Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Of Life and Baby......

A good friend of mine once made a very honest remark about me. He said "You wife treat you like a baby !" and "we need to expose you !" Yes, I am a very INNOCENT BABY !

Goodness ! Come to think about it, I think I am indeed a baby. I have been married for umpteen years and my son is even taller than me now. Every morning, my wife wakes me up to go to office and she accompanies me for breakfast. In the evening, I am allowed to decide what I want to eat but end up complying to everybody's preferences. Yes, I am a very accomodative BABY.

My son thinks that I need to be protected. Every time, if I need to go out at night, they will make sure somebody drives me around. My wife even decides what I should eat or drink. When come to purchasing decision for household items, they made all the small decision such as what car to buy, where to go for holiday, which properties to invest, how the house should be renovated or refurbished, what audio visual equipments to be installed, etc. etc. I am usually left with the major decision of deciding who we should vote for in the general election ! I am a BIG and WISE BABY !

Life is pretty simple for me isn't it ? Am I living a controlled life ? Frankly, at my age, I have no complaints whatsoever with my daily routine. Life goes on, and I tagged along. I'm definitely not a indecisive person, but it is not fair for me to wave decisions or choices that have been made priory. It is better for me to be adaptive and practical, rather than incurring extra headaches for indulging in unnecessary issues. When the family is at peace, this baby is also at peace with himself. By the way, it take a lot of guts and sacrifices to be baby. You really need to be a man before you can be accepted as a baby. Baby tends to receive and showered with a lot of love ! I guess I am a blessed one probably due to my previous karma in my previous life. It is nice to be a BABY !

Seriously, marriage has done me a lot of good. At least, after a hard day work, I have a family to go home to. If my mind have any slightest tendencies of perverted diversion, a slight thoughts of my wife and children will quickly bring me back to my senses. Other than being a baby, I am also a very responsible and a sensitive man. You know ? I am such an adorable BABY !

At times, when I am very stresses out from the office, coming home to the smiles from my children or holding my wife's hand can do wonders to relief my stress instantaneously. I guess my wife know this big baby is a sucker for home sweet home with a touch of aromatic black coffee. Well, what else can I say, a BABY is always a sweet BABY !

Talking about black coffee. I will call it a day now, to go for my coffee break before I go home to be pampered like BABY......

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