Monday, December 18, 2006

Who are YOU ?

Who are YOU ?
Remember ? YOU were voted Time Magazine's
Man of the Year 2006.

Who are YOU ?
YOU are the ONE with Monkey face,
who said the holocaust is a myth.
YOU gathered a bunch of international outcasts
in a conference to legitimized your insensitivity.

Who are YOU ?
YOU are the ONE who claimed to be instructed by GOD
to invade other countries and meddles in their affairs.
You are the Weapon of Mass Deception.

Who are YOU ?
The shameless international pariah with no guilts.
You fought international injustices and inequalities.
You championed the rights of others in other countries.
But you believe it is your birth rights
to discriminate the minority in your country.
YOU demand the world to respect your hypocrisies.

Who are YOU ?
YOU love nuclear bombs and its destructive powers.
YOU resist international pressures and domestic sufferings.
YOU believed the world will respect you
when YOU have these weapon of mass destruction ?

Who are YOU ?
Because the world refused to accept
your religion and your way of life.
YOU punished them
by kidnaps, tortures, fears, murders, intimidations.
There are alway lots of ignorance people
with misplaced angers willing to die for your cause.

Who are YOU ?
The perpetual grievances seeker.
The perpetual apology seeker.
YOU believed in freedom of speeches and actions.
It is acceptable for YOU to criticise and be insensitive to others.
But others must apologized for your narrow mindedness

Who are YOU ?
The abuser of human rights,
the pretender, and the aggressor.
YOU cried wolf all the times,
because there are always
fools out there willing to buy your sob stories.

Who are YOU ?
YOU are Time Magazine's
Man of the Year 2006.
With all sincerity,
With my middle finger,
I salute YOU - the forked tongues specialist !

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