Saturday, July 08, 2006



Yes, you have the guns.
we have the determinations.
Yesterday, we launched a rocket into your garden.
Today, you send your battalion of armies.
Tomorrow, we teach our children to hate each other.
The vicious cycles continues........

Our God is on our side,
Your God is on your side.
We fought for our motherland,
you fought for your fatherland.
What are we fighting for ?
A holy war ?

In the name of our respective God,
We shall fight each other till our last drop of blood.
Our young men shall died a martyr !
Your young men shall died a national hero.

This killings fields,
so many lives has been lost.
Will we ever have beautiful sun shines ?
Will we ever have soothing breeze ?
Will we ever sit on the same bench,
watching the rainbow of hope ?

Dear leaders of Palestinians,
dear leaders of Israelis,
stop the misplaced angers,
stop the animosity,
stop the killing now !

In the name of humanity.
Please, please,
I beg you on my bended knees,
do not invoked the name of your God and patriotisms,
to carryout more misdeeds.

Can't you see your people are suffering ?
Can't you see your people are living in fear ?
Can't you see the hopelessness and despairs in your people ?
How many more lives must be lost,
before sanity prevails ?

Let go your hatreds, Let it go. Let it go.
Set your mind free of angers and revenges.
Let not your people suffered from your insanities.
Value the life of your people as what God intended.
Now, now, cast away your violenced past,
stop the hostilities, stop the kidnappings,
stop the revenges, stop the terror acts.
Speak the language of peace, compassion, and reconciliations.

Give peace a chance.
Give your people a chance to have a peaceful life.......

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha

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Chia said...

Well spoken !

Kind regards from The Netherlands.