Friday, June 16, 2006

When the seasons go round & round........

Life is never fair and never perfect.
At one time or another,
or at one place or another,
unfair and biased abuses causes rage,
misplaced angers, and Irrational emotions.
Consequently, the environment surrounding us becomes a dangerous habitat.

In the midst of this hostile environment,
I am reminded of an analogy involving the great man, Buddha.
A man shouting abuses to Buddha, In reply,
Buddha said “Kind man, if the giver give the gift to the receiver,
and the receiver refuse the gift, the gift's ownership belong to who ?
The giver or the intended recipient ?”
The man said “of course, the ownership is with the giver !”
Buddha said “Good, in this case, I refuse your abusive words.
Please take it all back. You shall be the owner of your own abuses.”

In life, we don't have to carry the burden of abuses,
hatreds, racisms, discriminations, misplaced angers, violences,
and unfair treatments from ignorant sub-species.
Ignore them, let them carry the burdens of their misguided deeds.
If on earth, they refuse to accept heaven, and
heaven shall be a living hell to them in their after life.

God in his graceful way always find a way to handle these sub-species.
In life, there is always a choice for us to define our living environment.
We don't have to subject ourselves to live with extreme realities.
Some choose to make their environment an utopia, and
some choose to make it a hell and forever live in misery, jealousy, and angers.
A misguided soul will never find peace and happiness in Life.......

To all the racists, bullies, and intolerance species,
this is my sincere advise to all of you...
“ Think of others, give more and expect less,
free your heart from hatreds,
free your mind from jealousy,
free your deed from greeds,
free your thoughts from revenge,
free your words from hurts,
free your actions from causing pains,
do not do unto other others what you would not want to be done.

you can never lose anything that is yours, and
you can never possess anything that is not yours.”

Be a civil man and care for your fellow human beings and environments.
Remember, God will always deliver miracles and remain anonymous.
The same God will also occasionally deliver punishments
using the awesome power of natures to remind you who is the Boss.

Please remember, there is a GOD, and you are not HIM.
So, repent and stop using the name of God to carry out misdeeds.

May my big fat smiling Buddha smiles on you.
Om Namo Amithaba Buddha....

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Soul_Voice said...

How very true of what you have written.When things or life can be so simple, many people choose to do what they THINK is right.Sick of the word Justification!
*Good begets good, but any subsequent regrets on the part of the doer in respect of the good done, deprive him of the due desirable results*