Monday, December 11, 2006

Colours of racism

Why create intended misplaced animosity
for the differences we have ?
Was it the colour of our skin ?
Was it the differences in religions and cultures ?
Ignorances, arrogances, and misplaced hatreds,
made you the man of no spirituality,
no guilts, and no sense of human decency.

The colours of our skins are different,
but look deep within us,
human beings are always human beings.
What is the colour of our blood, hearts, and sweats ?
God graced us with the diversity of skin colours
and hearts capable for bountiful love and generosity.
Let us not colour our souls.

Why do we resort to the might of gun, threats,
hatreds, and deceptions to impose our demands ?
Why allow our minds whirling in racist insanity ?
Let race and religion not be exploited
to cause harm and deny the rights of others.
Let the united colours of our hearts and souls
reject racism, jealousy, and intolerances.

When wealths and powers are acquired
through hatreds, intolerances, and arrogances,
would that accord you a place in heaven ?
What is the worth of your soul,
when it is infested with the ills of racism ?

We are born with nothing.
and when we die,
we shall go with nothing.
The only difference is,
the body of racist shall stink and rot like dirt.
and, their souls forever hurt in Satan's hell.

Contaminated not the human spirits.
In the name of ethnic pride,
let not greed and selfishness
maketh you the scums in the eyes of others.

This grieving heart
seek you to give life another start
to love and be loved
regardless of race and religion.

Put the true colours back into humanity.
A united colours of love,
harmony, peace,
and appreciations for diversities.

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