Government is Pathetic.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Qing Ming

Qing Ming - All Souls days
One of the significant event observed by Malaysian Chinese and perhaps Chinese all over the world is Chengbeng or QingMing. Qing Ming is a tradition practised by the Chinese since more than 1000 years ago. In English, Qing Ming means Clear ( Qing ) and bright( Ming ). QingMing is also associates with the start of spring in China, is a day of remembrance of ancestors and also signify the beginning of new life for family.

Malaysian Chinese usually usually visit the graves of departed family members during the 14 days before and after April 5 every year to pay respect. This ritual of observance of respect to ancestors is one of the fundamental moral values of the Chinese people. although this ritual focused on respect to the deceased, but the integral extension of this ritual also remind the living to pay respect and accept authority of the living elders and the institution of family.

During the visit, graves are clean and overgrown grass are trimmed. Foods such as roasted pork, steamed chicken, yellow noodles, bean curbs, rice cakes, and fruits are presented in front of the grave altar as offerings to the deceased soul. Other necessary offerings also include fresh flowers and paper made goods such as shirts, shoes, luxury cars, hell money, gold bars, silver coins, etc.
To my beloved parents, I remember your sacrifices........ May God bless your souls. May you rest in eternal peace.