Thursday, December 14, 2006

Interested in becoming a Condom Tester ?

Thinking of a career change ? Looking for an exciting career change ? Head south to the land of abundance virgin sheeps, New Zealand. The world's famous condom manufacturer is looking for test pilots to test its product, of course, condom. The question is, you have what it take to fill the vacancy ?

But, but, but, Durex is only interested in New Zealanders, because the Kiwi are the world most sexually active and adventurous people. According to Durex's New Zealand Manager, Victoria Potter, "Kiwis have proven they're a sexually energetic bunch, and therefore it makes sense that a select few will have the chance to try our latest condom innovation, all in the name of research." and "Durex wants to ensure that its condoms are best meeting the needs of New Zealanders, from delivering on sexual pleasure, to keeping them safe."

Potential applicant are asked to visit HERE for more details.

Why only New Zealanders ? Besarnya kemaluan kita ! I hope our local grievances seekers here don't go around demanding international apologies from Durex. I honestly believe Durex has no intention to insult or belittle our Malaysian men's manhood. Hopefully, the Deputy Prick Man don't resort to shouting discrimination at Durex simply because some priviledgely breast feeded unemployed graduates are denied the opportunity to apply for the position.

By the way, is Condom Testing a halal or haram job ?

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