Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ck's b'day - Reminiscing ( by Irene Poh on 19/05/11)

Just about 2 weeks ago, we visited CK's grave for his one year death anniversary together with my family members, brothers, sisters, sister in law and nephew. Today, comes his birthday. In the past, I will remind my son and god daughters to buy him a nice dinner . He prefers sze chuan food at' Tai Yan Chai Tank' ( Esquire's Kitchen) in Subang Parade . CK loves the souppy long noodle called "Cheong Sau Mee" brings longetivity. Looking back, CK is an easily contented, simple, giving and a philosopher . He always write during his free time and maybe it is therapeutic for him. During his writing, he always has his cup of coffee by his side while doing his blog "taipingcoffee.blogspot.com" . That's the uniqueness in him and why he is being loved. He told me and the children as well that we do not have to be very rich to be happy. At times, I do ask myslef, will I be happy if I am rich? Maybe, to a sudden extent. Why ? I can buy what I want, go for an enjoyable trip with my family , to be able to spend my family a nice dinner in a famous restaurants, to buy myself branded bags and so on. I ask yourself, without all these will I still be happy. I can tell you yes. Come to think of it he is quite right. To lead a happy life is after all not that difficult . More of what we want in life.
Everyone are too busy eating except CK . He and his favorite cup of black coffee kaw kaw. At the same time, he will share his favorite jokes that everyone can't stop laughing but him . I always puzzle how he can be so cool. He saw Ivan went to pay for the dinner and whisper to me saying that your son has grown up. I stared at him when he said that. My son and not his. hahaha.
After the meal, he will thank the children for their effort and taking their busy schedue from work. I whispered to him telling him that he doesn't have to say anything. I am sure he deserve to be treated a good meal after giving his love, attention, sacrifices, care, wisdom, patience all these years. What more can the children ask?
I have missed doing nothing for him on his last birthday and today too. Last night, Ivan asked me whether I have any plans for the celebration of his dad's b'day . Told him that I am ok. I just wanted my heart to be filled with good memories of his dad. Jacy told me that she dreamed of CK just 2 to 3 nights ago. Ck, our great mentor, please watch over the children and lead them to live a happy and positve life. Still remember CK's usual saying " Life is always imperfectly learn" so just keep learning and also keep going.... The day that we stop learning will be our last day on earth. For sure, CK has left behind a lot of good memories that I still shared with the children these days.
I can smell of the nice coffee aroma coming from the kitchen. Don't worry it is not CK but my maid brewed the coffee for him just in case he is back. Do enjoy the cofffee . Let me sing you a song titled " Moon Represent my Heart" in Chinese " Yet Liang Tai Piew Woh Ti Sin" . Enjoy it together. .. Your love will be forever remembered. I wish I can whispered that into your ears again.

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Boonies said...

DOn't worry :) CK will always be with you. This is life's journey and may you have one that shared his joys, his pains, his laughter and most importantly, his life.