Thursday, December 21, 2006

Life as it is ?

A few days ago, I woke up feeling lousy about everything, probably due to the realization that during this period of the year, business is usually very slow, collections of account receivables are at a standstills, and I have tons of bills to paid. Life is indeed can be very stressful. Nevertheless, I managed to get up and get myself ready to go to work.

What caught me by surprise is, when I open up my shoe cabinet at the car porch, I realized all the left side of my shoes are missing ! What kind of perverted thief would do that, stealing only one side of the shoes ? What equally surprise me is, I found out later that all the missing left side of shoes are lined up in a straight line outside my gate ! All the shoes were exposed to rains, are wet and soggies with funny leather smell. What kind of sicko would do that ?

Then, I heard a voice, or rather noises implying to me that, I should have crossed the spiritual path long time ago ! My path is not the middle path, in life I must made a choice, I can not forever walk the middle path. Now, am I suppose to wear only one side of the shoes and the other side bare footed ? So, that is how the funny spirits trying to make me take a stand ? To show me how uncomfortable it is to walk the middle with one foot bare footed ?

But that could be a hallucinations, there must be a logical explanation to these weird incidence. When I have the time, I will go deeper into it to derive a logical and scientific explanations. For the time being, I have a family to feed and I have my commitment to my colleagues in the office. Am I supposed to feel scared of the unknowns and felt threatened ? Nice try, brothers ! Leave me alone to decide my crossing over date. Just don't push me or irritate me anymore.

After putting up my socks, I went to the bathroom to retrieve my rubber slippers. I wore the rubber slippers to work. Funny thing is, I actually felt very comfortable wearing the rubber slippers in the office for the past few days. So in life, we do need to have certain objective control of our lives and be adaptive to make the best out of every negative situation. We should never let our momentary hallucinations indulged us into illogical and fanatical interpretations of strange events happening around us as "spiritual phenomena".

In life, there is only two paths we can take. The "spiritual path" and the "practical path". As a human being, our lives are governed by the law of physics, so the practical path can always be explained logically in a deterministic manner. Whereas the so called "spiritual path" is nothing but strange occurrences of "now you see it, now you don't". The "spiritual path" is meant for spirits and angels, it is illogical for human being wanting to live in the realm of spirits and angels. By indulging in spiritual path, how can we be sure of life's outcome. So why indulge in it knowing very well it is really not our purpose to live in a life of perpetual hallucinations and fantasies. There is a line to be drawn, the positive energies should never be mixed with the negative energies. As a Yang dweller in these world of duality of energies manifestations, it is really not that difficult to keep our sanity by consistently walk the practical path. That Yang or Positive energies within us is within our control. Why contaminate it with the negative energies ?

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha........

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