Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Of life and sales strategies.....

It was reported in Reuters today that, a Texas real estate agent, Julie Upton, looking to add more BANG to her business, offers her clients working in law enforcement agencies, a free pistol if they buy a house from her. She placed her advertisement in "Badge & Gun", a monthly publication by the city police department.

In Malaysia, if the real estate agents were to imitate Julie Upton's idea, he or she would would probably end up with no clients at the end of the day. Because in Malaysia, possession of gun carry mandatory death sentence. I guess a more practical approach would be to offer a ONE year free supply condom to would be home buyer. To sweeten the deal, maybe put more value adds by giving derivative condoms such as spiky condoms, coloured condom, or even edible condoms. That would really help our health ministry to fight AIDS, HIV, VD, unwanted pregnancies, etc. But please bear in mind, in the name of sensitivity, please do not print the face of Buddha in the edible condom. I get real piss off ! I mean really pissed offfffff... I will shoot it in your face. By the way, is it HALAL to eat condom ?

In Singapore, what would the real estate agent offer ? Hmm.... maybe a life size autographed picture of LKY to be put up in the guest bathroom ? So that the guest don't end up having other funny idea while using the guest's bathroom. Wait, wait, wait... maybe make it more attractive by giving one year free supply of edible condoms that taste like Wrigley chewing cum ? I was told, chewing gums are banned in Singapore. And I know, Singaporeans have insatiable appetite for chewing things.....

In Indonesia, I don't know, maybe offer a ONE year subscription of "Prayboy" or maybe even "Gayboy". There was a mob of righteous and religious people who went berserks and nuts over Playboy's first publication in Indonesia. That resentments for beautiful women are so deep in Indonesia. Maybe "Gayboy" or "Prayboy" portraying "good looking" young boys are more palatable to these righteous people. By the way, I like the classic 42 seconds video clip of Ms Eva and Mr YZ. Dangdut, dangdut, dannnnnnnngdut, dangduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutt. You dang and I dut..... here goes the morality of the most righteous people in the world...

In Thailand, the land of graceful smiles, maybe an unlimited free supply of masks to all those generals in the barracks. They can wear the mask anytime when they want to make themselves look like real genuine patriots. You stupid fools can vote for whoever you want in the name of democracy. But me holding the gun called the shots. Ahhhh... Kun Na Tau lai ?

In other countries ? Another long and winding grandfather story to be told later. But I reserved my breaths now for future stories telling. Until then, me L'Enfant terrible ? Carp Diem ! Deja Vu, C'est la Vie ! Accept not your idealisms.


Anonymous said...

MP in naked sex video scandal
Dec 9 2006

JAKARTA Yahya Zaini, an Indonesian MP, has resigned from parliament over a video that showed him cavorting naked with a singer.

Mr Zaini, a married member of Golkar, the country’s biggest political party, was caught with the singer Maria Eva on video taken on her mobile phone.

His resignation forestalled a parliamentary investigation ordered after the video of the tryst was widely circulated on the internet last week. Mr Zaini and Ms Eva both face a criminal investigation over allegations that he forced her to have an abortion. Mr Zaini was head of Golkar’s spiritual affairs committee before the scandal, which has gripped conservative Indonesia, obliged him to resign from the party as well this week.

Abortion is illegal in Indonesia unless the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life or the baby could be born with a serious handicap. (AFP)

Anonymous said...

Video sex scandal claims Indonesian MP
Philippe Naughton and agencies
Dec 8 2006

A senior Indonesian MP has resigned from Parliament after a mobile phone clip of him cavorting naked in a hotel room with a popular singer was passed from phone to phone around the country and ended up on the internet.

In what is being billed as Indonesia's first real political sex scandal, Yahya Zaini tendered his resignation this morning after a meeting last night with leaders of his Golkar party.

"In his letter, Zaini also offers apologies to all fellow lawmakers if his behaviour has damaged the image of the Parliament," Agung Laksono, the House Speaker, told reporters.

The shaky one-minute video shows Mr Zaini and Maria Eva, a "dangdut" or Indonesian folk singer, frolicking naked and climbing into bed with each other. It leaked out onto the internet last week, forcing Mr Zaini, who is married, to resign as head of religious affairs with Golkar, the largest party in the predominantly Muslim nation.

Ms Eva, a former Golkar campaigner, made a tearful appearance on television earlier this week in which she admitted taking the footage with her mobile phone camera, but denied distributing it, saying that she had lost her phone.

The singer said that her affair with Mr Zaini ended two years ago when she was forced by him and his wife to abort his unborn child - a claim that Jakarta police are investigating.

Ms Eva is also an actress who has appeared in several popular TV series, including an Islamic-oriented soap opera called Divine Blessings. She said that she had put the affair behind her and was now taking part in a Korean reading class at the home of a leading cleric.

After that appearance, the singer's lawyer said that senior Golkar figures had given her an open airline ticket and told her to go to Singapore for her own safety.

Mr Zaini has made no public comments on the scandal but the video is one of several recent incidents that has shocked Indonesians, among whom sex remains a taboo topic.

News that a popular cleric had taken a second wife sparked a national debate on the morals of polygamy.

Yesterday, the editor of the Indonesian edition of Playboy went on trial charged with distributing and profiting from indecent pictures, which could carry a maximum jail term of 32 months.

The magazine launched in Indonesia in April but although it has no nudity and less flesh than is shown by some competitors prosecutors say it could still arouse lust.