Friday, June 02, 2006

One cuckoo flew over the rest ?

The requirement for prospective employees to be fluent in Mandarin should be made optional. Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn said making it a must would limit employers to a small pool of people when searching for dedicated and hardworking staff. “I will talk to the private sector on this and I hope this demand for Mandarin proficiency when employing new workers will stop”

Let me see if I get it correctly. If the job requirements need proficiency in Mandarin ( or other languages), and our Mr Datuk want to put a stop to employers from hiring relevant candidates with the right language proficiency ? Mr Datuk, the employment market is just like any supply-demand market. If the market demand it, you meet it. How about the requirements of “ Candidate must have a minimum of CREDIT in Bahasa Malaysia at SPM level” usually put up by the government agencies ? Would you also made this requirements optional and put a STOP to it ?

Welcome message by Mr Datuk in a human resource website - “Opportunities at the workplace today and in future belong to those who are proficient in at least two languages...."

This made sense. Very visionally of you to advise people to be proficient in AT LEAST two languages. Now a small group of employer with genuine requirements insist on proficiency in one extra language, and you want to put a STOP to it ? Please be consistent in your words and actions !

Mr Datuk, I have this to say to you. Please stay out and don't interfere in the affairs of private sector businesses. There is a only small number of private businesses that required to hire candidates with proficiency in Mandarin language. Leave them along, don't attempt to single them out and tell them how they should run their businesses. I believed you are not qualified to comment on them. Don't make a big issue out of small genuine requirements. This is not about woman's virginity where you can make a big issue out of a small piece of tissue !
Tow-kay, Seng Lee bai chor ! As it is, running private businesses is already a very tough commitment, don't make it more difficult for private businesses. With no or limited fundings, don't expect private sector business to be run like a charitable organizations. Kan nah sai.. chit hung beh sai, hit hung bei sai... lu chiat par kuey tow eng ah ? Choy Kang-lang lu pun ai char luan... wau kah lu kong ah.. wou si chin chin beh tar han liow..

As an important person in the Human Resource Ministry, the future of our nation's youth seriously depend on your strategic foresight and planning ! Do something about it... create a blueprint to train and deliver a pool of creative, skilled, and competent workforce for the future economies. Make no mistake about it ( Bush said it ), don't push the blame to employers simply because there are too many unemployed graduates out there.

Namo Amithaba Buddha

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